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I was just wondering, what do some of your pieces look like unedited? Some of your linework looks so detailed and complex that I wondered if you layer images or if it's all on one piece?

Here’s a little wip shot I posted on twitter earlier today:

I had already adjusted the contrast and inverted parts of it. As you can see, the halos are missing, I drew and scanned them separately and put them on their places before starting coloring. It’s easier to keep them cohesive when you don’t have to worry about composition or ruining the existing line work.

Stunning Wedding Dresses with Breathtaking Patterns
Quality and details are often the keys that determine the beauty of a wedding dress. The patterns used on a gown, either presented through the choice of fabric, lace, or artistic embroidery, evoke romance and refined times, and add that special finishing touch to a wedding day look.

I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*


I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory,
Is this where it gets me? In space, 60000 feet above the Earth…

Modern AU featuring TJeffs as local human disaster, Jmads as #givemeabreak2k17 and A.Ham as your obedient gremlin

[Someone actually did this]