layer necklaces

sorceress outfit ideas 🌟

- dark ruler: a long + velvet robe over a black floor-length dress, sharp nails painted a deep maroon, a layered diamond necklace, dramatic eyes

- mystery woman: a satin cape over a lace/sleeveless cocktail dress, long satin gloves, sharp stilettos, ruby lips, a wand disguised as a lipstick tube

- crystal goddess: an elaborate gown covered in rhinestones + beads, fingers adorned with large rings, shimmery eye makeup, long hair in a single braid w/ hair jewels, frosty lips

- dragon rider: a medieval-esque dress with a lace-up front, hand jewelry, gold arm bands, loose hair with scattered tiny braids, a crown with rubies and obsidian stones, thigh high lace-up sandals

magnus waking lazy alec

some immortality talk but mainly just malec fluff (aka my weakness).

“Alexander, hey,” whispered Magnus, softly stroking the hair out of Alec’s eyes. “It’s time to get up, come on.” Alec fluttered his eyes open to the beautiful sight of Magnus crouching at the edge of the bed. He groaned in protest but decided to keep his eyes open, soaking in the sight of early sun rays sweeping over Magnus’ face. His hair had blonde tips today.

Alec sighed. “It’s too early…” he complained. Magnus chuckled and climbed over Alec so he could sit cross-legged on the empty side of the bed. His shirt was sheer and buttoned low, just above where his belly button would’ve been to reveal his bare chest as well as the layers of necklaces that adorned it.

“I invited everyone over for breakfast,” stated Magnus. A small smile remained on his lips as he knew Alec would make a fuss.

Alec squinted on eye in suspicion. “Who’s everyone?” he asked slowly.

Magnus’ smile widened. “Clary, Isabelle, Simon-” Magnus cringed. “And Jace.” Alec further buried his face into his pillow.

“Why?” he groaned. Magnus laughed at his boyfriend and buried his hands into Alec’s hair.

“Because we need to make time for the people love, Alexander.” Magnus but his lip to try and contain his smile, failing miserably. It was a reaction that was now triggered by the simple mention of the word ‘love’. It reminded him of how much he loved Alexander. And how much he loved him back. Magnus leaned over Alec’s body and rolled him over to see his face, his hands remaining on the Shadowhunter’s chest.

Alec was pouting. “I don’t love Clary!” he exclaimed, dumbfounded. “Or Simon!” Magnus let out an endearing laugh and Alec joined in. They stared at each other, laughing at the statement at first but later in admiring each other’s smiles. Magnus leaned over and placed a short but intense kiss on Alec’s lips. Alec’s hand reached out to clasp Magnus’ face, pulling him closer in order to relish the feeling of his lips. Magnus smiled into the kiss, pulling away before they got carried away.

“Alexander, we are alive right now,” he whispered, Alec still in daze from the kiss. Memories of the past week, of Valentine’s attack on the Institute, of so many fellow Downworlders dying flashed through their minds. “And we have the opportunity to be together. Not everyone has that luxury.” Magnus cast his eyes low and Alec immediately felt guilty for resisting Magnus’ idea. Alec reached a hand over and squeezed Magnus’ fingers, his thumb tracing circles on the back of his hand. Alec softly tugged on his fingers so that Magnus would look at him and smiled.

“Do you miss your friends?” he whispered.

Magnus smiled and shook his head fondly. “Deeply,” he replied warmly, but not sadly. Alec was glad that Magnus wasn’t upset. He slid himself over to Magnus who was still seated next to him and laid his head on Magnus’ lap. Magnus’ hands went to Alec’s hair and face almost instinctively, feeling every inch as if he were to disappear at any time.

“I’m sorry,” Alec said, gripping Magnus’ wrist.

“Don’t apologise for my immortality.” Magnus scoffed as though it was the most ludicrous thing Alec could’ve said.

Alec shook his head. “I’m sorry that I won’t be able to stay.” Magnus felt his heart swell. He couldn’t believe that the boy in front of him was real, that he cared as much as he did.

Magnus leaned down and placed a kiss on Alec’s forehead, burying his face in the boy’s raven hair, inhaling his scent as if it were a drug. “I will always love you, Alexander.”

Part 2: Magnus and Alec prepare breakfast for the gang.

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can you pls talk to me about the way Magnus holds himself in pandemonium when we first see him, all that power in the way he stands and makes his way through the club because I'm so gay and good lord

i’m also gay and good lord but how about the next time we see him there

it’s been months and he knows it, busy with his other work, busy with house calls and jumping across the globe, it’s been hard to get a moment in edgewise to visit the club. but he always loves being there. it’s hard not to. it’s hard not to feel himself easily stitching in the fabric of his club and feeling the eyes of the club on him as he walks in through the door with his coat hanging loose on his shoulders.

there’s very little skin on show tonight, shirt buttoned to the very top of his throat, but it’s a silky kind of see through, beautiful embroidered flowers crawling over the tight definition of his chest and his stomach. layered necklaces spill down the rest, glinting and catching the lights along with his rings as the crowd parts just slightly as he glides through it and up to the bar. it’s this beautiful thing, perfectly fluid, pulling his coat off his shoulders and hanging it on one of his fingers.

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Loving the layers and the sparkly tights. I myself wore a pair this weekend and loved them.

This lovely lady was awesome b/c she told me about how she put her outfit together with finding a lot of deals, and a sometime making pieces on her own. For example, her sunglasses, she added the chain herself! 

Lightning in a Bottle, 2017

Styles of the Venus signs

Venus in astrology has to do with your personal taste and aesthetic. From my experience, people with the same venus sign dress very similarly. Also, if your venus sign doesn’t seem to capture your style completely, check your rising sign, or possibly even your sun sign as well! :)


Aries venus:

They like things bold and bright, but not over the top. Their style is simple, but it grabs your attention. They dislike frills or anything overly girly. 

Taurus venus:

Comfort is key for them. They’re unlikely to be attracted to anything very bright, and often are seen wearing the same colors (or even items!) all the time, particularly neutrals. They like practicality in their clothing, and vintage might appeal to them.

Gemini venus:

There’s no predicting what their style will be like. It changes depending on the day, and they usually don’t care about practicality. It’s very quirky and colorful, and it’s the venus sign most attracted to busy patterns or geometric designs. They like items that are typically “cute”. 

Cancer venus:

This is possibly the most girly out of the venus signs. They love items that are flowy and remind them of water. They like cutouts, layered necklaces, and anything that adds texture and interest. They like things that are elaborate and embellished, but tasteful.

Leo venus:

Leo venus is more understated than you would think. However, they usually go for a single statement piece that stands out, such as a leather jacket. They like edgy clothes that make them seem strong and powerful. When they dress up for a special occasion, they will knock everyone out of the park with their bold picks because they want to be noticed.

Virgo venus:

Virgo venus is definitely understated, and very put-together. They like things fairly simple, and like to look neat, as if they’ve put thought into each part of their outfit. They don’t like anything overly busy or distracting, but instead value minimalism.

Libra venus:

This is the most typically stylish venus sign. They like everything beautiful and interesting, and some can even be on the flashy side. They seem to pick items that are very creative and colorful, but always aesthetically appealing. Florals are usually a favorite.

Scorpio venus:

They like their clothes dark and mysterious. Bright colors, patterns, and anything girly is definitely a no for them, but they’ll keep things interesting with their magnetic, alluring vibes. Their outfits stand out in a subtle way. Black is a favorite.

Sagittarius venus:

They love anything that potentially looks foreign or outdoorsy. They prefer to look effortlessly stylish as opposed to put-together. They might be on the tomboy side, and don’t like anything too over-the-top. Cowboy boots and fringe are a favorite.

Capricorn venus:

They like things professional and classy. Surprisingly, a lot of them like edgy, dark items for more casual affairs, and like to make statements with their clothing. A lot of them are attracted to designer brands. They tend to go for darker colors, but manage to make their outfits very interesting at the same time.

Aquarius venus:

Each one is different, that’s for sure. Some are very preppy, some are hippies, some don’t care. Some might wear all one color, some might wear all the colors of the rainbow. They like to be unique and original, and often don’t put items together in a traditional way. Whatever it is, they stick with it and make it their own because they don’t want to conform to usual style standards.

Pisces venus:

This is the venus sign least likely to wear bright colors. They’re very understated, and like things simple and pretty. Plain, subtle clothes that still have a charming, cute appeal are their favorite.