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“When River first played for Chris and me,” says Kim Buie, his artist rep at Island, “I thought he was great. At age 17, he was very sophisticated musically. His lyrics, on paper, read like poetry. He was a far better guitar player than he ever gave himself credit for.


He was constantly writing songs. He definitely had his own musical style, which I think is the sign of a true musician. At first, he was the pleasant, almost folky, singer-songwriter. Then he was getting into more abstract material, layering, complex chord changes, using two bridges. He was definitely ready to make a record.’’

From an article on US Magazine about River, October 1995 by Roberta and David Ritz.

oreocookiesmonster99  asked:

Okay, so a while back you mentioned you only wear skirts unless you are working out, and I am curious because like do you live somewhere warmer, or like how do you deal with weather in the negatives? Like I am a guy and have never worn a skirt that I know of (I have worn a dress before, but that's another story) so like forgive my ignorance. I live in MN and it is cold af here. ( it is -8 while I right this and that isn't even that bad)

So the trick to wear skirts in the winter is picking the right material and layering. 

It’s not super cold where I live, because I’m in the Southern US but the same rules basically apply to wearing it outside of this climate too. There are lots of women in colder climates who only wear skirts and their tips tend to line up with my own.

I’ll normally wear maxi skirts once fall turns into winter, because it makes it much easier to layer while still creating a streamlined appearance.

A typical outfit would probably be fleece lined tights (or some very thick knit ones) with boot socks over them. It doesn’t really matter if that looks odd because I’m going to be wearing boots over the socks and my maxi skirt will cover the whole thing. You can also choose to put some pants on under your skirt if you don’t have thick tights, but in my experience most pants aren’t warm enough!

Then I would put a slip over that which can be the silky material that is used during the rest of the year, but can also be made of something really warm and cozy like flannel or such. They’re basically another skirt so they keep a lot of the heat in. Top that off with a maxi skirt that’s made of something fairly sturdy like wool, and you’re going to be toasty.

The basic idea is to make yourself fairly warm and comfortable without the skirt, then top it all off with what amounts to wearing a blanket too. It’s nice. I really don’t understand how people can be warm in a single pair of pants (or while layering those which is super uncomfortable.)


Wetsuits use layers of materials and water itself to keep you warm!

had to get out Team Nextgen’s height chart before i passed out today

Ruby being the tallest of Team Nextgen is because of the Tucker genes, and Ike being second tallest is because he’s Canadian. Firkle’s not going to shoot up past Ike ever while Karen still has a chance of growing taller thanks to her dad’s genes [her brother(s) are practically giants]


This chalet in Switzerland is the latest project by London-based firm Studioilse. “A family home away from home buried deep in the Swiss Alps with a spectacular view. We worked closely with the clients to create the chalet of their dreams. Using a warm palette of natural materials, layers of textile and generous, comfortable furniture, the mood can adapt with ease from entertaining a party to more quiet hibernation.”

I’m really disappointed by the end of the A-Force event. I’m not even going to be able to get Angela before time is up, and this is after I bought She-Hulk, who was virtually useless for this event– especially compared to how useful Nico was in the Dr. Strange event.

Like…. I check up on my game pretty regularly, but getting through the ever-expanding layers of actions and material-gathering was just suffocating. And I’d lose huge chunks of time unable to fight the frost giants because I was out of keys and had to wait for a heroic-level quest to finish first.

So I guess I just have to hope that Carol eventually becomes available again, like if they do a Captain Marvel event. In. You know. Two years.

Anyway, I’m just really annoyed. I’m not sure how anyone finished this event without spending shards– which I’m not strictly against! It’s just that I’m literally never going to blow money on something that isn’t a character and isn’t going to be useful after the event has ended, and I’m pretty ticked that She-Hulk was basically useless after part one.

Miranda Kerr | InStyle and Warner Bros Golden Globe After-Party

Miranda often wears risky gowns on the red carpet so when she stepped out at the InStyle and Warner Bros Golden Globe After-Party we were definitely not surprised. Miranda looked stunning in a August Getty Gown which featured a super high slit and layered material which made the dress look elegant and classy.  Miranda opted for simple strap heels and a simple clutch. 

Check out more Golden Globe after-party style here!

headcanon: Genji's body

– is, in fact, not totally mechanical. What we see is essentially a shell – or layers of flexible, ballistic material and plating that acts as his armor held on with a series of pressurized + magnetic locks. While it might be a tedious task – it can be removed to reveal the man beneath it. Genji’s prosthetics are limited to his arms and legs, spinal cord, agility-enhancing augments, and inner workings that help sustain him. On top of the occasional maintenance check (courtesy of doctor Ziegler), Genji still requires sleep and nourishment to live.

What I’m trying to say is unfortunately he is not a nudist ninja.

Do you guys nails ever like form a layer of nail material under it but it’s like very thin and then u wanna pull it out but u can’t since it’s part of the nail and if u do it’ll start to bleed because it ruptures

(NASA)  Hues in a Crater Slope

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona, Caption: Alfred McEwen

Impact craters expose the subsurface materials on the steep slopes of Mars. However, these slopes often experience rockfalls and debris avalanches that keep the surface clean of dust, revealing a variety of hues, like in this enhanced-color image from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, representing different rock types. The bright reddish material at the top of the crater rim is from a coating of the Martian dust.

The long streamers of material are from downslope movements. Also revealed in this slope are a variety of bedrock textures, with a mix of layered and jumbled deposits. This sample is typical of the Martian highlands, with lava flows and water-lain materials depositing layers, then broken up and jumbled by many impact events.

Modern Assassin Altair.

I had lots of ideas for modern assassin's 

Double sided hoodies, One side the classic white, the other side could be any color you want, if you’re running away from enemies just turn it around and sit down, perfect for hidding, also with a waterproof material between layers so one side stays dry even while running on the rain, and if you need to hide inside you turn it around, because nothing is more obvious than someone soaking wet inside a building.

I’m in love with modern assassins.

‘Victoria Crater’ at Meridiani Planum

This image from the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows “Victoria crater,” an impact crater at Meridiani Planum, near the equator of Mars. The crater is approximately 800 meters (half a mile) in diameter. It has a distinctive scalloped shape to its rim, caused by erosion and downhill movement of crater wall material. Layered sedimentary rocks are exposed along the inner wall of the crater, and boulders that have fallen from the crater wall are visible on the crater floor. The floor of the crater is occupied by a striking field of sand dunes.

Since January 2004, the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has been operating at Meridiani Planum. Five days before this image was taken, Opportunity arrived at the rim of Victoria crater, after a drive of more than 9 kilometers (over 5 miles). The rover can be seen in this image, at roughly the “ten o'clock” position along the rim of the crater.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona/Cornell/Ohio State University

Graphene Ink 3-D Printed Medical Implant Grows Nerve Cells

There is no shortage of excitement for the possibilities of 3-D printing. The manufacturing technique uses a machine that squirts layer upon layer of material to build three-dimensional objects. The prevailing vision for 3-D printing is that one day we’ll be able to make smartphones, sensors, drones or other complex machines right in our homes.

But if we’re ever to have desktop devices that can output things like consumer electronics or novel biomedical devices, there are a number of obstacles that need to be overcome. Today’s consumer units most commonly use hot plastic that quickly solidifies to build shapes. This material is neither particularly strong nor is it electrically conductive, a characteristic necessary to build electronic components into devices.

Researchers all around the world are looking for materials that can unlock some of 3-D printing’s bigger promises. Now Northwestern University researchers say they have created a 3-D printing ink that is stronger, electrically conductive and biocompatible using another material that has been generating much excitement over the last decade–graphene. See more gifs and learn more below.

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