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A small selection of official sketches/concepts featuring some of the ladies of the X series.

It’s hard sometimes, when I have so many different resources to pull from, to figure out what I should scan and share. It’s worse when you feel like it’s nothing new and something everyone has seen, because you’ve seen it enough yourself. I always try to tread carefully with the doujin/fanbook samples, too, as to not burn any bridges with the Eastern side of the fanbase. Not that I really have any contacts or have had complaints about it, but out of courtesy/respect for those who do publish their works.

So I know I haven’t had too many new scans up lately, just rackin’ my brain to figure out what’s relevant and worth sampling. Or it’s just a sign from above that I need to spend a chunk of my freetime drawing and creating again, to feel like I’m providing semi-original content.

Scanned from: R20+5 ~ Rockman and Rockman X 25th Anniversary Official Complete Works, Circa 2012

meganwerewolf01  asked:

Layer in 23 and Iris in 22 ?

The “Wonder what would Zero think of it” squad

Me (Layered)
The 1975
Me (Layered)

use headphones

slightly slowed down for copyright reasons

all rights go to The 1975 and their producers, i own absolutely nothing!