• Hihglights of the last episode:
  • Plagg loves Adrien so much, oh my god, the god of bad luck adores this child so much
  • Adrien's mom is a babe
  • When Gabriel became a "butterfly" and a "plane" I almost fell of my chair
  • Mari's reaction when Adrien was in the shower lmfao
  • The quality of the episodes has been the best, I think this episode along witht he origins ones are the best.

As i sit at my computer casually adding lines to 7 or 8 active stories I’m working on, I’m struck with the need to write aNOTHER FREAKING SCENARIO because I have no chill and can’t turn my traitorous brain off to work on the shit I already need to finish.

ps. it’s a slow-burn reveal fic where marinette decides to go after adrien as Laydybug and actually attempt to start to woo him with incredibly mixed results. LB still gently spurns Chats advances though he keeps trying, all the while falling into this horribly conflicted identity crisis because the love of his life can’t seem to see the similarities in his hero persona and his civilian persona, so he starts to blend the two a little more seamlessly (much to daddy’s chagrin) and all the while taking time out of his day/night as Chat to go talk to Marinette, someone that he’s met a couple of times as his hero self he can talk to about this problem of identities (discreetly) and seek advice while dancing around the particular names involved in the ‘totally not HIS problem‘ scenario.  The MariChat would be purely platonic to a point, the Adrinette would be a slowly developing ACTIVE friendship with hints of Adrien beginning to have the tiniest bit of fluttering feelings romantically towards his classmate but writing it off as the effectts of a sweet friendship rather than the ‘Noir Fan, Snark‘ friendship in the marichat side, the Ladrien would be the SIN ship with light smatterings of angst the longer it goes, and the LadyNoir would be the heart-wrenching angst trip that isn’t allowed to happen because the safety of the city depends on the two of them but PLEASE, MY LADY, WHY IS ADRIEN SO MUCH BETTER THAN CHAT? We.. w-we’re the same… person…

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Picture this: Marinette and Adrien dressing up as each other (Chat and Laydybug, not Adrien and Marinette...) for Halloween. OR MAYBE DRESSING UP AS THEMSELVES (Ladybug and Chat) AND A POSSIBLE REVEAL??? Jk they wouldn't notice if their hair was styled different or something like that...


also they both bought cruddy wigs for their costumes