You know what, after seeing so many posts and what not I’ve decided I am mad. I’m mad that WWE literally continues to act like laycool didn’t dominate the entire women’s division, I’m mad that they constantly act as if AJ never happened, forget that Chyna was a woman who won a mans championships oh that surely never happened, oh and I still hold the upmost respect for Candice Michelle who because the only woman to be voted #1 most improved over her career, and I’m mad that the continue to act as if any diva from 2000-2012 that wasn’t Trish or lita literally didn’t exist or wasn’t impactful at all. As a fan it is hard to understand or rationalize why these girls will never get the recognition they deserve. These ladies probably wanted change way before it was ever allowed to be a “revolution”. I’m sure every time Victoria, one of the most talented wrestlers to be seen wanted to be “Vince’s devil” out there in risqué trashy outfits every week, like definitely. Since wwe won’t recognize all of the amazing woman who have shaped this division to what it can now be, I thank each and every single one of you. I could’ve listed names all day TBH

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