In the middle of finals, moving etc I thought it was a splendid idea to make a comic. A comic that at first was going to be around 10 pages, then got upped to 12, and then ended up being 15.

Now I haven’t made comics in YEARS so it was huge for me to take on such a big project with such a short deadline, plus stress from school and life. But i’m a bit proud that I manage to at least FINISH it. ;; 

The comic itself is inspired by the lovely song “Talks” by Delorian, please give it a listen while you read. ♥ 

I wanted to focus on some sort of scenario if Clive would get out of prison and live with Layton. Sometimes I see fics and fanart when it’s treated as if nothing have happened, but I often imagine it to be really awkward and stiff? Like  Clive pretended to be someone else for a big part of the time they spent together, his “lifework” was a disaster and now he have nothing to left to live for, and on the top of it he would probably not feel worthy of neither a second chance nor Layton’s hospitality. 

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HEY PAHS HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! I realize for you the days practically over and I’m really sorry ;;;; BUT THIS IS THE LEAST I CAN DO OK. sobs. I promise there will be more LayClive art in the future because it’s a thing I ship >:{

I hope you had a good day! And more to come, too. To a brighter future, right?!

Also very excited to see the amount of followers this blog has been getting recently.  ; A ; 

I’m so happy to see this tiny otp get a little bit of love cause they mean so much to me and are so sweet, and it feels fantastic that there are people out there who feel the same. ; ^ ;