Professor Layton SickFics

There are many, many instances where a PL character gets ill and the others have to take care of them. It’s a fanfic trope as old as time, but it’s good for the soul.


  • Professor Layton and the Deadly Illness by TheClumsyHero - Don’t be fooled by the title - this fic mostly consists of Luke and Emmy taking care of the professor… But then again, the last chapter has Layton suffering from nightmare. Sadly, the fic hasn’t been updated since 2012, but we can assume Layton recovered with Luke and Emmy’s support.
  • Illness by TopHats - Once again, the professor is unwell. Once again, his assistants must look after him. Like the previous fic, this one cuts off at 3 chapters. But what’s there is short, sweet and features Luke and Emmy banter.
  • Professor Layton and the Untimely Illness by ThinkingCAPSLOCK - This one has Flora in it too! And Rosa making pancakes! (You’d swear she’s Layton’s mum in this fic…) A long oneshot and it’s complete.
  • Starve a Cold, Feed a Fever - Another one from Candyland! ‘Luke and Flora are in charge for the day… heaven help us all.’


  • Down goes the apprentice by chloemcg - It’s Luke’s turn to be poorly… for a whopping nine chapters! (And it’s complete.) Like most of chloemcg’s work, there’s so much detail put into each chapter and a lot of focus on family bonds.
  • Sick Day by Sky-Pirate-Tat - Luke’s sick once more, but only for the duration of a short drabble. Layton tries to convince Luke to take some medicine. It’s as humorous as it sounds.
  • Under the Weather by namiangelus - Luke has fallen ill once again and once again, Layton comforts him. 
  • …And here’s all the other Sick!Luke fics I could find: My Sick BoyA Spoonful of Sugar (with a reminder that everyone feels ill sometimes), and Poor Luke
  • Luke Triton and the Illusionary Misgivings by banjkazfan - THIS. THIS is so much more than an ordinary sick!fic, but I dare not give the plot away. 


  • Sick by AtroquinineMyLove - ‘Emmy isn’t feeling well and the Professor decides to take care of her.’
  • Fever by The Mocking J, with light sprinklings of Layton/Emmy.



  • Also by Nixi Stasia, some Janice/Melina fics where Melina spends her final days with Janice: Lost in ParadiseRealisation, and My Love. Better break out the tissues for these ones.
  • Oblivian by Perfection At Its Finest. *Cue crying.* 

Mystery Room:

  • Fever by MysteryProf. So many fevers… Lucifendi. Give me fics about these two taking care of each other, romantic or platonic. I’ll take ‘em all.
  • Also by MysteryProf, Final Hour with Alfendi and Florence. (Who gave you the right?! I didn’t ask for these feels!)
  • Lucy’s Sickness by RandomFavoriteCouples. More Lucifendi. The summary promises to ‘Open [Alfendi’s] eyes to her past and about the people who took [Lucy] in.’ 
  • Lullaby for Alfendi by chloemcg. How Professor Layton copes when his son enters a coma. 

…It’s only a matter of time before the Layton Mystery Journey sick!fics pop up. And I’ll be there waiting for them.