Dating Got7 Jackson would include…

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Jackson Wang


-when he’s mad he’ll only respond to “Mr. Wild and Sexy”

- Tons and TONS of Aegyo

-stable relationship

-greattt communication between each other

-He’ll get super self conscious around you so he’ll always need confirmation

-but Jackson ALWAYS looks good

- great sex ;)

- not any vanilla type shit Jackson Wang is a freaky sob

- He’ll still want to flirt with the rest of the members so get used to it babyyy

- BUT that doesn’t mean YOU can flirt with the members apparently it doesnt work that way.

-Jackson is a loyal puppy so he would NEVER cheat on you.

-Jackson would be super protective of you.

- He might get a bit territorial

- Be SUPER careful around other men, the members, or other groups you DEFINITELY cant get too close because Jackson once again is a jealous bean. 😂❤️

- the type of boyfriend that will let you go out but wants food or leftovers when you get home.

-but he’d make sure you’d take the right “precautions” before going out.

- Jackson won’t let you wear anything he deems as too revealing.

-He’ll be such a sweetheart and if you ever wanted to learn chinese or anything in general that he knows he would teach you.

-He’d have sooo much patience with you.

-If you’re in a bad mood He’ll do anything he can to cheer you up.

-type of boyfriend that would buy the whole store when you’re on your period. 😂

-Car rides would never be quiet.

- Jackson would rap to you when you’re grumpy.

-He would watch special stages or performances with you of got7 or any other group.

- Jackson LOVES quality time and you could never really be alone.

-but as anyone else would need it jackson would need his space sometimes too.

-Jackson would probably be a more long term relationship boy.

-The brakeup would be UNBEARABLE

-jackson will use whining, pouting, or aegyo to get what he wants. 😂

-you get to go on all of his Idol “dates” with him.

-Jackson will be your biggest fangirl.


-jackson would never do anything that would potentially hurt you.

- He probably likes roleplay 🤷🏻‍♀️ idk

-thats all i got lol thanks for the request and i hope you like it :))) ❤️


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