otp 12; happy anniversary! (8.04.2014)

It’s been 2 years

You fill our days with love and joy

Through the good and bad

With the smiles and tears

Let’s holding hand together

And walk forward without worries

Be the brightest star in the sky

Be the sun who light up our hearts

Remember that we are always there for you

Happy 2nd Anniversary, EXO!

Let’s make a history 

How would Exo react in a zombie apocalypse
  • Baekhyun:would try to lift up the mood but would be the first one to bail if a zombie attacked
  • Chanyeol:the one who would be sacrificed by his team without his consent tbh
  • Chen:being fake and always switching partners to the ones he thinks would survive
  • Kyungsoo:really hardworking; probably the one who threw chanyeol to the zombies
  • Kai:would try to be friends with the zombies
  • Suho:would be the legit guardian and protect all the boys
  • Sehun:would already be dead tbh
  • Yixing:honestly if he survived 2015 after all the shit he went through, he would be the most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse
  • Xiumin:he would slam DUNK those z ombies with some wwe pro moves cause he's done with everyone's shit