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EXO reaction to their GF getting a puppy for christmas

Since it’s december, I thought i’d make a christmas themed one. To be honest, I can totally see myself being the type of girlfriend to do this. I hope you all like it and please request more if you want!

Xiumin: As soon as he heard the small paw sounds coming down the hall, he freezed. “Babe who’s dog is this?” he yelled as he sat down the pat it in the living room. You peeked into the room and bit your lip. “Ours?” His eyes widened and his face screamed a million questions. It took him a few minutes until he smiled at you and admitted; “I was about to talk about having a baby anyway, I guess we have our first child now.”

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Suho: “Surprise!” you yelled smiling as you carried the small pomeranian. He jumped up and burst into a bright smile. “Is it the one we were looking at?” he smiled, taking the dog from you. You nodded and gave him a small kiss. “You loved him so much.” The dog kissed his cheek and he smiled at you. “I do. We have a baby now, princess.”

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Lay: Yixing would be so extremely surprised. It’s not that he wouldn’t love it, he would just be in shock about the fact that he just basically became a dad. “Is this our princess?” he said, still shocked. “I mean she’s a rescue dog and we can totally return her if you do-” he interrupted you with a kiss. “No. I love her already.”

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Baekhyun: “I’m a dad?” he laughed surprised as he saw the small puppy run up to him as he arrived home. You smiled leaning against the staircase. “Wow, our child is the cutest.” he smiled. “I hope this can be our love child for a while, it goes as a baby” he laughed and smiled at you. 

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Chen: “A dog?” he said shocked, as the small golden retriever puppy ran past him. “You said you were only gonna look today. But you got one?” You mouthed a quiet sorry and looked at him sit down with the dog. “Okay, now we have a dog, where’s the horse?” You laughed at his sarcastic comment. 

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Chanyeol: “You didn’t have to buy anything” he smiled at you as you two sat by the tree. “But I did” you said, jumping up and running towards the bedroom, opening the door and letting the baby run. Chanyeol blushed red and smiled the widest you had seen in a while. “It looks like Kai’s dog, she’s so cute”

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D.O: You opened the car door and your new little friend ran out towards the house. You bit your lip out of nervousness as you saw him open the front door and stopping the little dog. He looked at you and gave a look of “Who is this”. “Okay hear me out, he needed a home for real and I just thought-” Kyungsoo stopped you as you were almost passing him. “We we’re gonna get a puppy anyway. I love her, don’t worry.”

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Kai: “YOU DID IT” he yelled excited as he saw the little thing on the end of your leash. He laughed loudly and pet the little puppy’s head. “We have our first own child now” You smiled; “You have like 4 already.” He got up and kissed you. “I meant our child. Not mine, ours babe. 

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Sehun: As soon as you sat yourself down in the car next to him, his eyes flew to meet the dog and he burst into laughter. “You really got him? We were supposed to only get a tree today.” You smiled and kissed the top of the puppy’s  head. You whimpered and hugged the puppy tighter. “Now he doesn’t have to be alone at christmas.” Sehun laughed and drove off, every now and then peeking and smiling at the fluffy creature in your lap.

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Golden Disk Awards has launched their voting app for this year’s ceremony.that will be held on 13 and 14 of January 2017. 

For now only Android users have access to the app LINK HERE , soon it will be on IOS too

EXO’s nomination for GDA are:

  • Digital Daesang for Monster and Dream (Baekhyun &Suzy)
  • Album Daesang for EX’ACT

Voting starts today, December 5h and ends January 12th
You can vote 15 times a day

EXO will attend on the 2nd day of the ceremony, which is only for Physical Albums so Korean fans are suggesting to vote more for the album Daesang since is more important and also EXO will be there to hopefully receive it.



EXO Reaction when you’re in the middle of sexy time and you a start laughing ‘cause you’re nervous

Probably would happen to me if I was with Soo xD

Xo, Admin A~

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*He is the one who can’t stop laughing. No matter what you do, he just laughs* “I can’t stop jaggi… What is happening… wait wait… that tickles!”


*Gives you THAT stare that is enough to calm your nerves* “Am I making you weak? Are you melting? Babe…”


*Once he starts you won’t have time to laugh ;)* “are you ready babe?”


*Laughs with you* “Babe… I can’t do this if you don’t clam down.. I’m starting to get nervous too…”


*Too hot to make you nervous…. he just…. melts you right away* “Struggling there babe?”


“It’ll be alright babe… no need to worry. Let me handle this… I’ll give you my love”


*Starts to panic* “I’m doing something wrong are’t I.. I knew I shouldn’t have worn those SpongeBob boxers…”


“The more you laugh babe.. the harder I’ll go” *Such a naughty boy*


“C’mere jagi… I’ll give you  a kiss to calm your nerves… my lips are waiting..”


*Sweating so much* “Jagi… I’m undressing too… of course I’m nervous too… but we can do this”


*Perfectly knows how he is making you feel* “Do you… want me to stop… or continue hm?” *Teasing you so much*


*Trying to be sexy but can’t stop being awkward* “Just look how nervous you make me. It’s not just one sided”

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EXO’S reaction to having a crush on a foreign girl.

I hope you liked it xx 

Requests are open

Xiumin - Would try and suppress the emotio, but when the girl asked him about it, he would let it all spill.

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Suho - Would be upfront about it and ask her to get coffee or go to a cafe.

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Lay - Would plan to “accidentally” walk bumped into the girl or walk the same path as her, so he could see her. 

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Baekhyun - Would try and pull jokes to get the girl to laugh or smile.

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Chen - He would watch the girl (not in a creepy way), and would shyly smile when the girl would catch him.

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Chanyeol - Would be really awkward around the girl.

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Kyungsoo - Would be really shy so when the girl talked to him, he wouldn’t talk a lot (the girl would find it cute).

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Kai - Would be really kind and try to get to know the girl.

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Sehun - His exterior would be really cool but on the inside he would be freaking out.

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“Exo aren’t even close”

Listen bitch Baekhyun walked around the dorm stark naked so that they could break any barriers if they even had any don’t give me that shit and let this great mans efforts go to waste!!!