EXO!Wolf Reaction when their mate won't stop petting them and treating them like a dog

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“That feels…. nice..zzzz” *Falls asleep every time*


*Cool wolf has an image to keep XD*


*All happy* “Who’s a good boy… who’s a good boy… oh I’m a good boy”


*Walks in circles, all excited* “WOHOOOO It’s petting time!!”


*Gives you a puppy* “Here jagi.. I know you love dogs…… take care of him for me. He’s my cousin xD*


“RAWR! Why doesn’t that scare you? I’m a wolf… no doggy! Woof!” *Always cute no matter what*


*Enjoying his time* “More to the left jagi… yes yes there”


“But… I’m not a dog… I’m a deer-wolf… yeah” *Depressed XD*


“But… why aren’t you throwing the ball and then petting me?” *Messing with you*


*Thinking after you leave* “I wonder why she does that every time… I’m not in my wolf form… It feels nice tho” 


*Loves it* “Pert me more… please? Baobei please!!” *Puppy eyes*


*Pretends he doesn’t like it just for you to do it more*

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170117 上海电视互动公社: “ 【1C @努力努力再努力x 】和张艺兴组队,似乎都离不开一个“傻”字。综艺节目里是“极限三傻”,到了电影中,变成了“功夫三傻”。成龙带着两个花样小生一同寻宝,张艺兴出演助教、考古学研究生,按照导演唐季礼的说法,“看上去有学问、文气儒雅性格可爱”。“  新刊1月19日发行 ”

EXO Reaction || Kissing Your Neck and You Running Away

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Admin Note: Read something similar by another author so I felt like doing one for EXO as well ^^

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He was trying to kiss your neck but you run away.  

Baekhyun: “Aye! You can run but you can’t hide.”

Chanyeol: “No…come back! Hump!” 

Chen: Catches you before you can even escape. “Not leaving without a little kiss” Pretend you’re Kyungsoo lol 

D.O: “Umm…”

Kai:  “She’s too cute~” 

Kris:  He runs after you until he catches you and traps you in his arms. “Oppa has very long leg so they’ll run after you and very long arms to hold you in and to catch you and…if you don’t run away, I’ll show you something else that long ~” sorry not sorry 


Luhan:  “…Fine, at least I have you-… whatever your name is.” 

Sehun: “She no like this?” 

Suho:  “If you don’t like kisses then come in the back room, I might have something you’d like…a lot.” 

Tao: “Was it my gucci?” 

Xiumin:   “You just wait…” 

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