170926 | Zhang Yixing Studio Weibo >: “#张艺兴音乐冒险季# “All IN”“全部心血”“牛掰”“一场不计回报的豪赌”“写给粉丝的歌”“二胎”“我的音乐”“好听到炸”如果你知道这些关键词,那么你所期待的,都在这里了!

Translation [Dailyixing]: #ZhangYixingMusicAdventureSeason# ‘ALL IN’ ‘All of my hard work’ ‘Really awesome’ ‘A gamble that doesn’t ask for anything in return’ ‘Songs written for fans’ ‘Second son’ ‘My music’ ‘So good you’ll explode’ If you know these keywords, then what you’re waiting for, they’re all here!
【Zhang Yixing’s second physical album preorders】x【New Music Showcase】are coming for you in an hour at 10, be there or be square.“


170926 | China Economic Publishing House Weibo: “【张艺兴 2017年第二张个人专辑】今天开始预售啦!Xback们期待已久,终于盼到了这一天!
音乐人张艺兴带着10首全新原创歌曲,诚意回归。曲风各异的作品,融入了Hip-Pop、POP、Rap、等丰富的音乐元素。整张唱片汇聚了张艺兴的全部心血,他全程深度参与制作,挑战不同职业,亲自监制。从独立完成编曲、词曲创作、到专辑企划、封面设计、再到MV脚本撰写,分镜拍摄,张艺兴都全方位包办,坚持自我,追求完美。这不仅体现了其在音乐领域的专业与钻研,还体现了张艺兴特有的音乐才华与创造能力,这是一张极具张艺兴个人特色的唱片。专辑选入10首歌不仅代表张艺兴的幸运数字10,也承载着张艺兴对大家十全十美的祝福。 【张艺兴2017年第二张个人专辑】将由中国经济出版社出版发行!由京东音乐独家首发预售!2017年9月26日10:00,准时开抢!”

Translation [Dailyixing]: “【Zhang Yixing 2017 2nd Solo Album】preorders begin today! Xbacks have long awaited this day, and now it’s finally here!
2017 October 7th, Zhang Yixing will come ready with his second solo album!
Musician Zhang Yixing makes his genuine return with 10 all-new original songs. The music varies in genre and style, combining hip-hop, pop, rap, and other rich musical elements. The album is Zhang Yixing’s heart and soul - he was deeply involved with the album from beginning to end, challenging different positions and supervising the entire process himself. From composing music and writing lyrics to marketing plans and album design, then to the MV’s script-writing and filmed scenes, Zhang Yixing took care of it all, striving to be himself and aiming for perfection. Demonstrated not only through his professional understanding in the field of music, but also through his unique talent and capacity to create, this is an album that fully showcases Zhang Yixing’s individuality. The 10 songs in the album don’t only represent Zhang Yixing’s lucky number 10, they hold Zhang Yixing’s wishes for everyone to live perfectly rounded lives. 【Zhang Yixing 2017 2nd Solo Album】will be published by China Finances Publisher! Preorders and first releases by Jing Dong Music! 2017 September 26th at 10:00, it all starts on the dot!”

[Some info on] Yixing’s Second Album
  • Same price as first album
  • 300-page photobook
  • Album showcase on Oct. 12 at Beijing National Aquatic Center, 19:30 CST (with livestream)
  • Preorders and orders of the album will all be based in China (check here if they have GOs for your country, here’s the SG GO, and here’s the US GO)
  • UPDATE: SM will provide a link for int’l orders
EXO  Wolf!AU Reaction to their mate getting scared of their wolf form

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“I don’t know what to do.. to be less scary for her… I can’t help it… I’m just.. a big wolf..” *He really puts a lot of thought into it*


“Just remember baobei… that when I transform.. my only goal is to keep you safe… I’ll never hurt you. All my power belongs to you”


*He’d bring you to the woods and slowly show you everything he has… so you get familiarized with it* “It’s okay jagi.. I know it’s scary… honestly I was a bit scared the first time I transformed too.. but you’ll get used to it, you’ll see”


*It concerns him a lot* “I don’t know what to do.. how to make her see I’m not dangerous… I can’t help it when I transform… we are supposed to be scary… but I would never hurt her…”


*Well he can do the puppy look pretty well, so you aren’t scared* “What about this.. you like it? You can pet me if you want, but only you!”


*He’d try to avoid to transform if you are near, unless it’s a very dangerous situation, and only if he knows there’s some distance between you two* “It’s okay jagi… I got this, don’t worry!”


*He’d only transform in the dark, when no one can see him. He has other tricks when he can’t transform* “I won’t make her feel scared ever again, I won’t allow it! I won’t be able to forgive myself if I do..she worries me”


“Don’t forget baobei… that behind all this fur, I’m still the same person.. I’m still your mate… and nothing will make me hurt you… I look this deadly… only to keep you safe”


“This is who we are jagi.. we can’t deny it. But it’s okay… I understand. I promise you I’ll try not to transform when you are around.. even though I would never hurt you… I’m on my five senses when I transform.. specially if you are near”


*He’d be a little bit sad about it* “I just… I don’t want to scare you jagi… it’s never my intention.. but I can’t stop transforming either.. it’s my nature… I don’t know what to do… I want to be with you… all the time..”


*It’d be in his head for weeks. Trying to think of a solution* “She’s pretty new in this world… I can understand why she’s scared… but there are scarier things… I can’t have her freaking out every time we go out… hm… I guess she needs time.. and I’ll be there by her side… to help her”


“See jagi… this is me… the Alpha.. we are always the strongest… and biggest.. but you gotta understand… I’m not going to hurt you.. like ever. You are my mate… my family.. my everything. And I’m here to protect you”

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