One day there will be

· a final album
· a final music video
· a final concert
· a final group hug
· a final bow
· a final “exo saranghaja”


Jordie Benn

“So, what is your perfect day Y/N?” My best friend asks me while we lay in the couch talking about everything and nothing.

“It would start with breakfast in bed and cuddles, then just laying in bed all day long talking and maybe some great hockey at the end of it” I say laughing at myself, I’m a simple human with simple needs.

“You are so predictable, you know that right?” Y/BF/N says and throws a pillow at me.

“What can I say if you know me you know me, what about you what is your perfect day if that’s so much more interesting than mine?” I say throwing back the pillow.

“That my friend would depend on my mood” We start laughing.

“When is he coming home?” She asks.

“Tonight” I say and start smiling. I can’t believe how much I can miss a person after what four days?

“So you are going to kick me out?” Y/BF/N asks already knowing the answer.

“Of course I am you have had enough cuddles with me” I say sitting up and laughing, I know she’s only here because she knows how much I hate to sleep alone.

I lay in bed trying to fight myself to not fall asleep but I lose the fight as usual. I don’t know how long I have been asleep when I feel two arms around me.

“Hi” I whisper while turning around to face him.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you up” He smiles against my forehead.

“Well I didn’t mean to fall asleep before you got home, so I guess we are even”

“I guess” He leans down to give me a peek on the mouth. “Have Y/BF/N been here?”

“Of course, she would never let me be by myself” I say sighing.

“You know that if I had a choice I would be here with you every night, right?” He says sounding concerned.

“I know” I say smiling, because I know he wants to be with me and never leave but what choice does he have?

“Get some sleep, we have the whole day tomorrow to do something” He kisses my forehead and we both drift to sleep.

I wake up and smile when I feel myself wrap around him, I love waking up like this. I look at him still sound asleep; I lay like that for a while but I start to feel hungry. I poke his beard, nothing. I start poking in his chest and he takes my hand and hold it tight.

“You know it’s kinda creepy that you just lay there and stare at me when I sleep?” He whispers in his morning voice and smiles not opening his eyes.

“What can I say I like to look at your handsome face from time to time” I say trying to sit up but he pulls me back.

“Can’t we just lay here a bit more?”

“But I’m hungry, we can have breakfast in bed?” I say and he open his eyes.

We walk to the kitchen and I start doing pancakes and way to much coffee for two persons. I put some music on and start to sing along and sway from side to side while flipping the pancakes. I hear him laugh behind me and I turn around wondering what’s so funny.

“What are you up to mister?” I say pointing with the spatula at him.

“You are so beautiful standing there singing so I had to film you and post it” He says waving with his phone. “You should see the comments it’s pretty funny” I just shake my head to him and continue to flip pancakes.

When I’m done we take everything back to bed and make ourselves comfortable.

“Can you give me my phone I want to see what you have posted?” I say trying to reach for my phone but failing due to the fact that it’s lying on his side of the bed and I can’t reach that far. He just smiles at me.

“You can take it yourself” I take it as a challenge because nothing is that easy when he gives me that smile. I try to crawl over him but he keeps me in place and starts to tickle me.

“Stooooop” I shrike and starts to laugh.

“Never” He says and laughs. In a weird way, I managed to grab the phone and sit on him seeing how many notifications I have gotten.

“Is it fun to sit there?” He asks and hold on to my waist. I watch the video; I’m standing there in his shirt and sing to Lights on by Shawn Mendes. It looks so peaceful and to be fair a good representation of myself. Then I look down at the caption I love to just sit here and take in how lucky I am to have this beautiful and carefree woman in my life @yourinstragramnamn; I feel my smile getting bigger and bigger how come I got so lucky?

“Have you read the comments?” He asks and drag me down so I lay next to him so he can watch as well.

“I’m starting, thank you by the way” I say looking in his eyes and he leans forward and give me a kiss that says everything we both feel in that moment.

“People are way too impressed with you right now” I say laughing while reading the comments. Most of them comments how cute they think it is that he uploaded it and that we are couple goals.

“Hey did you see that? We are couple goals that is some big responsibilities” I laugh and put my phone away.

“We are role models now this should be taken with the greatest honor” He takes a big bite of the pancakes. We spend some hours just laying tangled in each other and talking about everything. I feel so at home it’s crazy; I love this man too much for my own good.

My friends from back home calls on facetime and we chat to them for a while so we can catch up with everything back there; I miss them so much but they are coming to visit soon. Then they say the magic words to me; they have recorded a game that my hometown team played against our biggest rival I light up like the sun because I haven’t watch one of their games in so long. I thank them with all my heart and they send me the recording. After we hang up we decided to watch the game and order some takeout. The game was brilliant and I couldn’t be happier, of course there was a bit of fighting but that’s just a part of the game when it came to rivals in hockey. I screamed and jumped like the game was live and when the game ended I decided it was time to celebrate. I looked at Jordie with a smile that he knows only meant one thing.

Drabble: Too Hot

This is inspired by the fact that it is freaking hot where I live right now and because Chris has said he doesn’t do well with heat. This is just supposed to be humourous and if it isn’t… blame it on the fact that it’s too fucking hot.

The weather for the weekend was so hot that the National Weather Service had sent out special heat advisories earlier in the week.

Saturday had been the hotter of the two days, going over the three digit mark temperature wise. You’d spent the day laying around the house with your boyfriend, Chris, watching movies in the darkened living room with all the fans in the house pointed at you guys as well as the air conditioner running. You had managed to feel slightly comfortable, but Chris had complained all day.

So when today came around and your friend invited you to her house to hang out by the pool, you’d accepted her invitation and went even though Chris had decided to stay home. You’d been at your friend’s for about two hours when you got a text from Chris, asking you to warn him ahead of time if you were bringing anyone home with you. You’d found the request odd, but hadn’t given it too much thought.

It wasn’t until an hour later, when you decided you’d had enough sun and headed home, that you’d begun to wonder what his text had meant. You hadn’t invited anyone to come home with you, so you didn’t worry about telling Chris you were on your way home. Instead, you drove the short distance, parked and let yourself into the house.

The sight that greeted you in the living room brought tears to your eyes. Chris was stretched out on one of the sofas, which he had thoughtfully covered with a sheet, and was completely naked save for a handkerchief strategically placed over his dick while all of the fans in the house were pointed directly at him.

“What’s with the handkerchief?” you asked, trying to contain your laughter.

“It felt funny with all the fans,” he replied with a shrug. “And it was a little too cold.” Then he patted the cushion next to him. “Join me?”

You thought about it for a minute before you nodded. You pulled off your clothes and then walked across the room to the couch. A sigh left your mouth as soon as you were positioned in front of the fans. The air from the fans hitting your bare skin was exactly what you’d needed.

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anonymous asked:

I saw your tagged me and all the way down you have a pic of body transformation or a before and after. I wanted to ask how you made the change or what exercises you did for that transformation.

Keep it a buck, I was laying down one day doing nothing and I just felt my heart being pressed down on or something and I was like bet, shawd isn’t about to be stuck with Diabetes or something so literally the next day I changed my lifestyle. At first I was extremely strict with my meals but now I’m kinda 80-20. It was lots of greens and water and no sugars, high protein. I started lifting and just really messing with weights. Unfortunately I’m not knowledgeable enough in this section to give you specific workouts in order to structure your transformation but just do lots of research on what muscles you want to grow and make your routines that way. Just make it a habit and schedule in workouts into your everyday life and remember to always eat well.

By all means, talk and raise awareness about depression. But please mention:

•Not showering or brushing your teeth for two weeks
•Getting sick from a vitamin D deficiency because you haven’t been outside in a solid month
•Getting lightheaded when you stand up from bed because you’ve been laying down for days
•The body pains
•Shampoo not bubbling because this is the first time you washed your hair in three weeks
•Over stimulation
•Pity from a distance
•'Get over yourself, there’s people *in Africa starving, with cancer, homeless, living in poverty, dying, ect.’
•Massive weight gain
•Massive weight loss
•Your body literally changing how it looks and deposits fat based on frequent weight gain and loss
•Hair loss
•Zero self esteem
•Breaking out in acne so bad you can’t put your head on a pillow from pain
•Being too depressed to commit suicide
•Self imposed isolation
•Stomach cramps
•'You’re so dramatic, it can’t be that bad’

If you don’t, I’m not saying you’re not raising awareness, but you definitely need to step up your game

So I’ve seen the discussion and conversation about the Kardashian segment on the Late Late show with Harry being asked if it’s true/right that she (Kendall) ‘lays’ all day. A pun playing on the other guests chickens which he named after the Kardashian females.

It’s this type of subtle sexism and disrespect that infuriates me. Would they have asked Kendall about her sex life if she was there - NEVER. Harry (who we are meant to believe was Kendall’s sexual partner) is now 'dating’ Tess doesn’t get asked what frequency he’s getting laid but will shade Kendall and infer she’s a got a high sex drive at best or a slut at worst.

What makes it worse is that you’ve got three men there sitting there making that joke about the sex life of their apparent friend (if not ex).

Would they like their mum, their daughter, their sister described like that - my guess is no. So if that’s the case why do it to ANY OTHER FEMALE. This disrespect (and call it what it is, it’s not just a joke) is insidious and pervasive and makes people think it’s ok to treat women like objects.

Harry I love your music especially some of the new album, but the way your treating females as a commodity to sell a story or get a quick laugh isn’t ok. You talk about being a feminist, guess what that means more then posting about the womens March. Stand up for women and call out this shit not just participate.

To Harry and his team, not to mention James please try harder cause this isn’t good enough.

I want you
With your chapstick, coffee and glasses;
I want you
With your lipstick, dress, and heels.
I want you
In your tears and your frustration;
I want you
In your smiles and your laughter.
I want you
On the days where you sleep in and only get up to lay around all day;
I want you
On the days where you rise at dawn and don’t stop moving until the sun goes down.
I want you
When, “Really, everything’s okay,” but you are not;
I want you
When you can’t stop laughing, even though the joke was made hours ago.
I want you
Surrounded by flowers, on spring and summer days;
I want you
Surrounded by fallen leaves, on autumn and winter days.
I want you
At the times when you feel your best;
I want you
At the times when you feel your worst.
I want you
Through rain or shine, or both at the same time.
I want you when everything goes according to plan;
I want you in the nonsense.
Oh, darling - I want every bit of you, always.
—  I will write love letters to myself || 04/17 E. scre4mingsunshine 
EXO as things I've heard on the bus
  • Suho: With great power comes an even greater electricity bill.
  • Baekhyun: A cop pulled me over and told me "Papers", so I said "Scissors, I win!" and drove off.
  • Chanyeol: Wherever you go, there you are.
  • D.O: I wish that all of my enemies had three cars parked in front of their house. An ambulance, fire truck and police car.
  • Kai: I put my phone in airplane mode, but it's not flying!
  • Sehun: Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?
  • Xiumin: Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree. That makes it a plant... So chocolate is a salad.
  • Lay: A day without sunshine is, like night.
  • Chen: You know you’re stupid when you wake someone up by asking if they’re asleep.
  • Friend: how are you?
  • What I wish I can say:
  • Well, everything is falling apart. I'm barley going to school, I spend most of my days laying in bed, laid in my own self loathing. I feel empty everyday and I'm getting tired of it. I think about ever little embarrassing thing that happened over 2-4 years ago and cringe at myself....everyday.
  • I'm fucking exhausted, and I still can't sleep at night.
  • Sometimes it feels like I'm not even here, and it's like I lost myself somewhere along this dark, muddy path.
  • I can't stop thinking about my past traumas, my hair is falling out, my mood is getting lower, my future seems to be getting more bleak.
  • I have a suicide plan already in place.
  • Because I fucking hate myself, I hate what I've become, and I hate everything about this world.
  • What I do say: I'm good, what about you?
My favorite thing about you is how that laugh can brighten the night sky.
My favorite thing about us is how well we fit together, I can lay with you all day.
My favorite thing about you is the way kids fall in love with you so easily, kinda like I did.
My favorite thing about us is the way we stay up till dawn just talking about anything, absolutely anything.
My favorite thing about me is how I became a better person from the day I met you.
Laying in bed all day and seeming like doing nothing doesn’t mean that I’m lazy, depressed or a failure.
My brain has never stopped thinking ever since I have known that I exist. Therefore I end up storing my physical energy to be able to use more mental energy, -considering the fact that the brain is the most energy consuming organ.
—  Some introvert