lay the ghost to rest

*Fans the flames of Solavellan Hell*… I’m so sorry 🙊

“Memories fade into the silence
Haunting me tonight
With hope’s last breath I take this moment in
It will be the last

Then morning breaks
And the sunlight takes the pain away

Ever after never came
And I’m still waiting for a life that never was
And all the dreams I lay to rest
Are ghosts that keep me
After all that I’ve become
I am only one
I am only one

I close my eyes and bleed this empty heart
Of all that longs to die
When faces lie and love will falter
I’m left with only time

And time will break
The dreams that take the pain away

Ever after never came
And I’m still waiting for a love I’ll never have
And all the dreams I lay to rest
Are ghosts that keep me
After all that I’ve become
I am only one
I am only one

I’m on my own here
And no one’s left to be the hero of
This fairy tale gone wrong
As night will fall, my heart will die alone…”

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Let them find themselves in each other...again.

I was rewatching some scenes from 5x09 and during the scene where Felicity warns Billy not to get involved, he tells her that this is who he is and then…well you know what happens to him. Going from the promo, the scene between Oliver and Felicity with him asking her not to do whatever she’s planning, I wonder if they parallel these two scenes. I also wonder if Havenrock will come back into play. If we get to see if Felicity still harbours guilt for what happened. I think it would be interesting if her need to take down Chase isn’t just because of what he did to Billy or Oliver, but because she feels like if she stops him, then that goes some of the way of atoning for Havenrock. I’d love to see Oliver confront her about this, and for her to admit that she still thinks she was responsible. He then asks if she blames him for killing Billy, she strongly denies this and so he then says that if he’s not to blame for Billy, then she’s not to blame for Havenrock. He may have shot the arrows and she may have pressed the button, but they were both just pawns. I think it would be a nice way for them both to finally gain some perspective and some closure on these things. I think it would be great if they found that clarity in each other, and could lay these ghosts to rest.

(Just FYI I do not in any way think Felicity was responsible for Havenrock, but she did.)

Mistakes / Aftermath

So this is my first ladybug fic?? inspired by @miraculous-weeks. The prompt for this one was Mistakes / Aftermath and I tried to squeeze both ideas in a little bit because why not. This is also one of my first times writing angst (it’s not my forté) but I tried really hard and I think I like it! Hopefully I’ll be able to write some more pieces for other prompts throughout the week ~

Mistakes / Aftermath a ML angst fic with hints of LadyNoir (1193 words)

Warnings: blood and bodily harm

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Define Us Forever 10/15
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 10/15
Fandom: The Hobbit - All Media Types
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Fíli/Ori, Kíli/Tauriel, Ambiguous or Implied Relationship(s), Nori/Dwalin, Bifur/Dori
Characters: Ori - Character, Fíli, Kíli, Tauriel, Bofur, The Company, Thorin’s Company
Additional Tags: Erebor, Rebuilding Erebor, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, post-BotFA, King Fili, Fíli as King, Ri Brothers - Freeform, Dwarf Gender Concepts
Series: Part 1 of These Are The Days

Erebor rises from the ashes, and lays her ghosts to rest as her people rebuild under the rule of their new, untested king.

Glori comes home to Erebor and her sons at last.

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In a 3/23 EW story (seems early to be about finale) KMK said “A moment comes up in an episode soon where Owen and Nathan really have a moment where they lay a lot of the ghosts to rest and talk about it instead of just not talking about it.”." I'm hopeful it's in 13x22 and we get more background on Megan or even just Owen's past. Any thoughts (besides it will probably be cut)? I'd also love for Owen to commiserate with Nathan about what's going on with Amelia, but I'm sure that's too much to ask

I think this conversation Owen will have with Nathan will have everything to do with the news he will receive on episode 23. They have conversation that are long overdue and even though they are not fighting anymore, their friendship is far from being mended. And you know I don’t think that spoiler is too early on to be about the finale, if it was posted on March 23rd it could easily be about the finale, if I am not mistaken, they were shooting it in the last week of March.

I believe the news Owen will receive won’t be known to Nathan until probably the finale, but it’s just a guess. Anything could happen, really. we have no idea what kind of development episode 22 will bring. There could be nothing but there also could be some kind of laying the ground for what’s to come to Owen on episode 23. I am super stoked about the 3 remaining eps!

One of the things I never see fandom (or further canon!) talk about is the strong implication that Rin has children after Heaven’s Feel, at least in Normal End. And that’s a shame, because Rin Tohsaka as a parent is an amazing thought.

Her whole character revolves around the intersection of family and personal pride from which legacy is born. She comes into her own at the end of Heaven’s Feel as a young woman who takes pride in those she loves and considers family; her arc is about learning to balance her talents and ambitions with her need to love and be loved. Rin building a new family both resolves questions posed by her story and raises plenty of new ones.

How many children would she have? Of course, she knows the consequences of having more than one in her situation, and she might decide to avoid putting two children at risk of becoming enemies as adults. In the context of Heaven’s Feel’s themes, though, it might make sense for her to lay the ghosts of the past to rest by raising a pair of siblings who never have to oppose each other. How much would she challenge the toxic practices and mores of other magi for the sake of her family? She’s an ambitious magus, but she’s ambitious in her own way, not anyone else’s, and by the end of Heaven’s Feel she’s well on her way to tempering and balancing that with empathy and love.

How does she fight for her family, when defending them from supernatural threats in the world of magic or incompetent teachers at school? How does she show her loved ones how much she cares? How does she pass her magecraft and the legacy of her own (probably colorful) life to her children?

We know that as a grandmother she’s enough of a grump that her granddaughter complains about it, which suggests she never loses her argumentative nature–but how you act as a grandparent’s often pretty different from how you act as a parent. What’s she like as a mother? Wouldn’t she be more like a stereotypical father–strict, intellectual, a little cold, demanding, but fiercely proud and protective of her kids and unafraid to let them know how much she loves them?

Would she tell dad jokes? Imagine Rin Tohsaka telling dad jokes.

Toko's Hikaru no Go Fic Compendium

Note: I have an archived version of this post, which was made by the now-deleted LJ user Toko in 2006 and updated for several years. It was a widely-circulated recs resource in the Hikaru no Go fandom, and I thought it would be nice to carry it forward to Tumblr, too. Toko, if you’re out there and you see this, I miss you a lot. <3 

The post is presented as-is, although Toko’s fics are no longer online. I’m also inserting a read-more text (I think Toko originally had one in his post.) P.S. every fic on this list is amazing and worth-reading. - Aja 

Hikaru no Go fic compendium
I created this journal because I wanted a place to put a big ol’ master-list of all the Hikago fic I’d read, enjoyed, and might want to find again. This is that list. It makes absolutely no claims to being representative, catholic, or even particularly fair – for all that it’s grown huge, and has apparently been useful to other people, it remains a catalog organized according to my particular tastes and prejudices, and its primary audience is still me. But if you find it helpful, I’m glad (and would be most gratified if you dropped a comment, if you felt like doing so).

If for whatever reason you would rather not have your fic linked to, just let me know and I’ll remove it. Generally speaking I consider anything posted publicly to be fair game for inclusion here.

Because I’m getting tired of scrolling to the bottom of the post so I can add links to this, here is the edit link, although it won’t work for anyone but me.

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Top 5
In honor of Shindou’s wardrobe and cross-linguistic puns, the five best things to come out of this fandom.

Inertia by rageprufrock
Touya gets married, and it all goes downhill from there.

Waterloo by bookshop
It turns out it’s easier to climb a mountain when you’re holding someone’s hand.

When He Sees It by thehoyden
Hikaru suddenly realises what he’s looking at. Contains porn.

Only Happy When It by trixie_chick
Isumi and the rain. WayaSumi.

A Resolution of Territory by arboretum in blind_go round 5, and the postscript, A Pretty Good Year
The arc of adolescence is long, but it bends towards Touya. Contains porn.

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Yo, shout out to BTBAM for making the most mindblowing record in metal history. Mad props. Also, thumbs up for that killer xylophone solo in the middle of Extremophile Elite.

I listen to this full album daily. Always blows my mind.

It was like the first time listening to Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Never gets old.

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Oh my gosh! It's open!! It's really actually open! I come here most days and it must be my lucky day to see your ask open. Ok so my ask is this: Imagine in an Alternate Universe, Claire came through the stones with Fergus and he's her biological son from a parallel universe Jamie!

Hello anon. With the exception of the biological part, this sounds a lot like my Fergus through the stones AU. Here are the links for the first few installments. 

Mod Lenny ; )

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 

Fergus pulled the blankets up around his ears.

“I am not well, Mother Claire,” he pled, drawing his knees up towards his stomach. “I will be sick if I go out of be.”

Claire lowered herself onto the mattress beside him, grimacing as the springs creaked under her weight. She put a hand to his forehead and frowned.

“Sit up,” she told him. Encouraged, he did so and lifted his head high while she felt along his throat. “Mmmhmm,” she murmured. She took his wrist and felt for his pulst. “Interesting…”

Fergus’ eyes went wide.

“You most certainly have come down with a serious case––very serious,” she told him taking his hands in hers.

“A serious case?” he asked, swallowing hard.

“A very serious case of nerves,” she nodded solemnly. “Unfortunately, the only cure is to face the day and see it through. To the best of my knowledge, everyone feels nervous on their first day of school.” She rose and pulled the blankets back to the foot of the bed, exposing Fergus’ pale legs.

He sighed and climbed out of bed.

“What do you mean, ‘to the best of your knowledge’?” he asked as he began to dress.

Clare set about straightening the bed as best she could maneuvering around her over-large belly––she was due sometime in the next two months.

“I didn’t have much in the way of formal schooling myself,” she told Fergus. Adjusting the pillows she added, “My uncle tried dropping me off at a boarding school when I was five or six but that didn’t last very long. So he took me with him on his expeditions for work and I learned what I could on my own and with him tutoring me.”

“If you did not go to school,” Fergus objected, pulling a sweater on over his head, “why must I? You will be home with le bébé soon. Can you not teach me then?”

Claire smiled at him as she rubbed her belly. “I’ll be a bit busy with the baby,” she pointed out. “Besides, I can’t teach you everything you’ll need to learn.:

“Milord did not attend such schools.”

“Milord went to université. Are you worried about the other students?” She leaned against the table Fergus would use as a desk as she watched him tie his shoes. Her crossed arms rested atop the swell of her belly.

Fergus’ neck went pink.

“You’ll have Roger in your class,” she reminded him. “He’ll introduce you to everyone.”

“I am older than him and the others. And he already knows more than I do. They will laugh and they will think me…” He couldn’t find the word he wanted and instead of reverting to the French, as he was wont to do, he groaned loudly and flopped onto the bed. He started as the springs caused the mattress to bounce rather than give way––another reminder he would never feel entirely comfortable in this strange future time.

Claire sighed and sat beside him once more. She reached over and brushed one of his dark curls from his forehead.

“You’ve been doing really well here in this time,” she remarked.

“I had more…” he faltered again. “I was valuable to milord without schooling. To go back now it… it is… lowering.”

“Milord would not have seen it as such and neither will anyone here,” she insisted. “You will find ways to make friends and you will find a place for yourself––I promise––but you have to go to school and try first. You deserve to get to be a real child for a change––to not bear the weight of the responsibilities you had before. Growing up is not…”

She trailed off as Fergus sighed again. She didn’t need to remind him of the horrors the world held; he’d seen many of them first-hand before she’d even met him. What he needed was a mother.

She slipped a hand behind his back and did her best to raise him up.

“You’re going to be late and I want you to have a decent breakfast before I walk you to school,” she told him. “Any and all further griping must wait until the end of the day when you have something new to gripe about.”

Fergus allowed himself to be led from his room.

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Lost and then Found - The Extras

From @turtletotem: Erik remembering something. Something big or small, bad or good, I don’t know. Does he tell Charles?

A ficlet set in my Amnesia fic ‘verse. This takes place immediately after the epilogue at the art gallery :D


The Coffee Maker

Somehow, Charles manages to make his way down the gallery stairs and out the glass doors without incident, still thoroughly distracted by Erik’s sudden reappearance in his life. His heart is racing fast and he knows he’s grinning like a fool, the two of them walking side by side as they make their way towards the closest café down the block.

They maneuver the busy sidewalk in comfortable silence, the elation from their surprise reunion putting a little spring in both their steps. The energy between them is nearly palpable, the air thick with excitement and anticipation, so reminiscent of their first date together, almost an entire life time ago.

“The usual?” Erik asks, as they wander into the coffee shop, gaze intent on Charles’ face. No one else has ever looked at him in quite the same way; as though Charles’ eyes hid the answers to the mysteries of the universe. Erik’s attention - so focused and intense - had always made him feel like the only person in the world that mattered.

Charles didn’t even realize how much he’d missed it until this very moment.

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Brother’s Keeper

Request by @ly-canthr0pe​: “Would you be interested in writing a Dean x reader thing where, the reader is like Dean and has a little brother who she hunts with and takes care of. And Dean admires that?”

Dean X Reader / OneShot

Ian stalked through the abandoned halls with gun and flashlight at the ready. He paused before a doorway. The air changed and he caught the glimpse of movement inside the room. He clicked the light off, tucking it away in his jacket. He slipped into the room.  Sheets of torn plastic hung from the ceiling cutting off visibility of the full space. Hospital beds and cabinets were turned over becoming obstacles to navigate through. He moved as quietly as possible, papers strewn across the floor crinkling under his heavy boots. He maneuvered around a desk chair and a person came into view. He hiked up the shotgun to his shoulder. The man spun around his own gun ready to fire. His face relaxed in surprise, but Ian had already pulled the trigger. The man stumbled back white dust coating his heavy tan jacket. He grimaced looking down to see little chunks of salt embedded in the canvas.

He glared at Ian every muscle in his face tensed with impatience. “What the hell! I’m not a ghost!”

Surprise colored Ian’s face. He looked down at the mess of salt still clinging to the stranger’s clothes. He jutted out his chin, “Oh yeah? Then why are you here?”

The man’s face morphed into incredulousness. “I’m a hunter. Like you.”

“Not a very good one. “ Ian remarked annoyed with the man’s condescending attitude. “I shot you before you shot me.”

The man stepped forward finger pointing at him. “It’s not-”

Ian shot again. The salt raking into his flannel shirt. The man squeezed his eyes in pain, but a breath later he grabbed Ian’s gun and wrenched it upward. Ian had just enough strength to keep hold of his weapon.

“Stop. Shooting. Me.”

“Hey!” You walked in glock aimed at the man’s center. “Let go of my brother.”

The man sized you up on the same fashion you had done before making your presence known. He nodded to your younger brother.

“Tell him to back off and stop spraying me with salt.”

“Stop talking like I’m not here!” Ian complained.

“Ian…” Your tone held the promise of trouble that only an older siblings could use.

Ian huffed. His shoulders relaxed, which you knew meant he was willing to comply even if his face remained ever stubborn. The man still holding the gun shifted his hard glare between you. Ian gave one last spiteful look to the older man and nodded. He took a step back and your heart stopped slamming nervously in your chest. Ian getting in trouble was normal, but that never seemed to matter to your nerves. You kept your gaze even with the man as Ian took a step back. You heard the click of a gun behind you ear. You rolled your eyes completely angry with yourself for not noticing someone sneak up.

“Put your gun down.” The voice was deep and masculine, his tone leaving no room for questions.

You slowly raised your hands up, but didn’t let go of the gun. Hunters came in all kinds and you couldn’t risk both you and Ian being defenseless. You turned your head just enough to see strong tan hands wrapped around a pearl handled gun.

“Mister, I’m just lookin’ after my brother.”

He paused. His gun dropped toward the floor. “So am I.”

You turned around. He glanced over at his brother. I recognized his expression, the one that wordlessly asked “Are you okay?” to the recipient. When he was satisfied he turned his eyes on you. In the dim lighting, you couldn’t see his features well, but the shadows accented the hard planes of his face causing his stern look to appear more severe than usual.

“You’re a hunter?” It was a question, but with a definitive ring to it, asking only to confirm out of necessity.

You nodded. He took a step into the room. You stepped back positioning yourself where you could keep an eye on everyone, now that his gun wasn’t fixed on your person. The first man let go of Ian’s shotgun with a small shove away from his face. Your brother stumbled backward, baseball hat nearly falling off his head. He glared about to aim his gun on him when you caught his eye. You shook your head slightly and Ian stood down begrudgingly. The second man walked toward his brother, but his body was turned toward you. Apparently, he viewed you as the main threat, if any.

“And you two?”

“Yeah.” He answered. He nodded to my gun. “Are we going to have a problem here?”

“Not by us at least.” You responded evenly as cautious as he. “We’re here to lay ghosts to rest, not other hunters.”

His shoulders dropped a fraction and nodded accepting your words. He cast a glance at Ian, then met your eyes again. He extended a hand. You grasped it.

“Dean Winchester and that’s my brother, Sam.”

“Y/n,” You jerked your head towards Ian. “and Ian.”

“God, if you’re done flirting Y/n, can we get back to the job…” Ian complained.

Dean released your hand ignoring your brother. “No offense, but you both seem a little green to be hunting in this place.”

Your jaw clenched, “We’re fine, just not use to other hunters showing up on the job.”

“Fair enough.” Dean relented, “but your brother shot Sam-”

“Twice.” Sam interrupted.

“Twice.” Dean corrected. “That’s not the kind of partner you want at your back.”

Frustration welled in you. His words were true, Ian could be a pain when he made mistakes. They were always harmless, but you couldn’t explain this one away. Ian was infected, some sort of ghost sickness that was making his judgement worse by the day. That’s why you were here desperately searching for answers. You glanced at your brother. You wanted to divulge the situation to these men on the chance they could help, but that could be tricky. Some hunters didn’t believe in cures. Some believed once touched, tainted forever. Ian shook his head mouthing ‘no’. Your brows came together still unsure of the right choice. His face clearly saying, ‘don’t you dare’.

“What’s going on here?” Sam asked looking between you.

“It’s nothing!” Ian responded too quickly shooting you another hard look.

You bit you lip. Dean fixed his gaze on you and this time you noticed his eyes were green.

“Look, whatever it is. We might be able to help.” Sam spoke up.

“We can’t help if you don’t tell us what’s going on.” Dean said.

“Ian is-”

“Y/n, no!”

You cast him an apologetic look, but went on, “We think he’s infected with ghost sickness.” You threw your gun up ready to shoot at any moment. “If you wanna help, fine, but if you think he’s a lost case then get out of here. We’ll do this on our own. If I fail, you can come back to hunt us both, because I ain’t going anywhere without my brother.”

Sam dipped his head hiding an amused smile. You looked from him to Dean. Dean had straighted his back looking at you like a completely new person. He tilted his head back and let out an approving hmph. He was clearly pleased with your sudden rant. He stepped forward completely disregarding your glock a foot from his heart.

“So, what’d’ya got? Both Sam and I have dealt with this sort of thing before, so maybe we can help.”

You couldn’t believe it. For days, you had been ridden with anxiety, worrying about Ian out of your mind, but unable to vent about it to anyone and now this rough and ready godsend walked into the right place at the right time. You looked to Ian. He was still angry, but considerably relieved. You knew he would still sulk later, but as long as he was safe you didn’t care. You offered Dean a weak smile.


“Yeah. You take care of your brother, I can respect that.” His serious words fueled the growing excitement in your chest. “So, what’s are play?”

Captain Swan AU Prompt Series No. 5 (A)

A Series of Unconnected One Shots

No.1: Alphabet City

No.2: Of Singing and Streaking

No.3 Lie to Me (I’ll lie to you, too)

No.4: Like Toy Soldiers

We’re Going Down Swinging

It was the stuff rom coms reeked of.

Boy and girl are childhood best friends, getting each other through shit kids their age should never have to deal with in the first place (-deadbeat fathers who run out on their sons, a string of foster homes that never seemed to work out, being the epitome of children from the wrong side of the tracks-), but they have each other, and boy and girl make it to high school mostly unscathed, and closer than ever. 

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Sequel to "Don't go with him" ??? Yes? Maybe?! Pretty please :)

[part I] [part II]


He didn’t kill her.

Days passed and he never killed her.

It was confusing at first. Felicity didn’t understand the point. He’d had so many opportunities, but instead he just kept her with him as he traveled the globe. This wasn’t what she’d had in mind when she wanted to see the world; trapped inside jets, smuggled into town cars, hidden away in hotel rooms, watching the world become nothing more than something outside a window.

The one time she tried to ask for help, to get a maid to send out some kind of signal to Oliver or Digg, she had to watch Slade kill the poor, confused woman.

“Maybe I haven’t made myself clear… You do anything to contact him, you try to escape, I will hunt down every single person on your little team and I will kill. them. all.”

He spent more than an hour telling her how he’d do it. He’d start with Roy. Poor, angry, desperate for some kind of calling, Roy. The boy might have mirakuru in him, but he wasn’t as trained as Slade was. He didn’t know how to control himself. So, he was far from a match against the man who carried vengeance like a shield.

“Maybe I’ll use that pretty little girlfriend against him, huh? Oh, it’ll tear the kid up, but it’s better than that. Two birds, one stone. Both his love and his sister dead, that’d eat Oliver up even worse.” He watched her for a reaction; he so enjoyed it when she got upset. 

Then he told her how he’d kill John, slow and methodic. Being a soldier himself, Slade told her he’d use every tool in the book to break Digg down. And he took great glee out of the anger that made her eyes tear up, the stubborn set of her chin, and how quick she was to snap, “John Diggle is twice the man you could ever be!”

But it was Oliver that made her cringe, made her crumble in on herself.

“Oh, I’m going to make him bleed… But you know what’s really killing him, hm?” He reached out to stroke a hand down her teary face. “He thinks I killed you. He probably thinks about it every night. Goes over every awful detail. He’ll think it was slow, that you cried out for him as you were dying, desperately screaming his name as you withered away. I don’t even have to be there or do anything. Right now, he’s tearing himself apart, piece by piece, and when there’s nothing left, that is when I’ll finally end his miserable life.”

Looking into his one remaining eye, dark with nothing but cold, empty fury, Felicity believed him.

So, she never tried to escape again.


After three months, she’d had enough.

“Why?” she asked. “Why haven’t you killed me?”

He took his time, cutting off a slice of his steak as he raised an eyebrow at her. He slid the succulent meat between his lips and chewed, leaning back in his chair as he watched her squirm across from him. “Would you like me to change that?” he asked, before folding his napkin and dabbing at his mouth.

Her eyes narrowed. “I want answers.”

He grinned then, a savage show of pearly white teeth. “What did you say to me, that day this all began?”

She frowned. “That he would come for you, and he’d kill you.” She raised her chin. “I stand by that.”

“Exactly.” He laid his napkin down and picked up his glass of red wine, admiring the color for a moment. “Oliver has always felt things too deeply. Oh, he tries not to. Tries to play the unaffected little bastard, and he does a pretty good job of convincing people he’s just that, but I know him. He loves you. And Oliver would do anything for the people he loves… Right now he’s destroying himself. He’s somewhere between all-consuming rage and desperate grief… I know how that feels.” He shook his head as something raw tried to take over.

“He’ll tear himself apart tracking me down. Exhaust himself chasing empty leads. Push himself to the brink of death for any scrap of hope. And when he finally finds me, after all that work, all that desperation to avenge you…” He grinned. “He’s going to find you here, with me, alive and well. And just when he starts to get his hope back, just when he thinks there’s something to live for, that is when I’m going to kill you, Miss Smoak.”

He sipped his wine and let it settle on his tongue before humming. “Delicious.” He nodded toward her glass. “Try it. I know how much you love red wine.”

Felicity’s stomach turned.

For a moment, she considered wrapping her hand around the steak knife in front of her and taking out his remaining eye. But Slade was faster than she could ever be, and he would anticipate it. So, when she picked up her knife and she saw his shoulders tense, she merely smiled. “When he kills you, I’m going to cry…”

He raised an eyebrow.

“With relief.”

He smirked and knocked his glass against hers in cheers. “I’m going to miss you when it’s over, Miss Smoak. You bring a certain energy to a room.”

“If it’s not full of resentment, you’re reading it wrong.”

Slade’s deep chuckle choked the air around her.

While she put on a show of confidence for him, inside she was falling apart.

Later that night, after he left her in her hotel room with no access to any computers or a phone, a guard stationed outside her door, she moved to the window, staring out over the landscape below. He never told her where they were going but sometimes she could tell. Slade was a man of means and he refused to lower himself to dingy motels. No, he picked the best of the best because he could afford the luxury. Sometimes that luxury paid for a great view, supplying her with well-known landmarks. She didn’t have to be a genius to recognize the London Eye in the distance, lit up as night fell, moving slowly.

She pressed a hand to the window and felt a tear slip down her cheek. Now that she knew Slade’s plan, she knew there were options. She could push the window open, here and now, and leap from the sill. Oliver would know she was dead then for sure, but at least he wouldn’t have to watch it happen. At least then he wouldn’t feel that hope swell back up inside him. He could lay her ghost to rest. Slade’s plan would be ruined. Sure, he’d still have won in some way. Oliver would still grieve, still want his vengeance, but it wouldn’t be to the same degree as it would if Slade killed her in front of him.

But as she stood there, looking down at the street below, she decided her life and death would not be decided by someone else. Whether Oliver came for her or not, she was going to live through this. She would kill Slade herself if she had to.

Turning around, she decided that was exactly what she was going to do.

If he thought he had a wilting flower on his hands, he was just too arrogant to see the thorns.

2014 Winter Tour Setlist

Here  is the setlist of the 2014 winter Tour:

1. Foam Born A) The Backtrack
2. Foam Born B) Decade Of Statues
3. Obfuscation
4. Astral Body
5. Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
6. (Autumn)
7. Selkies: The Endless Obsession
8. Bloom
9. Swim to the Moon
10. Silent Flight Parliament
11. Goodbye to Everything Reprise

12. Sun of Nothing

You let him dull you.
You were once shattered glass and he whittled away all the sharp edges.
He filed down your fangs; you have to cut your apples now.
Your claws and barbed-wire tongue are gone and you can’t remember where they went.
He is gone too.
There are more things you have forgotten: his sister’s birthday, what you were wearing when you met, the girl you were before him.
The girl you were before him.
You’re still breathing but she is a ghost. She’s a specter, and you will lay her to rest.
No. She is haunting you and you will bring her back to life.
You and her are one in the same and the recollections of the last time you felt alive are fuzzing at the edges.
You will bring her back to life and you will stop yourself from dying.
You will forget him, you will forget him, you will forget him.
You cannot stop this. Instead, stop clinging to the memories.
Forget him.
Remember yourself.
—  This is not the end. This is your resurrection. 
“sunset upon a hill of corpses,” One Punch Man

Summary: Saitama finally gets the recognition he deserves. He is the hero the world reveres. 

And Genos is not okay.

Pairing: One-sided Genos/Saitama

Warnings: Dark!Villain!Genos, gore and violence, probably very much OOC. Much AU-ness

Notes: @hell-freezer convinced me to commit sin because we both loved this picture too much. That is all I have to say.


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There’s More To It All - Part 3: Catching Up

Warnings: Language. Mentioning of major character death.

Pairing/Characters: Dean x Reader, Best Friend!Sam, Best Friend!Dean

Part 1 - Confessions

Part 2 - Revelations

Part 3 - Catching Up

Links: Tumblr | AO3 |

Chapter Summary: Set between S10E16 “Paint it Black” and S10E17 “Inside Man.” After Sam and Dean track Y/N to Nebraska, they catch up about the last twenty years.

“Y/N, Bobby is dead.”

If she had cried, it probably wouldn’t have been this hardfor Dean to see. Upon hearing Sam’s words, Y/N simply seemed to shut down,going into a state of shock. She seemed numb. So he just watched her from hisplace in the chair, as Sam sat next to her.

“So he’s dead,” she said to no one in particular. “When did ithappen?”

Sam was restlessly fiddling with his own fingers. He wantedto hug Y/N, maybe comfort her in some way but he knew instinctively that it was not something she would want right now. “Almost three years ago.”

Y/N closed her eyes in regret. Bobby had been dead for three whole years and she hadn’t even known. She counted back in her head to remember what she had been doing at that time. “Leviathans?” she asked looking at Sam, and then at Dean.

Dean nodded grimly. “Yeah. Their head honcho, Dick Roman. His bullet hit Bobby in the head.”

“Where did you -”

Dean didn’t need Y/N to finish her question to know what she wanted to know. “We gave him a proper hunter’s funeral.”

“Y/N,” Sam said with a slight smile, hoping to offer her some sort of comfort. “He’s in heaven now. We made sure of that. He’s at peace.”

She tried to smile but she was certain it must have looked pitiful to the both of them. She thought about Bobby, and how they’d left things. She thought about how they never got to properly say their good-byes. A part of her envied Dean and Sam for having that opportunity, except she didn’t have any right to that envy either. She had been the one to throw away that opportunity. She had been the one to decide stupidly to stay away for ten freaking years! He’s at peace, she repeated to herself. No more hunting, and no more blood. No more pain. Maybe, just maybe, in knowing that, she could find some peace too.

Y/N was silent again for a while, and Dean simply watched her. She was still, not looking at either of them, but to Dean it felt like it was him that she was truly avoiding. He couldn’t figure out for the life of him what he’d done so wrong for her to put this much distance between them. It was true that he’d left without a word twenty years ago but, heck! That was twenty years ago, damn it. It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried to call her. It was she who had not picked up. It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried to reach out to her to find her. It was she who had not wanted to be found. Then life happened – hell gates, hell itself, the apocalypse, Leviathans, Purgatory…the Mark. Dean had tried, except now he was starting to think that maybe he should have just tried a little bit harder.

Y/N wiped her face with her palm, and ran her hand through her hair. “So what have you boys been up to since I last saw you?” Sam and Dean shared a look, as if silently asking each other how much of it should they really tell her. “What?” she asked.

Sam chuckled. “I’m not sure where to begin.”

“Maybe from the beginning?” she quipped, and Sam did. Y/N couldn’t believe her ears. Dean had almost died in a car crash. They’d lost their dad to a demon deal. Sam had died because of Azazel, or Yellow-Eyes as Sam referred to him, then Dean had made a deal to bring him back to life. Then Dean had gone to hell, and had been tortured for almost four months. This was the hardest to hear, except Sam kept going. He was far from done. When he told her about the angels and the apocalypse, she already had known some parts of it, except hearing their side of it and how it had pretty much almost destroyed them made Y/N want to cry in their behalf. Then Dean went to purgatory and Sam had hit a dog or something. They found out that they were a part of something called the Men of Letters, which of course she had never heard of before.

“So in other words,” Sam said quite nonchalantly, “We’ve been to hell, purgatory, and very briefly to heaven as well.”

“Oh God, why didn’t anyone tell me?” Y/N asked with a horrified look on her face, except she already knew why. She’d disappeared, and no one had known how to reach her, not even Bobby. They’d been through so much in the past years, and she could have been there for them, but she hadn’t been - all because of her stupid decision to walk away from them. In the grim light of what they had suffered, her pain that had led to her walking away seemed so petty.

“These days…” Sam began but Dean cut him off with a look. Y/N could tell that there was something that Dean didn’t want her to know but she chose not to push it then. What she had heard already would take a lot of time to sink in anyway.

Dean slightly cleared his throat, making her glance his way. “So what have you been up to?” he wanted to know.

“Well, nothing as colorful as you two. I’ve been touring Europe taking down some nests of fangs here and there.”

“No way! No freaking way! That was you?” Sam all but yelled. “Dude, remember I told you some time back about this rumor of some hunter going around Europe wiping out nests all alone?” Dean nodded. “Well,” Sam continued, “I think that was Y/N. Was it?”

“It might have been,” Y/N winked.

“Wow,” Sam grinned. “That’s pretty cool.”

Y/N just shrugged. “All part of the job. I work better alone anyway, you know.”

Dean stood up. He’d had enough of this. Y/N was perfectly normal with Sam, and yet she completely stonewalled him. He couldn’t take it. He needed to get out of here at least for a while. He was starting to feel angry. He couldn’t tell if it was just the Mark acting up or if it was him. It was getting harder and harder to tell it all apart these days. “I’m starving,” he declared. “I’m going to grab some grub. You guys want anything?”

“Coffee would be nice,” Y/N said looking at him uncertainly.

“I could go,” Sam volunteered but Dean just motioned for him to stay. Grabbing the keys of the Impala, he was gone.

Y/N looked at the door that he closed behind him. “Something’s off with Dean,” she said almost to herself. She could just feel it in her gut even though she couldn’t put her finger on it. He seemed like he was on edge, and angry. She knew that twenty years could do a lot to someone, especially with what he has been through but something was just off. She just knew it.

Sam debated with himself wondering how much he should truly tell her. He needed her to understand, but he didn’t want to scare her off. In the end, he decided to go with the truth. “What do you know about the Mark of Cain, Y/N?”

Her eyebrows scrunched up in confusion. “Uhm, not much. I mean, I’ve heard a story. Once I exorcised a demon, one real high ranking bitch. She said something about it in passing. From what I understood, it was like a legend in the demon world.”

“It’s real,” Sam told her solemnly. Then he went on to tell her about how Dean took on the Mark of Cain to take down Abaddon, the Knight of Hell, and later Cain himself. He told her how it had even turned him into a demon, and how Sam had cured him. With each word, he slowly watched her, gauging her response. It seemed she was taking it pretty well, or Y/N had a real good poker face. “I’m trying, Y/N, I need to save him before it destroys him.”

The thoughts were whirling in Y/N’s head, and she was desperately trying to make sense of it all. It seemed so surreal, but clearly it was all true, and it was happening here and now to Dean. What in the world happened to the day when hunting was just killing a couple of werewolves and laying some ghosts to rest? She wondered to herself. No matter how hard it was to take in all of this, she knew one thing for certain. This could be a chance to make up for what she couldn’t do before. “Honestly, Sam, I don’t know what to say…but I want to help Dean too. I want to help you both.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Sam smiled. He stared at her before finally deciding to come clean about what he’d been thinking ever since Dean went into that confession during their last case. “Dean’s been really on edge lately. He’s all about the hunt, moving on from one to the other, just focused on keeping up with the motions, you know? But for the first time since all this started happening, he showed some real emotion – like he wants more. That was when he thought about you. He’s different around you, Y/N. He’s sentimental about you.”

Y/N couldn’t help but scoff at that. “Really? Is that why it took him two decades to find me?”

“I don’t have a proper answer to that. You’ll have to ask him why,” Sam shrugged. “But one thing’s for sure. I feel like you’re his emotional trigger. He needs that. You have no idea how much he needs something like that, Y/N.”

She sighed. She didn’t know how much of it to believe or if Sam even knew what he was talking about. Over the past few years, she had convinced herself that Dean probably forgot about her, and that he probably did it quite easily. She pretended she had forgotten about him too. She’d gone pretty much more than half her life trying to do so even if the slightest thing reminded her of him. She couldn’t even hear a Led Zeppelin song without having flashbacks of the greenest eyes framed by those thick lashes.

Was she to believe now that it had been the same for Dean? Did he keep her in his mind for the last twenty years too? If what Sam was saying was even remotely true, that’s exactly what she was supposed to believe. She couldn’t decide if this was happiness that she was feeling, of if it was sheer fear. Was she ready to let him in again and risk it all – this safe little life of loneliness she’d built for herself?

“What do you need me to do?” she finally asked resignedly, and a part of her knew that she just might regret this.

Dean took his own sweet time driving to the nearby diner and getting them some food. He hoped Y/N still liked those little Cinnamon rolls she used to obsess over when they were kids, because he’d gotten a whole bag full of them.

“Even if it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to save you, Dean Winchester,” Y/N giggled. “You’re not failing Algebra. Not on my watch.”


They were at this little diner near her house, and Y/N had gotten it into her head to tutor him. He grabbed them seat and dumped his books on the table. “Oh yeah? You’re four grades below me. I’d like to see you try.”


She just scoffed at him, completely dismissing him as always. “Please, I’m so much more smarter than you. I got this,” she insisted.


One hour, one coffee pot, and about half a dozen cinnamon rolls between them later, Y/N finally decided to admit defeat. “I don’t think I got this,” she sighed. “I can’t help you. No one can.”


“I think I’ll muddle through,” he chuckled. “You don’t exactly need algebra to figure out how to kill a werewolf.”


Y/N quickly shushed him and looked around to see if they were overheard. When she was certain they weren’t, she turned back to him to say giddily, “Exactly! That’s just what I keep saying too! You, Dean Winchester, just might be my soul mate.”


Dean laughed. “Do you like saying my full name or something?” Then he thought about what she said about the whole soul mate thing. “Do you even believe in that crap?”


She looked subdued and offended by his reaction. “Are you making fun of me?”


He hated the way she looked right now, all withdrawn and confused. He hated it more knowing that his words had put that look on her. Dean reached out to take hold of her hand. Her fingers, slender and long, entwined with his. Her hand, so small and smooth, fit perfectly into his big rough callused palm. She fit into his life, all that he was. Was this what having a soul mate felt like, this complete feeling of belonging?


“I don’t believe in soul mates, Y/N,” he told her honestly, and watched her face fall. It was just the tiniest change in expression that no one else would have caught but he saw it. He didn’t miss anything when it came to her. “But know this,” he continued, solemnly staring into her eyes. “If I ever did believe in such things, I think it would be because of you. If feeling the way I feel when I’m with you is what it feels like to have a soul mate, then I want to feel it forever.”


Y/N didn’t know what to make of it. It almost sounded like Dean was telling her that he loved her, and a part of Dean thought that maybe that was exactly what he was doing right now. Somehow neither of them needed to elaborate, but they both just somehow knew in their hearts that what they had was changing from just a simple friendship to something much, much more.


“Forever, and always?” she asked him teasingly.


Dean grinned, tightening his hand around hers. “Forever, and always…to hell and back,” he promised her. Then he watched her laugh at his quip, letting the musical notes of her happiness wash over him, embracing him. He felt at peace, and he never wanted to lose this.

“Forever, and always,” Dean mumbled to himself in memory. So many questions fluttered around in his head as he took the long way back to the motel, wanting more time to clear his mind. How had they forgotten that pact? How had they let themselves forget? Would things have been different if somehow he’d tracked down Y/N sooner without waiting for twenty whole years? But then he gently reminded himself that if he had, he probably would have gotten her killed. Maybe things went down the way they did for a reason.

His phone rang, and he picked up to hear Sam’s voice. “Dean, where are you?”

“I’m on my way. I got your stupid salad, sasquatch.”

“We are ready to drive back to the bunker, I guess,” Sam told him.

What did he mean by ‘we’? Dean wondered. “Did you say ‘we’?” he asked just to clarify.

“Yeah,” Sam confirmed. “I asked Y/N to come stay at the bunker with us, at least for a while.”

“And she said yes?” Dean asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, she did. We’ll talk more when you get here.” Then there was some shuffling noise, as if Y/N said something to Sam. “And Y/N says you better not have forgotten the cinnamon rolls.” With that the line went dead.

Dean stared a little while longer at the phone, still unable to believe what he had heard. What the hell was going on? One moment it felt like Y/N couldn’t wait to get away from him and now she was coming back to live with them? Dude, what the hell!

He glanced over at the brown paper bag next to him. “At least I got the cinnamon rolls,” he muttered to himself and sped up the Impala. All of a sudden, he was in a hurry to get back to the motel…to get back to her.

Note: Hope you guys liked it! If you did, let me know your thoughts. If you didn’t, I’d still want to hear your thoughts! All kinds of reviews are welcome!

Part 4 - Nerd Alert

Part 5 - Inner Demons

Chupacabra: Daryl’s Little Princess

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   “DAD! DADDY!” Jessie screamed, the young girl trying to run towards her father while Lori tried to hold her back. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!! YOU BITCH!!” She screamed, sobbing as Rick and Sean carried Daryl into the house.

   “Jessie I am so sorry. I thought..”

   “YOU WERE TOLD NOT TO SHOT! ARE YOU HONESTLY THAT STUPID THAT YOU ARE UNABLE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS! YOU COULD HAVE A KILLED MY DAD!” Jessie screeched, grunting when Glenn lifted her into his arms, holding the still screaming girl against his chest. 

  “Come on. Let’s get you back inside. Your dad is going to be fine!”

  “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” Jessie screamed, her eyes landing on Ghost for the first time since she saw her dad. From the moment Jessie started screaming, Ghost had gone nuts, barking and snapping at anyone that seemed to be the reason Jessie was so upset. Currently he was jumping around Glenn’s feet, wanting to attack the man but scared of hurting the girl in his arms. “ANDREA GHOST GET ANDREA!” Jessie screeched, smiling when Ghost instantly turned toward the blonde.

  “Jessie.” Dale warned, holding his hands up as he tried to stand in front of Andrea. “This won’t fix anything. Having Ghost hurt Andrea will only make things worse.”


  “She gets bit I kill Ghost.” Dale said evenly, flinching when Jessie screeched.

  “TOUCH MY DOG I WILL END YOU! I SWEAR TO GOD WHEN MY DAD IS BETTER WE ARE LEAVING! YOU GUYS ARE JUST AS BAD AS THE WALKERS! I MEAN THAT ONE GOES AROUND SHOOTING PEOPLE AND THE REST JUMP IN FRONT OF HER TRYING TO PROTECT THE DAMN BITCH!” Jessie screamed, glaring at Dale and Andrea over Glenn’s shoulder who was now moving quickly towards the house. Ghost froze for a moment, torn between listening to Jessie and protecting her. In the end though, he choose to protect her, running after Glenn and sending Andrea a warning snarl as he walked along side Glenn.

  “Your father is fine.” Glenn promised as he walked the girl up the stairs, earning a look from both Maggie and Beth. “It was just a graze.”

   “On the side of his HEAD!”

  “Yes, but still a graze. He will be just fine.” Glenn vowed. He was hoping that if he assured her enough then he could talk her out of killing Andrea. He was aware it was a long shot, the only person who could do that, was the person she shot. Still though, he had to try. 

   “He’s still shoot in the head.” Jessie snapped, huffing with annoyance when Glenn put her in the chair beside the bed her father was laying on. The moment Jessie saw her father, laying lifeless on the bed, Hershel working on the man, she started to sob again, her body shaking with sobs. Glenn sighed, as he watched the small girl cry, his heart breaking with every sob. Glenn was fond of the girl and that was why he pulled her gently against his chest, trying to sooth her the best he could. 

   Jessie froze for a second before she melted into his arms, clinging to him as she cried. Glenn sighed and hushed her, holding her tightly against him. “It is going to be okay sweet girl.” He hummed, running his fingers through her hair. “Everything is going to be okay.”

  “My dad she shot my dad. I can’t lose him, not my dad. I need him.” She cried, her words breaking Glenn’s heart even more.

   “You are not going to lose him sweet girl, we really won’t. Hershel is knows what he doing. I mean look at Carl, he was shot in the chest and he is okay, you okay now too, your dad is in good hands.”

   “He is right sweetheart. Your dad is going to be just fine. His head wound is not even the worst of it. This wound on his side is the worst. That is the one I am actually concerned about.” Hershel said softly, glancing at Jessie from his spot beside her father. Hearing that Jessie calmed down some, figuring that everything was actually going to be okay. Hershel sounded so sure, so positive, surely he had to be alright.

  “Just save him.” She whimpered, looking at him over Glenn’s shoulder. Hershel sent her a small smile, promising that he would do just that. It was then that Lori came in, her heart breaking as she watched Jessie cry into Glenn’s shoulder. Without saying a word she walked towards the girl and started to stroke her hair, whispering soothingly at her.


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