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i think one of the commonly looked over experiences with adhd is getting caught in loops, and I think Lance would get caught in them late at night when the castle is motionless and quiet. I like to think Lance would just end up laying on a ball on the ground cause he doesnt know what else to do with himself for 45 minutes to a couple hours, and Hunk would need to actually help him up to make sure he showers and eats and gets to bed. No one else knows this happens, they’re just so used to seeing Lance feeding off of human interaction and the commotion of daily life on board. 

Three rules for couples opening up their relationship

A lot of polyamorous relationships start with a couple opening up and laying down some ground rules to ensure their safety as an existing couple. After all, it is a dangerous world out there, and you never know who might want to threaten the home you spend to much energy building.

I have distilled for you some of the most important rules you NEED to have if you are a couple opening up your relationship.

  • Do not go out with people whose inhumane beauty makes you want to grovel at their feet. Chances are they are an angel whose sight was simply not meant for us humans to behold, whose very radiance burns into your retina even with your eyes closed, and whose piercing voice will haunt your dreams for seven years.
  • Don’t invite new partners into your home unless you have been dating for a while. There have been a lot of vampire sightings lately, and once you invite them in, they will crash on your couch for days, promising to leave “tomorrow” whenever you address the subject.
  • Do not have sex with your new partner in the spousal bed. It is your most intimate place in the whole house, and both werewolves and nighthags can pick up your spouse’s scent from there. (Also, werewolf fur is bloody hard to get out of your sheets).
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate! Personally, my favored method of communication is telepathy, but others prefer divining their partner’s intentions from tea leaves or the shape of clouds in the sky. There is no right or wrong way, you do you!

That’s it for today, folks! Remember to renew your wards and stay tuned for a new issue of polyamory facts!

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Sooo... i thought the pic of Lena laying on the ground and Kara kneeling beside her was one of your manips... i feel stupid now...

gadkjgdjhas Oh honey, don’t feel like that :c But the good news is that it is reeeeeeeeal! hooray! 

Also thank you for thinking highly of my manips. Loves ya <3 

Don’t imagine Rey finding Ben laying on the ground after some grand self-sacrifice.

Don’t imagine her shouting, “Ben!” as she runs to his side.

Don’t imagine her gingerly placing his head in her lap, shaking her head as she whimpers softly, “Ben… Ben… why would you do something so stupid, Ben?”

Don’t imagine her placing her hand across the side of his face with the scar – her scar. Don’t imagine the pad of her thumb grazing his cheek as her eyes fill with tears.

Don’t imagine her other arm cradling beneath his neck, her fingers interlaced in his hair.

Don’t imagine Rey bringing her forehead to his as she weeps in heaving gasps – as she feels his life slowly drift away. She is powerless as she realizes the person who understands her most is leaving her. She is powerless as she realizes the person she wants to understand most is slipping away like water through her fingers. The harder she clings to him, the more he seems to drift.

Don’t imagine his eyes gently opening through heavy lids, his breathing labored, as he whispers her name. “Rey.” He needed to see her, and to say it for her – just one last time.

Don’t imagine Rey pulling back to look at him, inhaling sharply at the sound of his gentle, low voice – a voice she longs to hear every moment of every day. Don’t imagine her looking into his eyes, sobbing, “You’re going to be ok. Everything’s going to be alright. It’s over, it’s over. The war is over.”

Don’t imagine him trying to lift his hand to her face, but failing in his weakened state. He settles for her forearm. “You’re not nothing,” he whispers. “What?” she says, not quite understanding. “You’re everything. You’re someone. This story… it’s yours, Rey. It was always yours. But I’m glad,” he coughs, but manages a small smile – that smile he always saves just for her, “I could be a part of it.” He passes.

Don’t imagine her staring at him for a long moment. Shock. Disbelief. And then… determination.

Don’t imagine her shaking her head, declaring her infinite stubbornness to him, declaring that he wouldn’t get the chance to leave her story because – if it is in fact her story – then she gets to decide who stays and who leaves, not him. And she’s decided he’ll stay a part of it.

Don’t imagine her using the Force in a seemingly impossible feat – to heal him just enough so that he can hold on for medical care to come. Don’t imagine him gasping for breath as he wakes from death. Don’t imagine her breathlessly weeping into the crook of his neck as she confesses how much he means to her – how dare he think he could leave her behind like that. Don’t imagine her bringing her lips to his – finally – as his fingers lace into her hair and curl at the outline of her ear.

Don’t imagine him whispering softly, “I’ll never leave you. I’ll always come back for you, sweetheart. Somehow. I promise.”


After the last Getting over it video, we are all in fear for Mark’s mental health. He really shouldn’t play rage games, cause I believe it’s gonna give him a heart attack.

But I noticed that as soon as Mark started to freak the fuck out, Chica came running for him, probably to see what was going on with her dad…

She picked up her toy because she might have thought Mark wanted to play. But he’s just angry She looked so distraught when Mark yelled at nothing because she obviously doesn’t know what he’s angry at. Just that he’s angry…

When Mark lays down on the ground, she looks so concerned for him..

Chica is an angel of a dog and Mark must be so happy to have her!

To Tame a Chimera

DM- “You enter through the door to find a large, octagonal room. At the end of the room is a Chimera blocking the next door. What do you do?”
Player 1- “I sneak back to where I came from.”
Players 2 and 3- “We follow his lead.”
Me- I walk towards the Chimera.“
Players- “Wait, what are you doing??”
DM- Unfortunately one of you trips on a loose tile, grabbing the attention of the Chimera. The Chimera first spots (me) since she is the closest. What do you do?“
Player 1- *out of character” “Dude, there is no fucking way we are going to make it out of here alive. Why did you place such a powerful beast so early in the campaign?”
Me- “Don’t worry guys, I got this.”
DM- “What do you do?”
Me- “I use my handle animal skill to approach the Chimera and pet it.”
Player 2-“Are you a fucking idiot?”
DM- “You manage to approach the Chimera, but before you pet him, he swipes his claws at you, but you dodge out of the way.”
Chimera- *growls and slowly approaches me.*
Player 1- “I’m not moving from this spot.”
Players 2 and 3: “We are going to use her as a distraction to escape.”
DM- “As soon as you attempt to move towards the door, the Chimera turns his attention to you stopping you in your tracks.”
Player 2- “We are so fucked. (My name), what in gods name are you doing!?”
Me- “ I approach the Chimera again, this time with my arm out, speaking softly, telling him I’m not here to hurt him.”
DM- “A perfect roll! You approach the Chimera and he starts to relax, allowing you to touch him.”
Me- “Then I tell him to lay down and let us pass.”
DM- He listens and does as you say, allowing you and your group to walk past.“
Me- "Wait! I want to take him with me!”
Player 1- “You can’t tame a Chimera!”
Me- “Watch me.”
Players 1, 2 and 3- “We walk past carefully to open the door and leave.”
DM-“Thanks to (me) for having such high tame animal skill, the Chimera let’s you pass.”
Me-“I guess I’ll follow them if I really can’t tame a Chimera.”
DM- *out of character* “okay, this is ridiculous. How do you keep rolling almost perfectly!?”
Me- “I’m obviously a professional.”
DM- “Well, as you try to walk away, the Chimera follows you. He seems to want to come with you.”
Me- “Fuck yes! I have a pet Chimera! I allow him to follow and ask if I can ride him.”
Player 1- “Are you seriously about to ride a Chimera…?”
DM- “The Chimera lays low to the ground, allowing you to climb onto his back and ride him.”
Player 2- “You have got to be kidding me right now. How is this even possible!?”
Me- “Ha! You’re just jealous that I have a pet Chimera and you don’t!”

Griffin: Somethin’… Something unlucky happens.

Justin: Hachi machi. Oh no, aw beans.

Griffin: You feel something tap your shoulder, and you hear “clinkclinkclink”, and you llok down and there is a bolt, like a “nuts and bolts” bolt laying on the ground. And not a second after you see that bolt on the grounf, one of these giant pieces of washing-machine-sized, industrial machinery falls from the ceiling and lands on you.

Justin: You’re gonna kill America’s favorite wizard.

Travis: As played by Adam Sandler!

Clint: Use your butt power!

Griffin: [rolls damage] Oh my god. Hey how much- how much health does Taako have?

Justin: I’m not gonna tell you.

BTS Reaction to: Breaking the bed while fucking you

Anon asked: “ could you please do a bts reaction to them breaking the bed while fucking their s/o, it’s okay if you don’t have time to xx “ 

Author’s note: This seems pretty hilarious to me. Gifs aren’t mine. x 


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Seokjin would burst out in laughing when he realized what happened. The bed actually had given out. He hid his face in the crook of your neck as he tried to calm down. Because his laugh was very infectious you couldn’t help but laugh as well. Seokjin couldn’t believe that he actually did that and thought the situation was hilarious. 

“The bed just broke! How? Y/N, please tell me you think this just as funny as my dad jokes.” 


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Yoongi would be surprised that he actually managed to break the bed, but that would only last for a couple of seconds. He’d soon go back to fucking you. Not caring that the bed had given out and you two were practically laying on the ground. He just wanted to make you feel good and feel you cum around his cock. 

“Shit baby you just got even tighter. Did my strength turn you on that much?” 


Originally posted by aurjeon

Hoseok would be taken by surprise when the bed gave out. He tightly held onto you as he let out a small squeal, to which you just giggled when you realized what had happened. Hoseok would laugh it off before going back to finish what you two had started. You’d look for a new bed later, but for now he went back to fucking you senseless. 

“It’s a shame the bed gave out, but we can worry about that later. Let me finish what we started first. I promise I’ll make you feel good baby.” 


Originally posted by rapnamu

Of course Namjoon knew that he was clumsy. He always broke stuff or let it fall. So it was bound to happen that he’d break the bed someday. Unfortunately that day was today. You just stared at him with wide eyes as he awkwardly chuckled. Even though he felt bad that neither of you were in the mood to continue he still found it pretty funny as well. It’s not everyday that you break the bed whilst fucking your partner. 

“I think I’ve just reached a whole new level of clumsiness.” 


Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Jimin just couldn’t believe what just happened. Yes he knew he was strong and that he was fucking you hard and fast but he had never thought that he could actually break the bed. He just stared at you in disbelief as you giggled at the funny expression on his face. He embarrassingly hid his face behind his hands as he chuckled softly. 

“I-I just can’t believe I broke the bed. Fuck what do we do now?”  


Originally posted by aquaporis

You and Taehyung were a couple that pulled a lot of pranks on each other and often dared the other to do stuff. So when you said that he would never be able to break the bed while fucking you he took that as a challenge. His hand gripped the headboard tightly as he pounded into you. Both of you too caught up in pleasure to hear the sounds the bed made before it finally gave out. He just bit his bottom lip as he stared deeply into your eyes. 

“Told you I could do it. Never doubt me Y/N, you know you love it when I fuck you like this.” 


Originally posted by jengkook

Jeongguk was competitive. Really competitive even. So when you told him to fuck you into the mattress that’s exactly what he did. He was undoubtedly very strong but even he was surprised when he heard the bed break and gave out. You two just stared at each other is shock before Jeongguk burst out in laughing. Once he had calmed down a cocky smirk spread across his face as he said, 

“Y/N, this is what happens when you tell me to be rough with you. I just fuck you so hard that even the bed can’t handle it.”  

)O( Witch Tip )O(

Why You Ground And Center

-To release pent up/excess energy before a ritual (or just in daily practice, as needed)

-To release  overwhelming emotions

-To gain energy if you’re depleted

-To help yourself connect to the earth

-To  balance your energy

How To Ground And Center

-Stand, sit, or lay, on the ground. Outside is preferable but honestly your carpeted floor works too (just sometimes takes longer to feel the earth). Just make sure your palms or feet are connected to the earth.

-Slowly take a deep breath, hold your breath for 3 counts, and SLOWLY release. Do this three times (or as many as it takes to feel your body relax). 

-You can chose to light incense or put on relaxing music–whatever is relaxing to you. It’s not necessary, but since music does help our moods and thoughts, it might be good to put on something positive sounding, or even nature sounds, IF you chose to use music.

-To release energy: imagine your hands (or feet) growing roots into the ground,digging deep into the cool, dark earth. When you feel connected (trust me the energy feels SO good, but kinda weird because it’s not ‘yours’) push your pent up/excess energy through the roots in your hands and dripping into the earth. Don’t drain yourself! When you feel ‘calm’ STOP. If you give too much you’ll end up light headed and fuzzy!

To receive energy: Do the same as above only this time imagine the energy from the earth coming into your roots. STOP when you feel energized and ‘awake’. If you take too much you won’t be able to concentrate on your spell or ritual your about to do. 

-To release overwhelming emotions: Follow the same steps as above, only instead of your energy, give your emotions to the earth if they’re too overwhelming for you (like sadness or anger). The earth may even offer a comforting energy back. 

-To balance your energy: Follow the same steps as above (breathing, having your hands or feet touching the earth) only imagine your energy going down the roots from your feet/hands and then call–in your mind–the earth to you. Feel the earths energy rise up through your hands and into your body along with your own, fixing what needs fixing, balancing what needs balancing with your spirit and your actual body. Personally I lay down for this. When things feel ‘right’ let the earth energy subside

-When finished with your grounding and centering, take your time to slowly open your eyes and stir your body slowly. Then, THANK THE EARTH. 

)O( Blessed Be )O(

“For some reason, you always make all your decisions by yourself. Going off to hunt a vampire is a really big deal, yet you didn’t say a word to me. 

When you disappeared from campus without a word, who do you think worried about you the most?”