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A Little Present - Zhang Yixing

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Pairing: Zhang Yixing X Reader

Word Count: 1930

Warning(s): Spanking, Daddy Kink, BDSM, Oral, Overstimulation

A/N: Holaaaaaaa, I’m back with another smut for you guys and this one is shorter than the last one….. I think. Anywhoooo hope you guys love this little smut, you won’t be having a dreamless sleep after reading this ;)


Pillows surrounded us as the movie played softly in the background. His fingertips ran along my spin coming up to play with the ends of my hair. “How was class today, princess?” Yixing whispered. “It wasn’t the best, but you’re here and that’s all that matters.” I smiled. Yixing took my chin in-between his fingers, looking at my lips, then right back at me.

“Mm, you look so fucking good right now,” He bites his lip. I rolled my eyes smiling, when his hand comes down to my hips squeezing it. “Don’t roll you eyes at me again, kitten.” His eyes stared me down. “Yes, daddy,” I nodded, leaning into his touch. “C’mon princess, I have a surprise for you.” He whispered into my ear. “Oh, but I don’t wanna move.” I pouted.

Yixing raised an eyebrow, “You’ll want to move when you see what you have in store with the way your acting.” I sat up quickly, following him up the stairs and into our bedroom. Yixing and I have never really tried kinks, but we’ve talked about them. Anytime things become intimate, they are not rough, I could tell it was love, not something meaningless, nevertheless Yixing would ever treat me like that. “Tonight, we’re trying something different kitten.” He said while grabbing my hips. I nodded, and sat on the bed.

He went to the closet, pulling out a box from the top shelf, and set it on the side table. He pulled out a blindfold, a few ties, and left the room again. I knew not to get up and follow him because if I did, that would not make Yixing happy. He came back with a cup of ice, no water, just ice. “Um, why do you have ice?” I questioned. “Don’t speak unless I give you permission, princess.” Yixing demanded.

He walked over to me, removed my shirt while kissing my neck “Now, you know I barely punish you nor do I like too, but that’s going to change kitten,” He whispered against my neck. “Yixing, what-” I was cut off by being flipped around. “I’m sorry, what did I say?” Yixing said. “Not to speak unless you give me permission.” I answered. “That’s right, princess, and what did you do?” He asked. “I spoke without permission.” I could tell he was pleased by this.

“Good girl, but, you still defied the rules, you know what that means right?” I nodded as he spoke. “Now, lay across my thighs,” He motioned. I whined quietly, knowing that this night was not going to be anything like I thought. “I want you to count okay, baby girl?” He said. I nodded, as I suck in a breath preparing for whatever was going to happen.

Yixing landed a slap upon my right cheek, a whimper falling from my lips as I let myself clutch onto his leg, my body immediately relaxing into the sensation that is going to be driving me up the wall soon. “One,” I whispered, barely above a whisper. Another slap on my left cheek, making my nails dig into the rough material of Yixing’s jeans. “Two,” I whimpered. “Good girl,” He whispered kissing my spine. The slaps continued until tears filled my vision, “Ten,” I sniffed.

Yixing let me sit up, as he wiped my tears away, “See it wasn’t so bad now was it, princess?” He cooed. “No, daddy.” I said. “Good, lay back,” He Instructed. I laid back, letting the cool sheeting sooth my red ass. “Hands up, we are not quite done yet,” Yixing said while taking my hands and tied them together to the head board.

Yixing only ever tied me up once, and god did I love it. I bit my lip in anticipation, waiting for whatever was next to happen. “To make things interesting, I’m going to blindfold you okay, kitten?” He said, grabbing the purple fabric from before. My eyes were covered, seeing nothing, I mean what did you expect? His fingertips slid down my body making goosebumps arise to my skin.

“God, you’re going to be the death of me,” Yixing breathed, kissing every part of my skin. I felt something cold being dragged down my skin and rested on my stomach. His lips touched mine for a passionate kiss as his hand snaked down inbetween my legs. At the first flick of my clit, I cried out into Yixing’s mouth, my hips grinding into his hand. He slipped a finger into me, pumping slowly. The pace of his finger was driving me mad, making me squirm underneath him.

“Stay still, princess,” Yixing ordered. It was one of Yixing’s rules; I couldn’t move or he’d stop touching me, even if it was during one of my treats. I tried my hardest not to move, but I accidentally bucked into his hand when he pressed against my g-spot. He immediately took his hand away from me, sucking  his finger between his lips.

I could tell Yixing was smirking by the way he kept pacing around the bed. “Wanna tell daddy what you want, baby girl?” He said. “I want your tongue, I want your cock, fuck daddy I want it all,” I was not ashamed. “Such a dirty mouth for a pretty little girl,” He chuckled. “You want my tongue huh, kitten?” Yixing daunted, removing the blindfold. I nodded, blinking trying to adjust to the light.

I felt his lip wrap around my clit, lightly flicking it a few times. I inhaled deeply only to exhale with a moan as he continued his actions. He released me from his mouth, looking me right in the eyes as he entered his finger in, again. A long whimper came out of my mouth as he moved his fingers again. “God, you look so fucking sexy withering under my fingers,” He smirked placing his lips on my clit again. He pushed another finger in, making my orgasm come into play. “Daddy, please can I cum?” I moaned.

“Go ahead princess, be as loud as you want,” Yixing  mumbled. “Look at me,” he orders. Already used to taking orders from Yixing, I immediately look at him. “Mm, daddy,” I whimpered. My legs shook around Yixing as he held them open, making me ten times for sensitive. “Fuck, you taste so good,” Yixing moaned. My chest rose and fell as I caught my breath, but I sucked in another breath when he rubbed his tip against my entrance.

“You want it, baby? Tell daddy how much you want it,” Yixing said. “Daddy please, fuck me I want your cock, please.” I begged. He grinned slamming into me. My wrists pulled at the restraints, sure to give me some type of burn. He held my hips as he fucked me into oblivion “Princess, I can tell you’re ready to cum any minute,” Yixing moaned. “Daddy, I am,” I said.

“Oh Yixing, yes daddy fuuuuck” I yelled, unable to control my body anymore, my gaze on his as he watched my face contract at the same time my walls did around his cock. When I finally came down, breathing heavily, I found myself more tired than I’ve probably ever been after such an experience. Forcing my body not to move and having to absorb pure pleasure was actually much more exhausting than I’d have thought. Yixing  must’ve noticed too as he gently stroked my cheek, before kissing his way down my stomach, then back up again to my ear. “I’m impressed, you’ve done so good baby girl” he whispered, “but we are not over.”

I shook my head, not able to take anymore pleasure. “Kitten, if daddy says more, you know what it means,” He smirked. “Daddy, I-i can’t,” I couldn’t even talk. “Yes you can, and you will baby,”  said. I saw Yixing pull out the white toy, which intimidated me more than it should have. “You remember this one princess?” He said showing me the toy, “I know this is your favorite, so tonight, we’re going to play with it.”

“Daddy, please don’t I can’t handle it.” I whined. “Sounds like you wanna make the rules, is that how it goes princess?” He asked. “Sorry, daddy,” I said. Yixing turned on the vibrator to a low setting and dragged it all over my body, making me shiver. “Baby girl, this is suppose to relax you, not tense you up.” He chuckled, feeling my reaction.

My legs immediately closed around the vibrator when Yixing set it on my clit. “Keep ‘em open for me princess,” He pushed my thighs apart. My back arched off the bed as my orgasm hit me like a bucket of bricks. “There you go baby, just like that.” Yixing cooed. My body caved in, my feet dragged on the bed while he put the vibrator on a higher speed.

“Oh daddy!” I yelled, my whole body shook in euphoria as I came around the toy. “That’s my good girl, cum for daddy.” Yixing groaned. My toes dragged against the bed, as I came around the vibrator and profanities left my mouth. “Daddy, daddy fuck,” I moaned. Yixing took the vibrator off only to lick my clit again. I was already in a state of sensitivity.

“God, you’ve done so well kitten,” Yixing said, beginning to untie my hands. “But now, I want you to suck me off like the good girl I know you are,” He growled. I was already out of energy when Yixing pulled me up. I stared in awe at Yixing’s cock, probably drooling. “Stop staring princess,” He chuckled. I bit my lip, taking his cock in my hand, slowly pumping it.

Yixing groaned, “C’mon princess, you know I don’t like waiting.” I smiled up at him, kissing the tip. With my tongue broad and flat, I licked the whole length of him, making eye contact. I alternated between sucking, swirling my tongue one way and then another, and flicking it lightly. I wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft, and move it up and down in time with the movements of my mouth. I ran my nails on the inside of his thighs, making Yixing whimper. “Fuck princess.” He grabbed my hair.

“Princess, s-stop I wanna cum in that pretty little pussy of yours.” Yixing groaned, unable to hold his moans in. I took him out of my mouth, “Daddy, I have a question.” I trailed. “What is it, baby girl?” He asked. “Can I ride you, daddy?” I asked shyly. “You wanna ride daddy? Well, I suppose that’s fine.” He chuckled. Yixing laid on the bed, cock in hand as I walked over to him.

He cupped my breasts in his hands, groping and tugging roughly. “Yes, daddy,” I moan, burying my face into the crook of his neck. “Oh, God, yes.” “You going to cum for me, baby girl?” “Mmmhmm.” “Come on, baby, cum for me.” My orgasm rockets through my body, sending me into a state of frenzy. Moans and curse words slip out of my mouth. I continue to rock my hips against Yixing as I come down from my high, milking my orgasm for as long as possible.  “There you go, baby.” Yixing whispered in my ear as I fell against his chest. I got off of him and laid next to him, trying to get my breathing leveled again.

“How did you like your surprise, princess?” Yixing said, wrapping his arm around my waist and putting his head in the crook of my neck. “I loved it daddy.” I barely whispered trying to keep my eyes open.

He smirked. “Glad you loved it, Princess.” That was the last thing he said to me before I fell into a dreamless sleep.

Your touch, your skin
Where do I begin?
No words can explain
The way I’m missing you
—  Sam Smith, Lay Me Down

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