lay it all out where you can look at it

Dating Credence Barebone would include: 

- calling him things like: lovely, sugar, precious. 

- he pretends to hate it, but always blushes at the names. 

- him sneaking out at night to come and see you 

- small touches, like running your fingers along his 

- which would then turn into hugs, god he loves your hugs

- you make him feel safe and loved

- helping newt calm him down

- he’d always calm down, he never wants to hurt you. EVER. 

- finally getting him to smile by poking his sides and pressing kisses along his jaw and cheekbones

- him just watching you in awe because he cant understand how someone could love him 

- him loving you so damn much it scares him 

- you always wanting to protect him, standing infront of him in his obscurial form

- “if you want him you’re going to have to go through me!”

- him protecting you even if he dies in the process 

- watching him in awe as he plays with Newt’s creatures 

-him being happy for once

- introducing him to all the new things, and watching him look at them wide eyed would make you laugh


- running your fingers through his hair as you lay together

- “can you please grow out your hair?”

- “i’ll think about it” 

- “no you won’t” 

Apples and Heroes

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Request: Can you please do a Star Trek story with Bones and the words “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, “your pulse is weak,” and “all the apples in the world wouldn’t stop me.” They aren’t in your prompts list I hope that’s okay? Thank you!

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Ballad of Campus Accomodation Shaw

(A short piece, inspired by Elsewhere University, based on the Ballad of Minepit Shaw)

The bellow of a brass hunting horn broke the chilly night air, echoed by the baying of hounds as Suzie and Kath sprinted across the building site waste ground in front of Pelham house. Suzie held her high heels in one hand, and a bottle of vodka which was not hers in the other, while Kath had dropped her shoes a few metres back, and clutched two bottles of what she had assumed were fancy coloured spirits. They shifted in their bottles against rhythm of Kath’s run.

“Fucking Pelham house!” Kath panted. “Party flats my arse!”

“Of course he’s a fucking Gent!” Suzie groaned in exasperation. “Of course he is!

Neither of them risked a look behind them, but they both swore they heard thundering hooves and slobbering hounds. In their panic, they had made a bee-line for the muddy expanse where builders were already sinking the piles for the new Shaw House accomodation. Kath spotted a large bulldozer and grabbed Suzie’s shoulder, pulling her towards it. They ducked under it’s backhoe and pressed themselves against the shadows behind it.

They stood there holding their breath, hearing pad of paws against soft earth drawing closer. Suzie muttered and mumbled what sounded like prayers, fiddling in her purse for a packet of salt, or a bolt, or some little iron trinket. Kath leaned towards the edge of the bulldozer, about to risk a glance around, when a hand clamped on to her shoulder.

She was too startled to scream, but Suzie wasn’t, letting out a short, sharp squeak of terror. A man stood before them, dressed exactly like a campus security guard, except for the fact that every inch of clothing on his body was green. He wore a green cap, green shirt, green slacks, green boots, forest green hi-vis, even his maglite cast a pale green light over the two girls.

“Goodness, you’re in a mess aren’t you?” he said, almost off-hand, as though commenting on the weather.

Suzie looked fit to scream again, but Kath spoke first.

“Please, you have to help us. There’s a guy out there hunting us!” she said, her voice almost cracking with fear, both real and exaggerated.

“Sounds like Lord Pelham,” the green guard said with a little grimace. “A powerful lad and no mistake. Getting suspended would be the least of your troubles. You must’ve done something pretty bad to rile him like this.”

Kath frowned, shifting the bottles awkwardly in her hands.

“Well, okay. We did something pretty stupid. But please, we’ll do anything.”

Suzie shot Kath an appalled look, and Kath sighed.

“Alright, I’ll do anything.”

The green guard smiled without showing his teeth.

“Lucky for you I’m no friend of Lord Pelham. Although, it would certainly be nice to have some kind of recompense for my magnanimity….”

Suzie (a Biomed student) frowned, but Kath did Literature. She laid her bottles on the ground, and nodded for Suzie to do the same.

“Well, I’d say that’s an ample gift. Step this way.”

Kath and Suzie stepped forward, and plunged into absolute darkness. Kath felt her hip bump into something hard, like a metal table edge.

“Ugh!” Suzie said, somewhere nearby. “What’s this?”

“Just my little home. You’ll pardon me keeping it dark, but power bills are atrocious for my thousand crystal chandeliers,” came the voice of the green guard.

Suzie felt along the table edge and hopped up on to it, sitting on the edge.

“Not much in the way of furniture,” she said, shifting uncomfortably.

“I apologise,” came the guard’s voice. “I’ll admit that solid gold furniture inlaid with precious stones tends to be a little hard on the backside. I’ve only arrived recently, and haven’t had time to unload my thousand silk cushions.”

Suzie and Kath were silent for a moment. Kath ran her hand over the tabletop, feeling little lumps and bumps across its surface.

“It can’t really be gold, can it?” came Suzie’s voice.

“Even if it isn’t,” said the guard, “you’re a long way away from Lord Pelham, aren’t you?”

Kath didn’t respond. She supposed she owed him that much. She lay down on the table and closed her eyes, for all the difference it made in the dark.

When light came, it was harsh and hard. A bright autumnal morning dawned across the campus, bringing a cold breeze that blew across Kath’s sleeveless arms. She leaned up and looked around, and saw where she was. Then she let out a laugh.

She and Suzie had tumbled in the night and fallen into one of the pilings for Shaw House. She’d spent the night lying at the bottom of a muddy hole on a half-buried I-beam, and she could already feel the bruises where its rivets had dug into her. Suzie roused herself beside her, mumbling darkly about a headache.

At the top of the piling pit, a human head in a hard hat shouted down to them.

“Oh thank God!” it said. “I thought you were dead!”

“No!” Kath shouted up, smiling. “Although my friend may wish she was.”

* * *

It wasn’t until later that Kath got back to her room. On her desk was a note dotted with rhinestones and written in glittery green gel-pen.

It simply read, “Whether he was a security guard or a Gentleman, remember: ‘there’s more things told than are true, and more things true than are told’.”

At the bottom it had been signed by a ‘Lord Shaw’, in long looping handwriting.


Guided by Starlight.

// Draco x Gryffindor!reader.

Requested: No.

Summary: Y/n is in the house of Gryffindor. She’s been acting differently recently, trying to look for someone to help her, although none of her closest friends (Hermione, Ron and Harry) seem to notice. Rating: Mid-Fluff, for language.

Warnings: Language.

A/n: It’s been a while since I’ve read the books, (I’m working on reading them now) So I’m sorry if it’s inaccurate in some places. Also, this is my first Harry Potter Imagine. Please leave feedback, I’d love to get some! I hope you guys like this, as I’m planning on it continuing into a series.

Title: Guided by Starlight | Part One. //


You walk through the halls, keeping your head down as you make your way through the halls.  It isn’t that your scared or shy, or that you didn’t want anyone to notice you either. No, in fact it was quite the opposite. You wanted someone to notice you. Walking with your body drawn into itself, your eyes constantly cast on the floor. You had hoped your sudden change in behavior would be enough to grab the attention of one of your friends, but not even Hermione seemed to notice. It was about midday; all the classes of the day had been over long ago. Classes had ended early as a Quidditch game was taking place. Currently everyone was at the match, with the exception of you.

As you make your way out the door and into the yard, your heart seems to sink even more. I wasn’t clear what had been causing this, but a cloud of melancholy had settled over you in the past week. You sit underneath a tree, laying back against its trunk and staring up at the blue sky. Yu pick up your wand and fiddle with it for a bit before plucking a daisy from the ground and placing it in front of you.

“Wingardium leviosa.” You murmur, slowly lifting the flower up. However, your concentration is broken quite quickly when a parade of Gryffindors run towards you; Harry at the front, followed by Ron and Hermione.

“Y/n! There you are, we’ve been looking everywhere for you!” You sigh and stand up, dropping your books into your bag and slinging it over your shoulder.

“Oh really?” You ask, raising your eyebrows. Hermione shoots you a puzzled look but before she can say anything Ron nods enthusiastically.

“Yep! Oh, and guess what?”


“Gryffindor won the Quidditch game. All thanks to Harry,” he pats his friends shoulder, and the other house mates cheer.  Harry scratches his head and shrugs.

I didn’t do much, actually…it was really a team effort.”

“Oh, don’t be so bloody modest!” Everyone’s cheeriness seems to die down instantly as Draco walks into view.

Potter,” he hisses, glancing at you briefly. “Talking to your girlfriend, are you?”

“She’s not my girlfriend, Malfoy. What do you want?” Harry’s voice has the same amount of venom as Draco’s, and you realize this is only going to turn into a fight.

“It’s not worth it, Harry.” You murmur, casting a stern look at Draco. You meet Harry’s gaze shortly after. Harry sighs, not looking at Draco as a laugh escapes his lips.

“She’s right, Harry.” Hermione chimes in, glancing over at you. “C’mon y/n, we were about to go to the dining hall.” At this point your classmates have started to walk off, and Draco seems to have become uninterested with Harry. Although he was still nearby, he didn’t seem to be looking for trouble anymore. You shake your head as you give a rather forced smile to your friends.

“I don’t really feel like eating,” you mutter, trying to keep our voice low so that only Hermione can hear. Out of the corner of your eyes you see Draco glance over slightly. “I don’t feel well, I think I’m going to study a bit more and then head up to the common room.” Hermione reaches out and places her hand on your arm.

“Are you sure?”

“Oh, come on Hermione, let’s just go. Ron says, bouncing impatiently as he grabs Harry’s arm and begins to drag him away Hermione turns and then glances back at you.

“Are you going to be okay?”

“Yeah. I think I’m just stressing about the Herbology final.” Hermione’s face lights up slightly.

“Oh, well don’t be worried. You’ll be fine.” With that she turns away and jogs slightly to catch up with Ron and Harry. You wait until they’ve walked through the doors to rush in the opposite direction, too busy trying to keep tears from springing to your eyes to notice Draco still staring at you.


You don’t know quite how long you’ve been laying under the tree, staring up at the sky. All you know is the stars have slowly begun to come out, littering the dark night sky like little specks of paint. Your heart thumps softly in your chest as you inhale deeply, enjoying the scent of the soft dew on the grass; mixing with the cool, crisp night air. Slowly and subtly, an unfamiliar scent wafts towards you, flooding your senses. You sit up slowly and squint, looking around in an attempt to identify where the scent is coming from. You can hear the faint but sure sounds of footsteps and your heart plummets into your stomach.

“He-hello?” You whisper, trying to identify who the footsteps belonged to. If it was a teacher, you were sure you were about to be in a lot of trouble. It was surely past lights-out. It was one thing to be caught in the school after curfew, but to be outside-

A loud crack startles you and you reach for your wand. “Lumos,” you whisper. The tip of your wand bursts with light, temporarily blinding you as your eyes adjust to the brightness. You look up from your spot on the ground.

“M-malfoy?” You curse yourself for the nerves in your voice. He looks down at you, his chest heaving heavily a she breathes loudly. He plops down on the ground next to you, laying against the tree as a look of mild disgust mates his features.

“The grass is wet, why is it wet? And please, put out that bloody light, be quieter, unless you want to get caught.” You blush fiercely and whisper under your breath:

“Nox.” The light goes out, leaving your eyes to once again adjust to the dark. You gingerly lean against the tree, highly away of his arm brushing up against yours. “What are you doing here Malfoy?”

“I know about your family, y/l/n.” He breaths, picking at the grass. “I know…” His voice trails off as he adverts his attention to the sky.

“How in the bloody hell do you know?” You hiss, drawing your arm closer to yourself.

“I heard my father talking about it,” he replies, finally glancing over at you. “My father knows your mum. They were friends back when he was a student here.” Draco pauses, as if he’s not sure he should go on.

“So?” You coax, turning your full attention to him.

“Well, he brought it up and my mum, she…” He pauses again, furrowing his eyebrows. “She said…” A sigh slips past his lips and he turns his gaze to you again. “Is it true?” He asks.

“Is what true?”

“Are they really,” he shifts, as if the conversation is making him uncomfortable. “Your father, that is. Is he really…” Draco sighs again and covers his face with his hands. “Is he leaving?”

Your eyes widen suddenly. There it was. Someone, someone had noticed. “I-well, why would you want to know?” You hiss angrily, narrowing your eyes at him. He drops his hands to his side as his eyes instantly go aflame.

“Don’t.” He growls, reaching out and grabbing your hand.

“We used to be friends- used to. When we were like, eight.” You glare at him slightly. “I’d like to remind you that you were the one who was too good to be seen around me. I didn’t get into Slytherin, you did. I wasn’t good enough to be your fri-”

“Stop saying that!” Draco shouts, his voice echoing in the night. “It’s not- I didn’t-…” He closes his eyes and returns his attention to the stars. “I was stupid,” he mumbles. “The both of us- we were Purebloods. Your family…my family…we came from Slytherins…” He swallows thickly. “We were together. You and I, we were close. Because of our families, we were close…I thought…” He shakes his head, abandoning his thought. “Is that what you want to hear?” He asks, his voice barely audible. When you don’t answer, a soft whimper sounds in the back of his throat. “I’ve known for a while something was wrong with you. You didn’t seem as happy. You weren’t you. You should know that none of what’s happening is your fault, y/l/n.”

Your mind seems to shut down at the words that you hear. You close your eyes.

“But…it is my fault. You may know what’s going on- but you don’t know why.” Draco stares at you as you clench your hand around a clump of grass, ripping most of it from the ground. He reaches out slowly and carefully, watching for your reaction as he puts his arm around you. You collapse forward, burying your face in his chest as you shake with silent sobs. “H-he’s leaving, because of me. He wanted to leave right when I got into Hogwarts- because I wasn’t a Slytherin. He wants to leave because I let him down!”

“Then why didn’t he leave earlier?” Draco asks softly, his hand moving up and down your back in a soothing manner.

“I-I don’t know…” You mumble. He sighs, pulling you closer to him and shifting so he sits leaning against the middle of the tree’s base.

“It sounds to me like your father is looking for someone to blame.” He whispers. “Otherwise he would’ve left right when you were sorted- right? Even so, it doesn’t matter. If that bloody git is going to leave because of the house you’re sorted into, he doesn’t deserve your mum and you.” You pull back slightly, wiping your eyes as you stare up at him.


“Please…call me Draco, y/l/n.”

“Only if you call me y/n.” You joke half-heartedly. He stares at you for a few seconds, his expression blank. Then, out of nowhere, his face breaks out into a smile; his eyes twinkle, and he laughs softly. You can feel his laugh vibrating through his chest as you pull away, leaning back against the tree. Although Draco’s arm is no longer around you, he stays close to you.

“The stars sure are beautiful.” You murmur, staring up at the twinkling sky. Draco smiles softly and nods, although he isn’t looking at the sky.

His gaze is fixed on you as he whispers,

“Something so bright can guide you out of the darkness.”

exo smiles

minseok: can make a crying baby stop immediately and the baby would look at him in wonder - big round eyes and like the baby laughs and reaches out and cries if u try to take it away.

junmyeon: its like you’re taking a nap in the living room where you have a homemade candle that smells like clean laundry and summer air.

yixing: that anime sparkle effect when the protagonist guy comes in and there’s roses and all the girls and guys in the surrounding area have big ol’ hearts coming out of their eyes.

baekhyun: laying in a field during the summer time but the field is on top of a big hill and there’s a tree and there’s a nice breeze and you can smell the flowers and hear birds and you’re content.

jongdae: being at a park in the middle of winter and your nose is all cold but your hands are warm from gloves and you’re patting your face and there’s a bunch of children giggling and snowball fights.

chanyeol: like having about five tiny puppies jumping on you and licking your face and giving you tons of snuggles and you’re laying on your back and they’re just crawling all over you.

kyungsoo: taking a big drink of ice-cold water after running around and being out in the hot summer sun and there’s a fan blowing from the corner of the room and you can faintly hear kids screaming and playing in the background.

jongin: warm spring evening where there’s rain but its not harsh, just silently falling down and you’re sitting on a porch just watching and the air is warm and you can smell the rain and you’re drinking hot chocolate.

sehun: lying under the stars in a field of flowers and their twinkling and there’s crickets and the night air breezes and you smell the flowers and its almost like new flowers are springing up every moment and its soothing and you fall asleep and have nice dreams.

Video Shoot Panic

“Can I look?”, you asked, hands in front of your eyes, peaking between your fingers.

The noise of the helicopters was deafening and you had to yell to be heard.

Someone padded you on the back. “Maybe not quite yet.”, Jeff said.

You groaned. “Oh gosh! WHY? Why did he have to do this?”

You couldn’t see it, but you were sure Harry’s manager shrugged.

“You know the kid. He’s always going that extra mile. First with his music, then with the promo and now with this. Nothing we can do about it.”

Finally you dropped your hands, just to glare at Jeff.

“Please! You’re his manager! You could have told him this was too dangerous or too expensive! Something! He listens to you.”

He chuckled. “Right. The same way he listens to his girlfriend.”

You rolled your eyes and looked over to where the choppers were flying over the ocean, Harry dangling meerly by a rope below one of them. You shook your head, turning away again.

“I feel sick.”, you muttered, walking over to one of the cars and sat down in the open trunk.

Harry stayed up there, with icy wind blowing in his face, for a while, until they had everything they needed.

Then, after what felt like hours of panicking, at last they came back and sat Harry gently back on the ground. The wind was stronger due to the whirling helicopter blades. It was hard walking against that, trying to get to him. By the time you got within a few feet of him, one of the workers had already loosened the snap hook from his harness and he was walking freely in your direction. When he saw the worried look on your face, he smiled and gave you a thumbs up. You bit your lip and ran over to him, immediately slinging your arms around his chest, burying them inside his coat. He chuckled, hugging you back.

“‘M fine, love.”, he muttered into your hair, pulling you closer.

You could feel him shiver against you though.

“Why do you have to be so extra?”, you whined.

He laughed, took one arm away from you, so he could move you a bit away, take your chin between his fingers and tell you, with crinkles by his eyes: “‘Cause that way I can be sure no other guy can ever compete with me, so I got you all to myself.”

You rolled your eyes and pouted. “That won’t help anyone if you’re dead, you know?”

He smiled broadly. “I will not die, my love, not for as long as I got you.”

You groaned. “Cheeseball!”

For a moment you just looked at each other, then you both burst out laughing and Harry caught your lips in a passionate kiss.

You sighed when he retracted.

“Next video will just be you in a white, padded room, where you lay on the fluffy carpet singing seductively into the camera, ok?”

Harry smiled, kissed your nose and nodded. “K.”

Then he wrapped you in his coat and the two of you cuddled until he was warm again.

Take a Picture- Auston Matthews

Originally posted by yourhockeyboys

(Look at that smile!)

Ok so as a plus size girl myself… I hate taking pictures. So it translated into this imagine for you guys! Hope you guys like it! Enjoy!

Warning: body insecurities

Anon Request: hey!! was wondering if you could maybe do an imagine where the reader is kinda chubby and dating auston n gets kinda insecure about not bein ~conventionally attractive and comfort ensues (dont @ me a thicc girl can dream ok lmao)

PS- Girl! Thicc girls can do whatever they damn well please! You go boo!


              Auston was laying on the couch, his head in your lap as you vegged out watching cooking shows on the TV. Auston was scrolling through social media and chuckling at all of Mitch’s stupid antics.

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Home Series, Part Five

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: mild language, angst

A/N: This was only suppose to be a very long one shot. No beta this time. Song for this part: Here Comes Your Man by the Pixies

Summary: Your best friend in the whole galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?    Part One   Part Two  Part Three Part Four

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TROUBLE (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Can i request a bellamy imagine where y/n is a grounder and is best friends like sisters with Octavia (they do almost everything together), and as a grounder a lot of arkadia still dont trust her (even Bellamy) so she does everything to help around and make them accept her. One day some people gang up on her wanting to kill or get her to leave and bellamy stands up for her. Thank you and sorry its long 😊


Making your way to the drop ship, you hurry. They’re going to be back soon and you need to be there if anyone’s hurt. Sure, it’s just a normal hunting trip but these Skypeople always seem to find trouble. 

You’ve been walking in a desperate circle for months now, just hoping that one day the members of Arkadia will finally accept you. It was a vicious cycle. They would be hurt or need help and you were always there to assist them. You helped them with anything they needed. But still, their minds were shut. 

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|| Part 1 ||  Part 2 ||

100% Despair

In the end, Mob can’t protect other people from himself. In the end it all comes to a head, and when he wakes up people have died.

It doesn’t matter who they were or what they were trying to do. It doesn’t matter that his life, and the lives of those most important to him were at stake. 

All that matters is that he failed.

So, in his despair, he builds a cage and willingly walks into it.  His vessel sleeps, and he knows that the others may mourn him for a while, in the end it’s better this way.

The others, however, aren’t going to let that stand.

Even if they have to go in after him.

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EXO’s Reaction to you doing your make-up



*It was the millionth time he’s seen you put make up on and he still has no idea how you remember which brush does what.When you asked him to hand you something, he just gives you a confused look.*

“Okay, sweetheart. I have absolutely no idea what brush you are referring to, you literally have fifty of them.”

Originally posted by ilovminseok


*He looked at you and then at himself in the mirror. Then back at you and back at himself. He’d walk up to you and observe carefully, wondering how come he does look as good as you when he puts on make up.*

“Teach me how to makeup.”

Originally posted by lycheepeaches


*Cutest sap. He’d flirt with you as you’re putting on eyeliner. Afterwards, you’d laugh at his cuteness for five minutes before going back to whatever it is you’re doing.*

“Honey, you don’t need make up. You’re already perfect.

Originally posted by laygion


*Absolute diva. You know I am going to bring this up but he will be the one doing your eyeliner. When you try to argue, he won’t be having it.*

“Excuse me, please sit still while the eyeliner master does his work.”

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn


*Wants to join in on the fun and then has to scrub his face because he needs to redo his face for the date. It looked fun when you were doing it so he thought ‘why the hell not?’*

“Oh please, I look waayy better than you with this lipstick. Go ahead, take a picture and anyone will tell you that I look better. Don’t be jealous.”

Originally posted by purpleuhan


*Being a little sneak because before you came from the bathroom, he hid most of your brushes so you can’t use them. He didn’t like it when you wore make up because it masks your beauty.*

“The brushes? What brushes? Me? Hide them? I have absolutely no idea what causes you to say that but I would never do such a thing.”

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek


*As he watches you pull out all your make up equipment, he feels lightheaded. All those brushes, all those palettes, all those colors. He then has to lay down and breathe before he is sent into the oblivion that is your makeup table.*

“Oh my god… what is that. What are those brushes…where am I?”

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty


*He loves it when you do your make up. Sometimes he wonders if you would ever allow him to do it for you. He wants to learn so he can help you.*

“No no, keep going. I think you look beautiful already but continue.”

Originally posted by illegalkai


*Sits there, admires you for a few seconds before leaning back and sighing. He just wanted to leave before the reservation is lost.*

“When you say ‘20 minutes’, were you lying? Because it’s been half an hour now.”

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It’s Quiet Uptown [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Request: None, this is part of my queue list for filler fics.

Summary: You are Lin’s wife and you’ve been expecting a baby. You’re Pippa’s understudy and you discover that you had a miscarriage. This takes place while you’re performing as Eliza.

A/N: I wanted to write some ‘angst’ because I need to brush up on my CrushingSoulsTM skills. As usual, feedback, requests, and questions are open! Thank you, love!

Disclaimer: Personally, I had never experience miscarriage and I do not intend of offending anyone i’m very sorry if I do offend you. Just know that I’m here for you

Warning: Angst & mentions of miscarriage

Word Count: 1,170


Request Here!

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I don’t want you (Part 2)

Originally posted by isabelle-alexander

Jace Wayland x Reader ( Previous chapter )

Warnings : cursing , Pregnant!Reader .

Part 3

     You arrived at London and the first thing that you have done was to search for someone from the Down World to tell you where the Institute was but as nobody told you , you had spent a few days at a motel.

So now after 4 days in London finally someone told you where the Institute was . As you walked quietly to the Institute you thought about a credible story to tell so the shadowhunters will let you in . As you passed trough the gates you know that they will come out to see who tried to get in the institute and they were shocked when they saw just a mundane .

     “ Hi !” you said as you walked closer to the shadowhunters and they were somehow shocked that you could see them . “ Can I please talk to the leader of the Institute ?” you said shyly as their gaze was fixed on you and it was very intimidating . 

     “ You can see us ?” a girl with dirty blond hair and brown eyes said and you nodded . “ I have the sight .” you said and they lead you into the Institute to the leader , whom was a very beautiful man , with piercing green eyes and dark brown hair , his name was Blake and he was really young as you expected the leader to be older , like Alec and Izzy’s parents .

     “ Why did you brought a mundane in the Institute ? Are you crazy ?” He yelled at the blond girl and the red haired boy that followed her . 

     “ I asked to talk with you , I’m (Y/N) , I’m a mundane but I have the sight from when I knew myself . I came here because I’m in danger and you’re the only one who can help me , you and your people .” you said and Blake looked at you stunned by your beautiful (Y/e/c) eyes , he made a move with his hand , and the boy and the girl got out , Blake looking into your eyes trying to figure it out if you are laying about needing help or not .

     “ Well how can my people help you ?” he asked intrigued by your person .

     “ Right now I’m a target for all the demons around .” you said and he looked at you motioning for you to continue talking . “ I got pregnant with a shadowhunter , but he died , he never told me from which Institute he came ,and back in my city everybody knew what happened it was clear that demons were going to find out soon so since I didn’t knew where to go I came here . I know that you’re not forced to help me so if you don’t want to I understand , I’ll just leave and find another Institute .” you said and Blake tried to process all the things that you were saying .

     Normally that he was going to help you , right now you were extremely valuable for all the Shadow World , because you carrying a shadowhunter meant that they are going to regain their forces as the new generation was being created .

     “ You don’t have to worry , you’re under the London Institute and the Clave’s protection , no one is going to hurt you .” Bake said and approached you , his hands rubbing your arms softly trying to comfort you .

     “ Also I want to became one of you , I’m strong , I did martial arts for 6 years and kick-boxing to , for one year I did wrestling , I know that I can do it and I have potential of becoming a shadowhunter , I read the Codex for more than ten times , I know the oath , and I know I can do it. So will you please talk with the Clave about turning me , please ?” you said and Blake was even more mesmerized by you . 

     “ If you can take me down , I will talk to the Consul and ask for turning you next week .” Blake said and you smirked as you knew that you can take him down , and this is how your plan of revenge started . 

     You changed in some proper clothes for training and headed to the training room . You let Blake begin and try to get to put you down so you could observe his moves and it was a very good thing because now you had Blake at the ground your feet lightly placed on his neck . 

     He was amazed and couldn’t tear his gaze from you . “ I can’t believe that you actually put me down !” Blake said as you two were walking back to his office .

     “ Well I have had some great people to train me .” you said and smiled .

     “ We should get a better story for the Clave and the Consul . Let’s tell them that you have been one night stand of mine and you got pregnant and now I got to fix the things , I’m your fiancé and I trained you so you will become a shadowhunter .”Blake purposed and you accepted . He let you go to your room and called the Consul to fix things out .

     “ Guess who’s turning into a shadowhunter next week on Monday .” Blake said and you looked at him from the other part of the room . 

     “ They believed it ?” you asked and Blake nodded , you were so happy that you couldn’t control yourself and you jumped in his arms , your lips catching his in a passionate kiss to which Blake kissed back as passionately as you did .

     “ Alec ! Izzy !” Jace yelled as he entered in the training room , distracting the brothers from training . 

     “ What do you want Jace ?” Izzy said coldly , but Jace was already used to Izzy talking that way to him .  

     “ Get dressed , we need to go to Magnus , he need to help us on a mission .” Jace said and the two Lightwood went to their rooms to get changed . They meet with Jace at the lobby and they left to get to Magnus .

     As they arrived Alec went over and kissed Magnus , before putting his hand around his waist pulling him closer .

     “ Ok , I needed you to come just to be credible , the mission was a pretext to get here . Magnus I need you to track (Y/N) . I wet to her apartment a few days ago and they told me that she sold the apartment and left , I asked everybody if they knew about her , Luke and the pack tried to track her smell around the city but they couldn’t and I don’t know where to search for her anymore .” Jace said as he looked extremely worried but still Izzy didn’t felt any compassion for Jace , it was his fault so he could deal with it by his own .

     “ Didn’t Alec and Izzy told you ?” Magnus said trying to seem innocent even if he knew about Alec’s and Izzy’s plan .

     “ What to tell me ?” Jace asked as he looked at his parabatai and his sister .

     “ I searched for her 4 days ago , either she id dead or she wears a necklace that doesn’t lets magic to get to her .” Magnus said and Jace looked at them in shock .

     “ Why didn’t you told me faster ?” he said as he was now getting angry .

     “ She is just a whore for you , so why you should matter about her ?” Izzy asked , hitting Jace with the words that he told to you  a few days ago .

     Jace dropped on the floor muttering to himself that it was his fault , as he didn’t calmed down no matter what Alec and Izzy would do , Magnus put a spell on him and made him fall asleep . The next morning at breakfast Maryse showed up looking at the three kids that she grew up and at Clary .

    “ So who wants to attend at the ceremony of some mundane who becomes a shadowhunter by Monday ?” She said and all four nodded their head .

     You were in the middle of a room Blake in your back telling you that everything is going to be ok , one hand protectively placed in your tummy . More and more shadowhunters appeared looking at you . Then you spotted him , Jace entered in the room holding Clary’s hand , Izzy , Alec and Maryse following them , you knew that he couldn’t see you from there but as they approached you saw Jace’s eyes going wide as he saw you . 

     “ He is here .” you whispered to Blake as at one moment you told him the truth about how you got pregnant , Blake looked at Jace not caring that he was here , Blake just knew that you are his now , nothing else mattered .

     As the Consul appeared into the room , the first thing that Jace had done was to get up and to held your and Blake’s gaze .

     “ You can’t turn her into a shadowhunter , maybe she knows how to fight but she is pregnant , and it could kill both her and the child if she’s not strong enough . “ Jace said shotting daggers from his eyes in Blake’s direction .

     “ Jace Herondale I’m happy to know that you care about our future generation but this is not your place to choose , it’s (Y/N) and her’s fiancé’s choice .” The Consul said and then Jace saw the ring on your finger , in that moment he felt like killing Blake but he had to stay in control .

     “ She is pregnant with my child and I’m not going to allow something like that to happen to my kids .” Jace said and that’s when Blake knew he had to attack .

     “ Herondale we all know that you don’t like the idea of mundanes turned into shadowhunters but it’s pathetic to claim that my kids are yours when everybody knows that you’re with Clary .” The Clave agreed with Blake and Jace sat down . It was a torture for him to watch you saying your oath and drinking from the Mortal Cup knowing that he wasn’t the one to be here for you .

     As you drank from the Mortal cup you felt heath spreading trough your body and suddenly you felt something changing in you .  Then you got dizzy and lost contact with the world . Blake ran and caught you in his arms before your body could hit the ground . Blake left with the silent brothers holding you in his arms as you needed to get your permanent runes .

     When you woke up you saw Blake looking at you as he held your body in his arms . 

     “ Hi ! You scared us a little back there .” he said and you smiled softly then kissed his lips .

     “ It wan’t my intention .” said and Blake smiled kissing you again .

     “ Maybe we should make this real , not just pretending that you’re my betrothed .” Blake said and you nodded your head .

     Jace was the the New York Institute , on his room , thinking how stupid he could have had been . He was the one who shot you down , who made you leave taking his kid with you but he never imagined that he will see you in another mans arms , being engaged with him and that man pretending that he was the father of his unborn child .

     Jace found himself craving you , craving you two to become a family right when he knew that you didn’t belonged to him anymore and it was tearing him apart , he couldn’t image his kids growing up without him , neither you in Blakes arms . He was fixed on the idea that he haves to bring you back to him , but a long way was waiting for him , full of obstacles who will keep him back from being with you .     

***** Who wants Part 3 ?

Undeniable Heat Chapter 22: Letters

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1400 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Your P.O.V.

It was the sound of voices that pulled you from your deep sleep. At first you thought it might be Jensen, since he promised to be there with you. But when your eyes fluttered open, you noticed Misha there instead, talking to quietly to a nurse. Immediately he noticed you were wake, a smile crinkling his eyes. “There you are! I was afraid you would sleep the entire time I was here!” He said, and you couldn’t help but smile back at him.

After the nurse check you over, announcing that you were healing quite nicely, she left you alone with Misha. “Jensen?” You asked him, your throat still tender and sore.

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I Think I Love You

A/N: Can I just say, I suck at titles? All of them should be untitled lol. Hope you enjoy this, I’ve been working on it the last few days. Sorry for any errors. Oh and I’m not entirely sure Sam eats bacon, but for the sake of this story he does :D

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Summary: Reader and Dean are struggling with their feelings. 

Word Count: 1,618

Warnings: Language, tiny bit of angst

Originally posted by findyourownhappyending

Standing in the hallway of the bunker you considered your options.

1. Tell Dean how you felt.
2. Leave and never come back.

The second was more appealing, you didn’t face rejection, you didn’t want to make things weird between you. But it also meant you would never see him again. The first terrified you. Each time you thought of telling Dean how far gone you were it made you want to weep. You thought you were tougher than that. You hated to cry, thinking it showed weakness. Rolling your eyes at yourself you headed to the library. Things had been calm the last few weeks, just the occasional demon or vampire nest causing trouble.

Sitting down with a book from your personal collection you dove into a world not your own. It had been awhile since you read it, but it being a childhood favorite you couldn’t help but crack it open every now and then.

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“Minako had said he was a blessing - that his pockets were deep and Yuuri was lucky to have caught his eye. But Viktor Nikiforov was a curse, and Yuuri finds himself trapped in a world of blood and death where it takes violence to mend what is broken.”

Mania is a state of abnormally elevated (feelings of) arousal, affect and energy level, where the overall activation is heightened as well as expressions (actions) of affect that are also enhanced. Freud considered that the maniac individual must have suffered a great and traumatic loss (something that could also be linked to the Oedipus Complex phase) and the ego unable to properly deal as it was supposed to turns all of its energy at a target that will act as a substitute for the object of affection that was lost in order to fulfill that gap. Obsessive and violent behaviour might be characteristics indentified in a maniac individual, though they may vary.

Cupio dissolvi is a latin locution that means (literally) «I wish to be dissolved». This concept has played an important role in the discussion on suicide. Some other reflexions and interpretations considered something like one’s desire to leave life in order to die, so that they could join God in the afterlife and end their sufferings, being able to become once again pure in the eyes of God. Freud believed that it wasn’t only a simple matter of having a death wish, it also had something to do with the struggle one goes through in a lifetime while trying to fight against the intense impulse or desire for death (most likely linked to his concept of death drive).

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Bad Meets Evil ~ Void smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Void Stiles


Word Count: 3794

Synopsis: You are on a mission of sorts when you cross paths with Void Stiles

A/N: I’m sorry this is so full of smut I needed to do a Void smut. There’s some Latin in this, because I love me some google translate. If you’re like me and like to listen to music while reading, I highly suggest anything by Massive Attack, it just fits so well with this. Enjoy the trash ya heathens 

WARNING: This is the first time I’m putting a warning on my smut. This gets kind of intense. A little choking, definitely spanking, hair pulling, rough fingering and penetration. I’m sorry if I haven’t done the warnings quite right but if any of this makes you uncomfortable DON’T READ IT!

When vengeance takes over your life, it’s hard to think about much else. Most people my age would be having fun in their freshman year of college. Going to parties, dating, being your normal youth of today. But my life is not like the average nineteen or twenty year old. It never has been and somehow, I’m completely okay with that. Right now my focus is on one thing, well, one person. I came to Beacon Hills to kill Peter Hale, to make sure he suffers until his last dying breath. He has no idea. Why would he?

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Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (part 2)

Breakfast Lunch

Yeah, you and Steve have been roommates for two years. And yeah, you consider him your best friend. But you know that Bucky was Steve’s friend first, and now that Bucky has moved in to the third bedroom, it’s about time that you accept being the third wheel.


Steve is out of town so you and Bucky hate fuck.

Part 2

author: buckysbackpackbuckle

pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

word count: 2385

warnings: AU, vaginal fingering, spanking, excessive cursing

Originally posted by itsawkwardfangirl

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If You Want Blood

This is my entry for the amazing @chaos-and-the-calm67 My prompt was If You Want Blood by AC/DC and my gif is below the cut as it is NSFW ;) Thanks to the ever wonderful @death2thevirgin for letting me bounce ideas and for reading it through for me! I hope you like it! It gets SUPER steamy!

Word Count: 3179 yeah its worth it.

Warning: smut, blood, gore, killing, talk of addiction, did I mention smut? 

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Lyrics are in Bold and italics 

“Crowley, it’s not enough.” You stormed into the throne room, making sure the doors crashed open, not giving a shit who was present.

“My pet, what is not enough?” He asked looking over the demons before him.

“Any of them. None of them! I’m on fire Crowley! I need something better!” You were almost shrieking at him at this point.

You felt like your veins were burning it didn’t matter how many demons he gave you, the blood couldn’t give you that high you needed. They only tied you over for so long, you knew that the addiction was getting worse but you couldn’t help it, the high that you got from the blood at first was better than anything you’d ever felt before. Now you were chasing more.

Crowley had found you shortly after you had gotten addicted. The demon had left you high and dry, literally. For some unknown reason the King of Hell took to you like a father, you were his little Princess. It probably helped that you were a nasty little thing and had a hell of a temper when provoked.

“Everyone out.” Crowley barked.

You turned to leave just as he called you back.

“Not you my pet, I have a solution.” He steepled his hands in front of him on the throne. Looking thoughtfully at you.

You chewed your bottom lip and waited. You knew that he would fix this. He had taken your addiction to the demon blood that magnified your psychic abilities and channeled all of that anger and destruction. You had been his Angel of Death for close to 70 years. Putting down any demons that crossed the line or that needed to be brought home. Only recently nothing satisfied you and the cravings had gotten worse.

“Since my demon population is not satisfying you, we are going to try something, off menu. However, you my pet, will have to track him down. He is a bit on the rogue side. Find him, you’ll be satisfied, however, you need to do something for me when you find him.” Crowley smiled at you.

“If he will fix this, I’ll find him. Who am I after and who do I have to put down?” You asked sitting on the step at his feet looking up at him. You knew whatever he needed was someone sent back to the depths of Hell.

“Dean Winchester.”  

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