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Exo Reaction to You Being a Forgetful Person

Request: Exo (ot12 if possible?) gif reaction to you being a very forgetful person. Like, you space out a lot and lose things all the time and forget what you’re doing, can’t focus on things and sometimes walking circles because you forgot where you were going, but then always end up laughing at yourself because you know just how silly you look? (thank you for being so adorable and thoughtful like i love you <3)

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted and that you enjoy! (p.s. oh shhh thank you so much I love you too^^)


He’d find it adorable when he walks in to see you pacing in circles trying to remember why you came into the kitchen, but he would try to help you remember as best he can.

“Did you come in for a snack? Some water?”

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This boy would tease you quite a bit, especially if you suddenly stopped in the middle of a conversation because you forgot what you were going to say. In the end, though, he wouldn’t take the teasing too far.

“Ahhh I wanted to hear the end of that story!”

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Being real, Kris can be pretty spaced out (galaxy pun ftw) himself, so I think that would just be something the two of you bond over. When you forget what you were saying as he walked into the bedroom and forgot what he came in for, you’d both share a laugh and relate to each other.

“We’re a bad couple, if we have kids we might both forget about them accidentally.”

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You’d most definitely bring the Sumomma out in him. He would tend to follow you around; reminding you to write stuff down, eat, drink water, etc. But when you get to circling around a room trying to remember something, he wouldn’t be able to hide his laughter. 

“Y-Y/n, do you really not remember why you came in here?”

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Okay, Yixing is gonna be just a forgetful as you are. He’d truly try to help - being the actual angel he is - but he would just end up forgetting the thing you told him to remind you of.

“Wait, I was supposed to remember something?”

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Prepare to be teased to no relent. This boy, being a member of the beagle line, is known for his endless teasing of the other members. So this would definitely come into play with your forgetfulness.

“Did you forget something again? Come on, Y/n!”

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Similar to Baekhyun, this second member of the beagle line would be the ultimate tease. His angelic laugh would be a something you hear on a near-daily basis, especially when you forget the rest of the joke you were telling.

“I think your face was funnier than that joke could ever be.”

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Onto the final member of the beagle line, he, again, would be someone who would tease you relentlessly. However - being the sunshine happy virus he is - he would always be sure to help you out when you’ve forgotten something important.

“Are you sure you can’t remember? I know you can.”

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He’d probably be the most silent about it. Not that he wouldn’t notice your often forgetful nature, he would just keep his thoughts to himself about it. However, when he sees you walk into a room, then quickly walk out because you had forgotten why you came, he won’t be able to hid a smile.

“Babe, how can you not remember why you came in here?”

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Contrary to the typical “pissy and sarcastic” Tao we’ve known, I feel like Zitao would be a bit more forgiving than usual about this. He’d feel bad teasing you about it, yet when you laugh at yourself, he’d laugh along.

“Silly, I’ll have to help you remember from now on, I guess.”

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This little puppy would try to help you as best he can, even if that means leaving 100 sticky notes all over the place. He would feel awful seeing you wander around the house completely lost, so anything he could do to help, he would.

“Y/n, it’s in the drawer to the left, remember?”

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Literal brat face, okay? This boy would be sooooo sarcastic about everything, from when you pace in a circle, to forgetting what you were going to say, he’d tease you about it. Of course, he knows that you tend to laugh at yourself about it anyway, so why not make a few jokes?

“Oh my gosh, Y/n, how could you forget the rest of that story? It’s so easy!”

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You’ve pulled a man from the freezing sea all black with ship’s oil fuel
You’ve cleaned him off, and see his wounds and wondered what to do,
You see the whiteness of his ribs where steam has skinned him too.
The guilt you feel when you look at him feeling glad it isn’t you
And all you have to ease his pain is aspirin and ‘goo.’

You fear to look him in the eye for the question you know will be there
The answer you know is certain death, and there’s nothing more you can do.
You light him a fag, and give him your tot as he looks for the rest of his crew.
Then you lay him out on the iron deck knowing that’s his lot
Briefly wondering if you did aright by giving him your tot.

For the rest of the watch, with a sail maker’s palm with needle and with thread
You sew him up in canvas with the rest of that night’s dead.
With a dummy shell between their feet, making certain that they will sink
You sit and sew till the morning’s glow, amid the mess and stink.
By dawn’s grey light you carry them aft, to the ensign and the plank.
And the hands off watch gather round all bleary eyed and dank.

Then the skipper with his bible says a sailor’s prayer
Our father which art in heaven (we hope you’re really there).
One by one the dead are gone slid from the greasy plank
A second’s pause and then a splash, they sink beneath the main.

The hands go forward, feeling chill, thinking of those that were slain
with a certain knowledge in a while we’ll do it all again.
Each one being still alive, breathes a silent prayer of thanks
Wondering, with a cold dark fear, will I be next on the plank?

—  “The Ensign And The Plank”, by Petty Officer Stanley Kirbey
Being ignored by someone is the worst

Just tell me that your busy
Say you don’t want to talk anymore
But don’t have me out here looking stupid cause you can’t find it in yourself to tell me that you just ain’t feeling me no more..
I’m guilty of this also..
but usually when I ignore someone it’s because we left on bad/awkward terms.
Its because they did something that made me uncomfortable..
I don’t ignore someone who was nice to me, asked me about my day, came all the way out their way to visit… but apparently being nice/good gets you no where. People don’t respect you unless your fucking them over. We can’t live drama free.. we listen to people around us instead of ourselves. And even we look up we’re the only ones laying in bed crying over some guy.. that’s happily ignoring the shit out of you because he can..

Perfect dates for the signs
  • Aries: go to an amusement park, and dare each other to sit in the front row of the scariest ride.
  • Taurus: go to dinner and a movie, where you can "accidentally" go for the popcorn at the same time.
  • Gemini: go ice skating, and laugh together at all the people falling over, and slipping.
  • Cancer: go bowling together, and pretend you suck so that they can "help" you into a better bowling stance.
  • Leo: go shopping, and then get ice cream cones to playfully rub on each others nose/cheek.
  • Virgo: go to a coffee shop, have deep and meaningful conversations, and go for a walk.
  • Libra: go to a lake, lay together and point out how all the clouds look like something inappropriate.
  • Scorpio: stay home, order take out, make out.
  • Sagittarius: go to a concert and sing as loud as you can, and then try to sneak backstage.
  • Capricorn: go to a carnival/fair, and impress everyone by winning the biggest and cutest stuffed animal for cap.
  • Aquarius: have a TV show marathon, build a pillow fort and then have a pillow fight to see who wins.
  • Pisces: go to an aquarium and enjoy the sea animals, and then try to pet the starfish that everyone tries to take.

trustmeimawhalebiologist  asked:

A blurb where y/n really likes drawing but can't seem to be able to get it how they would like it be and Dan helps them calm down and after that they're able to get it right?

~You spent all day trying to get the drawing right but it wasn’t working

~All day you contemplated whether the lines looked right or the shade was a bit darker then the rest. Either way, you rubbed it out anyway.

~ After hours of trying, you decided to give up. slamming your sketchbook shut, you, you lay down on the floor, your tummy facing the ceiling.

~ Suddenly, Dan was standing over you, him looking like a giant due to how tall he was.

~ “I thought you were drawing princess?”

~ “I was but I gave up”

~ Dan lay down next to you and pulled you into a tight embrace. He smelt so good

~ After half an hour of cuddling, Dan decides to go get some drinks

~ While he was gone, you tried one last time at drawing

~And that was the perfect sketch

~Dan was your inspiration :)

Imagine one of the boys putting all your stuff where you can't reach it

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“Alright who did it?” You angrily demanded as you stood with your knee out, arms crossed and your face looking as though you could kill at any moment. 

“Who did what?” Dean asked confused as Sam smiled behind him, thinking you couldn’t see him. 

“Who decided that it would be funny to move my hunting boots from my closet to the on top of my closet, and that my jacket looked better laying on the ceiling above my bed, and that all my hunting gear would look fun dangling from the ceiling and the fan?“ 

"Well I have been on a run all day so I didn’t." 

"Yea, I know because I was on that same run.” You retorted, “and I know I didn’t do it because I can’t reach any of it. Which only leaves one smiling, dead moose as the suspect."  Sam’s smile dropped as you stared daggers into his chest, "I expected this shit from Dean, but never you Samuel. And trust me if it isn’t fixed in an hour, it will be hell to pay.”

You turned around and stormed from the library, towards the front door, the slam of it echoed through the bunker as Dean just looked at his brother and high fived him, before both boys went to right his mistake.

Anomaly// Josh Dun

Requested: Can you make an imagine where it’s in Josh’s POV and he likes you and you go out on a date and he gets really jealous, but your date stood you up and go home crying and then he comforts you and tells you that he was jealous and that he likes you and it’s all fluffy? Thank you!!!!!


               “Jishy, how do I look?” You asked, turning to your best friend who was laying across your bed. Acting as your fashion consultant while you prepared for your date. You had never met the guy, so you were determined to make a good impression.

               “He looks like a loser.” Josh mumbled, looking at your phone. Which was currently open to pictures of your date. “Like how many shirtless pictures of yourself do you need to take?” You gave Josh a look, walking over to poke him in the stomach playfully.

               “Coming from the guy who almost lives without a shirt on.” You laughed, laying alongside your best friend as he continued scrolling through pictures. “Awe that one is cute!” You pointed, it was a selfie the guy had taken with his dog. Him smiling as the animal placed a loving puppy kiss to his cheek.

               “Cats are better.” Josh growled, if you didn’t know better you would go on to think that he was jealous. “Its 5:45, aren’t you supposed to be meeting this douche for 6?” He asked, you felt bad because you were initially supposed to hang out with Josh for the night. Until your best friend messaged you, telling you that Kris wanted to take you on a date.

               “Yeah, thank you for everything tonight Jishy.” You hugged Josh close, you could almost hear him roll his eyes at the use of his nickname from you. You smiled as his arms pulled you tightly, before slowly releasing you.

               “You’re welcome Y/N, have a good night tonight.” Josh whispered as you left to go meet your date. You’d be meeting him at a Chinese restaurant; considering the two of you both apparently liked the cuisine.


               You checked your phone; 5:55pm. Well it wasn’t quite 6 yet, so he had some time to show up. You were currently at a table, sitting and waiting for a message or for him to show up. You continued to sip at your drink awkwardly, checking your phone anxiously again. It was 6:00pm now, was he running a little late?

               You stayed convinced that he was running late until 6:30, when you realized you had been stood up. A date you were looking genuinely forward to, you got stood up on it. With a small sigh you stood from your table, walking over to the counter and asked for 2 to-go containers. Might as well grab supper for yourself and Josh (considering he was probably still laying on your bed) while you’re here.


               “I got food.” You called, trying to hide the hurt and embarrassment in your voice. Putting the bag down as you sat, resting your head against the cool surface of the table. You heard Josh jog into the room, making some joke about eating your leftovers; voice softening as he saw you.

               “It didn’t go well?” You shook your head, tears finally leaving your eyes. You held back a sob as you spoke.

               “He didn’t even show up Josh. I sat there for half an hour, I probably looked like such an idiot.” You cried, looking at your best friend; who looked like he was about to cry as well. Without any words being exchanged he pulled you from your spot and into his arms. Hand rubbing your back soothingly as he pressed his lips to your forehead. Though it seemed a tad abnormal, the kiss, you didn’t mind. It felt comforting.

               “What a loser, he doesn’t realize what he’s missing. I would’ve killed to go on that date with you, I wish I did.” You looked up, trying to translate his words. Did he just say he wanted to go on a date with you? “Let’s go lay down upstairs, you need a good snuggle session and I feel like I should explain.” You felt a weight lay deep in your stomach—please oh please Josh, do not say you had anything to do with this. You felt tears of fear begin falling as you laid beside him, watching as he bit his lip. Trying to find words as the two of you laid in silence. “I’ll admit, when you said you were going on a date with this guy. I got a tad jealous. Like he looks like what you describe as a “hot dude”. I took one look at him and his stupid profile and knew something was off about him.” Josh growled, jealously dripping from his words. “I didn’t know how to say ‘don’t go on that date. I’m too jealous for you too’. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I knew I ruined this for you.” You let out a breath of relief, Josh didn’t do anything to ruin your night. Thank god. “I just. I’ve liked you for years Y/N, I just never had the guts to tell you. I didn’t want to be that guy who ruins his friendship because he thinks he has a chance with the girl.” The dejected tone in his voice broke your heart. You always looked at Josh and thought of him as adorable, cuddly, and amazing. The two of you essentially had a relationship going minus the kissing and title.

               “Well, tonight may have gone to shit. But I think I found someone else I like.” You whispered, hand resting on Josh’s chest. You felt bad at how much he tensed, obviously thinking you found someone else. “He’s really funny, I love his jokes. He also has this smile that just makes me heart melt; it lights up a whole room—really.” You smiled up at him, realizing his eyes were squinted shut, mouth in a small scowl of jealousy. “He’s also really strong, like damn those muscles.” You giggled, snuggling closer to Josh as you continued talking, cheeks burning red. “He gives the best hugs, the best cuddles; and he’s really good with music. I also like his hair. It’s always changing but it’s always so soft.” You held back a laugh when Josh pulled away from you; rolling over before letting a sigh out.

               “Then go tell him how you feel; you deserve a guy who will make you happy.” You had a moment of heartbreak when you heard his voice crack. Did he really not pick up on what you were doing?

               “He does make me happy; him and his silly pink hair and alien obsession.” Your words caused Josh to look at you from over his shoulder; tears in his eyes as he gave you a suspicious look.

               “Is there a Josh 2.0 out there; or are you talking about me?” He asked, obviously trying not to get his hopes up as he waited for an answer.

               “I love my Jish; maybe a little more than a friend.” You bit your lip, holding your arms out to the drummer. “I really hope he loves me back.” You smiled widely as his arms slid around your waist, pulling himself closer to you.

               “He loves you; to pluto and back. He always has.” You smiled, fingers running through that silly pink hair you spoke of. Josh was the only one you needed.

Used to play pretend

Can you do a Tyler Joseph imagine where he gets home from tour and him and y/n are laying in bed together and they tell each other all the little cute things they do and then it gets sexUAL AND SMUT?!?!
A/n:You said cuddle and chill Tyler omg
You heard a something pull up in front of your house. You looked out the window and saw Tyler getting out with all his stuff from tour. You slammed your door open and ran downstairs and waited nearby the front door. Once it opened and Tyler put his stuff down, you hugged him.

“Oh hi there y/n.” He smiled as he kissed your head

“It’s about time you’re back.” You stopped hugging him and dragged him upstairs,“I want to cuddle and watch something.”

"I’m totally fine with that.” Tyler chuckled, allowing himself to be dragged by you.

Once you both got upstairs, you turned on the tv, sat on the bed, and started scrolling through the channels. It was around 11:30 so there wasn’t really anything on so your turned the tv off and laid down to see the bean smiling at you.

"What are you staring at?”

"You of course.”

"Stop staring at me.”

“I’m your boyfriend its my job to stare at you!” He said as he pulled you to his chest and started running his fingers through your hair. You lifted your head up and pecked him and poked his cheek.

“I missed doing this…”

“I missed you.”

“Not more than me! I was here all alone and you had Josh and-” you were cut off by Tyler’s lips kissing you passionately.

He sat up and wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you closer. You tilted your head to your right and deepened the kiss while running your fingers through his hair.

You both began to strip off your clothes, throwing them somewhere into the room. Tyler skipped the foreplay, kissing your breasts quickly and immediately lined himself up with you.

"God I’ve missed this.” He whispered. He pushed himself into you slowly and began to slowly make passionate love to you.

He leaned down and kissed you passionately while pushing in and out of you slowly. You loved rough sex, yes, but when you two had slow sex it was still just as amazing.

He buried his face in the crook of your neck and whispered sweet nothings into it. You threw your head back and moaned loudly as he hit your spot and picked up the pace a little.

You felt your edge nearing and Tyler’s was close too.

“Tyler I’m so close!” You whimpered. He grunted in response and began to thrust erratically.

“Baby!” You shouted as you came hard.

“Oh god!” He murmured as he came inside you.

You both rode out your orgasms and got cleaned up.

“I really love you.” You whispered to him as you lay in bed.

“Really?” He said

“Really really.” You responded.

I'll take care of you

Song: Lay Me Down - Sam Smith

Pairing: Charles Xavier x Reader

Request:  Ask and thy shall receive, can you do one where the reader has wings but is really clumsy, and keeps breaking things, and she gets really mad at themself but young Charles comforts them? Thanks! (Sorry if it’s hard)

This was getting really annoying. Her wings were wider than her entire body and it was not working out for her at all. Looking at the broken vase on the floor, she lets out a frustrated grunt, stomping her foot in the process. Oh, these stupid wings!

What was she going to tell Charles and Erik?! They’re going to kill her! She was just adjusting to her new pair of wings that popped out of her back last months and, well, let’s just say she was even more clumsy than she was before. If that was even possible.

Glancing at the door then back to the vase, she darts to the broom that’s standing up on the bookshelf. She grabs it, running to the expensive shards of vase that are scattered across the floor, trying to sweep it underneath the rug at least for now.

The door flies open, revealing a rather scared Charles with his palm on the brown wood. “I heard a crash and came as fast as I could.” he pants, “Are you alright, Y/N?” She hides the broom behind her back, nodding. Please don’t look under the rug.

“What’s under the rug?” he asks, quirking an eyebrow and folding his arms. Damn telepath. He chuckles, stepping a little closer to her, “What are you hiding Y/N?” She looks down with a blush as he continues, “You know, you can tell me anything…”

She glances at him bashfully before removing the rug to show him the shards. He places both hands on his hips, biting his bottom lip, and glimpsing up at her. Before he can even open his mouth to speak, she stomps her foot in frustration, “It was an accident; these stupid wings! This is the eighth time I’ve broken something this week, Charles! I wish I never had them!” she mumbles, plopping herself on the couch with a sigh.

“Oh, darling…” he whispers, following her to the couch. Tears drip down her cheeks as he kneels in front of her. His fingers dip underneath her chin, lifting it up so that both are starring into each others eyes. “You are just getting a hang of them… You just got them, sweetheart.” he grabs her hands in his, showing her a big smile.

She rolls her eyes, screaming, “No Charles, look at them!” She searches his eyes, only to find nothing.

“I am darling! I am!” he pleas, gripping on to her hands tighter, “And you know what I see?” he waits for her to answer for a minute. She doesn’t though; her lip quivers and he runs his thumb gently over it, only to replace his thumb with his own lips.

“I see a beautiful masterpiece of artwork…”

Your night has consisted of you laying in your bed staring at the ceiling wishing all of the pain of today’s loss would go away. It doesn’t. It seeps through the walls of your house into your empty heart, it is shown on your mothers face, it is heard in your baby brother asking “where’s dadda?” The pain is inescapable.

A knock on your window breaks you from your straining thoughts. “Looks like someone could use a friend,” your neighbor Thomas stands outside your window with his hand reached out. He sees your hesitation, rolling his eyes and grabbing your hands. Landing on the pavement you can feel him staring at you.

“Stop that.” You mutter walking towards the gate.

“Stop what?” He jogs to keep up with you.

“The pity look. I’m fine. If you came to tell me how sorry you are or that things will get better you can just go home Thomas.”

He grabs your arm, stopping you, “Joke is on you because I wasn’t going to say that. Life sucks. Things are going to happen that will make you feel like all the light has been sucked out of your life. I was just coming to remind you that you still have me, even when it feels like you are alone.” Thomas moves his hand down your arm intertwining his fingers with yours and pulling you down towards the beach. The sun has almost disappeared.

“Where are you taking me?” You mutter, smiling at the feeling of his hand around yours. Thomas just puts his finger over your lips telling you to be quiet as he pulls you around the corner. “The lighthouse? We haven’t been here since we were kids-”

“Look,” Thomas pulls you up to the top.

“Its all black I can’t see-”

“Now look again,” he whispers, pulling a lever and turning on the lighthouse light, shining out onto the ocean and making it glimmer in the darkness. “I’m your lighthouse,” his lips brush your ear, running a hand across your cheek and kissing you softly on the lips.

Tender, Loving Care

Dean x Reader / fluff

A/N: This really struck a cord with me writing this because, unfortunately, Flo has paid her monthly visit to me (and a lot of people I know). The request asked for a one shot, but this is more of a drabble. I’m sorry it’s so short. Between cramps and battling this chest cold, I just want my bed. I hope you enjoy it! As always like, reblog, follow, and send me your feedback. I love you all.

PS - this goes out to all my girls battling the cramps from hell, and just need some Dean fluff in your day. xo

Based on a request by Anon: Could you please write a cute, fluff filled one shot where Dean looks after reader when she has really painful period cramps and can hardly do anything except lay around reading or playing video games? 

- none, for once.

Squad tags: @balthazars-muse @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @kayteonline @manawhaat @dancingdin @oriona75 @aprofoundbondwithdean (I know you can use some fluffy Dean today, boo <3) @king-crowley-tho

I’m also going to tag my love, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog​ because I know she can never pass up some Dean in her life, and @meteoraangel because I know she was requesting some Dean fluff. ​​

*gifs are not mine.

You had been so irritable with Dean this past week, snapping at him for the dumbest things. He took it in stride, knowing that your time of the month was coming. When you’d yell at him for not putting the seat down, or accidentally leaving a dirty dish in the sink, he’d respond with a “Sorry, babe.” and not push your buttons any further. You had struck gold with this man and you knew that, but sometimes your hormones would get the better of you. You dreaded this time of the month every month. Horrible cramps would riddle you almost motionless, only wanting your bed, ice cream, and your heating pad.

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You Are Way Beyond Grounded!

Request: Imagine where the reader is deans daughter and TFW are all very protective of her. They come home early from a hunt to find her laying in the common room in just a bed sheet and sex hair?

warnings: implied sex, protective Dad!Dean

Word count: 777(aye)

Pairing: Reader x Dad!Dean.

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Addy was having one of those days, the kind where all she wanted to do was lay her head on her desk and scream.  Three of her workers had called in that morning and she was now all alone in the store hoping for once that it didn’t get too busy.  Lucky for her, it had been pretty dead till she heard the bell above the door ring out. 

Peeking around the history shelf, Addy didn’t even look up to see who had walked in.  Instead she called out.  “Hello, welcome to Blue Bird Books. I’m Addy, If I can help you find anything, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Walls We Build

Part One

Part Two

Okay so I lied. This thing is way too big for two parts and I have to make it three. But that’s okay, right?

I did say this is basically a PWP but the title of this fic should also indicate that maybe it’s not all fun and games. I’m not going to delve into complete angst, but my fluff is always tinged with a little bit of heavier themes to balance it out.

This is the chapter that would technically have material not suitable for perusing at your place of employment. I’m hesitant to completely tag it as not safe for work, because well I mean, it’s not that bad, but it’s enough. Soft M under the cut?

“Is there a comfortable place where I can lay it all out?” Astrid asked, turning to glance at him. A strange look crossed Hiccup’s face and she realized the nuance in that phrasing. “You know, my books and stuff. So I can study,” she said hastily.

“Um, yeah! If you want to be in the same room as me you can have the bed. I have to work on the computer.”

“Okay,” she nodded. Her stomach flip flopped. His bed.

“Want anything to drink before we start?”

“Water will be fine.”

“Sure,” he said, reaching into his fridge and grabbing two bottles of water.

She tried to regulate her nervous breathing as he gestured to his bedroom.

“After you.”

“Such a gentleman.”

“Always,” he said with a smirk, but she had the sense there was a bit of roguishness behind it.

“You just wanted to get me into your bed,” she accused, eyes dancing.

“I was that transparent, huh? Can you blame me? Also it totally worked, so there’s that.”

“Just remember if you’re a gentleman, I’m a lady, so don’t be getting any ideas.”

“Hey, I’m just here to work on my Typography assignment, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He handed her the bottle of water with a huge grin. “Let me make the bed, so you have somewhere to sit.”

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An imagine based off the beginning of your relationship with Tig, based off “Nothing Left to Lose” by The Pretty Reckless

requested by anonymous

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I was only 19, you were 29
It’s just 10 years, but its such a long time
In a heartbeat, I would do it all again

Late night sex, smokin’ cigarettes
I try real hard but I can’t forget
Now in a heartbeat, I would do it all again

You were laying on the bed of your Old Man, Tig Trager. You two had just gotten done having sex; something you two did quite often. You were lighting up your own cigarette, then held up the flame for Tig. You took a drag and sighed the smoke out.

“What you thinking bout, baby girl?” Tig asked you with a curious look on his face.

“Honestly, how we got here. To where we are now.” You looked at him with a smile on your face while running your fingers through his hair. You two had only met a few months prior:

 You crashed a random party that was happening at the clubhouse/TM. You just turned 19, and wanted to have some fun with your friend. She was invited by some guy named Chibs after she brought her car in to get her tires rotated. You were mainly people watching while she was enjoying herself and flirting with the Chibs guy. You had beer in your hand and felt the couch dip next to you. You looked over at the man who decided to sit by you: he had piercing blue eyes and black curly hair. You studied his face for a little longer, noticing the slight wrinkles that were starting to form around his face. You realized you had been staring at him for awhile. He laughed and introduced himself. “I’m Tig. How’d you get mixed up with everyone here? He asked you. “Y/n. I came with the girl talking to the Scot.” You shook his hand and looked around to see if you could find your friend.”And she apparently ditched me.” You scoffed, she always did this to you. Leaving you at parties with no one to talk to. “Don’t worry about her, baby doll, I’ll keep you company.” 

You remembered the first time you met Tig fondly, you didn’t notice Tig sitting up to look at you. “What did you think of me when we first met?” He asked you.

“I was honestly thinking ‘I’m not in the mood to be hit on.’” You chuckled. Tig laid back down on your naked chest and laughed at himself.

“I never thought this would be happening, to be honest. We are both laying in my bed, naked, and talking.”

You laughed. “I know Tiggy. I know how you feel.” Normally, you were the type of girl to indulge in one-night stands, once you got what you wanted from whoever you were sleeping with, you’d collect your clothes and leave. Being so young, you didn’t think you could do a serious relationship. You also knew that Tig was very much the same way, but he would normally be the one to kick girls out. Once you had your first night with Tig, you knew things would be different:

“Holy shit, y/n. That was fucking perfect.” Tig was panting beside you. “Haha, yeah.” You looked over at Tig and smiled. “Well, I guess I should get going, yeah?” You started to make your way out of his bed.You felt him grab your wrist. “Please, y/n. Stay.” You looked down at him, slightly confused, but you still gave him a little grin. You cuddled up to him, and fell asleep.

“I never thought I would bang such an old man.” You started laughing.

“Whatever, doll. I know you love it.” He flipped over and kissed you. “And I know I love you.”

You stared at the man in front of you. Did he really say that he loved you? As if right on cue, you heard Bobby Elvis walking down the hall singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.” You started laughing. “I love you, Tiggy.” You wrapped your hand around the back of his head and pulled him closer to kiss him. You stopped. “Ten years isn’t too bad, right?” He nodded. “My parents can get over it.”

Wrong [Theo]

Hiiii! really like your blog and I was wondering if you could do a Theo Raeken imagine where he finally realises all the wrong he’s does and he goes to the reader and just breaks down and she doesn’t know what to do, she just lays down with him and let’s him cry in arms. It’s okay if you can’t do it. Thanks anyway and stay awesome😻💕🙌🏻 -  

- Requested by @nogisvvne-deviated20160305

Theo stood there, looking down at him, at Josh, the blood dripping down from his claws, the power rushing through his body. It hit him there and then, a pain went through his head, one that made him want to shout out, all of the bad things he’d done in his life rushing through his head one at a time and it was way too much for him as he dropped to his knees in front of Josh. Tracy went to see if he was okay but he just pushed her away, there was only one person he needed right now, the only person that took away his pain, you.

Reaching towards Theo’s side of the bed, you sighed, you knew that he was away a lot but you hated waking up without him there. His shirt hugged the top half of your body as you inhaled his scent, part of you really missed the days where none of this was happening, where he didn’t belong to a pack or was involved in any of this supernatural stuff, when he was just yours and the two of you were known for being well, you two.

“One day, you’ll be here when I wake up,” you mumbled, resting your head on his pillow as you slipped him a message before you got up and did your morning stretches before heading towards the bathroom for a shower. The warm water felt welcoming on your body, liking it was washing away all of your worries and anxieties you had, like Theo going out one day and not coming home. The thought of that terrified you more than anything else in the world. Theo not coming home and you being left alone.

Theo was the reason that you were still here. The two of you met a few years ago when things were starting to get really bad for you at home, he took you in and made sure you were okay. You stayed with him for most nights when you were too terrified to go home, he’d listen to you when you needed to cry or rant about something, he truly was your rock and you were more than thankful for all of times he was there for you and when he needed you, you were always there for him too.

“Y/N?! Are you here? Please tell me you’re home!” You heard Theo shouting, you turned off the shower and got out, quickly drying yourself off before throwing some clothes on and finding Theo in your bedroom, tears running from his eyes. “Y/N?” He asked looking up at you, the sight breaking your heart. You rushed forward and wrapped you arms tightly around him. 

“Hey, hey, hey, what’s happened? What’s wrong baby?” You asked, rubbing his back gently as he held onto you. 

“I’m a terrible person Y/N, I am the worst person in the world, look at all the bad things I…” He trailed off as he broke down again. You didn’t know what to do, the most important person in your life was sobbing his heart out in you arms and you had no idea what to say or do to make this better for him, how to take his pain away. 

“Breathe Theo, you’re okay,” you whispered, pulling away from him. “Let’s go to bed, okay?” He nodded and you stood up and took his hand, letting him lay down on the bed before you laid down with him. His head immediately went to your chest as the rest of his body curled up into you. “It’s okay,” you whispered, trying to reassure him.

“No it’s not, I’m such a bad person, I killed Josh today just to take his power, it’s not okay Y/N! It’s not!” He shouted and you knew not to take it personally, he was just upset, you knew that. “I’m sorry,” he whispered as he buried his face in your T-Shirt.

“I know,” you whispered, your hand running through his hair as you tried your best to calm him down. “I know that you don’t think it’s going to be okay but it will be okay, YOU’RE going to be okay. They manipulated you Theo, the dread doctors manipulated you but you’re okay now, I promise.” You said, pressing kisses to the top of his head. “I got you.”

“Please don’t leave me,” it was so quiet that you hardly heard it, you shook your head as you squeezed him tightly. It broke your heart that he thought you would go anywhere, you knew it was going to take a lot but you were going to help the broken boy in your arms, you wanted to make him feel better, to know he was better than what the dread doctors made him into.

“I’m not Theo, I promise, I’m not.” You said, kissing his forehead and pulling away so you could wipe away his tears. “I love you Theo Raeken, okay? More than anything.”

“I love you too,” he whispered, his voice breaking as his head went to your shoulder again. Sighing quietly, you entwined your fingers together and use your free hand to squeeze his shoulder as his sobs went down to sniffles. 

Within another half an hour, Theo’s breathing had evened out and you felt better knowing that he was asleep and not in emotional pain anymore. Your lips met his forehead and stayed there for a few seconds, you wiped away any remaining liquid away from his cheeks as you sighed and rested your chin on the top of his head and let your eyes slip shut, making sure you held the broken body tightly in your arms.

Australian politics gothic

They are still counting. The votes keep coming in. Can the AEC staff even count? They don’t even know - all they know is that there are more votes to count. The letters flood in. AEC staff are dying. 

No party has the majority. They need 76 seats to form a majority government they say. Only 2 seats are filled. Where did the other seats go? Everywhere you look there are seats. Are you sitting? How many seats do you take up? Stop laying across them. 17 seats have walked out. They no longer care. They slam the door as they leave.

Australian people are confused and angry. At what specifically they don’t know for sure. Blame Tony Abbott. And the sausage sizzles outside polling places. The blame has shifted to the huge senate voting forms. 13 people are reported dead, strangled by the length of the forms and the Pirate Party. 

The Sex Party is throwing a party. The Science Party has gone to space. Come back, take us with you. Everything is anarchy. 

Offers are being made to anyone. Matt Damon has politely declined the position of Prime Minister of Australia. So has Zac Efron. Australians are getting desperate. The country belongs to no one. The Aboriginals reclaim their land. Traditions are reestablished. Peace is restored. 

There are days like today, where I can’t see that I’ve lost weight. And I mean, looking at these two pictures side by side, of course I can see a difference. But when I look in the mirror, when I get out of bed in the morning and stand with my weight on two solid feet, when I lay down in the bath and become presented with my body in full view, I have struggles seeing that In these past few months, any thing has changed. And It can be really really disheartening and depressing, thinking that all the work you’re putting in is going nowhere, trying to work out how much more weight you have to lose to get to where you want considering the numbers on the scales are going down, but your body doesn’t seem to be changing. These photos, these comparisons, are the only way I can keep myself motivated. Because even when my brain is lying to me, the camera isn’t. I can definitely see that I’ve lost weight, and my posture has improved drastically haha 

We don’t have to go out. We don’t have to get fucked up every night to the point where we don’t remember what happened the next morning. Camp out in a tent with me in the backyard by a fire. Put blankets in the back of your truck so we can look at the stars and each other. Take me to the park with a guitar so we can sing together. Lay with me all night on the top of a building while we talk about the universe. Pick me up and drive on back roads until we don’t know where we are. I don’t want to not remember. I want to remember everything. I want to remember you.
—  Because you are my universe