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Outsiders lazy day headcannons

- Darry loves his lazy days. he doesn’t have work so he just reclines back in his sofa chair thingy (lazyboy? idk) and reads the paper.

-Ponyboy is so bored OMG he’s nags everybody!

-”Darry i’m bored!”

-”Go read a book…”

-”i’ve read all my books!!”

-”Go paint a picture…..”

-”i’ve already PAINTED a thOUSAND!!”

-”….what’s One thousand and one gonna hurt.”

-Two-bit is wrapped in a blanket like a burito layed on the couch like a wooden plank.

-”Pony, i’m dying from unproductiveness. i-i don’t think i’m… i-”

-”Oh shut up Two-bit!”

`-Steve is eating them out of house and home O.,K

-Dally pacing or sitting somewhere tearing shards of paper

-Johnny shows up with homework, “Pony you wanna help me with this man??”

- “nnnNNNOOOOO nOt HoMewoRK!!’

-Sodapop is the only one not bored

-i mean this boy is full of energy!!! “C’mon guys why the long faces?”

-”we’ve been sitting here so long i guess they grew…”

-Dally tickling Johnny and Johnny getting irritated after a while then Johnny knocks over a lamp and the lamp breaks and Darry sees and is super pissed so he sends Dallas out of the house to buy a new one

-”where’my gonna get the money man?!”


-Two-bit spitting chewed up paper wads at everybody

-Pony still whining about being “bOreDDDD”

-Sodapop pretty much playing charades alone because nobody else is in a “happy happy mood”

-”Pony, your brothers’ a smileyface..” XD c;

-Steve was in the kitchen 4 like, daaa whole dangg dayyYYY

-they finally get pizza and watch a movie (of Pony’s choice 😉)

sorryyy these r so bad I NEED REQUESTSSS why do you think i write these IM BOREDDDD!!! I NEED REQUESTS I REPEAT REQUETSS NEEDED!!!

lazy Sundays with Bucky would include

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  • being the whole day in a baggy shirt of his
  • pizza for breakfast
  • crisps and ice cream for lunch
  • pizza for dinner 
  • staying in bed
  • getting him acquainted with Harry Potter series
  • taking quizzes on pottermore
  • “it says i’m in gryffindor. It’s good, right?”
  • playing with his hair
  • braiding his hair
  • “angel, you look so hot in my shirt”
  • lazy make out session
  • him leaving open mouthed kisses on your neck
  • “can i paint on your back, Bucky?”
  • gently removing his shirt
  • him laying down on his tummy
  • at first massaging his tense back and shoulders
  • then attempting to paint Steve’s shield on his back
  • “darling, that tickles”
  • taking a picture of that “masterpiece”
  • tweeting it with a caption “Stucky is love, Stucky is life”
  • eating nutella from the jar
  • putting nutella on his lips and then kissing them
  • reading poems for him 
  • “i adore your voice”
  • cuddling while ed sheeran is playing in the background
  • “no Tony, go away!”
  • listening to Hamilton
  • knowing all songs by heart
  • going on Tumblr
  • “doll, what is a ship?”
  • “omg they ship me with Sam ew that’s gross”
  • prank calling other avengers
  • painting on his metal arm
  • building blanket fort
  • watching funny videos of cute puppies
  • taking baths together
  • him going in bathtub first and then you join him
  • feeling his broad and muscular chest against your back
  • him gently caressing your skin with his metal fingers
  • talking about everything and anything
  • silly, pointless conversations turning into deep, philosophical debates
  • staying in the bathtub until the water goes cold
  • him wrapping you up in a fluffy towel and carrying you to your bathroom
  • falling asleep in each others arms with your fingers intertwined  

Hi! So I wrote a fic loosely based on a post by omg-hawkeye. Check them out - they’re great!

Here’s the post - 

Warnings - very brief mentions of kidnapping but no actual kidnapping.

Clint stared at his wardrobe, a frown spreading over his features. Nothing. Well, nothing that he could wear anyway. Yesterday the team had found his old circus pictures and they would not stop teasing him about his purple costume. This was fine, as sooner or later someone else would goof up and they would forget about it - providing he didn’t remind them. This was where the problem lay – all his clothes were purple. Shirts, T-shirts, vests, dresses, cardigans, sweaters, hoodies and jackets. All in purple.

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Exo reaction to when you [crush] is taking selcas with other members

baekhyun: *strikes a sexy pose hoping you’ll notice him*

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lay: *blushes* shes so adorable would she take one with me??

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chen: *dies from happiness cuz you’re near*

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tao: omg om g y/n is here.. taking pictures with the others…

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sehun: why isnt she coming to meeeeeeeee

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xiumin: *keeps an eye on you*

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suho: *shoot daggers*

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kyungsoo: *steals the phone*

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kris: um what the

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luhan: *approaches you and asks for a photo too*

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kai: what is she doing there? she’s suppose to be by my side

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-admin m


…And thats how Dave’s speakeasy was created.

This one has been laying around since last winter. I tried my best to save picture 1 + 2 + 3 from terrible 2k15 style

Thanks for those who came up with ideas for the name of Dave’s Speakeasy! I love my followers! 

Exo Reaction to you asking them for nudes

A/N: This is my first reaction, so don’t hate me because it’s probably not so good :/

And please give me requests because I have no idea what you guys want

Lay: “Oh, I see..” *Yixing getting interested*

Xiumin: “Of course babe” *Can’t really believe what he just heard*

Chen: “Well, maybe..” *Shy but horny Chen mode on*

Kai: “Hell yeah baby, anytime!”

Sehun: “Omg babe why are you asking me for this? You’re so innocent!”

Suho: “Why have pictures when you can have me anytime you want?” *Horny Suho mode*

Chanyeol: “Hmm, I’ll definitely think about it” (Of course he’s gonna send you pictures, ALOT)

Baekhyun: “Wait, did she just say what I think she said?!” *Excited Baekhyun*

D.O: “Oh My God, this is really happening” *Getting nervous and sweaty*

Luhan: “Haha yeah sure babe.. WAIT WHAT?!”

Kris: “Sure miss, but don’t get too turned on because of my sexiness”

Tao: “I can’t believe you finally asked for it. Be prepared baby.” *Happy mode*

  • sm: *drops lucky one's teaser photos*
  • exo-ls: omG the pictures are so bright and colorful they're gonna have a cute concept!!
  • sm: *drops lucky one's mv teaser*
  • exo-ls: what the fuck
  • sm: lol bitch u thought
Dirty dancing for Exo

This blog is hella, omg. I check every day for updates– Can I get Exo reacting to their girlfriend doing dirty dancing, please? (Maybe with gifs if that’s okay with you–) 

Hello , first I love their reactions, they are incredible. Second, could make a reaction of exo to get home and see you dancing and singing sensually “ sexy, naughty, bitchy ” <3 (sorry my english) 

Aww shucks thank you ^V^

I did this with the thought that they catch you :)



Suho: Whoa there baby! Where did you learn those moves!

Baekhyun: *watches you from doorway* Oh god this is going to be good

Chaneyol: AHHHH the things this girl does to me!

D.O: *caught by surprise* Uh… jagi? *just watches you in awe*

Kai: *notices what you’re doing… joins you*

Sehun: *stands there for a really long time with perve face on* She is so hot~

Xiumin: *notices you* If I knew you could move your hips like that I would make you dance for me every night. *pause* Go on then baby… Dance for daddy ;)

Lay: Oh… My heart. *breathe heavily* how is she doing that?

Chen: *tries to watch for as long as possible* Jagi stop. *you turn around* That was way too sexy. Now get out and march that cute ass to the bedroom!

Tao: *almost chokes from how much you turn him on* 

monsteryuyu  asked:

Exo reaction to holding their newborn baby for the first time ? Thanks ~ I'm a new follower ♡

hiiiii thank you for following me!! omg <3<3<3 here’s a short reaction!

cries while showering the baby with kisses: Xiumin, Luhan, Chen, Tao

takes pictures and videos everything: Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Sehun

“aw you look just like your mom~”: Kris, Suho, Lay, D.O., Kai


Ok…I need cute puppy pictures and something happy after that…

But OMG–Go check out this comic by rahafwabas!!

It hit me in the heart strings and begged to be played with–so after much editing and determination, here is this thing. It’s not perfect, but I think I’ll go lay on the ground and feel like garbage anyway…

Exo Reaction to them waking up and seeing their girlfriend sleeping next to them in their sweatshirt

Can you do a reaction to when Exo wakes up and sees their gf sleeping next to them with their sweatshirt on in which it looks really oversized. -Anon. 

Xiumin: -You make up and see him staring at you- “Sorry, I just think you’re really cute sleeping in my sweatshirt”

Luhan: -sweetly looks at you and gently brushes your hair away from your face-

Kris: When you wake up and see him staring, he pulls you in for a hug and tells you you should wear that more often

Suho: *starts getting shy*

Lay: smiles and tells you to keep it… my sweatshirt fits you better than it fits me :)

Baekhyun: Omg that sneaky girl… when did put that on? Is that my favorite sweatshirt she’s wearing? ;)

Chen: -needs a picture so he can look at it when he misses you-

Chanyeol: -stares at you like this for the rest of the time your sleeping-

D.O: thinking to himself “my girlfriend’s in my sweatshirt, my girlfriend’s in my sweatshirt”

Tao: woah, who is that cutie wearing my clothes?

Kai: You don’t have to change, just wear that the entire day :)

Sehun: Aww, my sweatshirt is a dress on her

EXO,BTS,GOT7 Reaction to you Dressing Like You’re From the 90′s

(~˘▾˘)~ jongkim-kai said to reactions-exo:reaction to you dressing like your from the 90s (like clueless the movie type of fashion)

Could you do the same for got7 and bts7 (my last request) if not I understand 💗✨ ~(˘▾˘~)

Hello love so this is going to be a MEGA REACTION since i’m putting all these three groups reactions into one big reaction!!! Are you excited i’m excited!!! Ok i’m sorry i’m a little to excited but i hope you like the reaction!

- Jasmine 



Baekhyun: Ya of course those shoulder pads look good on you…

Chanyeol: Did i just go back in time?

Chen: Wait wait let me take a picture!!!

D.O: *she still look good though*

Kai: OMG!!!!!

Kris: Do you realize we’re in public?

Lay: I see you

Luhan: And you say i have bad taste

Sehun: You look so cute!!!

Suho: Maybe we should buy you some new clothes

Tao: Maybe you should try gucci

Xiumin: I’m not sure how i feel about this


J-hope: Oh no


You: Jimin look 

Jimin: What? *looks up* Oh my

Jin: *he’s used to it* Hey Y/N

Jungkook: Oh hey sexy

Rapmon: *tries to put on some glasses you had* I don’t like the 90′s anymore

Suga: Are you wearing converse? *we all know he likes converse*

V: I like it


BamBam: You look very different

Jackson: I liked your regular clothes better

JB: uhhhh

Jr.: You look absolutely beautiful 

Mark: You sure you don’t wanna return those clothes?

Youngjae: Oh Y/N!!!

Yugyeom: You look great!

*gifs not mine*


Mobile Masterlist

Imagine Jack taking so many secret nonsexual pictures of Bitty, like he wakes up early and gets back from a run and sees Bitty still sleeping, so he takes out his camera and snaps pictures of him. The stripes of sunlight across his body, his hair sleep tussled, the blanket laying across his hips, his shirt exposing the muscles in his stomach.  

AND THEN for their like five year anniversary, Jack sends his nonsexual photos, some of just the two of them, some of just beautiful Bitty being beautiful Bitty, to Lardo and pays her to make them into some sort of art for their home and promises her that she could use it for any sort of gallery or anything if she needs too.


A few of the slightly more suggestive ones get in there, none of the full-on hardcore sex stuff, but maybe a few of Bitty in underwear and a shirt cooking or smth or maybe some where Bitty has total sex eyes or w/e. 

But when Lardo sees them she ends up making them subtly the most noticeable photos in the piece and then gives the piece to Jack and he’s like “You weren’t supposed to get those”

Exo Reactions To How They Act When They’re Sleepy

I’m squealing over how cute I picture them to be when they’re tired omg xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *extremely squishy & cuddly, will actually walk around trying to find you just so he can lay on/next to/around you*

Chanyeol: *still tries to be all happy & positive but has moments where he just goes quiet & will fall asleep with his eyes open*

Chen: *Ten times more cuddly than usual & extremely clingy, if you try to get up before he falls asleep, he’ll whine at you until you come back*

D.O.: *gets a little lazy & slow but is somewhat the same as normal*

Kai: *literally can’t function properly & will fall asleep anywhere*

Kris: *tries his hardest to seem wide awake but will fall asleep sitting up until he catches himself & acts like it never happened* 

Lay: *looks & acts even more high than normal, will laugh at anything & probably sees things that aren't there from exhaustion*

Luhan: *grumpy & irritable* 

Sehun: *almost exactly the same as usual, just with more complaining*

Suho: *you almost can’t even tell when he’s tired, but he’ll give little signs like blinking slower & taking longer to answer questions*

Tao: *will use whoever & whatever he can as a pillow, he becomes a little more touchy, wanting to have someone around when he falls asleep to feel safe*

Xiumin: *talks about nonsense like it’s an actual conversation to him & will seemingly fall asleep but then continue the conversation like he never drifted off*

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

EXO Comeback

Not so long ago Chanyeol.posted a picture on Instagram and commented the caption with “expecting”. That made some fans laugh since it is usually said when someone is pregnant. Now, there is a possibility that EXO’s comeback single would be “Call Me Daddy”. Isn’t this strange? An exo member is a daddy now!!!!OMG hahahahahahha this is so strange tho

Why the INTP can't sleep

Intp: *lays in bed*
Mind: *clears throat*
Every chemical reaction can be undone, so can I unfry fries?
How do they make such good pictures of other galaxies?
How the hell do those pictures reach earth?
Why I wifi either slow or fast?
What is the Internet? Where is it?
Would porn movies have soundtracks?
Why does porn exist? Who the fuck came with such a stupid idea?
Would prostitutes enjoy their job?
Who invented the bra?
When did society decide that female nipples are not allowed in public?
Nipples are gross tbh
What if I’m now being watched by aliens?
Omg I want to be abducted.
Why can’t they take me?
This world is boring
Fuck sleep, let’s watch TED-Ed videos

The signs on a road trip (in a really big car apparently)

Taurus: Okay Aries why don’t I drive for a bit? *removes Aries from the driver’s seat and throws them out the window*
Gemini: *takes about 500 pictures of the road* okay guys lets go home I’m done.
Cancer: Ugh Gemini you need to appreciate this we can bond from thiiisssss…. *strokes Gemini’s hair*
Leo: yo there is nothing but dead animals out here can I have one
Virgo: *moons everyone passing by* hehe kiss it
Libra: *crying* imma take a nap here *lays down on floor* goodnight…
Scorpio: *lays down by libra* bro it smells like B.O up there it’s probably Virgo’s butt.
Sagittarius: omg thATS DISGUSTING VIRGO WHY ARE YOU- *leans out the window and throws up*
Capricorn: ummm… Gross…. *proceeds to climb out of the window*
Aquarius: Hey why don’t we all sing some songs to lighten the mood? *sings mad world in the lowest voice they have*
Pisces: *is waiting at the front door not realizing they have been left behind*