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Squad making fun of j and y/n saying idk how you two are dating bc both weird as fuck

this is so funny to me lmao

SQUAD always felt that you and Justin are so weird together. Like they always catch you guys playfully biting each other, or making silly faces at each other. One night in particular, they just watch you two interact. You would be laying your head in Justin’s lap but facing up to see his face and you’d just put your finger up his nose and you guys would laugh and then Justin would tell you about this one time how when he was younger, he was dared to lick a slide and then he would demonstrate how he licked the slide by licking the side of your face and you would playfully hit him and yell ‘EW!’ and you guys would laugh. Za would be the one to say “idk how ya’ll are dating because ya’ll weird af” and you would be like “well it makes sense because we’re both weird?” and Justin would agree and you guys would get back to being weird with each other lol

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I cry bc I will never get to play with Harry's hair. Imagine him laying his head in your lap or you both laying down and you just sit there and play with his hair. It's not fair

please i know :( harry with his back against your chest and you’re just running your fingers through his hair :( braiding it as he has his head in your lap :( tugging on it during sex :( i’m pretty sure he purrs when people play w his hair :(

Do you ever just sit there and study someone?
How they sit
How they move
How their hair curls
How they breathe
How they fidget
How their nose does that cute twitchy thing sometimes
How they react to funny thing

Do you ever just study how great someone is?

luke laying his head in your lap while the collection of pot holes in the road give under the massive tires of the tour bus, his face still glistening with a thin layer of sweat from the show that ended not hours before, his eyes a bit puffy and swollen with fatigue, making the gentle blue hue all the more dazzling. he gently toyed with your hands that draped over his collarbones, his fingers brushing over the ridges caused by your flexed joints, the cool metal of his rings bringing a flutter of goosebumps across your already chilled skin before he was soothing the coolness by covering his lips over each individual digit, the amount of affection from the simple movements enveloping your heart in adoration until he’s guiding your grip to his sweaty mess of curly hairs, coaxing you to run your fingers through it as his eyes flit closed and he hums tiredly did you know you’re the most beautiful girl in the world? as you just shush him with flushed pink cheeks, tugging the knots from the darkened, damp blonde while massaging his scalp until his heartbeat is slowing under your touch and he’s murmuring i love you, princess 

Being roommates with Calum includes:
•referring to you as “roomie” for the first five months
•fearing for your life if he drives you anywhere
•"I’m not speeding, I’m keeping up with the flow of traffic!“
•him being quiet and cuddly when he’s sad
•him laying with his head in your lap
•*knocks on your door at 1am* “sorry, I couldn’t sleep”
•him flopping down onto your bed
•kissing you on the cheek “mwah!”
•him doing your zumba dvd with you after making fun of it
•you getting him ice when he swings his hip into the table
•"fuck zumba” “oh god what if I can’t have sex now?!”
•him being very clingy when he’s drunk
•"but I love you?!“
•him stress cleaning
•loud punk rock music when he’s upset
•"what do you mean put a shirt on?“
•"yes I know I’m not in magic mike”
•going out with him and never leaving the dance floor
•him convincing you to do a body shot off him
•"it will bond us for life!“
•pointing out hot girls for him to take home
•him giving the death glare to any guy that comes near you
•you screaming after a nightmare and him running in with a baseball bat
•"why are you laughing?” “yes I was going to fight someone with this!”
•him always having someone over because he hates being alone
•him being convinced you have a crush on Luke
•"just don’t fuck him if I’m here okay?”
•him throwing parties when you’re away
•him throwing parties when you’re home
•you both being morning people
•going for runs together
•"just so you know you are killing the sports bra look"
•lots of firm hugs
•beers and soccer in Liverpool colours
•picking you up and spinning you around when they score
•his tongue being out in every picture he has with you
•him waiting up for you when you’re out late
•coming home to find him asleep on the couch
•you seeing him naked when you’re both getting water at 3am
•"fuck! I thought you were asleep!“
•him being nervous around you for a week
•"hey, I’m sorry you saw my dick”
•"unless you liked it"

Being best friends with Suga would include:
  • “Feed me Y/N”
  • “But you have arms”
  • “But I don’t want to move”
  • Listening to him rap 
  • Dying eachother’s hair
  • Him spending the night
  • “Your butt looks nice in that”
  • Him stealing your drink 
  • Laying your heads on eachother’s lap 
  • Sleep overs
  • Playing video games 
  • “Does my breath smell bad?”
  • “Why would I smell your breath?”
  • “Because you’re my best friend and it’s your job” 

this my black lab slugger !!! he’s about 7-8 years old and we’ve had him for most of his life so far. he’s gettin old but he still acts as if he’s a lil puppy :) he jumps up to lay on your lap and has an endless amount of energy, which is why he gets out sometimes and runs all around the neighborhood- such a hassle but we love him anyway! he absolutely loves walks and we cannot say the word too often around him haha. he’s the sweetest boy, he will jump on strangers when they come in but never bites, just gives slobbery kisses and sniffs! ❤️ he’s terrified of rain so you’ll find him hiding in our basement shaking and even refusing to eat :(
He’s very cuddly, loves being rubbed, and I taught him how to give high fives! ✋🏻
I love him so so much and I sometimes give him extra treats so he loves me more than anyone else (shhh!) (submitted by sughmmer)

I’m tired, can’t think of anything and want only to lay my face in your lap, feel your hand on my head and remain like that through all eternity.
—  Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena

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3 word prompt: cuddling and Netflix

I got a lot of requests for cuddling, so here we go.


Dean is a comfort cuddler. He wants to feel you next to him on the couch, in your bed, in the passenger seat of the Impala. Wherever you are, he wants to be touching you.

It’s as much for him as it is for you, he just wants you to know that he’s there with you, and he wants to feel for himself that you are safe. And with all the public PDA- the hand-holding, the forehead kisses, the way his hand rests on the small of your back when you’re walking- he’s even worse when you’re alone.

He pulls your legs over his to watch Netflix on the couch, or he lays his head in your lap, enjoying being cuddled as much as cuddling. And when you fall asleep, it’s face to face, whatever movie you were watching totally forgotten as you watch each other’s eyes instead.

His arms are wrapped around your waist, and he scoots down so that his head is resting in your neck. He lets out the cutest sighs when you run your fingers through his hair and gently rub his shoulders, and you feel your heart swell, because this is the only time he allows someone else to take care of him.  

His legs tangle with yours and he absently rubs your feet with his own. Sometimes his hands trace patterns on your back and hips, sometimes they slide down to your ass and just rest there, not looking for anything other than innocent physical contact.

No matter what position you end up in, Dean will make sure you are as close as you can physically be.


Sam is a pleasure cuddler. He wants you to feel cherished, protected, and taken care of.

He uses his size to his advantage, because he can all but swallow you up in his long arms and legs when you spoon on the couch to binge watch trash tv. He wraps around you like an octopus, and it’s almost too tight, but you don’t mind, because you have never felt as safe as when you are cuddling with Sam.

Sam is all about control, even when it comes to snuggling. He lets you play with his hair, but only because he knows you like it. He takes the lead, is always the big spoon, always the one holding you, because that’s the way he is in everything physical.

Most of the time, his hands are wandering, because Sam likes to feel your lines and curves, likes to feel your body responding to his, likes to know how much he affects you.

Cuddling with Sam generally leads to sex, and you don’t mind. It never takes very long for the large hands rubbing your back to wander down to your ass, or move around to your breasts, and once he does that, you’re gone.

And however you fall asleep, all mashed up against him, half buried underneath his huge frame- that’s how you wake up. Sam doesn’t let you move an inch away from him.

I wish you would come here and hold me.
I wish you could kiss me endlessly.
I wish I could wake up to your lovely face every morning.
I wish I could make you breakfast and sit on your lap while you eat.
I wish I could ask you not to go to work because I need your comfort.
I wish I could surprise you every day.
I wish I could meet you for lunch and slip you love notes. 
I wish we could go grocery shopping so I could sit in the trolley while you push me around.
I wish we could go out to dinner so I could look into your eyes and wonder how I got so lucky.
I wish I could show you how much I love you every day.
I wish I could lay my head in your lap in the evening and listen to you talk about your day.
I wish I could talk enough to make you want to shut me up with kisses.
I wish I could go to sleep by your side every night, knowing I’m safe in your arms.
I wish you were here, with me.
I’ll be patient. I’m yours. You’re mine.
Distance is only temporary.
—  me to you
Scruff tickles

Let’s take a minute to talk about Luke’s beard. I just feel like he would use that thing to his advantage all the time.

So you’re laying on the couch with Luke watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother with him because it was his turn to control the remote. Eventually commercials come on and he starts getting bored and because you’re laying on your back with your legs in his lap, he has perfect access to your stomach. He runs his fingers along the bottom of your tummy that’s showing because your shirt rode up a little and you ignore it because it’s Luke and he just loves to be touching you somehow and it’s just a sweet gesture. Then he leans down and pushes your shirt up to below your bra and leaves little kisses all along your stomach to make you laugh and you’re just blushing and giggling because he’s such a cheesy sweetheart. Then you feel his whiskers rubbing across your skin and it tickles like crazy so you start wiggling and trying to push him away. It doesn’t take Luke long to realize what’s happening and he looks at you with wide eyes and asks, “my beard tickles?” And you reluctantly nod because you know he’s going to use this and his smirk shows you were right. His strong hands grip your waist and his face goes back down to your stomach and he starts rubbing his scruff across your skin. No matter how much you scream and whine for him to stop he doesn’t because he loves your laugh and even though you say you hate it, you’re laughing pretty hard right now. Finally you manage to push him off and he sits back with a smug look on his face when he sees how red your cheeks are. “Luke Robert Hemmings I will shave you in your sleep.” You state, still putting on fake pout so he knows you’re mad at him. His eyes widen and suddenly he’s begging you to leave his beard alone and he won’t do it again. What he doesn’t know is that you would never touch his scruff because you love it just as much he did.

Exo on a Picnic Date

Suho: As he’s eating, you tease him about how cute he looks with his cheeks puffed while his mouth is full. He later invites you to lay your head on his lap and he gently plays with the strands of your hair.

Baekhyun: He tells you that you have some food on your lip but before you can reach for a napkin to wipe it clean, he kisses it off instead. When he pulls away, he makes cute faces and asks for more kisses.

Chanyeol: Serenades you while you eat and tells jokes about the members. When that gets boring, the two of you end up having races down the nearby hill.

D.O: Unpacks lots of sandwiches he made himself and playfully feeds you by breaking the bread into bite sized chunks.

Kai: As you two are eating, he spots a butterfly drifting between grass blades. He lies on his stomach and watches the creature carefully. You lie down beside him and he turns to give you a sweet peck on the nose.

Sehun: Pulling out the food from the basket, you realize all he packed were sweets and desserts. You give him a questioning look and he smiles mischievously before digging into a slice of chocolate cake.

Kris: Acts cool when you squeal over a bee constantly hovering around your food but quickly jumps behind your back for protection when the bee flies close to him.

Xiumin: Plays hide and seek with you behind the surrounding trees. When he finds you, you run away screaming. After a bit of chasing, he takes you into his arms and twirls you around playfully.

Luhan: While you’re eating, he shows you his best soccer skills. You cheer excitedly and the smile on his face glows brighter than ever.

Lay: Constantly asks if you want more food and if you were full; making sure that you ate well and enjoyed the date.

Chen: After eating, the two of you lean against an old tree trunk. You rest your head on his shoulder and he hums a gentle tune until you fall asleep.

Tao: You are about to dig into the food when he stops you and whips out his phone to take a picture of it. Giving him a glare, he smiles and pulls you in to take a selca and kisses your cheek.

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OKAY so Luke would finger you actually all of the time and you'd be on the couch and he likes it when you lay on him so you're legit IN HIS LAP with your chests touching and then his fingers just slip right in and you're like whimpering and just holding onto his shoulders and he's just "come on baby, you look so pretty" and like bouncing his leg while kissing your neck and you're a fucking mess almost crying and you finally cum and collapse on him and he holds you and kisses your shoulder SHIT

Will some one end my suffering

Daredevil Preference: Sleeping Positions

Matt: Matt didn’t always like to be touched when you slept together. You would curl on opposite sides of the bed with your backs toward each other, just close enough to feel each other’s body heat. When he did feel like touching he would curl his arm over your waist and tuck his face against your neck.

Wesley. Wesley liked to lay on his side with you tucked close against his chest and one arm crooked under your head and the other wrapped around you to hold you close. Other times, most often after a hard day at work, he would lay his head on a pillow in your lap and you would stroke his hair until he drifted off.

Anatoly: Anatoly and you would tangle yourselves together until you couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. Your arms would be wound around each other and your legs entwined, he loved to closeness and you loved the warmth.

Vladimir: He often slept on his back, pulling you to lay half on top of him, head pillowed on his chest, one leg over his. He would let his fingers run through your hair, falling asleep with them still entangled and his other arm over you.

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31 MIKEY?!?

YEsajlhk OK!!!

31. “Why are you so cute?”

“Why are you so cute?” You cooed out, playing with the paws of the kitten laying in your lap. It was day three of “Operation: Kitten”, as Michael liked to call it, and already your new furball had torn apart a drape in your room, bit the shit out of your phone charger, and made a mess in one of Michael’s favourite snapbacks. Of course, you couldn’t exactly get mad at the thing, because every time you even started to get remotely annoyed, Michael would pop up out of nowhere and point out things like “It doesn’t know any better!” and “It’s still learning!” He had a point, although part of you was still agitated he was able to persuade you to get the animal in the first place. You wanted a dog, but God almighty, did Michael put up a fight — a very whiny one at that, and before you knew it, he was dragging you out the door to the nearest animal shelter to find the perfect companion.

“Well, would you look at that!” Michael chimed, strolling in from the kitchen with his bulky headphones hanging around his neck and his soft blonde hair sticking every which way. From the looks of it, he was on break from what you could only guess was World of Warcraft and was getting snacks, also probably using the bathroom. It was typical Michael behaviour — on his days off, he’d catch up on all his games, which you didn’t mind. Hearing him yelling and swearing in the other room all day was actually… in a weird way, comforting. It meant it he was home.

“Y/N and Steve Harvey are getting along.” He continued in his soft, singsong voice, walking over to sit beside you so he could pet the kitten. You scoffed.

“We’re not calling the cat Steve Harvey, Michael. It’s an animal, not a human.” You looked down at the little grey fur baby that was now almost asleep, it’s eyes shut and it’s belly rising and falling slowly. “Plus, it can’t have three last names. Steve Harvey Clifford Y/L/N is tacky as fuck.”

Michael shrugged, his headphones moving with his shoulders. “Who says it has to have three? I think Steve Harvey Clifford sounds very classy.”

You turned to him with a disgusted face, shocked he’d even consider keeping your name out. “Nice, Mike. He’s just as much my cat as he is yours, so he has to have my last name too. We’re not taking it out.”

Babe, I’m not saying we have to take it out,” Michael responded casually, standing up and walking backwards towards his room. “But maybe you just need to adopt the Clifford title too.”

And 2 minutes later, he reappeared, this time without headphones but a shiny ring that was slid on your finger after he was down on one knee.

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Could you explain what the princes are doing in your header image? Is that Leo laying his head on Louis' lap??

Yes, ofc I can!

So the original image (THEY ARE IN SCHOOL UNIFORMS) is by the official artist of MidC, and this is the full pic:

So on the first panel, I assume Alyn is giving Giles the possible food choices. Like, do you want veggies/meat, to which Giles replies, yes veggies. Louis peacefully eating when Leo worms himself to Louis asking if he can use his lap as a pillow. Then you see Nico just by the edge of the blanket looking for meat and sweets.

On the second panel, Alyn hands Giles his food, to which Giles replies affectionately. And Alyn is feeling like a real loyal pup. Leo lays on Louis’s lap, and Louis playfully ruffles Leo’s hair, thinking that it feels a lot like he’s petting his bird, Lucia. Leo sleeps (WHICH IS A GOOD SIGN IF YOU’VE ALL PLAYED LEO’S ROUTE). Then Nico saying he’s finished(?).

exo reaction to you falling asleep in their arms

Xiumin-you were listening to music while laying on xiumin’s chest. You feel asleep while he wrapped his arms around you. Xiumin just stares at you until he fell asleep

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Luhan- you were watching a movie. You  put your head on luhan’s shoulder and fell asleep. Luhan gave you a kiss and put your head on his lap so you can sleep comfortably

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Kris- when you fell asleep, kris kept looking at you. He makes sure your warm and cozy.

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Suho-you were laying down on suho lap reading a book when you feel sleepy. Suho was checking tomorrow schedule. He looked down to check on you and saw that you fell asleep. He took your book and put it on the coffee table. he whisper I love you and took you to bed.

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Lay-he was writing new lyrics while you were playing on your phone with your head on his shoulder. After lay was finish with it for the day he turn his head to look at you to find you sleeping. he laid you on the couch, went to get a blanket and join you on the afternoon nap.

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Chen-Chen was practicing singing while you were laying your head on his lap listening to him sing. His singing bought you closer to dreamland and soon you were meet with it. Chen looked at you and smile continue to sing baby don’t cry and miracle in December for you and soon he was sleepy

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Baekhyun-Both of you were laying in bed enjoying each other’s company. You soon fell asleep. baekhyun gave you a forehead kiss and soon join you into dreamland where you met each other.

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Chanyeol-*You two were having afternoon cuddles. He was talking and you soon fell asleep. After he was done talking all he hear was silent. He looked over and saw you with your eyes close and mouth a bit open. He smile and pull you closer and fell asleep with you.

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D.O-You fell asleep while watching a movie with him in bed. He looked at you the whole time while the movie was still on. Hugging you closer and letting your head lay on his chest.

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Tao-He was on social media while you  were composing a song in bed. you soon got tired and fell asleep on your music sheets. He looked over and saw you sleeping. He didn’t want you to get your music sheets wet since you worked hard of them, so he put them on the bedside table. He took a selfie with you and posted on instagram #cutegirlfriend

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Kai- You were watching some videos and kai was watching some dance videos. You soon fell asleep with your phone on your chest. Kai looked over and took your phone and put it on the table. He took you in his arms and you two fell asleep together.

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Sehun- You got home from dance practice and found him sitting on the couch watching a movie. You two greeted each other and you lay down on the couch and put your head on his lap. He patted your head and soon you feel asleep. He took you to bed and put a blanket over you and join you to sleep.

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