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How would the guys react to finding their s/o crying

This is going off the assumption that you’d want him to stay with you while you cry, I personally don’t like when people see me cry


Makes a blanket nest, you guys just lay in the blanket nest until you’re ready to talk, has you pet Ringo too bc petting animals helps


He has you lay your head on his lap, running his fingers through your hair. Knows no one feels like talking when they’re crying so he’ll just hum a little ditty


He’s cuddles you, kissing your cheeks bc he’s gonna smooch the sads away


He awkwardly pats your back, he’s not the best at comforting others, probably asks if needs to kill anyone


He’s like “no” as he proceeds to put your favorite movie on, makes your favorite snack, and pulls you onto his lap so he can hug you


He panics, asking you what’s wrong and what he can do to make it better. He might end up crying with you tbh


He kinda just hugs you from behind, lets you cry it out bc sometimes ya just have to cry, kisses your temple and asks you what’s wrong


Just drapes a blanket around your shoulders, sits beside you, and holds your hands until you’ve got it out of your system


He makes you something warm to drink, gets you tissues, rubs your back in soothing circles

Do you ever just sit there and study someone?
How they sit
How they move
How their hair curls
How they breathe
How they fidget
How their nose does that cute twitchy thing sometimes
How they react to funny thing

Do you ever just study how great someone is?

Houses as Romantic Things No One Knows How to Phrase

Gryffindor: Those quick kisses that you can’t catch but still try, blushing when you get caught staring because you thought they looked over, wanting to put your head on their chest to feel their laughter.

Hufflepuff: Hugs from behind around your waist that make you feel like your wearing a sweater, having them lay their head on your lap and melting at how much they trust you, wanting to touch them like you’re a sculptor.

Ravenclaw: Finding something that reminds you of them and wanting to give it to them, the romanticized thinking of your future with them, the overwhelming urge to dance with them so you can feel their heartbeat.

Slytherin: The want to talk about them to anyone who will listen, breathing in the smell of their neck because nothing smells as perfect as they do, loving the valleys between their knuckles where your fingers fit.

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RFA cuddles???? love you btw ^^

Author’s note: I CAN’T DO ANGST so here is more fluff holla I did V and Unknown too


  • all cuddles
  • at any time
  • in any place
  • this kid loves cuddles like jumin loves cats and zen loves himself


  • TRUST ME!!!!
  • also if you’re cuddling with him expect him to sneak a couple kisses in there too


  • cuddling is basically you coming up with new ways to hug her while she can still keep her eyes on the computer screen
  • a lot A LOT A LOT of hugs and cuddles from behind
  • those are her favorites


  • lots of sweet words are exchanged during cuddle time
  • & don’t kill me but
  • a lot of his cuddling consists of him tracing the details of your face to make sure he’ll never forget them


  • cuddling helps him think
  • and normally he just lays his head in your lap and lets you play with his hair
  • but when you/he has had a rough day, he’ll just drag you to bed and pull you into his chest
  • also he loves it when you trace the lines on his hands 
  • it helps him sleep and they are his favorite


  • no
  • MC what are you doing
  • get off of me
  • stop
  • shit he loves them but there is NO WAY IN HELL he’ll tell you that


  • lotz of casual cuddles
  • like he’ll just sling his arm around you and call it a day
  • but also lots of silly cuddles
  • tickle fights that end in cuddles are very common !!!

Lay your head in my lap and I will weave ghosts into your hair to tell you stories all night while you sleep.

Close your eyes and drift into the dark, into the deep.


Introducing the MAYU BLANKET! You can…

1) If you lay it on your lap, it looks like he’s resting his head on your lap! (Model: Mikoshiba) 

Mikoshiba: Shouldn’t Sakura have done this?

Chiyo: I would if it was a Nozaki-kun pattern!!!

2) You can sleep with it, too! (Model: Nozaki)

3) Since it’s a blanket, you can hide it right away if someone comes in!!

Chiyo: “I came to do some inking!!!”

Nozaki: “I’m saved.”

Seventeen as cuddlers:
  1. S.Coups: Really aggressive (in a good way) when it comes to initiating, but always (pleasantly) a little surprised/thrown off when you initiate. His heart melts when you do, though, and it makes him hold you tighter.
  2. Jeonghan: Will hold you close, and likes the feeling of protection that comes with cuddling.
  3. Joshua: Takes a bit to feel fully comfortable, will do everything in his power not to move until he absolutely has to.
  4. Jun: Likes to whisper in your ear while holding you, and nuzzles your neck.
  5. Hoshi: He’d be particular about how he slept, but would want to be entwined with you in a small way (hands, or feet) even if he had to face the opposite direction.
  6. Wonwoo: Will put you on his lap, absent-mindedly playing with your hair and occasionally poking your sides to make you laugh.
  7. Woozi: Will lay his head on your lap, checking his phone and occasionally turning his head to kiss your leg and remind you that he’s there, even though you are very, very aware.
  8. DK: He’d stand you on his toes, kissing your nose and forehead before falling over on the nearest couch/bed- taking you down with him, laughing the whole way.
  9. Mingyu: Loves being the big spoon, will hold you tightly and entwine his hands with yours.
  10. The8: He’d start with simple hand holding, eventually leaning against each other, slowly getting closer and closer.
  11. Seungkwan: Would pull you in quickly, then blush when you squeezed him back.
  12. Vernon: Likes cuddling face to face, with his head just above yours, so he can rest his chin on the top of your head.
  13. Dino: He’d love to hold you around your waist, and would just smile to himself, holding in a giggle over how precious you are and how happy it makes him.
The signs power colors
  • Aries:Green like in the coziest of plaid shirts you have, the green that reminds you of Christmas and almost smells like pine.
  • Taurus:Blue like the ocean, blue that is almost unnaturally bright and reminds you of the neon lights in a city.
  • Gemini:Rich velvet red, like luxury laying on your lap, red that you can almost taste, red so flavor fillingly bright.
  • Cancer:Orange, in the spices you add to your coffee, orange in the pumpkin patch, orange so warm you almost feel like it is taking you home.
  • Leo:Neon peach, in the modern couches at the store, the new bright headphones sitting at your desk, the color that draws you to it with all it's neon joy.
  • Virgo:Yellow, the touch in a fire, the bright sun in the sky, the shocking electrifying shade of yellow, so bright you want to turn away, so beautiful you never want to stop looking.
  • Libra:Teal, like the nail polish on your fingers, the color that shimmers in the light, the one that reminds you of mermaids and magic.
  • Scorpio:Neon pink, in the rebellious streak of hair you dyed, in the punk rock way you rock the feminine color, how it makes you think of beaches and warm weather.
  • Sagittarius:Bright purple, in the new dress you bought, in the hair you saw that girl rock, in the way you can almost see all the adventures in just one color.
  • Capricorn:Neon green like the grass, green like the shimmering glass, green like the way you want to close your eyes and travel far to where life is always moving.
  • Aquarius:Glitter white, in the snow that falls outside, the color that brings you to dancing, the one you apply to your eyelids for a little cheer, the color that beams luxury.
  • Pisces:Black, in the richness of your voice, in the chaos of the world, in the sky that takes you home, the color of your jeans and the color that almost smells like ink.
thunderstorms with calum would include
  • grabbing lots of snacks and creating a fort in your room
  • hiding from the lightning under the covers 
  • him clinging to your side everytime there is a loud thunder
  • “holy shit babe, I think that thunder just spelled my name”
  • “no, no, where the hell do you think you’re going? you can’t let it get me!”
  • “let what get you? Calum I need to pee.”
  • jumping at every noise and squealing, hiding his face in your shoulder
  • listening to some old rock songs from your phone
  • “I’m bored, let’s make out.”
  • full on make out sessions
  • playing with his hair while his head is laying in your lap
  • “hey, babe, pass me that ice cream bowl.”
  • opening the flashlight of his phone and pointing it at his face, wiggling his eyebrows and grinning at you
  • “it’s so hot in here! let’s take our clothes off.”
  • sweaty cuddles
  • “Calum, get off, you’re squishing me!”
  • “can you come with me to the bathroom? I’m afraid to go by myself.”
  • rapping some old Eminem songs together
  • “I’m scared, kiss me.”
  • “Calum, I think the storm stopped.”
  • “I don’t care, I like it here.”
  • kissing every inch of your skin his lips could possibly reach
  • “you know what would be really cool? if we could have sex right now.”
  • him smirking at you like an idiot
  • “that’s it, I’m out.”
  • holding onto your leg like a koala bear
  • “you’re so annoying.”
  • “I love you too.”


I don’t even think of doing extravagant things with you, in all honesty. Yeah, maybe it’s crossed my mind a few times, but I just picture us together in the simplest of ways. Waking up to breakfast being poorly made by you, with your hair ruffled, black socks and your wrinkled boxers. I picture coming home from work and laying on your lap, or going out to the store to pick up one of our favorite movies and forcing the other to watch it. I can see us going down to the lake in your canoe and watching you teach me how to fish, which I would do quite horribly by the way. Or setting up a tent on our camping trips only to have it close in on itself one too many times, but still you make me perfect building that damn thing. Lots of times people are lost in the lights and want more, more, more of everything from someone. All I really want is you and your soda stained T-shirt, with ruffled hair and that cute smile that I can’t get enough of.
—  i just want the simple things

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Hello~ I'm a new follower and I really like you're writing! If you have time, can I request a scenario where Jumin, Zen, and 707 are passing by when they see MC hugging and laughing with another man and get jealous, but it turns out to be their dad??

~Welcome! Come in, have a seat. Enjoy my writing! Thank you kindly! I hope I can make you happy with this!~


He came home after a long day at work and sighed. He sat through so many meetings that day that he was ready to just lay in your lap and sleep. He put his bag on the floor and stepped into the living room.

He stopped as he saw another man in the room laughing with you. You seemed to be enjoying time with him. Jumin’s eyes widened as he saw you lean over and kiss the man’s cheek.


Both of you looked up and he saw your eyes light up with joy.


“Can I speak to you MC? Alone.”


You got up and waved to the man with a big grin on your face as Jumin took your hand and brought you into the kitchen.

There he pushed you against the wall.


“Shhhh” He placed a finger to your lips. “I ask the questions.”

You gave a confused expression but nodded anyways.

“Who is he?”

“Who is who?”

“Who. Is. The. Man. On. The. Couch?”

“Oh! I wanted you to meet him, I’m sure you’ll love him a lot! He’s my-”

“I want him out of my house.”

“But Jumin-”

“No buts. We’ll talk about this later.”

“…But I really wanted you to meet him…”

He sighed at your sad expression.

“Why? Why would I want to meet him?”

“Because he’s my father.”

“He’s your what?!”

“My father. I thought you’ve wanted to meet him.”

“No, wait, I do want to meet him. I just thought-”

“You don’t trust me?”

“MC I’m sorry I-”

“No. It’s fine we’ll talk about this later…”


“For now, let’s just meet my father.”

You took Jumin’s hand and walked into the living room.

“Dad? This is my boyfriend Jumin.”

Your father stood up and shook Jumin’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you sir. I trust you’re keeping my child happy?”

Jumin smiled and wrapped an arm around your waist. “Yes I am.”


He was walking home when he saw you. You had you arm linked with another mans arm and you had a huge grin on your face. He said something to you and you laughed a genuine laugh.

His jealous and possessive side came out and he marched to the two of you. 

He tapped the man on the shoulder. The both of you turned around and your eyes lit up. 

“Zen!!!! He’s my boyfriend, and I love him so much!” You said in your adorable voice.

“I love you too sweetheart.” he said before getting in the mans face. “Who are you and what are you doing with MC?” 

The man’s eyes widened. “You see Zen-” 

“Don’t dare say my name. It’s sir to you.” 

Your face looked horrified. “Zen…”

“You see sir I’m MC’s father.”

Zen’s eyes widened and you could see the horror in his eyes.


Your father chuckled. “The jealous type huh?” 

“Oh you have no idea.” You said with a small laugh. 

“H-How about you come over to our place and I’ll cook dinner for you as an apology?” 

“As long as it’s actually edible I will.” 

You laughed and now your dad always teases Zen whenever he comes over. 


You walked in with a man beside you giggling. Seven came out of his office to greet you. He completely ignored the man beside you and gave you a big hug, even lifting you off the ground. 

You laughed. “Seven! You can put me down now!” 

He held you there for another second almost like he was asserting his dominance to the other man in an affectionate manner. 

He put you down and kissed your forehead. 

“I have so much to tell you!” you said happily. 

He laughed. “Ok, let’s talk on the couch.” He took your hand and led you to the couch. The man followed you. You sat down next to the man and Seven slung an arm over your shoulder. 

You all made small talk and there was a lot of laughter and cheesy jokes from Seven. 

“Oh yeah! I didn’t introduce myself! I’m 707 MC’s lovely boyfriend.” 

You laughed. “I wouldn’t call you lovely.” 

“Pretend they didn’t say that.” 

The man laughed and offered his hand. “I’m MC’s father.” 

Seven’s eyes lit up and he gave him a highfive instead of a handshake. “I’m so glad to meet the person who made my bundle of joy!” 

You blushed. “Seven!!” 

“Whaaaat? It’s true!” 

Your father simply laughed. “It’s nice to meet the person who keeps my baby happy.”

“I try.” Seven said pulling you closer and kissing your cheek. 

Your father loves visiting Seven and you and actually find Seven’s jokes funny. I don’t know how…but he does. 


Jimin // Taehyung // Yoongi // Hoseok // Seokjin // Namjoon

life with jungkook as your boyfriend would include

  • having this sexy piece of ass to look at everyday
  • i mean come on 
  • if he isn’t your bias, he’s your bias wrecker don’t even fight me on this
  • because he’s so tall, he’d always be the one helping you reach things
  • giving you piggybacks
  • lifting you up bridal style easily bc he’s buff af
  • you get to wear all of his white tshirts
  • but don’t touch tshirt #28, that’s his special one

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idk I want to like kiss you and shit but I also just want to lay my head in your lap while you’re watching tv on the couch and just be for a bit