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mama era : childish superpower themed group who are shy and squishy adorable

Growl, XOXO and Wolf Era : finally confessed to their girl and became over protective boyfriends who will do anything to who harms their girl

Overdose era : men who are addicted to a girl and basically overdosed to it but it get a little bit sexier and super mature

Call Me Baby & Love Me Right : they are now grown men who are telling their girl to call him “baby” (daddy) and now in a mood for sex and became sexier than before and super duper matured

Monster,Lucky One & Lotto: grown men that doesn’t take “no” as an answer, and now they’re super sexy like you want to yell “TAKE ME HOME DADDY” when you see them and they have yummy nutella abs that you just want to suck because it looks delicious


Derek x Reader

Warnings: Fighting, angry Momma Hale, drinking

Requested By Anon

“Derek, we need a better place to live.” You snapped and Scowled at Isaac as you practically marched the window repairman over to the Boyd sized hole in the main window.

“We’re fine here, they just need to control themselves.” Derek chuckled and wrapped his arms around you, throwing a low growl towards Erica as she eyed Isaac like a playful cat.

“Or we could find somewhere that we know can survive having out biggest Beta thrown around.” You huffed and fussed over Boyd as he limped down the stairs and tried to get to the door.

Fussing over Boyd was, of course, a mistake because Erica and Isaac dropped their school bags and demanded to be cuddled until Derek had enough and shooed them out the door.

“Three kids huh, couldn’t handle that many.” The repairman muttered.

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”I’m not saying she wouldn’t go for you.” Barry began easily, causing Harrison to tense and adjust his dark-rimmed glasses before shooting him a glare. It wasn’t easy going up against a speedster, especially when that speedster was Barry Allen; headstrong and determined and extremely confident that he had what it took to win your heart. “I’m just saying, I probably have a better shot.”

Practically tossing one of the books you’d lent him against the desk where the rest of the pile lay, Harrison growled, “You know, Allen… Unlink you, I actually have enough game to get a date without manipulating the speedforce.”

Yeah?” Barry challenged before hovering his hand over the heap of books you’d been begging Harrison to read. “Is this her reading list?”

With narrowed eyes and a suspicious gaze, Harrison nodded before placing a hand on his hip and leaning back against his desk; his palm flat against the worktop as he agitatedly drummed his fingers over its surface… “Why?”

“Watch this.” And with that, Barry was pitching over the desk, thumbing through book after book with impossible legerity before finally setting them aside and crossing his arms over his chest to give Wells a derisive smirk. “I just read all her favorite books… All of them.”

“That’s annoying…” Harrison huffed, pursing his lips and staring at your books with a frown.

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*Imagine Barry and Harrison both competing for your affection at the same time*

Request: I no longer have the actual request but I was asked to surprise @a5ginger with something for Harrison or Barry and I decided to do both… I was going to save this for your birthday, but you seemed like you could use a little cheering up! So, here! Hope it turned out okay. :) And just know that I’m totally in love with you and I’m glad we struck up a conversation! :D Thanks for being so awesome! And thanks for being a great friend!