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mama era : childish superpower themed group who are shy and squishy adorable

Growl, XOXO and Wolf Era : finally confessed to their girl and became over protective boyfriends who will do anything to who harms their girl

Overdose era : men who are addicted to a girl and basically overdosed to it but it get a little bit sexier and super mature

Call Me Baby & Love Me Right : they are now grown men who are telling their girl to call him “baby” and became sexier than before and super duper matured

Monster,Lucky One & Lotto: grown men that doesn’t take “no” as an answer, and now they’re super sexy–


(he is a rapper, but still I like his singing so he should’ve had more chances to sing in the ballads)


EXO Compilation - Growl (OT12)

I’m so sorry for not posting, I have just been so busy with revision for exams and school in general, along with other person things that have been stopping me from working on my blogs. I’m so sorry but hopefully soon I’ll be able to catch up with anything missed and start doing some requests. Please stick with me! Saranghae <3














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pairing: justin foley / reader

genre: smut… but like soft smut HAHAHA 

description: honestly i suck at descriptions pls read hahaha ALSO ITS ANGSTY AT THE START BUT EVERYTHING WORKS OUT :-)

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Becoming a Queen

You knew your ship was doomed. You were the only one left alive, though as far as you could tell, there was only one of those /things/ left, too. You wanted to set a course to crash into the planet then use one of the escape pods to get to safety.

But that was before one of those leaping fuckers found you.

Your ship had been on expedition to explore some hitherto undiscovered locations. There were rumors that there was xenomoph activity in this area, which had you and the other scientists all excited. You’d heard about them, but you’d never had the chance to observe them. The plan was if you found them to watch from afar and remain as hands off as possible.

You never counted on how diligent they could be, or how gah damned smart they were. For alien creatures who’s only drive seemed to be to breed and kill, they exhibited almost human levels of intelligence. They ambushed your crew, sticking them to the walls to allow facehuggers to inject eggs into them to make more. You’d never seen it happen in person. You’d seen them dissected, seen pictures of their probing ovipositors, but watching it happen in person had been the most horrifically fascinating moment of your life.

The soldiers that had accompanied the expedition had done an excellent job of isolating and eliminating most of the aliens, burning the eggs you had recovered from a stranded ship and blowing said ship into stardust.

But one had escaped.

If they were smart, this one was a savant. It had not only figured out how to work doors, but also to let its victims scream to lure more along. You observed it (no..him) several times, noticing that the elongated cranium that was usually smooth and round had begun to flatten out, black carapace forming a hard hood more often observed in queens. But you understood what was happening: he was adapting to his environment, taking on a needed role. You’d only heard of alpha xenomorphs as a theory, a sort of last ditch effort that some of their amalgamated biologies allowed. Some theorized is was the human members of their species, allowing for remarkable adaptability both environmentally and biologically.

The soldiers had set another trap, and the alpha had just set it off as a lure to kill several of them. A few of the remaining soldiers had tried to attack him then, only to end up cut off and killed on by one.

You had a close encounter with him, and you thought it would have been the end of you. If only that had been so…He cornered you and your team, slaughtering two of them. When he raised a clawed hand at you, he hesitated. A low growl came from him, and his lizard like lips relaxed over his dripping teeth. He growled and sniffled, butting his muzzle against you. You thought for sure you were dead…instead he pressed his head against you, rubbing at you almost like a cat would.

He ran off when the few remaining soldiers tried to attack him. Your heart was pounding and you could barely breathe. They asked if you were alright, and you suddenly realized you were the only one of that group left.

Things seemed to go downhill from there. You always had the sense that he was following you, hearing his claws on the gratings around you, seeing his long tail whip around corners. The last of the soldiers and crew began to dwindle, getting picked off in the mad attempts to get back to the ship’s bridge. By the time there was a clear path, you were the only one left.

That was when it found you. It looked like a chestburster, only larger with longer legs and tail. You ran, keeping an arm up level with your head and neck. But this one wasn’t concerned with your mouth. It flung itself at you and landed on your lower back, its tail clamping around your waist. Its legs gripped your buttocks and thighs, and you felt two sharp points ripping at your jumpsuit. You felt the tapered end of the ovipositor probing you, searching. You tried to pull it off, but its grip was iron. You slammed backward into walls, but its back was covered in a hard shell like the aliens themselves. It shifted itself between your thighs, the same shell forcing your legs apart.

It found your warm hole and thrust in. You screamed and frantically grabbed for it, but it was pressed up against you so tightly, you couldn’t even wiggle a finger between it and you. You screamed again, feeling it thrust upward into you. It reached impossibly deep, and you felt your stomach pushing outward with its movements.

Then you felt it. A lump against your hole. You threw yourself on the ground and tried to make it stop, but you were powerless to stall the inevitable. You felt the large sacs on the thing convulsing and sending ripples down its ovipositor. Your belly felt hot suddenly, and you gasped, clutching at it. Your hole was wet with some sort of alien goo it filled you with. Every lump was more goo, and the feeling of heat spread through you.

Another bump pressed to your hole, this one large and solid. You screamed no over and over, trying to thrash free of this thing attached to you in a death grip. Your hole stretched wider and wider to the point where you swore you would rip in two. Convulsing on the ground, you sobbed in mixed pleasure and pain, gasping when the hard thing passed into your body. You felt every inch it moves, and look down to see it pushing your belly outward.

Everything from there was fuzzy. The thing pumped more goo into you until your belly looked like you’d had a meal that was far too large. You crawled down the corridor, tears streaming down your face as you realized there was no salvation for you, not now. You only had one option left: crash the ship to destroy everything on board. You felt your stomach surge and convulse, churning and growing steadily heavier. By the time you reached the bridge, you looked like you were pregnant, your belly almost brushing the floor.

It took the last of your strength to pull yourself up to the navigation computer. Even as you key in the commands, overriding the ship’s safety protocols for a steep descent, you feel something happening inside you. You sob, knowing this must be the moment they punch through you and rip free…

But they don’t.

You see them moving inside you, writhing and slithering like snakes. Your belly is so full and heavy it’s all you can do to stay upright. You fumble your ID code, blinking back tears as you put it in for the fourth time. The computer finally accepts your trajectory, and you let yourself fall on the floor.

As you scream and hold your belly, you’re aware of not being alone. You know the sound of hard claws on the metal of the ship, scrabbling as the creature moves closer. He shrieks, though you don’t know why. You don’t really care either. You would have loved to study him, learn why he grew so large and why his head grew as it did. He looked like a king somehow.

All thoughts of that leave you as your stomach convulses. The movement in you shifts, and you scream as you feel the writhing mass move lower. You lay on your back, legs spread. Screaming and panting, you press your back to the floor and push with all your might. You feel your hole bulge and stretch, something smooth and wiggling pressing against it. You push and scream, feeling a long thing slither out of you. Before you can even see what it is, the pressure builds again. You push, screaming as two more press out of you side by side.

It feels like eternity as you lay there, panting and pushing, countless things slithering out of your hole. You finally see them as a couple of them climb across you. They’re neonate xenomorphs, their soft skin still fleshy and covered in the greenish goo the strange facehugger forced into you. Most of them scatter when the alpha pads toward you. He growls and lays over you, his smooth body cool against your flushed skin.

All around you, sirens are going off, the ship’s warning systems kicking on. It’s placidly screaming the descent is wrong, it’s too fast, too steep. You hope the ship burns up in atmosphere. The last thing you remember is heat, the ship’s life support falling to critical levels as the white hot burn of planetary entry seared the plating off the hull.

You never expected to wake up. Blinking blearily, you looked around, wondering where you were. Pieces of the wrecked ship surrounded you, and you could see huge trees between them.

Somehow, you survived the crash.

You can’t move, looking up to see your arms have been carefully secured in glossy black resin. The same kind the xenos restrain their chest burster victims in. You try to move, but you’re dangling about 10 feet off the ground and are powerless to so much as twist. You look down at yourself and see your belly is still slightly distended. You don’t feel the writhing weight inside you anymore, but it still feels..wrong.

Below, you see several small xenos run back and forth, one of them looking up at you and screeching. The trees shudder, and the alpha appears. He’s grown even larger, almost 9 feet tall now. He easily climbs up to you, the long fingers of one hand forcing your mouth open. His lips curl back and his huge teeth part, and you see his secondary mouth shoot forward. You scream and writhe as he forces it into your mouth and angles to shove it down your throat. He growls and his torso jerks, and you feel something sliding down your throat. He’s..feeding you?

This becomes a regular routine, him returning from the forest and pushing his secondary mouth into yours to share his hunts with you. You beg him to stop, to let you go or let you die, but he just growls and rubs his smooth head against you.

You’ve lost track of time. Your body is changing, you can feel it. Slowly, day by day, your belly is growing again, though much more than before. The alpha begins to nose and prod along your body, often trying your hole with the smooth swell of his nose. You realize your hole has become softer and larger, and each day it feels like he can slide his muzzle further against you.

You start to notice him changing, too. The carapace between his hind legs seems to have softened, swelling outward slowly, growing. You realize somehow, he’s grown a penis. As far as you know, that’s completely unheardof. Yet there it is, dangling between his legs.

He climbed up to where you were hanging, taking you in his hands. He growled and settled his head over your shoulder as his body bowed. His hips work their way between your legs, and you feel the head of his newly grown cock spread your hole. You can’t resist, you can barely cry out when he thrusts into you. There’s no pleasure to it, not tenderness or love. He thrusts roughly, pushing deep into you. You feel your body react, everything in you suddenly alive with sensation. You cry out and thrash, then scream in pleasure as he cums inside you. Your already distended belly grows larger as he pumps you full.

Time passes. Your belly grows until it’s hanging between your legs. The alpha and the smaller xenos you birthed on the ship connect your growing belly to the broken ship with more resin, taking the burden of weight bearing off of you. You’re grateful to them. The alpha fucks you almost daily, further distending your belly.

Little by little, black patches appear on your skin. Hardened plates cover your arms and legs, then your chest above the swell of your belly. From your ribs downward, you are nothing but belly, your legs dangling comically on either side. Your hole continues to stretch, and though you can’t see it, you’re fairly certain it’s moved.

The skin over your belly becomes thinner. Inside, you can barely see the movement of large objects, shuffling around within you. Your spine has grown its own cage-like carapace which wraps around your ribs and hips. It’s only then you realize the flesh of your back and ass have changed, stretching backward. Your hole has begun to shift downward, dangling just off the ground from your massive belly.

No…not belly…Egg sac.

The hard cage along your spine helps support the ever growing sac. The alpha and smaller xenos dutifully tend to you as you begin to understand your new place. They didn’t have time for a queen to be born and grow..they had to make do. Your belly ripples, the translucent skin shifting and pushing, moving the, thousands of eggs through you. The small xenos have brought back living creatures and restrained them to the walls of the ship and the surrounding trees. Day by day, the skyline gives way to a lattice work of resin construction. They build a sanctuary for you.

The alpha rarely leaves you now, staying always at your side, climbing around you and tending to your every need. He caresses your egg sac, soothing the discomfort of the eggs moving inside you, easing your burden.

You feel your egg sac convulse and cry out. Your voice sounds like their’s now, a shrieking growl that echos in your chambers. The alpha is beside you at once, rubbing his crested head against you. The convulsing contractions travel all the way down your belly, and you feel your hole begin to bulge. Slice and goo pour from you, sending the small xenos scurrying to your hole. You feel the birthing tube of your hole stretch and elongate until it almost touches the ground. The bulge of an egg moves through it, and you groan at the tight pucker you feel before you stretch around it, easing it to the floor.

Another egg soon follows, then another. You find yourself in a haze, trapped in a feeling of pleasurable pain as egg after egg travels through your birth canal to be deposited on the ground.

The smaller xenos collect the eggs and move them, setting them in front of their captives. The creatures writhe and scream, exactly the wrong thing to do. The eggs blossom open, and facehuggers wriggle their way free. They leap and plant themselves over the screaming mouths, muffling them as their ovipositors force deep into their throats.

Some time later, you coo as you watch your children burst from their incubators and wriggle onto the ground. Your children, your second brood. They skitter around you, finding places to shelter their small, soft bodies until they grow. The alpha purrs at you and rubs himself along your belly. You want him to seed you again, and he obliges, thrusting into your hole even as you try to push out more eggs.

Your new life as their queen will be full of pleasure and offspring. You will make a new home of this world, together with him and your children. Your species will thrive. Even as hard plates cover your face, and the soft skin of your cheeks falls away to expose your huge, gleaming teeth, you feel every inch a queen. Your crest soon grows from what was once a rounded skull, just like his did.

Every day you lay more eggs, and every  day your children burst free. This world is yours, your realm, your home, your kingdom.

(by supernona)

Party Games - Stiles Stilinski (Part Two) [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien 

Character(S): Stiles Stilinski/Reader, Theo Raeken/Malia Tate

Word Count: 4674

Notes: Public fingering, public sex, Oral (both recieving), Bondage, Alcohol Abuse, Body Shots, food play, ice play, Daddy/Baby girl kink, spanking, hair pulling, slight public nudity, biting, marking. Thank you to @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading for me! 

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Summary: Reader is Sunbathing. Pietro is bored. Mischief ensues.

Pairings: fem!Reader x Pietro

Word Count: 1,755

Warnings: FLUFF, some smut ig, MORE FLUFF

A/N: This wasn’t a request but I was really struggling with inspiration for the next part of Home and this idea’s been floating around in my head for a while, so I used it as a break from serious stuff lol.

“Y/N, come onnnnnn! I’m bored, let’s do something,” your boyfriend whined.

“And I’m sunbathing, Piet. Why don’t you go for a swim or something?” You called, mimicking his tone fondly and not bothering to lift you head from its comfortable place on the sunbed.

He sighed. There was a pause and then, “Ok, love. I think I will.”

“Okey dokey,” you mumbled, relaxing back into the semi-concious state you had been in before. There was a splash from behind and you felt an affectionate smile make its way to your face.

You turned your head to the side to see Wanda sunbathing next to you. She smiled, “He will not let you get off that easily, you know.”

You sighed and let out a chuff of laughter, “Yeah. I know, but maybe it’ll keep him occupied for a bit.” Your hopes were dashed though, when barely a moment later, Pietro could be heard climbing out of the pool, “Or… maybe not,” you said dryly, still keeping your head on the sunbed.

“Piet, don’t you dare come near me, you’ll get me all wet!” you squealed as he walked towards you.

“Usually you don’t seem to mind, printsessa.” The smirk in his voice was practically audible.

You huffed at the joke but refused to move and instead ignored him.

“AAAGHH! Pietro, what the fuck!” you squawked, flailing desperately but entirely in vain – his weight was a successful hindrance to any significant movement. “Piet, it’s cooollddd,” you screeched glaring at Wanda furiously, “Why didn’t you warn me? He didn’t even speed it! You had time!”

She laughed, “I did not know what he was going to do!”

“You can read minds!” you spluttered indignantly, but she only laughed. “Traitor,” you muttered, still being squashed beneath your boyfriend.

The water was freezing against your back, but his skin was warm and even though the position wasn’t exactly your first choice, it was strangely comfortable. You sighed, accepting defeat, “Whatever Piet, stay there if you like.”

He pressed a light kiss to your shoulder, “I don’t think I will, printsessa. I want to go for a swim.” He jumped off of you in the blink of an eye.

“But you just went swimming!” you protested, already suspicious.

“Yes… but not with you, my love.” And then suddenly you were being whisked from your comfortable position on the sunbed and into Pietro’s arms. You flapped your limbs like a bird trying to take flight, clutching one hand to your chest and trying desperately to talk sense into him but he was already walking towards the pool.

“No, Piet, my bikini isn’t-” your words were cut off as he sped the last few steps and dumped you in the pool. You came up immediately, gasping for air, hands clutched around you tightly and cheeks red. He dived in a second later and surfaced next to you with a cheeky grin.

Immediately you reached for him with one hand and pulled him into you, wrapping his arms around you and your legs around his waist, “See, printsessa, I knew you’d be enthusiastic once you were in the water.”

“Shut up, Piet!” you hissed, looking around frantically, “My bikini top wasn’t tied on, cause I didn’t want tan lines, you idiot!” Your bikini top was now floating a few metres away, at the edge of the pool.

“Wait-” he looked down, only now registering the fact that your bare breasts were pressed tightly against his chest, only shielded from wandering eyes by his and your arms. Suddenly he squeezed you tighter and looked around, as if to check for people looking. Your cheeks were completely red now and you groaned, burying your head in his neck.

Pietro and you had only been dating for a few weeks, having previously been best friends for years due to the avengers, and you hadn’t gotten anywhere past heavy making out and groping over clothes. You were both busy and besides you were nervous, knowing that his speed meant a high metabolism which meant a great body and whilst you were not a complete potato, you were definitely not the height of sexiness.

“Printsessa,” he spoke the word lowly, almost a growl, laying a lingering kiss on your neck. His accent came through thicker than normal and you shivered involuntarily.

“Yes?” you squeaked.

“Please let me take you back to your room, my love,” he whispered, kissing a little further down your neck, “Please, printsessa,” he mumbled against your shoulder.

“Ok,” you whispered, wrapping your hands around his neck. He swam to the shallow end slowly so as not to jostle you and walked out by the steps with you still wrapped koala-style around his body. He found a towel quickly, draped it around the two of you and then suddenly you were back in your room.

The reality of the situation hit you then, alone in your room with him, practically naked. Instead of being scared, however, you just felt incredibly fucking horny. Suddenly your lips were on his, though you weren’t sure who moved first and he was walking backwards, hands supporting your bum. His legs hit the bed and he sat down carefully. You pulled yourself ever closer to him, locking your legs around his waist, hands threading through his hair.

His hands began to wander tentatively, up and down your sides, unsure of what your boundaries were. After a few minutes, you got frustrated and pushed him back onto the bed, crawling up to him and holding his hands on yours. You glanced at him, making eye contact, as you moved his hands, placing them on your body. First on your bum, then moving and gliding over skin, touching - everywhere.

His eyes held lust and he kissed you fiercely as your hands wandered down his chest, pressing against the hard muscle. He flipped you over without warning and pressed you into the bed, his legs between yours. You could feel him through the thin layer of your bikini bottoms, making you gasp and he took the opportunity to divert his attention to your neck. Kissing, biting, sucking, lower and lower.

A skilled tongue massaged one nipple, whilst a hand squeezed the other with just the right amount of pressure, fingers trailing over sensitive skin. He moved again then, kissing your stomach and the top of your hips, and his hands moved down, hooking the waist band of your bikini bottoms and dragging them down almost painfully slowly.

“You’re so beautiful, printsessa,” he murmured against your skin, fingers edging down your body until they reached your thighs and stopped.  His mouth moved back up your body and you recaptured his lips, taking the opportunity to get rid of his shorts as you did. He smiled into the kiss at your enthusiasm, which made you smile too and for half a second the two of you just pulled back, looking at each other with love in your eyes.

You gasped again when his finger touched you there for the first time and you kept gasping as he worked your body over with expert hands. Meanwhile your own hands did their own exploring, searching every plain of his body, caressing touching… clawing.

When he finally pushed into you it hurt a little but was immediately replaced by pleasure.

“Piet, move, please!” you moaned, gripping his shoulders tightly. He did as he was told, moving slowly at first, gradually gathering pace. He touched you everywhere, worshipping your body and you returned the favour. Your movements were fevered, desperate for each other, desperate for more.

“C’mon love, you’re almost there,” he whispered, “You’re so fucking beautiful, my love.”

“Piet, please- I’m gonna,” the words were lost as he sped up, making your head roll back in pleasure.

Now you were splayed across his chest, sweaty and sated. One strong arm wrapped around you tightly, the other trailed up and down your back.

You sighed, content, drawing patterns on his chest.

“Printsessa?” He asked.

“Yes?” you looked up at him with a happy smile.

“We have known each other for a very long time, yes?”

You nodded pushing a strand of hair from his face.

“Love I-, I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time, and I know we’ve only been dating a few weeks but, printsessa, I’ve loved you for much longer. I’m in love with you Y/N.”

You sat up suddenly, straddling his hips and pulling him up with you. You stared at him, eyes flickering over his face, admiring.

“Love?” he asked, his voice uncertain now.

“Hmm,” you looked back at him and he gave you a look as if to say and…? “Oh!” you laughed, “Sorry, I just got distracted, looking at you, thinking about you,” you blushed but then became serious, holding his face between your hands, “I’m in love with you too, Pietro. I’m pretty sure I have been since you let me do your make up when I was drunk at Steve’s birthday party,” you said with a burst of laughter.

He groaned, pushing his face into your neck but you could feel him smiling against you. He pressed a light kiss to your shoulder again and then you squealed as he flipped you over so you were beneath him. He hovered above you, a crooked smirk on his face before leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to your lips.

“I think that comment deserves punishment, Y/N,” he murmured. You gulped, unsure what he was implying. And then suddenly you were squealing with laughter again as mischievous fingers poked at your sides and a bubble of laughter made its way from your throat.

“Piet!” you cried through the laughter.

“Yes, love,” he purred, still tickling you.

“Right,” you said, jaw set with determination. You grinned evilly and slipped a hand down his side, towards his weak spot. He jolted above you the moment you found it and brushed your fingers along the back of his knee.

“Printsessa!” He yelped, his voice scandalised and you laughed.

“Yes, love,” you purred right back at him with a smirk, reaching with your other hand to find the dip on the left side of his hip. He jolted again and let out a frustrated growl, attacking you furiously once again. Laughter filled the room until the two of you eventually collapsed in an exhausted heap, smiles adorning your faces.

He pulled you into his side again and kissed your forehead, “I love you, printsessa,” he whispered.

“I love you too, Piet.”

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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam gets his needs met when he comes back from a hunt - which means you get your needs met as well ;)

Word Count: ~900

Warnings: smutty smut, oral, swearing, semi-aggressive Sam, and NSWF gif under the cut.

A/N: This one has been bouncing around in my head for a little while. Hope you enjoy!

The low growl escaped Sam’s throat as he slammed the front door to the bunker behind him. His heavy foot steps echoed through the spiral staircase, his heart pounding in anticipation of his reward.

All he could think about after every hunt, even more than the monster he’d just annihilated, was the only thing that held any clarity in his mind: Her. 

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