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Cat & Mouse (Roman Reigns): Chapter 1

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Summary: In a world of werewolves, and shapeshifters, WWE is a hotspot for such creatures. Lyra and her older half brother’s team are no different. Ever since she joined the company, Lyra and Roman had been undeniably attracted to each other, but nothing good ever comes easy. Will Lyra and Roman give in to each other? Or will Seth come between his sister and her happily ever after? 

Warnings (will be edited as fic goes on): 18+, will be NSFW at some point, age difference (I guess? Idk what people consider an age difference, but I won’t specify her age, all Ima say is she’s like a couple yrs younger than Seth), smut (later on in the fic), Alpha!Roman

Lyra (OC) Face Claim: Becky G (as she is now, not in 2014)

Word Count: 1441

A/N: This fic is set in Jan 2014 around the Royal Rumble (pls ignore the fact that the gif is post shield, he’s so cute). Honestly Seth and Dean are pretty irrelevant to the story and will probs only be here for like the 1st & 2nd chap, I just needed the Shield dynamic for angst btwn Roman and Lyra lmao. This is like my first actual fic in years so pls go easy on me 😅

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Lyra rushed to pack up her station; RAW was done for the day and it was less than a week till the Royal Rumble, so things were getting hectic even for makeup artists such as herself.

She was traveling with her brother and his partners as usual, and they always bugged her about packing up quicker. She scrambled around, frantically searching for her brushes; every other make up bag was packed away in her roller bag, except that one.

She grumbled to herself, knowing that Seth was going to chew her out for being late again. She got down on her hands and knees to check if she’d accidentally kicked it under a table, when a strong arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her up, making her yelp in alarm.

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Another sweet loot was this small set of flyers for Level 5 world in 2011. 

The set contained a bunch of flyers for Inazuma, Ni no kuni and of course Layton. When I bought it I had no idea that the included clearfile had silhouettes of the characters on the letters, so I smiled like an idiot when I noticed it. 

If you ever feel like you’ve had an unproductive day writing, please know that one time novelist/playwright/essayist Dorothy L Sayers wrote a letter to Bun (her literary agent) that said “herewith the striking results of today’s literary labours” followed by two pages of rabbit sketches.

Sleep. {DeanxReader}

Summary: Sleep was never an option when Dean was home.

Having Dean home came rare and very brief. It was nothing that you didn’t understand though and when he was in the comfort of your shared flat, it only made it more significant. However, him being home also came with minor cons; those being what resulted in your broken sleep.

You do your best to peak over at your nightstand without troubling Dean from his deep slumber as his arm is in a thigh hold around your waist. The alarm clock which projected 12:45 am was nearly blinding and quite mocking considering you haven’t even gotten a full hour of sleep with Dean’s snoring.
In all honesty sleeping with Dean was impossible. If it wasn’t the snoring howling in your ear, it was the constant kicking he did or the wet awakening you would receive with his drooling.

Cautiously slithering out of his grip, you tip toe your way out of the room with a pillow clutched underneath your arm. 

You felt bad as you made your way downstairs and onto the couch to sleep in peace. It wasn’t his fault he had such fits during the night, however you could not function properly with lack of sleep.

Sighing, you toss the soft cover over your petite frame and lay back onto the stolen pillow from upstairs. Without the interruptions from your lover beside you, your eyelids become heavier and soon you’re knocked out cold. 

You shifted sheepishly as the access for air became more difficult for you to grasp. A large amount of weight felt as if it was suffocating you which interrupted your sleep. 

Rubbing your eyes, you weakly prop up onto your elbows only to find Dean’s head nestled into your stomach while his legs are tangled with yours.

You groan, falling back onto the pillow and are soon welcome by his constant snores. He must of woken up in the middle of night and maneuvered on the couch to be with you. 

“For the love of go-” you begin only to be stopped by sudden movement from your boyfriend.

Dean’s snores were unexpectedly cut short while his body began to twitch. You hushed your complaining comments as you assumed he was woken by them.
He wearily slid his hands around your waist, clinging onto you tighter as he snuggled his head against your stomach. 

A blush crept through your cheeks while examining your boyfriend’s sleepish actions. You lace your fingers in and out of his soft curls then slowly dragging your hand along his face to cup his cheek with a gentle stroke.

He openly rests his scruffy face into your palm while sluggishly whispering “love you babe.” Before returning back to sleep.

Fangs & Feelings (J-Hope x Reader)

So about the time I first started this blog, my friend requested this of me and I just now got around to it. It is my first real smut, so be gentle. It’s probably kind of awkward and rushed but I tried.

Genre: Vampire!AU; Oneshot; Smut; Mild Fluff

Word Count:4570

Hoseok was really always so sweet and ready to help but lately he’s been avoiding you. A little game of connect the dots gives you the answer you need to hear from him.

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Don’t you?

Noctis leans against the bricks of a run down building, a cigarette burning itself out between his fingers, his hair is mussed and his black shirt sticks to him with sweat from both summer heat and dancing.

Prompto stands in front of him, backlit by the dim street light overhead with one of his rare half-smiles curling his lips. His freckles are visible over half of his face and his blue eyes are dark. He lifts his hand to take a long drag of his own cigarette, the smoke trailing from his lips into the warm air.

They don’t have to talk much anymore, their eyes say more than their stumbling lips ever could and they talk with their bodies these days too.

Noctis looks up at the distant stars, most are lost in the lights of the city. They don’t get to do this much, now that Noctis’ father is gone and Prompto stands beside him at the head of the world. They don’t get to just exist much.

He looks back down and Prompto has moved closer to him, blonde hair laying flat and framing his face, half covering one side in a way that Noctis would say makes him look dangerous, if the way his eyes trail its edge didn’t already.

Prompto takes another drag and leans in, letting Noctis breath in his exhalation, sharing the poison between them. His sunshine self is dimmed here, in the heart of their city, but Noctis doesn’t miss it yet. They are different here, something a little dirtier.

Here is where the weight of their duties slides, where their hands remember spilt blood and desperate nights shared. Here is where Prompto can lean in and kiss the King with lips that taste like lost dreams and something sweeter, something that curls low and stretches in Noctis’ ribs.

They stand, half lit, kissing slowly, hips pressing together and breaths panting between them. Prompto nips Noctis lower lips and takes a step back as headlights, Ignis come to retrieve them no doubt, sweep over them.

“You’re doing it again.” Noctis tells him, dropping his wasted cigarette and crushing it with his boot.

Prompto tilts his head, freckles re-appearing fully as he does, though the rest of him promises him more later, more slow kisses and love worn bodies.

“Looking at me like I love you.”

Prompto’s smile is warmer, this is old hat for them, and Ignis’ approaching footsteps are drawing them away from the moment here, back to themselves.

“Don’t you?”

FanFic: Big News

As Riley walks around the table kissing their parents hello, she apologizes for their late arrival and explains that Lucas would be along shortly… He was still parking the car. Riley had just settled into her chair, when Lucas came in bearing gifts. He too made his way around the table kissing everyone hello & just to tweak Cory a bit, he gave his wife an exaggerated kiss hello. 

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BTS Reacts: Your Traumatic Accident Causes Paralysis From the Waist Down

Warnings: Contains mentions of blood and amputation.

Seokjin (Jin)

“I’m sorry.”

Seokjin heard the words the doctor had said but they sounded muffled, like he had been submerged under water. Things didn’t seem to make sense, too many emotions running through his head all at once.

“What should I expect when we get home? How am I supposed to take care of her? What is she gonna need help with? What if I come across too overbearing and she hates me for it? Please, I have so many questions-” The words fell from his lips, all running together.

“Sir, a nurse will answer all of your questions before you leave. But she is awake right now, and might need somebody to be with her.”

Jin stared blankly at the doctor, his words running over and over in his mind. She’s awake. I need to go to her, now.

Jin bowed to the doctor, a quick Thank you slipping though his lips as he turned down the hall that led towards your room. Jin exhaled the breath he didn’t know he was holding and knocked lightly at your door.

Seeing you had made everything feel real. After an hour of talking with you, constantly asking how you were feeling and if you needed anything, he had excused himself to talk with the nurse.

Jin softly closed your door and stared hard at the floor, willing himself not to cry until he made it to the bathroom. But he could already feel the lump in his throat, his eyes starting to well over, tears unwillingly falling down his face. He felt his knees give out and crashed to the floor, covering his face with the oversized sleeves of his sweater and allowing himself to break, hoping you wouldn’t be able to hear him right outside your door.

Yoongi (Suga)

“What?” Yoongi uttered the words before he had even realized, knitting his brows together. “You’re wrong, you have to be,” he whispered.

“I’m sorry, sir,” the doctor said, a look of pity filling his old features.

“No,” Yoongi all but growled. “Fix it, you have to.” Yoongi searched the doctors face, eyes running wild, for any sign that this was just some cruel joke.

“Yoongi-ssi? (Y/N) is stable enough for visitors, if you would like to see her.” A nurse’s small voice appeared beside Yoongi. He nodded once and followed the nurse to your room. She opened the door slowly, and both entered your room. Yoongi could hear the beeping of your steady heartbeat, and his eyes focused slowly on your form lying on the bed.

He could feel the color drain from his face, his chest rising and falling with his heavy breathing.

“Would you like me to stay?” the nurse questioned lightly. Yoongi shook his head and waited till the nurse left, closing the door behind her to move closer to you. Even from where he stood a couple feet away from you, he could see the bruises on the sides of your upper arms and across your chest where the seat belt had been.

Yoongi took gentle steps towards you and sat on the edge of your bed, taking your hand in his. He traced the shape of your knuckles and wondered how you would react when you woke up, learning that your life had been changed forever. He knew there were still so many things you wanted to do, but now they all seemed so impossible. Tears overflowed but he quickly brushed them away. He would have to be strong for you. And he would do his best to comfort you no matter what.

Namjoon (Rapmon)

“Is she awake enough for visitation?” Namjoon asked. He kept his face stoic, not wanting to show how on the inside he was dying. It felt like his lungs were being tied into knots, his breathing shallow, and a sharp pain in his chest just wouldn’t let up.

“Yes, but not for long. She’s been put on heavy medication and will most likely be asleep within the next half hour.” the doctor responded.

Namjoon bowed deeply. “Thank you for all of your hard work.” He watched as the doctor walked away, and a nurse guided him to your room, knocking lightly on the door.

“It’s open,” came a small voice from inside.

Namjoon could feel his heart shatter. He could hear how unsure you were and could almost see the frown upon your beautiful lips.

The nurse opened the door and his eyes fell on your meager frame laying in bed, bottom lip bruised, and right arm in a sling. “Namjoon-ah…” You called softly, a small tired-stricken smile gracing your lips.

“I’ll be right outside if you need me,” the nurse informed him quietly. He heard the door close and in three long strides, Namjoon was by your bedside, arms gathering your weak frame in an embrace.

“Noona, I’m so sorry,” he breathed into the crook of your neck. You breathed in his comforting scent, something that was so familiar and so welcoming after everything that had happened. He pulled back to look into your tired eyes and could see the medicine the doctor had mentioned was taking affect on you sooner than anticipated.

“I’m scared, Namjoon-ah,” you admitted. You hated admitting things like this, but you felt like your world was falling apart and you didn’t know how you were going to make it through this.

“I know, Noona.” He pushed a strand of hair out of your face, tucking it behind your ear. You nuzzled your cheek into his hand, tears staining his palm. “I know…”

Hoseok (J-Hope)

Hoseok watched as you were wheeled off in a hurry, nurses and doctors rushing past him as they unloaded the ambulance. He wiped at the cut from his bleeding lip, trying to keep up with the rest of the nurses as they rushed you into emergency surgery.

“I’m sorry but you can’t go back there,” a nurse instructed him, stepping in front of him. He looked to the nurse as if she had lost her mind.

“I have to go back there, (Y/N) is back there. What if she needs me, I can’t jus-” Hoseok looked up to watch them wheel your motionless body into two double doors.

“You can wait here until the doctor comes to speak with you. I don’t know how long it will be, so please, make yourself comfortable,” the nurse spoke quickly, as if she had said this too many times. Hoseok sighed and sat in one of the many unoccupied chairs, running a hand through his hair and looked at the clock: 9:43pm. He frowned, eyebrows knitted together lost in thought. The accident had happened so quickly that he hadn’t had time to react to it. The next thing he knew, his car had flipped several times, landing on the passenger side, your side. He could still see the blood rushing from a cut somewhere on the left side of your scalp and how one of your legs were bent at an unnatural angle.

Hoseok shivered, the images that were running wild, thankfully faded away. He looked up back to the clock, surprised to see that almost 4 hours had passed. He stood up to stretch, his body stiff from lack of movement.

“Jung Hoseok?” a voice called. He turned towards the sound, his heartbeat picking up speed when a man in a white coat approached him. Hoseok bowed slightly to the doctor and furrowed his brow in concentration.

“We were finally able to stabilize (Y/N). She lost a lot of blood from her head injury and her left leg was crushed from the weight of the vehicle.” The doctor took a moment to gauge Hoseok’s reaction while he gathered himself. Hoseok could feel the color drain from his cheeks, his eyes becoming wide with disbelief. No…no. No, no, no, this is all wrong.

“We tried, but we were unable to save her leg. We had to amputate from the knee down. I’m sorry.”

Hoseok felt the silent tears that fell down his cheeks. He bowed deeply to the doctor as he walked away, not knowing what else to say. He felt the silent sobs rack through his body, and quickly made his way to the bathroom.

Hoseok placed both hands on the sink and stared down at the floor. He knew you would be devastated. Your love for dancing almost rivaled his, one of the many things that drew him in when you had first met. The tears wouldn’t stop come. How am I supposed to make her smile through this? How am I going to make her happy? Hoseok searched for answers on the tile floor that just wouldn’t come.

Taehyung (V)

Taehyung could feel his breathing becoming uneven, the rise and fall of his chest becoming erratic. He watched every move the doctor made, noting every word he spoke. Words were being thrown around like they were everyday talk: loss of blood, amputation, emotionally unstable.  Taehyung bowed deeply when he was finished, thanking him in a low voice. The doctor walked away, leaving him with the nurse who would lead him to your room.

“I’ll be right outside, should you need me,” the nurse said politely. Taehyung looked at the door. You were just on the other side, unconscious from heavy medication. He licked his lips and swallowed thickly. Taehyung looked back at the nurse, with pleading eyes. 

“…I don’t know…how to handle this,” he said slowly. He watched as the nurses’ eyes softened, her expression changing from a professional one to one of sadness and pity.

“You’re not meant to until things like this happen. How you handle this now will show her what kind of man you are,” she said quietly. “It’s up to you to support her in one of the toughest times in life.” She bowed her head slightly and walked over to another patients room, just down the hall.

Taehyung looked back to the door of your room, a million thoughts running through his head. He slowly opened it, letting his eyes focus on your body lying unmoving on the bed. He closed the door quietly behind him and made his way to stand just a few feet away from your bed. He looked over your body and his gaze landed where your left leg would have been. He swallowed down the lump forming in his throat and quickly looked back to your peaceful face, still unknowing of what happened.

Taehyung took the seat beside your bed and idly played with your fingers, his mind having a million questions and no answers. He wondered how you would react when you woke up, if he would be able to be here with you when you realized what had happened, and if you would blame him if he wasn’t able to be here. Dozens of situations played out in his head, all of them ending with you hating him or your new life.

He brushed his hair out of his face, the tears falling down uncontrollably with no one left to witness it. He let himself cry for you, mourning how your life would drastically change. “Jagiya, I’m so sorry…”


All Jimin could hear was the pounding of his heart in his ears. He quickly thanked the doctor, bowing slightly and followed the nurse to your room. The nurse stopped in front of a door and looked at Jimin. “If you need anything-”

“Thank you,” Jimin nodded his head, cutting her off and quickly opened your door, wanting nothing more than to see you. He stopped, the color quickly leaving his face as he took in your condition.

You stared back at him, eyes frantic with worry, bruises littering your chest and right shoulder. You played with your fingers, a nervous habit you had been trying to break.

“Jagiya…” Jimin called out. He watched as the tears ran down your face. He quickly made his way to your side, forgoing the chair that was beside the bed, and opting to sit beside you on the edge of the hospital bed.

“Hey, hey hey,” he said softly, placing a comforting hand on the side of your neck, thumb rubbing soothing motions on your cheek. You looked up into his eyes, the ones you adored so much. “It’ll be okay, yeah? I’m here now.” He tried for a comforting tone, but as the last couple of words left his lips, his voice wavered.

Jimin cleared his throat and looked down at his lap. “The boys want to know if it’s alright to visit you later tonight. They want to be here with you for as long as they can.” He looked up to you for your response.

“I would like that a lot,” you smiled softly, eyes still red with tears. You turned to adjust your pillow, so you could sit up better. Jimin quickly wiped away the tears that had began to fall, hoping you wouldn’t notice his tear-stained sleeves. You turned back around, falling back onto the pillow and grabbed his hand. “We could go for sam gyup sal like we always do after promotions. Or we could just go back to the dorm and watch a movie. I know Jungkook really wanted to watch the new Iron Man movie.” You tried for normalcy, almost being able to reach it, but your voice broke at the end.

He watched as the tears filled your eyes. It was the tipping point for him. He felt his heart break into a million pieces as you tried to quietly stich your life back together. Jimin let the tears fall down his reddened cheeks. “Of course, (Y/N). That sounds like fun.”


Jungkook stared blankly, mouth slightly ajar, at the doctor. It’s like he was speaking a completely different language. He knew he should be soaking up all of the doctor’s words, but he couldn’t string them together properly. Words began filtering in through his mind: Car accident, paralyzed, a lot of support.

“Son, are you listening?” The doctor’s voice brought him back to the surface.

“Thank you, sir,” Jungkook bowed deeply, listening to the footsteps of the doctor as he walked away. He felt the tears overflow and watched as the landed on the floor. They kept overflowing, not able to control his rampaging thoughts. Jungkook leaned against the nearby wall, wiping his hands over his eyes and through his hair, letting out an unsure sigh.

What am I going to do? How am I going to face her? What if I cry in front of her? How am I supposed to handle this? I need to talk to Namjoon. I need-

“(Y/N) is stable enough to see you now! She’s not awake, but you can still sit with her if you would like!” The shrill voice of the bubbly nurse pulled him back to reality. Jungkook looked at the overly-perky woman, eyes red, tears still streaming down his face. He quickly wiped away his tears and nodded, the woman smiling brightly.

Jungkook followed her through the halls, trailing a few feet behind her, passing door after door, as he stared numbly at the back of her head.

“Here’s the room! And don’t worry; if you need anything, I’ll be right outside!” she chirped. Jungkook nodded and watched as she walked a couple feet towards the next room over. He looked back at the door; it seemed so unnerving. He held onto the door handle but the action of turning it to wouldn’t come. Why does this feel like one of the hardest things I’ll do? Surely there will be harder things to overcome?

Jungkook looked down at the handle in his hands. (Y/N) needs me. I have to be strong for her. He let out a shaky breath and turned the handle. His eyes slowly focused on your form, laying on the bed, motionless. He walked in slowly and closed the door behind him. The steady beat of your heartrate monitor filled his ears along with the pounding of his own heart. He took in every detail about you: the way your hair was a mess around your face, the large black and blue bruise around your left shoulder, the even rise and fall of your chest from medicated sleep.

Jungkook couldn’t help the tears that once again cascaded down his cheeks, mouth opening in a silent sob. He closed the distance between him and your unconscious body, grabbing your hand that lay by your side and put it up to his face, crying into it. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). I’m so sorry.”

A/N: Guys this is really angsty I’m not sorry.

Gifs used are not mine. Credit goes to their original owners.

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Okay you're killing me. Can we have a small Eddie Kreezer smut Drabble?

“Daddy…” You whined out, crawling towards the edge of the hotel bed, making sure to wiggle your ass to gain your lover’s attention. Eddie turned his gaze from the window towards you, a smug look on his face as he took a sip of his drink.

“Daddy’s little girl lookin’ for some attention?”

“Come on, daddy. Lets have a little fun.”

He swallowed the rest of his whiskey, throwing the glass to the side, not caring if it shattered against the bathroom door. He smirked the entire way towards you, undoing his belt and snapping it against the bed frame.

“Lay back, darlin’.”

You did as you were told, heart racing and inner thighs quivering as you rested against the bed. Eddie crawled on top of you, using his belt to lace around your neck, applying a gentle enough pressure to get you going.

“Daddy ain’t gonna be gentle, darlin’.”

😏 ayyyy

  • SUHO: I have called you all here for a family meeting
  • ChANYEOL: Well that's great but half of us are actually missing so
  • D.O: Yeah alright smart ass shutup we can all see that
  • CHANYEOL: Damn well someones got a stick up their ass today
  • BAEKHYUN: Actually he doesn't and I think that is the problem am I right
  • D.O: No that not the problem shut up
  • SUHO: Can you stop talking crap I am trying to pull Lay up on Skype so he can virtually attend
  • XIUMIN: Why did I have to join a group with no chill
  • LAY: Hi guys I'm here but where is Kai
  • SEHUN: Probs snogging the face off Krystal
  • *Kai walks in*
  • SUHO: There you are what took you so long
  • KAI: Sorry I made my way here as quickly as I could
  • SUHO: Right well now you are all here I have an important announceme..
  • D.O: Literally what the hell Kai, first Taemin and now you have flipped the coin and moved onto Krystal I can't believe you
  • CHANYEOL: I don't know why you are getting mad I am the one who should be angry, Taeyeon stole my man and now I'm left with a black hole that cannot be filled without..
  • SEHUNS: Baekhyuns dick yeah
  • LAY: What about me Kai took away Krystal, the only person I ever truly loved and now I'm in China wiping away my tears with her old used hankercheif
  • CHEN: UM what did you just say Lay because thats gross and creepy as hell
  • BAEKHYUN: Hang on I should be the one who is annoyed because Kai is dating my girlfriends arch nemesis so now we are basically enemies
  • SEHUN: Way to destroy the family Jongin well done
  • *Phone rings and it's Tao*
  • TAO: Tbfh I am the one who should be upset, me and Sehun used to be best friends but because Chanyeol lost his bum buddy they always hang out together
  • SEHUN: Well it doesn't really help that your in China js
  • SUHO: You guys all suck honestly I am so done with...
  • CHEN: Sucking Kris dick..obviously so we all need to spare a thought for Kris hyung who is also clearly upset, plus he gets no Tao loving either anymore
  • *Luhan makes an appearance by walking into Lays frame*
  • XIUMIN: Hang on now I'm the one who should be upset what the hell are you doing there Lu?
  • LUHAN: Ahh well Yixing needed some comforting plus I had to get rid of that hankerchief it was starting to grow mold
  • SUHO: I give up honestly you are all a bunch of...
  • D.O: Dickheads exactly esp you Kai I'm out of here
  • CHANYEOL: Me too fgs Baek
  • XIUMIN: Me too I have had enough of this
  • SEHUN: Well look what you did Kai all because you couldn't keep your dick in your pants
  • CHEN: I just wanna know why he wasnt bothered about Lay keeping hold of Krystals moldy handkerchief tbh
I Don’t Love You

Summary: ‘We were building brick by brick and now it’s just a quicksand home.’ Lies ruin people. Especially the ones we tell ourself. Now you’re gone and he’s empty and all he had left is the memories. 

~Approx. 1.9k words~
~Warnings: Violence, angry thoughts, self-depricating thoughts~


This house doesn’t feel like a home anymore. Luke thought as he stepped inside the quaint abode. The lights were off, making the space seem even more foreign. The place looked bigger now with just one person living here and Luke wished he could make everything go back to how it was supposed to be before he had fucked it all up. Too many rooms. He thought. Too many rooms and too much space that would never be occupied by you ever again. He blew it and now he was left to assess to damage.

He shrugged off his coat, for once deciding to hang it in the closet instead of tossing it on the chair. He could almost hear your voice begging him to stop leaving his clothes all over the room and he smiled at the irony that the one time he picked up after himself you weren’t here to see it.

He wished he hadn’t opened the closet door though. Your yellow raincoat hung by itself, standing out against Luke’s many black articles of clothing. It was your favorite coat and you wore it every time it rained, insisting it went with the aesthetic of the weather. Luke had thought it was silly then, but he would kill to see you in your matching rain boots, dancing in the rain.

With a plop, he was sitting on the couch, staring at the opposite wall, drowning in his thoughts. He had countless memories of you on this sofa. Whether it be late night How I Met Your Mother reruns, or early morning sex that satisfied the craving you had for each other, or afternoon cuddles that made him the happiest man on the planet. Holding you close was his favorite pastime and quitting you gave him withdrawals. He could feel his body shaking, like he was being weaned off some drug he no longer had access to. He had lied and you were gone. It was his worst nightmare.

He sighed, running his fingers through his hair as if to shake away the memories of your perfection from his brain, walking into the kitchen just to pour himself a drink. Of course you had left your favorite mug here, as if to tease him, dangling what used to be in front of his face. It’s like you had done it one purpose, leaving traces of you in every room so that he had to choose whether to face them, face you, or rid himself of them and relive the pain of what is was to hurt you. He would leave them of course. Each item was adding members to the small flicker of hope that burned inside him, that one day the hurt he was feeling would spread to you and you would come back to him. But you wouldn’t, because you believed his lie.

He had probably put too much in the glass but tonight he was drinking to forget. Forget how much he had hurt you, forget how the reflection of your tear stained cheeks tore his heart out. Forget how he had told you the biggest lie he would ever tell, just because he thought he was saving you from the pain he had inflicted. It was his fault this house was empty, his fault his glass was full, his fault that the memories of you were all he had left in the world. He had considered trying to find a new girl to make the aching pain of sleeping alone fade just for one night, but the thought of anyone other than you laying in the spot next to him made him feel sick. You were the one. You were it for him and instead of a happy ending he had a broken record in his mind repeating the lies that he had spun so easily. It was a lie.

That whole night was a lie. He thought he was protecting you. Liar Liar. Protecting you from what? It all felt silly now. 

As the alcohol washed down his throat he could feel its effects cleansing him. But you could never be erased from his memory. You were in him too deep to be removed by a few bitter drops.

He remembered the whole night. It started with the lie he told himself. The distance is too much. Bullshit. He could handle the distance if it meant having you again, but back then the temptations of his lifestyle were too much. How dare he look at other girls when he had you? How dare he think about wanting them and feeling them when everything he ever wanted he had in his arms. How could he possibly believe that the parties would ever fill the void in him like you did. It was a lie. But he had believed it.

The second lie, was the one he heard from his friends. She’s holding you back man, just have a good time. She’ll never know. You can do better. Wrong. How could he do better once he’s had the best?  He should have proved them wrong. Should have told them right then and there that they didn’t know a thing about his love for you. Should’ve told them that you were perfection embodied and it was him that didn’t deserve you.

The third lie was the one that ruined his life. The lie that broke two hearts and tore apart two souls that were supposed to be together forever. The lie that still left a sour taste in his mouth. “I don’t love you.” You had been begging him before he said it, asking him why he was doing this and what you had done to deserve such a sudden breakup. You thought it was you. That’s the first lie you believed.

Your face was permanently etched in his brain. The horror, the anger, the despair.

“You don’t love me?” The echo of your words hurt more than his own. The second lie you believed. And how could you not? Before then you had every reason to trust him. But you weren’t broken yet. He had to break you if he wanted this to work.

“Did you ever love me?”

“No.” The third lie. The final nail in your coffin, the seal to your doom. It was like you couldn’t breathe, like all the oxygen was gone. He had sucked the life from you and he saw it written all over your face. You had stopped begging then. Stopped crying, stopped speaking, stopped breathing. You just turned and walked away. He had done it, he was free. But the pain of another is never inflicted easily and that was painted in your makeup stained cheeks that he would write songs about.

“I’m sorry.” True. “I don’t want to hurt you.” True. But the lies had cut too deep for the truth to make any sense now.

“I never want to see you again.” True. You had never told him a single lie.

Luke felt like his chest was on fire. He was six drinks in and you still occupied his every waking thought. Everything in the house was you. You were in the blankets on the chair and the sheets on the bed, your portrait the dishes in the sink and the songs on the radio. You were engraved in the very foundation that made up this place and he didn’t want to see any of it another second. You were infectious and he needed to heal. Heal from the wounds he had inflicted on himself when he lied to you.

His eyes were crazy, his feet two steps ahead of his mind as he flipped over the coffee table that sat in the middle of the room. You would always tell him to quit putting his feet on it and he would never listen. It reminded him of you, so it had to go. Next he projected his rage onto the sofa. The beloved sofa where he would spend hours holding you and kissing you, your body molding into his like two jigsaw pieces. With a yell of anguish, he tore the cushions from the frame, ripping the cloth and throwing them in all different directions until it was just as ruined as he was. He watched in his rage as the projectiles knocked over lamps and vases that used to be filled with flowers he would bring home for you.

He knocked over chairs and turned over tables, smashed dishes and threw knick knacks you had left here. Anything that reminded you of him had to go. He was blind with anger. Anger in himself for ruining the one piece of perfection he had in his life. Angry at you for believing his lies, angry that you had left pieces of you here for him to see and relive and angry that all his memories of you were still intact when all he wanted was to forget or turn back the clock. But the universe wasn’t going to give him either. He didn’t deserve it.

He moved the the bedroom, ripping off the sheets that still smelled like you, the faint traces of your perfume almost gone but still detectable to an expert like him. He flipped the mattress where it crashed into the nightstand, the pictures he had there falling to the floor.

As he surveyed the mess, the wreckage that he had caused yet again, Luke sunk to the floor with a sob. He had never been this angry, especially not when he had you to calm him down. Your touch instantly soothed him, your kiss like a healing remedy. With a heavy heart, he reached over to where one of the ruined picture frames lay. The glass was broken, but the picture inside hadn’t been damaged.

It was a simple picture. You were smiling into the camera, clad in a pink party dress. Luke stood next to you, one arm wrapped around securely around your waist. He remembered this time as clear as day. It had been your best friend’s birthday party, the theme something about matching couples, and you had insisted Luke wear a pink tie to match your dress. He obliged of course, just to make you happy. You had wanted a picture, pulling someone out of the crowd and handing them your phone to snap the shot. They had told him to smile at the camera but he couldn’t take his eyes off you for even a moment. That’s the way the picture had turned out, you looking forward and him looking at you. It was his favorite picture of the two of you.

Luke could feel the tears beginning to well in his eyes, threatening to spill over as he held the precious picture in his hands. A few drops landed on the photograph but he quickly wiped them away. This was one thing he didn’t want to damage. He had caused enough destruction already.

He wished he could tell you he loved you again, but you would never believe him. He had told too many lies for you to believe him now. He wished he could see the look on your face as the three little words came out of his mouth. He loved how they brightened up your face, loved how you would whisper it back to him, sealed with a kiss.

I love you. True. But it was too late to tell the truth now.



It’s on. (Prank War)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Competitiveness was an attribute you were born with. And when Bucky decides to prove how good his pranks can be, you are steady to demonstrate he’s wrong.

Warnings: Fluff for a change, maybe a little bit funny?

Words: 2015

A/N: I’m about to write some really angsty s*it so this might be like the calm before the storm. Enjoy!

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The Avengers Tower is usually a calm place, where everyone tends to mind their own business and gather all together whenever a special event was about to be celebrated. Today, however, it was different. As you entered the living room you saw how your partners were surrounding a big round table, talking joyfully as they had their eyes fixed on what James was doing.

“What are you guys doing?” You asked as you approached the table.

“Oh hey (y/n), I was about to do a magic trick. C’mere.” Bucky pointed to the other side of the table. On his right hand, there was a water bottle resting on his grasp while on the table, a little coin was shining thanks to the lights that illuminated the room. You tried to find out if there was something weird with those two objects, giving up as you couldn’t find nothing.

“Okay Tin-man, surprise me.” His murderous glance when you pronounced the so-hated nickname you gave him when he arrived at the tower made you grin with taunt.

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Just; C.H. 22

This is twice as long as what I usually post and the actual ending of Just. Thank you for reading, I really enjoyed myself!

We had resided in this small town for the last few days, only locals inhabiting the otherwise empty streets, the sea in walking distance and a few rocks covered in small trees to hide under when the sun would set. I hadn’t felt this at ease in weeks, maybe even months.

Sarah and Sherilyn were exploring along the shore, climbing the rocks near my right to find out if there maybe were a smaller, more secluded beach for us to lay. I decided to just stay here, soak in the hot sun warming my overall clammy skin, enjoying the silence.

My phone buzzing next to me breaks my needed silence though, my head slowly lifted off of the towel to see Linda’s name flash along the lit up screen. “Hi Lin.”
Y/n, so glad I caught you! How is it? Are you having fun?

“Oh, Lin. It’s amazing here.” I breathe, closing my eyes as I lean back against the cool, white sand with the phone still pressed against my ear. “The people are so friendly; we’ve met amazing people along the way. We’re residing with an elderly lady now; she’s taking super great care of us.”

That sounds wonderful. I’m glad I hear you this happy.

“Lin, I think I haven’t felt this happy since I was a kid. I never want to leave this place.” I sigh dreamily, turning onto my stomach so I can search for a bottle of coke in our tote bag. I find my cigarettes first and light one, breathing the smoke into the air as I hear Linda tell Rosalee and Meg that she’s speaking to me right now. I don’t know if I should tell her.

“Tell me what?” I lean up more, my eyebrows furrowed as I set my lips against the filter of my cigarette. Y/n..
“Ah come on, I can take it Lin.”

Calum was here. I press my cigarette out into the sand and sit up straight, pressing the phone between my ear and shoulder as I uncap my bottle. “Oh?”
Of course my mind was racing a hundred miles an hour, as did my heart. But I was coming to terms that I sort of should’ve seen this coming. I should’ve known before I had thrown myself into this.
He came for you.

“That’s weird, he should know that I was leaving for my trip.” I wave at Sherilyn and Sarah when I see both of them jump off of the rocks, coming back into sight. Sarah waves back and yells something incoherent in my direction and I just grant her a thumbs up.
He came an hour after you left.

Linda seems so reluctant to tell me any of this and I understand why, but right now I’m more curious and excited than feeling blue. “But why?”
Babe, I have no idea. He seemed at a loss for words.

“I don’t know if I want to think about that right now. We kind of agreed on no-boys-talk unless it’s someone we want to bring home,” I laugh and hear Linda laugh loudly on the other end of the receiver, “Can we talk about this when I get back in a few days?”

Of course babe. Say hi to Sher and Sarah for me; love you.
“Too of course. Bye.”

“Who was that?” Sarah pants as she drops onto her bum besides my laying frame. Sherilyn joins soon after, dropping next to Sarah and let her bikini-clad body immediately fall onto the cool sand.
“Linda. She says hi by the way.”

“What did she say that got that frown back on your face?” Sherilyn questions but doesn’t glance in my direction once, her own hands digging into the tote bag for a drink of her own. For a moment I am at a loss for words before I can stutter out the best lie I can think of.
“Ah – uh nothing special.” A very bad lie, I know.

“Hm?” I try to act surprised by his name falling from her lips, Sarah raising an eyebrow underneath her glasses as I simply stare in their direction. “Ash told me. We’ve been texting.”
“It’s alright that you’re hurting Y/n. But could you at least admit it? Calum could be fucking another girl for all you care and you’re here suppressing any emotion that might bubble up.”

“Could you fucking not?” I almost growl, turning back onto my back in hopes of cutting the conversation off here. They’re ruining my vacation and I think they’re very well aware of it.

“It’s not what I’m saying that’s hurting you. You have wounds that I can touch by what I say. You’re hurting yourself.” Sherilyn smiles before she crawls onto her knees and towards me, partially dropping onto my frame to crush me in a hug. Sarah follows soon after and I can’t help but giggle as both of them squirm on top of me. She might be right, but that doesn’t mean that Calum shagging any beautiful girl I had seen at their fraternity wouldn’t be haunting my dreams tonight.


“I didn’t know how much I needed it until I got it.” Sherilyn laughs as she takes one of the more familiar turns in our town. We’re heading back, dropping my dead weight body off first before Sarah and Sherilyn will be on their way. I’m glad I came on this trip. I, just as Sherilyn, didn’t know how much I needed a break until I finally felt it between my fingers. I felt refreshed, reborn.

“Same.” I grin, my fingers absentmindedly running through my beach waves – which I absolutely loved, I need to go live near a beach – and letting my eyes drift closed.
Even though I had the time of my life, I craved being back home. I missed my own bed, I missed solitude and most of all, walking around barely naked. Constantly having to be dressed is a pain in the ass and I didn’t realise it until I was stuck with these nitwits for so long.

“I opt to do it again next year. Maybe go a bit further? Near the mountains there are these beautiful springs and little towns… I think it might be amazing.” Sarah suggests, sticking her head between the two frontal seats, grinning and wiggling her eyebrows at me.

“And who says we won’t be retaking any exams next year? Don’t be too premature, Sarah. I got lucky this year.” I point my finger at her, almost touching her nose before I rummage through my bag for a biscuit. I offer Sher her favourites – the ones she made me buy an extra packet of – and she immediately stuffs a few in her mouth, humming in appreciation.
“Ah, you’re always such a Debby Downer. You’re like the smartest kid around, I’m sure you’ll do just fine.”

“Get back to me in ten months, then we’ll talk.” I laugh loudly, receiving a slap to the shoulder before Sarah lets herself fall back against the back seat. “I’m so glad I don’t have to listen to you bicker anymore. Miss Y/n, we have arrived.” I notice we’re standing on the road in front of my frat and I suddenly feel excited about seeing Rosalee and Linda again.

“Ah, finally. Away from you morons.” I can’t keep the chuckle that bubbles up at bay and I’m met with shrieks of protest, but I’m already out of the car and skipping over to the trunk.
“Thank you for an amazing time, both of you. Wouldn’t want to do it with any other person.” I smile, opening my arms for a group hug from the two girls.

They’re bickering when I haul my bag on my shoulder, the strap immediately digging into my sensitive flesh. I slowly walk up the front door and throw it open with as much flair as I could muster.
“Honey, I’m home!”

“She’s back! Y/n! Linda yells and I see her fly out of the living room and into the hallway, suddenly disoriented before she spots me still at the closed front door. Her fingers dig into the flesh of my biceps as she gives me a once over and starts rambling.
“Look at that tan. Oh and look at your hair! Girl you’re glowing.” Linda gushes as she threads her fingers through my hair, grinning like a maniac before she engulfs me in a tight, motherly hug.
“Aren’t you supposed to say that to pregnant women?” I laugh against her shoulder, patting her back as if to confirm her that I indeed had returned.

“Oh my god. Y/n, you’re not pregnant right? Where are we going to put that child? I am not ready for this!” Linda starts panicking as she lets go of me, her eyes wide underneath her glasses as she looks around the house.
“I’m not, Lin. Calm the fuck down, I’m not pregnant.” I shake my head in disbelief, grinning when I see Rosalee come down the stairs in record speed. “Y/n, Y/n, Y/n! How I’ve missed your sorry ass.”

“You all act as if I’ve been away for a year.” I finally let my bag drop to the floor, the strap cutting into my sun burnt skin on my shoulder. I rub the sore spot as I follow my girls into the kitchen, just in time to see Sherilyn’s car pull off and probably go on their way to Sarah’s.
“It felt like forever. We should celebrate this. How about a party tonight? It’s been forever since we have thrown one.” Rosalee claps her hands – like a retard seal might I add – and jumps up and down as she turns towards Linda and me. Linda glances at me and when I shrug, a large grin makes its way onto her lips. “Party it is!”


“Seriously? You’re home what? Four hours? And you’re back to partying.” Sherilyn laughs as she steps into the kitchen, patting my shoulder as a form of hello as I chop up parts of fruits to throw into the bowl of sangria.
“And again I have to see your faces. Glad you could make it.” I grin to my left, nodding at Sarah who just throws her coat across one of the kitchen chairs.

“Who did you invite? It’s crowded.” Sarah chuckles as she looks around the place, everything but the kitchen crowded with college kids coming back from their holidays and joining the first party of the year. I shrug my shoulders, dumping the last bits of chopped fruit in the bowl as I wipe my hands along my jeans. “I didn’t invite anyone but you two. Lin and Rose did everything.”

“Are the boys coming?” Sherilyn questions as she grabs a plastic cup and dumps it in the bowl, filling it up before bringing it to her lips.
“Dude, there’s a spoon right there.” I point to the transparent enormous spoon right in front of her, rolling my eyes as a scoff leaves my lips. “And how would I know? I have been back four hours.”

“Text lover boy and find out yourself.” Sarah steps to my aid and I bite my lip to hold in the laugh that’s trying to escape, shaking my head as I take my own, still empty cup.
Sherilyn responds with an eye roll and pulls her phone out of her back pocket, her right hand quickly typing away as her left brings the full cup back to her lips for a sip.

“Good stuff, by the way. Not Lin’s wine, is it?” Sherilyn motions her head towards her cup, raising it the slightest bit to gather my attention.
“No. Hell no. I chose the wine this time.” I laugh, Sarah and Sherilyn piping in as well before her phone buzzes in her hand.

“Apparently they’re already here. All of them.” Sherilyn emphasises the last three words and her eyes flicker towards me, head still down as I shrug my shoulders. “Such a blast, isn’t it?”

“Ah come on, there’s so many people here you probably won’t even see him.” Sarah smiles as she lets her hand fall onto my shoulder, giving it a squeeze. Right then I hear their voices behind me.
“Look whose back in town!” Michael yells loudly and I turn around, Sherilyn immediately skipping over to Ashton as he engulfs her in a hug. I wink at Ashton and he grins in return, a little nod of his head our form of a hello after such time.

I’m suddenly swept off of my feet though by none other than Michael Clifford, a shriek leaves my lipstick clad lips as my fingernails dig into his shoulders.
“Hi Mikey. Nice to see you.” I smile as I am safely back on my feet, squeezing his biceps as Luke steps into view.

“Luke! How was Italy? I heard it was crazy hot there.” I smile as I let my arms wind around his neck, his hands landing gently on my waist as he reciprocates my hug.
“It was phenomenal. And yeah, very hot. Glad to see later wasn’t all that later, Y/n.” Luke almost whispers the last part and I grin in return, nodding my head in agreement.
“Your trip?”

“Ah, just splendid. I feel like a new person.” I sigh out dreamily and lift my arms, Luke and Michael chuckling to my juvenile behaviour. It’s only now that I let my gaze drift past Luke’s shoulder, seeing Calum awkwardly standing two feet behind all of us. I can feel my throat slipping closed, a frown setting onto my features and my body shaking.

I don’t want him here. And I certainly don’t want him anywhere near me. I could bosess and obsess over how all of this had ended, him being here, looking at me with a lost puppy dog look – things I did wrong or could’ve done differently – but there’s not much of a point. It’s not like it’ll change anything. I try to swallow but my throat physically hurts, sweat breaking out across my neck when I see him approach me.

“Y/n, could we – “ I interrupt him almost immediately as he starts speaking.
“Oh, I forgot. Lin asked me to do something for her. I’ll see you later!” I ramble as quickly as I can muster and slip between Luke’s and Michael’s large bodies, disappearing from sight. My feet take me up the stairs in record speed, my chest heaving as I reach the top of the stairs where I slump against the wall.

“Not now. Not right now, please.” I whisper to no one in particular, closing my eyes and letting my head bang against the wall rhythmically. The bass of the music downstairs thumps through the walls, my heart beating similar to it. Rapid and monotone.

I can make out heavy footsteps coming up the stairs and I pray for any guy beside Calum. I’d rather get felt up by a stranger than having to talk to him. I’m just not ready.
The moon light outside illuminates his face as he stops in his tracks on top of the stairs, only a few meters between both of our bodies. I wanted to smile that he came for me, but all I can do is close my eyes again and let my head fall back against the wall in a loud, hollow thud.

“Y/n…” His voice sounds broken, his face lost a bit of its beautiful colour. He has swapped his skinnies for a pair of basketball shorts, seeing as how hot it had been during the day, along with a ripped muscle tee. He looked absolutely gorgeous. I think I made a noise, something that showed my displease with him being in this close vicinity, but I keep silent.

“How was your trip?” He starts nonchalantly, drawing a scoff from my lips as I reopen my eyes. I watch him stumble over, dropping onto his bottom in front of me, using the other wall for leverage. He pulls his legs up and rests his arms on top of them, keeping his gaze locked on mine.
“Why are you here, Calum?” I whisper, shaking my head as I feel my face burn with un-cried tears. Calum sits up more straight, his upper body leaning towards mine.

His hand reaches out and brushes along my jeans-clad knee, my body shivering as I feel his warm touch flitter over me once more.
“I came to see you.”

“Why? Why would you? If I treated you the way you’ve been treating me, you’d hate my guts.” I spill from my lips, squeezing my eyes closed to the point that I can see tiny stars flickering behind my eyelids. I can sense Calum creep closer and when I feel both of his hands on my legs before he whispers in return.

“Probably. So why don’t you?” I push him away from me and raise to my feet, stepping away from Calum who is trying to crawl back onto his feet again. As he does, he towers over me and I bite down onto my lip until I draw blood before I spit my response in his direction.

“You very damn well know why, Calum Hood.” I flail my arms into the air before I point accusingly in his direction, Calum’s frown now a permanent feature as he tries to step closer.
“Y/n, please listen to me.”

I’m cornered against the wall, but Calum doesn’t attempt to come closer and stays his fair distance out of my personal bubble. I want to touch him. Damn, I would give my kidney if I could kiss him one more time. But I’d keep saying that over and over again.

“Don’t you miss me? Don’t you miss us?” He decides to take a step closer towards me, his fingers brushing over my exposed biceps, goose bumps appearing where his skin has been. I shiver visibly but push him away as he tries to get in my head with his false words.

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t believe there was an ‘us’ to begin with, Calum!” I yell, pushing at his chest with all the power that I possessed in my small, tired body. I thought I was over him, but having him so close wasn’t good for my health. My anger takes over from the sadness that coursed through me and I keep pushing at his chest, his tall frame barely budging from my assault.

I think Calum got sick of my constant pushing as his long fingers wind around my wrists and he holds them against his chest, forcing me to stay close to him and let him lock his gaze with mine.
“Of course there was! I heard you told Sherilyn you were over me. That you didn’t miss me anymore. Is that true?”

“Well, I could’ve sworn I wasn’t lying when I told them I didn’t miss you.” I state, ending my sentence with a little humourless chuckle as pull away from Calum, who willingly lets me. I awkwardly scratch the back of my neck. Calum merely stares, a frown set upon his features but he keeps silent.

It takes a few moments of both of us staring into each other’s eyes before he makes the swift movement. His hand cups my neck and he presses his lips harsh against my own, my body heavily coming into contact with the wall I had slumped against minutes prior.

I moan against Calum’s lips, pressing my upper body against his as he pulls me as close as is humanely possible. My hands go up his chest, along his shoulders until I let them wind around his neck. His hands press against my bum and I jump, winding my legs around his waist as he properly slams me against the wall.

“Y/n,” Calum moans against my lips, biting down on the bottom lip before he pulls it a little and lets go of it. I hum in response, feeling my heart beat a hundred miles an hour as he grabs me properly, hoisting me off of the wall and starting towards my bedroom.

I’m dropped onto the bed, a little bounce following as Calum lets himself drop onto me, his lips finding my neck almost immediately. “Oh, Cal – I – “ I can’t finish my sentence because I have no idea what I want to say. I should stop him but this could be our last time and I want to savour it.

My shirt flies across my room in a second and I grabble at Calum’s shirt as well, his hands leaving my body to rid himself of the clothing. “Fuck, I missed you.” Calum breathes against my neck, his fingers ghosting over my waist as he reaches the button of my jeans. He gazes towards me and when I don’t protest, the button is swiftly popped and his fingers hook underneath the waist band to slowly drag it down my legs.

I arch my back which gives him the time to unclasp my bra, leaving me almost completely bare to Calum’s wandering gaze. I cup him over his shorts and he still his movements, moaning against my neck before his teeth sink into the tender flesh.

“Off.” I mumble, kissing along his shoulder as I try to push his shorts down from my position. Calum gets up from the bed and quickly pulls his shorts down along with his boxers. I watch him lick his lips before his teeth sink into the plump pink bottom one, leaning on the bed with one knee as he discards my underwear.

I sit up and let my thumb brush along his jawline, a small smile crawling onto my lips when I see Calum’s eyes drift closed at my soft touch. I close the distance between us with a gentle kiss, and he almost immediately responds by pressing his lips harder to mine. His whole naked frame covers mine as he lays both of us back down, his erection pressing between my legs as he presumes our gentle kissing.

Calum starts moving his hips along mine and I let out a moan I was holding in, throwing my head back and granting Calum more access to my neck. I feel his tip press against my entrance and I wriggle my hips, making Calum press into me and fill me up. He completely stills and I hear his heart hammering against his chest, his breathing heavy as he warms my neck and shoulder.

He lifts his head to shoot a smile in my direction before he presses his lips back to mine, slowly starting to move his hips in a rhythmical motion. A sigh leaves my lips, my fingertips digging into his shoulder blades as he picks up the pace.

“Cal – I.” Calum shushes me up by pressing his lips to mine again, his tongue darting in my mouth to battle for dominance. I can rapidly feel my orgasm approaching and I wriggle underneath him. His hand disappears between us two to rub over my clit in circular motions and I arch my back as I come with the sound of his name echoing through the room and probably the hallway.

It doesn’t take long for Calum to follow behind, his whole body stilling as he grunts against my lips. He can’t seem to hold himself up any longer and he drops onto my body heavily, momentarily knocking the wind out of me. I let my fingertips ghost over his spine while he tries to get his breathing and heartrate back to normal. Once he has done so, he rolls off of me and lets out an enormous sigh.

His arm winds around my waist and he presses a kiss to my shoulder and then to my neck, and I can feel my sensitive skin immediately react to his. I wriggle out of his grasp and get up from the bed, feeling rather filthy and kind of regretting what has just happened. My feelings were going to get crushed and this time the ball had been in my court.
“Where are you going?” Calum questions as he sits up, covering his privates with my duvet, keeping his eyes glued on my frame.

“I’m getting dressed. This party is sort of because I got back.” I shrug my shoulders, stepping into my underwear, bra already covering my breasts. Calum’s face retorts into something that resembles shock and disbelief before he flies off of the bed and storms over towards me.
“You cannot just pretend that that was just a one-night stand, Y/n. I came here to –“

“I think you came to talk to me and it got a bit out of hand. I’m sorry, but I’m not the only one to blame.” I take a deep breath as I gaze up, seeing Calum’s stoic features solely trained on me.
“Go on a date with me. Give me a chance.”

“I – Calum – are you sure about this?” I stumble over my words, letting my shirt drop to the floor as I let his hands wander over my waist.
“I have never been more sure about anything in my whole life. Please Y/n, I think I love you.” I swallow harshly, eyes widened at his statement before I feel my heart flutter.

“Yes.” I nod my head and I can see Calum’s eyes twinkle again, the carefree Calum I had met at the beginning of summer taking the upper hand. His arms wind properly around my waist and he squeezes me close before lifting me off of my feet and twirling around with me in his arms. As my feet are back on the soft flooring of my bedroom, I press my lips to Calum’s harshly. He smiles dreamily when I retract before his gaze flicks to something behind me.

”Hey, you have a balcony. Calum grins as he lets his fingers curl around my wrist and he pulls me towards the two glass doors. “Didn’t you know?”
He merely shakes his head and opens the doors, letting the cool summer breeze flow over our almost naked frames. He disappears from my right and when he returns, he pulls his ripped muscle tee over my head as I see his lower parts are now covered in his boxer shorts.

I raise an eyebrow and he presses his lips to my cheek, stepping closer behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist as he lays his chin on my shoulder. “Wouldn’t want all the attendees to see my girls’ breasts now, do I?”

A tiny gasp leaves my lips and I turn my head back to the street side, seeing the street lights illuminate the whole street ahead. “Your girl?”
“Well that’s if you want to be. I – uh – I don’t know if you still want to give me a chance or…” Calum tentatively speaks, his hold of me loosening as he tries to step away from me, from my rejection. I stop him by letting my fingers curl around his wrists and pulling his arms back around me fully.

“It may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” I smile, pulling Calum impossibly closer to my shivering frame as I watch the stars twinkle in the night’s sky.