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Name: Zhang Yixing
Alias(es): 10, Lay
Occupation: Criminal
Status: Wanted for murder
Abilities: Healing, high intelligence, multi-lingual, seduction, superior hand-to-hand and weapons combat skills
Weapons: Bow and arrow, explosives, spears, staffs/sticks

An Overrated Cliché

Summary: That Spider-Man kiss video was definitely cliché and cheesy, which is exactly the reason that Spidey and Y/N have to do it.

Word Count: 2235

Warnings: Heights and Swearing.

A/N: casually drops this after almost a year without writing like okay!! okay!! please enjoy this (it has good format!!) :0 and thank you to @buckys-fossil for actually tolerating me and proofreading this, i love you!!! also this is a gender neutral fic!!!! if you followed me when i was strictly an aesthetic blog well then, hello i write fics too

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Summer weather was the worst.

Summer holiday wasn’t that much better, what with having cabin fever and all. It had been a week since you had left the comfort of your apartment and three hours since you flopped onto the couch and lay there. All of your friends had been busy, Michelle doing her protesting, Liz with college preparation. It left you with nothing much to do other than lounge around your home.

The fan placed on the coffee table was set on revolve and hit your body with cool breezes. Laying on your side and absentmindedly watching season three of Phineas and Ferb, you felt jealous that those children were creative enough to make the most of your summer. It was a big contrast to you, as you hadn’t done anything the entire few weeks of summer there had been.

A thought suddenly came to mind and you decided to act on it. Shutting off the TV and fan, you put on actual clothes and took care of your hygiene before fixing your hair and pulling on your sneakers. Making sure to had some money and the house key, you texted your mom.

to: mom
hey i’m leaving the apartment for the first time in days are you proud of me

It didn’t take her long to reply.

from: mom
Fine with me, I was about to kick you out and make you do something.

You laughed at her text before tucking your phone away and leaving the apartment and locking the door.

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Chat Noir Finds Out (Part 3)

Summary: Chat Noir drops in for a visit and things go as well as expected. 

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Coincides with Day 1 of Marichat May (Milk). Hope you all enjoy this mess of a chapter— C: (Thanks so much for giving me the courage to post, btw.)

Chapter 3: The Night After Chat Noir Found Out

What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently, a lot of things.  

He was Chat Noir, after all. Why he ever thought this was a good idea was beyond him.

His plan was to knock on her window, give her his two-finger salute, let her squeal a little because he knew she was a total fangirl deep inside, and maybe flex a little just because he could.

Then he would spend a bit of time with her before easing into the fact that he found out she was Ladybug and that he was actually Adrien Agreste, her classmate.

All this while acting like the cool cat he always was and not the blundering, embarrassing boy he had been that morning.

Simple, to the point, and completely fool-proof, right?

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some reasons to stay alive

i know i need this right now, so some of you might need it too. feel free to add on your own reasons as well

-warm sandy beaches
-hot cocoa on a snowy day
-snowball and water balloon fights
-seeing your significant other/partner again
-silly dance parties late at night
-pure hearty laughing, the kind that makes you feel bubbly and excited
-fall leaves
-fireworks on new year’s eve
-freshly baked cookies
-long phone calls when you’re half asleep and relaxed
-laying in the cool long grass when the sun is shining
-visiting new places
-seeing the stars at night
-lounge days
-having your favourite food again
-telling life to kiss your ass, because you made it further than before every single day

Produce 101 as Classmates
  • Jisung: Borrows some paper from you just to put his gum into it. Knows the students’ attendance better than the teacher.
  • Jaehwan: Makes a competition out of everything and cried when he only got that B+ that one time. Has an annoying laugh.
  • Seongwoo: The one sitting in the back making strange noises and blurting out random comments, but always manages to get an A somehow.
  • Daniel: You’re so close that you think you’re best friends, but turns out he’s best friends with literally everyone since he's REALLY popular.
  • Jonghyun: Everyone thinks he’s kinda cute. Until they find out about how obsessed with anime he is. Most find him even cuter through this tbh.
  • Minhyun: Looks kinda cold but reads Twilight in secret. Hides in the boy restroom during breaks from Seonho.
  • Sungwoon: Is terrible at art class but his doodles are true works of art. Always has like 100 pens in his bag (just in case).
  • Jihoon: Was really popular with the girls in middle school. Really hates the fact that high-school girls not necessarily prefer „cute“ guys.
  • Jinyoung: Rarely talks with anyone outside of his clique. His mother drives a really cool car though.
  • Hyungseob: Has all students of his school added as friends in Facebook but noone actually knows anything about him. Sometimes brings shady stuff to school.
  • Woojin: Never sais a word and only hangs out with that exact one friend. Surprisingly good at sports and winning in general.
  • Daehwi: That nerd kid that looks kinda not cool but after that one time you have to work on a project together you’ll realize he’s actually quite cool.
  • Lai Guanlin: Borrows everything. Never has a pen. Never has paper nor books. Gets a heart attack everytime the teacher calls his name.
  • Seonho: Gives the best answers. Clings onto different groups. You hug him once, you have to hug him forever. (#ripminhyun)
  • Samuel: Exchange student. Says Oh my God a lot during tests. Actually has no idea what’s going on.

I’ve seen that gif of Maka tripping Ox during the Hiro/Excalibur episode and I just keep laughing at Soul because Maka just straight wipes out Ox without hesitation and Soul’s expression is like


but then

I mean whatever it’s fine

Sick Day

This is for @rowanismybae who is super sick and I can’t take care of her from so far away so this is the best I can do. Hope you feel better soon Milly!

Rowaelin - super fluff

Of course. The day of the ball - the huge party for Lysandra’s birthday that Aelin has been planning for months - of course she had to wake up sick. Rowan had told her. He had tried warning her that the stress of the planning and the countless hours of making invitations would lead to her body breaking down. Aelin had just been hoping it would happen after the celebration.

She knew it the moment she woke up, before she had even opened her eyes. Her throat stuck when she tried to swallow, and her chest tightened every time she took a breath. Queen Aelin is sick, but there is no way she is letting her King know. Today is not the day for ‘I told you so’s.

So, Aelin cracks open her tired and most likely bloodshot eyes, squinting against the harsh light coming in from the window. She stifles a groan as she sits up, her limbs feeling heavy. Standing on wobbly legs, Aelin attempts to walk towards the closet. Perhaps if she can get dressed and out of their chambers before Rowan wake up, he won’t find out about her dreadful state. Through sheer willpower and stubbornness, Aelin is sure she can make it through the day.

Sniffling the whole way, Aelin makes it to her closet, picking an outfit that will not cinch her already tight chest, or hinder her stumbling legs. Looking down at herself, Aelin sighs. It’s not the most queenly thing she could be wearing, but it’ll do until she needs to get ready for the party.

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