lay bulge

Well, that happened...

So… returning from Korean BBQ, me and my friend were a bit… giddy. And we started to discussing the boys’ junk, and we came up with the following list for EXO at least. From biggest to smallest, not considering circumference… This is based on pictures we saw in the past, and just our feeling… don’t judge! We know you have thought about it as well

1) Kai

2) Lay

3) Sehun

4) Chanyeol

5) Baekhyun

6) Suho

7) Chen

8) Kris

9) D.O.

10) Xiumin

11) Tao

12) Luhan

Yeah that was our list… Obviously we made some ‘mistakes’. Here’s some material to prove my point. -all material © by respectful owners-

As for Kai… Just saying, he has some junk in the trunk, da’s all!

Our number 2: Lay

Number 1 in many ladies’ heart but 3 on our list: Sehun - just saying he appears to be… let’s say HORMONAL to put it politely-

Number four for us, with no proof whatsoever… to our 'average’ we guessed; Chanyeol

Our five, close call to Chanyeol: Baekhyun, and I must say in jeans it always looks smaller!

Suho as our number 6 because… just because

Chen as our 7th; still no prove whatsoever, let me tell you even if he wasn’t here or lower or higher. Size DOES NOT matter when there’s a hot guy like him attached! Unless… you know *raises pinky*

On our 8th place; Kris. Because we THOUGHT he was compensating with his 'cool guy image’ well… we were wrong!

D.O. as his runner up because we thought all those left would not have much to show but for the lovely personality and looks!

10th to our list: Xiumin… Because well, he’s Xiumin

Secondlast: one of our biggest, if not the biggest mistakes: Tao

And last, best right: Luhan

Considering the new 'developments’ here’s my new list:

1) Sehun +2

2) Lay 

3) Kai -2

4) Tao +7

5) Kris +3

6) Baekhyun -1

7) Xiumin +3

8) Luhan +4

9) Chen -2

10) Chanyeol -5

11) Suho -5

12) D.O. -3

Please remember, the first list is just my friend and I, and this second list. Is MY opinion! So well.. hope you enjoyed our boys :) I’m all for D.O., Luhan… so (:


The last few days had been rough. You’d been out on a run with Tara when you’d come across a nasty group of people who had injured you both quite badly. Tara was still in the infirmary with her injuries, but she was getting better each day. You’d come back to the house you shared with Daryl that morning after being discharged. You suffered some cuts and bruises, one being a black eye and you hated looking in the mirror right now. Daryl must have been disgusted by your face right now you thought and you hid away in the spare room while Daryl made you some food.
“Hey, what are ya doing in here?” Daryl asks as he opens the door after looking for you in your bedroom.
“I don’t want you to see me right now,” you cried.
“What? Why?” He asks concerned.
“My face is ugly Daryl, my eye is swollen and bruised and even I hate looking at myself right now. I don’t want you to have to deal with it.”
“Don’t ya dare say that (Y/N), I love ya.”
“I love you too Daryl,” you say, turning to smile at him.
“That’s what I wanna see!” He says, stroking your face.
“Do you know where that make up bag you found is?” You ask. Daryl gets up and goes into your room, roots around in the bottom drawer of your wardrobe and pulls out the bag.
“Got it, come in here,” he shouts from the bedroom.
“Thanks Daryl,” you say, reaching out your hand to take the bag.
“Nope, you’re on bed rest remember? Sit up in bed and let me do it.”
“But you don’t know-”
“I know that no make up is gonna make me want you more than I do already. Ya deserve to be treated like a princess, so let me try,” he says, blushing slightly. You sit up on the bed and pull your hair back off your face.
“Just be gentle around my eye,” you say, closing your eyes.
Daryl opens up the bag, tips its contents into the bed and looks at it all confusedly. He picks up bits and reads the labels; ‘foundation’, 'primer’, 'eyeliner’, 'mascara’. He popped the top off of the foundation and squirted too much onto his palm, then dipped his finger in and started stroking it all over your face. He throws it back into the bag along with the primer then unscrews the top of the mascara and pulls the wand out of the tube.
“The fuck is this?” He asks out loud. You open your eyes and see what he’s holding.
“Haha, you brush it over eyelashes in an upwards motion,” you laugh.
“Right, I got this, close your eyes again.” You do as he says and he leans in to you with the wand and carefully rests his hand on your cheek as he brushes your eyelashes with the mascara. Once done he drops it in the bag and finally picks up the eyeliner. He draws a wonky line over your eye lid and then the other side as well, then looks at what is left on the bed.
“Ah! Hold ya hands out.” He exclaims, finding a bottle of red nail polish. You hold your hands out and he carefully paints each nail, then blows on them to help dry.
“Wave yer hands around a bit,” he says, putting the make up bag away. You laugh and do as he says, then open your eyes.
“Aw, they look great Daryl!” You grin at your nails, and are surprised at how neat he did them.
“I dunno if ya wanna look in a mirror though.”
“It can’t be worse than a black eye surely,” you say, getting up off the bed and going into the bathroom, “oh wow, you really went in on the foundation.” You look at your slightly orange face and laugh. The eyes aren’t too bad actually, so you grab some tissue and dab the excess foundation off and blend the rest. You step out of the bathroom and look at Daryl sitting on the bed.
“Ya look beautiful no matter what (Y/N),” he sighs. You sit down next to him and stroke his face.
“So do you Daryl,” you whisper. He turns his face to you and launches himself at your lips. He holds onto your cheeks and pulls your face into him to deepen the kiss.
“Mind the make up!” You mumble against his lips.
“Fuck the make up,” he breathes, then pushes you back onto the bed. “I’ve missed ya.”
“I’ve missed you too.”
“I’ve missed being able to do this,” he whispers against your skin as he kisses down your neck and rips your top open to carry down your chest. He brings his face back up and attacks your lips again as he hands wander over your now exposed upper half. You pull on his vest, bringing his chest into yours and feel his excitement grow against your hip. You moan as he makes his way to your ear, nibbling on your neck just below it and sucking the skin a little. Bucking your hips into his, he pushes down into you to create friction.
“I need yo-” you start, but get cut off by someone knocking at the door downstairs.
“Fuck,” he groans. “Just ignore it.” He carries on kissing you, but the knocking gets louder, then you hear Rick’s voice.
“Daryl, (Y/N), you there?” He shouts.
“Fuck!” Daryl bellows, getting up and looking down at you lying there ready for him. “Fucking Rick.” He grumbles, heading downstairs, adjusting his trousers to hide the bulge. You lay there laughing, then wince at the pain in your face. This wasn’t the first time Rick interrupted you both and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.