lay appreciation post

The only things that should be thrown at Lay

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Chen appreciation post

Because he’s so under appreciated

That time Chen and Baek were mistaken for a gay couple at disney for back hugging

this vine of chen and chanyeol performing Playboy

this vine

The time he dressed as a dinosaur

The time he looked like a priest

The time he dared to throw confetti at Kyungsoo

The time he blessed us with Suho’s abs

The time Baekhyun and him played us with their vocals

Xingdae interaction

when a foreigner asked him if he was a president

When the screen dropped too earlier and this happened

this vine

That time he spoke in spanish 

The ultimate vine of all time

When he looked under Xiumin’s shirt

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that little tease

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BaekXing in 2015 pt 5 - It’s a BaekXing Thing

adorably dancing together

idek what this is but yes i support it

jealous!baek ft. sexing LOLOLOL

seriously WHAT ARE THEY

cough ft. jealous!yeol hehehehe

istg they ship themselves TYBG FOR BAEKXING GOLD IN SECOND BOX


seriously they are so cute how to even deal???

al;fja;lsdf  baekxing istg will be the death of me LIKE WHAT ARE THEY!?! omfg i can’t



lay’s comment translation: Yah, wake up, I can’t sleep…


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Hi I just wanted to let you know I'm currently supposed to be rehearsing but instead I keep re reading all your ereri fics and lemme tell you there is nothing sexy about Bach's complicated notes. Nothing. (But fuck me praise kink Eren is the best. Kudos to you. 10/10. Holy fuck.)

((sequel to ebony))

There is nothing sexy about Bach, and Eren knows this.

“Well done,” Levi tells him after he lifts his fingers off the keys, having just finished a particularly challenging piece. “You’ve become very skilled, Eren.”

It’s the way he says it, voice warm with approval and affection and pride - all those things he’s craved so much from Levi all these years - that makes Eren crack.

He swallows once, twice, around the heavy lump in his throat. “Really?” he says and feels so damn small under Levi’s gaze, as if expecting him to take his words back any moment now.

Levi doesn’t. In fact, he leans in closer to wind his arm around Eren’s shoulders, close enough that Eren can make out the faint scent of his cologne. “So modest,” he sighs, light yet intimate. His other hand comes to stroke over Eren’s cheek in a soft caress and then they’re locking eyes and Eren is so wonderfully trapped. “And handsome, too. I would’ve expected some lucky girl to steal you away, already.”

“I only want you,” he confesses, and Levi’s features soften into a smile.

“See? You’re such a darling,” he goes on and kisses Eren, just a barely-there brush on the lips. “Lovely both inside and out. Simply perfect.”

Eren crosses his legs very deliberately, and in an effort to distract himself from the heavy lust rising up from the pit of his stomach, he draws Levi in for an another kiss. It’s not too effective, since the warm pressure of Levi’s lips against his only makes him yearn for even more contact.

Of course, Levi is careful with him, always so careful. “Relax, Eren. Open your mouth a little wider,” he speaks into the miniscule space in between them, coaxing out tension from Eren’s shoulders that he hadn’t even noticed with a press of his hand. Then, after Eren’s melting into him, pliant and willing under his touch, he mutters in a low voice, “There you go, good boy,” before slotting their lips together again.

With only the tiniest hint of shame, Eren moans into the kiss and presses his legs together harder. He could wither to the floor, but luckily Levi’s arms are wrapped around him and not letting go. Those words echo in Eren’s head in an endless loop - good boy, good boy, Levi had called him a good boy - as he desperately tries to hold it together.

Levi’s hand is laid over the curve of Eren’s thigh, warm and natural and grounding somehow. “Oh? Do you like that?” Levi asks with his lips curving up into the slightest of smiles. “When I praise you?”

He should deny it, should hide away his selfish desires, because while Levi has been nothing but kind and patient with him, these are things that even Eren himself cannot begin to understand.

“Yes,” he admits at last and wants to run. Levi looks at him, and it’s like he’s gazing into Eren’s very soul, seeing him as he is, bared and raw and wanting.

“I like it, too,” Levi murmurs as he moves to trail kisses down along his neck. “You’re a very good boy, Eren, and I love you so, so much.” His voice wavers a little towards the end, but it must be true since his gaze on Eren is firm and insistent.

There are tears brimming up from somewhere behind Eren’s eyes that he blinks away as quickly as he can. “Oh,” he croaks. His hands are itching to reach out and grab on to Levi’s pristine white collar and his tie and the lapels of his vest, to mess him up just a little. But he’s so weak in Levi’s embrace, and his fingers shake as he tugs at the fabric of Levi’s shirt, fumbling and indecisive.

“I love you,” Levi repeats as he leans closer, his thumb sweeping over Eren’s lips that open up easily under his touch. “Such a good boy.”

It’s a good thing that Levi kisses him again just then, because Eren is sure he would have let out a very embarrassing mewl had his mouth not been otherwise occupied  He can feel it, though, heady arousal clouding his head and pleasant heat spreading up along his body. Whenever Levi speaks kind words to him, or kisses him, or touches him like he’s something precious and dear to him, Eren’s heart becomes so light and full of affection unlike anything he’s ever felt before.

He calls out Levi’s name against his lips, only inches apart. “I don’t know what to do with myself when you’re around,” he blurts out in an unsteady voice, his hands grasping on to Levi harder as if he might fade away like a mirage.

But Levi is there, he’s real and warm and solid under Eren’s touch. “Me neither,” he murmurs while trailing patterns over the small of Eren’s back with his fingertips, searching, wandering, mapping him out. Being this close to Levi is intoxicating, and knowing that his presence has a similar effect of Levi gives Eren such a rush.

There are a couple of stray hairs resting over Levi’s forehead that Eren tucks back behind his ear, lingering for a while. “Are we done with Bach for today?” he asks with the most persuasive smile he can manage.

“Sure.” Levi laces their fingers together and squeezes lightly. “You wanna try some Händel instead?”

Händel is quite possibly the last thing on Eren’s mind - or maybe second to last, right before Bach - so he makes a big show out of rolling his eyes and groaning and complaining about how Levi had completely ruined the mood with that suggestion.

“Come on, Händel is romantic,” Levi claims with a grin. “And I know you’re talented enough to pull it off.”

“Really?” Eren doesn’t bother trying to hide the hint of coyness in his voice, because while he doesn’t particularly care for Händel, he’s extremely interested in any and every opportunity to have Levi compliment him. “You think so?”

“Of course,” Levi states without a shadow of a doubt. “I can tell you’ve been practising a lot, you’d probably do well with something more complicated.

Doing well, especially with Levi watching, makes something restless and wild stir in Eren.

“Okay, we’ll do Händel, then,” he says with a long exhale, and after Levi’s turned his attention towards the notebooks scattered on top of the piano, adds in a barely audible voice, “Fuck.”

“That part comes later tonight,” Levi intones like he’s talking about the weather, and Eren flushes right up to the roots of his hair. “But for now, let’s start with this one, shall we?’

Eren stares at the notes placed in front of him and concentrates. The ivory is cool and familiar against his skin, his hands finding their way to the right keys without second thought, hovering there as he prepares himself.

“Good boy,” Levi whispers and kisses the shell of his ear, lightly, like a promise. “Whenever you’re ready, my love.”



Okay but hear me out please.  He takes this little person’s arm and flexes his own muscle prompting them to flex their’s as well.  These are the BIM kids so he is taking a child who has in some way been affected with illness and he’s encouraging them to be strong.  He’s helping this tiny little person to be strong and my heart has literally shred into a million pieces because this is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

okay.. listen. listen.

the way takumi looks at you in the whole choose your fate cutscene thing is absolutely heartbreaking. he looks like a lost puppy and it’s so obvious that he’s silently pleading for you to side with them and i can’t handle it. one look at his face there and i’m sold. there’s no way i can go against that. i mean.. just look at him and tell me you don’t want to hug him immediately:

Zhang Yixing Appreciation Post!

Ah, yes, Zhang Yixing. Lay, Changsha’s Little Prince, Healing Unicorn, and overall an angel in disguise. I think that Lay is generally underrated when he should be recognized a lot more. With his sweet singing voice and his impeccable dance skills, I personally believe that more people should acknowledge his obvious talent. Regardless, Lay does not let his lack of recognition get to him and continues to only be positive.

Without further ado, I present to you, Zhang Yixing (Lay[nicorn], Healing Unicorn, Changsha Pride, etc…)

Alright, so I guess I’ll start out with a picture that should be sort of illegal or something, because look at Lay. The way he’s standing, his hand gently resting on his face, that sultry gaze, ugh. Lay may be innocent and silly in general, but if needed, he could take over hearts with his gaze if he really wanted to.

That face Lay makes when he is confused and/or surprised is so endearingly adorable. The way he lifts his head up and his eyes widen slightly, he looks like a little puppy or kitten whose master has just come home and called them. Or, he looks like a Jongin who just heard the word “food.”

The dimple. This is Lay’s trademark feature. I don’t think that Lay would be Lay without his dimple. I find it really wonderful how he embraces his dimple. Many people I know who have dimples don’t like them and try to hide them when they laugh or smile. Lay, on the other hand, is proud of it, and I think it shows the childish charm Lay possesses. He only has one dimple, too, which may be why he is so forgetful sometimes.

Ah, I think we all know about Lay’s “what am i doing”/“i’m happy”/“don’t even care” dances. Those dances where Lay doesn’t even give a single fuck about what people will think of him, because he’s still an amazing dancer at heart. I think these dances best represent Lay and his personality- happy, adorable, and carefree. I absolutely love it when Lay dances like this because I think that he is genuinely happy when he does so.

Going along with Lay’s happy dance, I think that Lay’s true smile is one of the few things that makes me smile regardless. Even if I’m having the worst day ever, all I have to do is look at this gif (or any picture of Lay smiling), and I’ll feel just a bit better. His smile is actually contagious, and I think it helps show just how sweet Lay is.

That way Lay rubs/scratches his neck when he’s embarrassed or awkward is one of the cutest things ever. I know that it’s a really simple, seemingly normal action, but the way he does it is precious. Ugh.

Okay, let’s talk about Lay’s serious dancing. Lay, in my opinion, is just as good of a dancer as Kai. I can’t compare them side to side completely because they both have different styles, but Lay does not get enough recognition for his dancing (mostly in Korea). When EXO is on Chinese reality shows, both Lay and Kai are often called up for dancing, but in Korea, it’s usually only Kai, and that makes me sad. Lay is the main dancer/representative of EXO-M, which I think is just as important as EXO-K.

Lay is a natural-born dancer, and his style of dancing is much more “watery” than anyone else’s. Though Jongin is more flowy with his dancing, Lay is smoother. Does that make sense? The way he move is more like one motion, as opposed to a bunch of little motions. I feel like I don’t make sense. You know what I’m trying to say, though, right? Maybe? Good.

Okay, so we all know that Lay’s superpower symbol is the unicorn for healing, right? Right, well. Some people I know have made a comment to me about how unfair it is to Lay, since having a unicorn as your symbol isn’t exactly manly or powerful. How Lay got the short end of the stick or something. Okay, first of all, I think it fits him perfectly. The amount that Lay cares for his fellow members is outstanding, and he is one of the nicest, most caring members of EXO. Regardless, I find it wonderful how Lay embraces the unicorn instead of pushing it away. When EXO were assigned their superpowers, I think that Lay made healing and the unicorn a part of himself, which is amazing. Not many people could have done that, and that proves just how much more amazing Lay is for that.

It’s really amazing how Lay can do the littlest things that make me want to bang my head against a wall and scream. The way he just subtly bites his lip and stares at the camera and smirks slightly. YOU LITTLE TEASE. YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE DOING, SO DON’T YOU DARE TRY TO ACT INNOCENT.

Zhang Yixing is a gift to the world of kpop. No one can replace his phenomenal dancing, his kind persona, his cute dimple, or his funny, confused ways. Being one of the two remaining Chinese members in EXO, please continue to support Zhang Yixing, even if he is not your bias!

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BaekXing in 2015 pt 3 - Whispering


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