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EXO reaction to their crush suddenly pinch their cheeks and said so cute

anonymous asked:  Exo reaction to their crush suddenly pinch their cheeks and said “so cute”. Love your reactions they give life! :)
A/N:and you’re making my heart beat fast:) <3
Xiumin- “So would you say I’m boyfriend material?”

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Luhan- “You’re cute”

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Kris- “really? So would you accept this cutie’s asking you out on a date?”

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Suho- “Not as cute and beautiful as you are”

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Lay- “Then maybe… you can call me something else….like….boyfriend”

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Baekhyun- “You just want this don’t you”

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Chen- “You’re too cute for your own good”

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Chanyeol- “Here’s a flower for the most beautiful girl in the world”

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D.O- “Why are you making me feel this way”

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Tao- “Give me a hug”

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Kai- “t-thank you”

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Sehun- *Just gif honestly sehun doesn’t need no words*

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Exo’s Reaction - When You’re On Your Period And You Have Cramps

Thank you so much! <3 Saranghae <3 Here you go, I hope it’s okay! This is a very fluffy version so if you want me to do a really funny one then just request!


Xiumin - *Constant outbursts of aegyo and loves it when you smile, reassures you everything will be okay and to try and forget about the pain and focus on him instead*

Lay - *He is such a little sweet heart, he lays down with you, plays with your hair and gives you kisses on the cheek now and again while watching a film*

Kai - *He felt really bad for you that you had to go through this pain every month, goes out to get you food that you wanted and picks off your plate even though he has his own food* 

Suho - *Goes out and buys you everything you needed set for your period and spoils you rotten (like he doesn’t already) and gives you cuddles and kisses when he knows you wont bite his head off because of mood swings*

Kyungsoo - *He makes you a hot drink and brings you healthy snacks which he said that would be best for you as he did a bit of searching about this ready for when your on your period*

Tao - *Lost sheep, not knowing what to do and asks everyone for tips on what to do with you right this moment, all he knows is to make sure you have cuddles and food to keep you happy*

Chen - *Manages to get you to cuddle up to him which made you feel a bit better as he wraps you in his arms, puts a hot water bottle on your stomach and sings to you which send you to sleep*

Kris - *Lets you know that if you needed anything, he’d get it for you and he engulfs you in arms so your warm, comfortable and your feeling better than you was* (You’re Bacon Baekhyun)

Chanyeol - *Already knows what to do as he lived with his sister and his mum who have both been through it and gets you to sleep by singing to you, playing with your hair and rubbing your belly so you feel better while basically rocking you in his arms*

Baekhyun - *After researching what to do to help, he gets a hot water bottle and cuddles up to you, rubbing your belly also to try help* (You’re the pillow thing*

Sehun - *Even though he’s a brat, he thought that he’d bring some chocolates and bubble tea home after practice for you today as he felt like it, he gives it to you and starts teasing you* Take your time, I’m not doing this everytime your on your period  

Luhan - *Makes sure you had everything you needed because he’s scared you’ll bite his head off and runs around like a headless chicken, really not knowing what to do but cuddles you afterwards*

The signs as EXO gifs.

Aries: Baekhyun releasing confetti from his head.

Taurus: Chanyeol dropping this water bottle perfectly onto the stage.

Gemini: Kai hugging Sehun from behind.

Cancer: This gif of D.O. looking awkward.

Leo: Lay’s “I look like I’m having a heart attack” gif.

Virgo: Sexy Xiumin.

Libra: Suho singing into a giant blue cone.

Scorpio: Tao being fabulously sassy.

Sagittarius: Luhan being precious.

Capricorn: Cuddly Chen.

Aquarius: The “Beyond done with your shit” Kris gif.

Pisces: Xiumin being a pain in Kai’s ass.

*Hello, hello! Just wanted to say that none of these gifs are mine. If you are the owner/know who is the owner, please message me so I can give you/them proper credit for them.*


EXO Reaction to you Being Oblivious and Considering them a Dongsaeng When they Like you

Sorry i wasn’t active today i as swimming all day at a party so…yeah. Hopefully more people are willing to join this blog as an admin because right now i’m not getting many people but if you’re considering it the info is here. I hope you have a wonderful day and also keep requesting :)) - Jasmine

(none of these gifs are mine)


XIUMIN: why doesn’t she just see that i like her

TAO:*walks up to you and gives you a back hug*(missison complete) 

SUHO: why can’t you just love me

SEHUN:*tries to your attention all the time*

look at me!!!! 

LUHAN: alright lets try this again luhan…*makes a heart at you*

LAY: How come she doesn’t see i want to be more than friends

KRIS: is she just acting like that on purpose or?….

KAI:*acts cute to get your attention*

D.O: *he is showing off but then realizes you walked away*

CHEN: *just trolls you all the time* #trollking

CHANYEOL: *just stares*

BAEKHYUN: look at my sexy dance moves,Don’t you want this?

Imagine EXO trying to get your attention

Requested by: Anonymous

Okay, this is OT12 since I got used to that. ;)

Xiumin: Jagi! Jagiya! Look! I’m so cute!

Luhan: *gives creepy look* Baobei… Look at me!!

Kris: Hey. *gives you a heart sign* I love you. Now pay attention.

Suho: *gives you a sexy stare* If you don’t pay attention, I– *starts laughing*

Lay: *scratches head* Baobei…

Baekhyun: Hey I’m breaking up with you. *gets your attention and makes a peace sign* Just kidding. *wink*

Chen: Jagi!! *hugs you* Give me attention!

Chanyeol: *does aegyo* Look at me jagiya~

D.O: *dances to get your attention with a special edition of a sexy lip bite*

Tao: *smirks* You can’t resist me..

Kai: *runs around giving you flying kisses* Notice me now~

Sehun: *does gwiyomi* Please oh please, notice me

Exo reaction when the baby first word is yehet

Sehun: That’s my baby. The yehet runs in the family and nobody can’t do anything about it

Kai: That sounded just like a drunk version of Sehun’s yehet. So adorable.

Tao:*records the baby to send it to sehun*

Kyungsoo: Kill me please!

Chanyeol: Ah why did you betray daddy like this?ah my poor heart can’t take this.

Chen: If he starts saying ohorat I will give it to sehun to raise it

Baekhyun:*JUDGING YOU VERY HARD* He is not my kid.

Lay: Oh, the baby just said his first word. She is so cute!

Suho: Why not daddy?

Kris: Wife: I hope you have a good excuse for why this happened.


Luhan:*to his wife* Why are you laughing? do you wanna hear for the reast of your life only yehet?

Xumin: Well it could have been worse…………

EXO Reaction when their girlfriend eats all the popcorn while watching a movie

I’m that kind of girl… sometimes xD
Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*He is the one who finishes them first* “Yum Yum yum”


“Shh… don’t apologize.. just give me a kiss and we’ll be fine. We can continue watching the movie with no problems”


“So… the popcorn… nothing is left… I wanted..” *Heart breaks and tummy roars*


*Grabs some before you eat them all* “Go for it.. you can have the rest jagi.. I bought them for you”


*It doesn’t matter. He has his chicken* “This movie is good jagi… and so is the chicken”


“Why didn’t a buy more… they were selling 3x6… I should have brought them with me…” *Slapping himself internally*


*Judging heavily* “How could you! They were for the two… oh girl! You won’t get my bacon tonight!”


*Is a terrible liar* “No no no everything is.. fine.. fin..e….err…” *Internal error*


*Feels like he lost all the hope in the world* “My… popcorn… gone… goodbye…”


*Totally okay because he has his soda and nachos* “I’m a nacho man, you can eat all the popcorn jagi, I know you love them”


*Doesn’t notice because he falls asleep five minutes after the movie starts*


“Did you just ate all the popcorn? No? Are you sure…?” *Stares at you until you confess*

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EXO Reaction: when they see you naked for the first time.

Baekhyun: “Damn how did I get so lucky to have you?”

Chanyeol: “Oh I’m smiling a lot? Oh sorry I’m just in awe of you sweetie.”

Chen: “Oh my god babe you are gonna give me a heart attack.”

DO: “Get your fine ass over here.”

Kai: “Have I told you I like to bite?”

Kris: “Babygirl you are so beautiful. I don’t think I’m going to let you get out of this bed in the morning.”

Lay: *just sits there and enjoys the view*

Luhan: “Ok ok you can’t just walk up in here like that without telling me first baby. I almost had a heart attack.”

Sehun: “I am so ready for this.”

Suho: “Alright I am ready for the show.”

Tao: “Aren’t you cold? Do I need to let you borrow some of my clothes?”

Xiumin: “Get ready not to be able to walk tomorrow.”

EXO react to finding out you’re a mythical creature

theyofgoldenblood, I changed it a bit - hope you don’t mind!

Xiumin: “Alright then, Ms. Gumiho. We need to set some rules up front - no eating my liver or heart, got it? And you might want to hide your tails. They might just give you away.”

Luhan: “..The reason you approached me in the first place was because you thought I was a fairy, too? I’m so manly, though! Does it look like I could have sparkly pink wings to you?”

Kris: “So what you’re saying is it might be a bit difficult for us to do a duet at karaoke if your singing makes men drown themselves… Well, there goes my date idea.“

Suho: “No! It’s not that I don’t trust you around my neck now that I know you’re a vampire… It’s just that I’m a singer and I can’t let my throat get cold!”

Lay: “It’s okay if you’re a grim reaper. I’m a unicorn - I can just heal everyone again after you kill them. After all, I can’t let you get arrested for murder.”

Baekhyun: “This is perfect! A poltergeist is just what I needed! Sneak… or float…whatever the verb is… into Tao’s room tonight and we’ll scare the crap out of him!”

Chen: “Oh come on, a were-bunny? You couldn’t have been something cooler?. Right… because rabbits are so fearsome and they kill people all the time.”

Chanyeol: “Oh, if you’re a demon, you must be here to see Kyungsoo. I always thought you two would be close - I didn’t know you worked for him already.”

DO: “Wish number one: get rid of Baekhyun. Let me sleep on the other two. I didn’t think past that first one since I already have my world domination plan and own the others’ souls.”

Tao: “Angels are kinda supernatural, too, right? …Can you tell the shower ghosts to leave me alone? Or, you know, exorcise them? I’m not picky.”

Kai: “You’re a werewolf? That’s so cute! You know, I was a wolf once. Rawr! Just wait until I tell Monggu and Janggu that they have a new friend to play with!”

Sehun: “Are you sure you’re an elf? You don’t look like one of the ones from Lord of the Rings… Maybe more like one of the hobbits… Wait! I know! You’re a Keebler elf!”

- Admin J
(Extra points to anyone who gets the killer bunny reference.)

Wearing their shirt


“Baobei what are you trying to do to my heart”


“Jagi your going to have to give me back m shirt… Now”

You: “But this is the only thing i’m wearing”

“Oh I know” 


“Baobei…… Thats…. Wait ….. You….. My….. Shirt”

*healing unicorn is too distracted”

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“Jagi i have the same shirt we can be matching!!”

“This is your shirt….”


*Doesn't say anything but secretly watches you walk around in it from the corner of his eye”

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“Baobei is that mine?”

You: “Oh yea sorry i just put it on do you mind?”

“Nonono not at all actually wear them more often”

Exo’s reaction to when they find out you like Kai and not them

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*is pretty bummed at first, but knows it’s what will make you happy*

“I know, this is for the best.”

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*would hide his disappointment and wish you the best of luck, gives encouragement*

“Just follow your heart (y/n).”


*would take some time to think the situation over, comes around eventually*

“It’s fine, I’m just thinking.”

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*would start trying to make you feel better because he knows this is hard for you*

“Hey (y/n) don’t cry! It’s okay…”

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*already sensed you were going in that direction anyway*

“You don’t have to apologize, your feelings are your feelings.”

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*would take it the hardest among the group, it would take him longer to comprehend the reasons*

“I don’t understand.”

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*would be feeling pretty rejected, but would respect your decision*

“I want to say it doesn’t hurt. But it does, and that’s okay.” 

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*would get slightly emotional considering he really likes you*

“If you keep looking at me like that I’m going to feel worse.”

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*kinda shy and indirect at first*

“Heh, that’s funny me too.”


*waits patiently for you to explain your feelings*

“Common, pour your heart out to the maknae*

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