This is so fricking cute!

everyone’s talking about how Kyungsoo better be going to the best musical ever and how Jongin and Jongdae need to get better and how sm needs to give Yixing a break but

Yixing’s going to fucking Changsha. he’s going to his hometown. he’s probably gonna see his parents and have homecooked food and take some good naps and

they are giving him a break y'all. you’ve been begging for years for SM to let Chinese members go visit their families and now they doing it and you’re like no send him to Hawaii.



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EXO in relationships

Xiumin: Putting your hair behind your ear. Being able to talk about everything to each other. Always encouraging you and always telling you that you will do great. Neck kisses. Him smiling while looking at you. Hand kisses. Great listener. Giving great advices. Can sometimes get very kinky. A lot of teasing. 

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Suho: Always asking you how you are. Playing with your hair. Cheesy surprises. Good morning messages every day. Worried when you are not feeling well. Stroking your cheek. Holding hands. Offering you his jacket if it’s cold. Picnics. Watching the sunset together.

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Lay: Kisses on the cheeks. A real gentlemen. Showering you with compliments. Pouting at you. A lot of long and warm hugs. Late night texting. Random messages of how much he loves you. Can’t see you being sad. Treats you like a princess. Waking you up with a kiss.

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Baekhyun: A lot of laughing together. Resting his chin on your shoulder. Back hugs. Cute kisses. Can turn into making out sessions very quickly. Doesn’t let you get out of the bed because he wants to cuddle. Dirty talking. Wrapping his arm around your shoulder. Getting happy when he sees you. 

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Chen: Always smiling when you have eye contact with him. Doing everything to make you happy. Whistling when you look good. Playing with your hands. Taking care of you and being protective of you. Always able to make you laugh. Cuddling on the sofa. Forehead kisses.

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Chanyeol: Letting you sit on his lap. Putting an arm around your waist. Placing his hand on your thigh. Cuddling naked. Listening to music together. Inside jokes that noone else understands. Doesn’t like to fight. Resting your head on his chest. Him running his fingers through your hair. 

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D.O: Rubbing your back while hugging you. Drawing circles on your back or on your arms. Falling asleep with your head on his shoulder. Tickling you. Can’t express his feelings but tries his best to make you happy. Kisses on your shoulder. Always taking care of you. Morning sex. Can sometimes be overprotected but just wants the best for you.

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Kai: Gets worried when you are mad or sad because he just wants to make you happy. Random gifts. Loves giving you hugs. Messaging you 24/7. Deep conversations at night. Sitting inbetween his legs. Stroking your arm. Tries to help you fall asleep. Falls asleep first. Pushing you up against the wall during making out. 

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Sehun: Pouting when he doesn’t get a kiss. Constantly needing your attention. Him laying his head on your lap. A lot of pictures together. But also him taking a lot of pictures of you without you noticing. Smiling whenever someone mentions your name. Make up sex after fights. Wearing his clothes.

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