• Person A: The next song is dedicated to B, the love of my life
  • Audience: *in expectation*
  • Person A: *Starts singing the entire Shrek soundtrack completely serious*
  • Person C: Omg he is so lame, [to B] you must feel so embarrassed...
  • Person B: *touched to tears*
  • Person C: What the fuck

i previously posted this one on the Miraxus group that I created on facebook (message me for the link!) but I totally forgot to post it here XDD

Welp, here’s the cover of my upcoming Mira x Laxus doujinshi, “Struck by Lightning” which will be out sometime next month. (don’t worry I’ll post it on the #miraxus tag.) NaLu stuff included. :D

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you can also draw Laxus x Mirajane kiss or cuddle? I love your art it's so pretty and I hope you'd permit to allow my request. You also don't have to publish my ask anymore (it's ok to stay private bc I'm shy). ^_^ Stay amazing senpai! Your art's amazing and the colors ❤️ GRACIAS ❤️

Here you go!! Since theyre both pretty lazy i drew a cuddle and a kiss

An you don’t have to be shy lil anon!! I love drawing your requests :D

Doodlin while (re)watching Fairy Tail. 

I’m hopeless. I knew this would happen. But the thing is, I’m a generous soul and out here there are too few Miraxus fanarts (WHO AM I KIDDING)

So yesterday I was at McDonald’s and the song ‘White Flag’ started playing and suddenly all my otps flashed before my eyes and that’s when I realized my life is a mess and I’m in shipping hell.