Jet Anon here!

And I’ve got screenshots this time!

I went on a hunch and checked Qantas flights from LAX to Sydney and I found this one, QF12, leaving later tonight:

Then I used planefinder to track Qantas flights currently going from JFK to LAX and found this one:

QF12 again, same plane that’s going to Sydney. It left JFK not long after the girl on the plane tweeted that she was sitting behind Tom.

Meaning this: there is a plane currently in the air, departed from JFK,  matching Tom’s travel timetable, that will make a stop in LAX and then continue on to Sydney.

If Tom is on this flight, he won’t even have to change planes at LAX. I think this is highly likely.

anonymous asked:

My guess Tom is going to NYC. May hourly flights to JFK from LAX in the afternoon slot. No London or Australia flights until the evening.

Yes thanks.

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I'm confuse of the timeline. So tom just arrived LA?is there any flight to Aussie now ?or is he going to Aussie from la mow

I’m not sure about the time stamp on the tom pictures but there are tons of flights from jfk-lax and the girl who was sitting behind Tom tweeted at 6:39pm (I believe ET) so I assume he was on the 6pm or 6:10pm direct flight to LA which means he should be arriving now I believe