lax brah

Not amongst these hockey players? Ngozi is trolling us again.

Not amongst these hockey players?

Not amongst these hockey players?

Potential Foxtrot Canidates:

  • SMH’s new manager 
  • A hockey loving LAX bro/brah gone native and officially adopted by the Haus despite their shady past.
  • Another too-sharp-for-their-own-good Falconer
  • Title of R&H’s play that is finally able to utilize Bitty’s Checking problem…. with the help of Whiskey and Tango of course.
  • The name of a new Haus Tradition
  • The unofficial title of Shitty and Lardos non-relationship relationship? Because seriously, WTF. 
  • Shitty’s new (possibly female?) study buddy?

Help me! I’m running out of ideas! I’m just refusing to accept that there isn’t  a Foxtrot (YET). I mean… I know we can be Foxtrot, but, without one its going to be like getting a song stuck in your head. You can only sing one verse and you know there’s another one but for the life of you, can’t figure out where it went. And so I’m just going to sit here and try to shoehorn myself a Foxtrot somewhere.  

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