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We will not be posting pictures from GOT7′s LAX arrival.  If you don’t already know, they were mobbed (as well as Wanna One and NCT).  We do not support this kind of fan behavior (and you shouldn’t either) so we ask that you don’t reblog/repost/retweet pictures from that time.  You can tell that the members were visually uncomfortable and obviously exhausted and this kind of behavior is not acceptable.

Are a couple blurry photos worth invading their space?  No.

This is Goodbye

Ok, everyone so by now you’ve probably noticed that activity has been lax on the blog. As much fun as running this blog was in the beginning, I’ve found my passion for it has run dry. It was getting harder and harder to make quotes, and everytime I’d make some I’d lose like five followers. Which didn’t help, and was honestly pretty discouraging. Not only that, but well….honestly, as much as I love South Park it was getting harder to run this blog. Once I posted a barrage of quotes, but now I only post like what five a day? I also had little to no time for this blog.

So…yeah, Also I’m archiving or deleting this blog. Thank you however, for sticking with this blog for as long as you did. Thank you for your fan art, your kind words, and for following this blog as long as you did. 

So, for the last time, this is Admin Craig saying, goodbye. 

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anonymous asked:

Adam Driver is divorced, a friend of Adam confirmed it! Adam will keep it secret until he presents his new couple in public or maybe before.

I’m sorry Nonnie but… I don’t care??? Adam Driver’s personal life does not in any way affect mine, nor do I keep up with celebrity gossip, and if he is indeed divorced then I think the least we owe him as his fans is the respect for his privacy.

I am very, very lax on my blog. I think everyone who follows me will attest to this. I have ever only blocked one Anon in my whole two years of running this blog, and it was over their attempting to start in fighting with a friend recently. There are a lot of things I will tolerate, except for a few. That instance is one of those things. The other one is this. I do not appreciate gossip. Please do not bring drama to my doorstep, especially about somebody so dearly loved by us, somebody who deserves fandom give him his space. This time I’m letting it go. Next time I will block.

Thank you.

MoMA | Tag: Black Lives Matter

Thanks to all of you who read and shared associate curator Thomas Lax’s recent blog post “How Do Black Lives Matter in MoMA’s Collection?” Read two new blog posts from associate director Kathy Halbreich and chief of archives Michelle Elligott in response to Thomas’s post. 

[Faith Ringgold. American People Series #20: Die. 1967. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © 2016 Faith Ringgold/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York]

(via MoMA | Tag: Black Lives Matter)

Let yourself come to a stop.
Bow your head under the stream of broken hymns
pulsing and pulling their ways through
terminals, customs, bagel shops -
you have never seen motion so human.
Not at this hour.

It is 4 AM
and your flight leaves soon.
You wonder if these halls,
catacombs of curvature,
have heard more honest love confessions than chapels.
All the times you wrote sonnets against Metro rails -
does he read them, anymore?

The smell of coffee is strong enough
to keep you from feeling the need
to buy it. You will probably
fall asleep on the plane, cityscape sprawled out
beneath you -

How can you ever expect to hear
when people tell you goodbye
if you don’t look out the window?

—  LAX Lullabye, by Rachel R. Carroll

anonymous asked:

How would Karasuno react to a cutesy first year transfer boy joining the team, only to find out months later that he is actually a girl by walking in on her changing after a game to find her in a binder and lacy panties. She gives reason such as "I just don't like wearing the girls uniform, also breasts are annoying so I bind them." and "You just assumed and I didn't really care." and "The girls volleyball team is too lax"? (P.S. This blog is fantastic, I really appreciate how much work it is!!)

Hinata: “You’re a girl? No way!!”

Kageyama would blush like mad and stutter out some excuse before running away from the scene. 

Tsukishima would actually be a little fazed by this, and blush a little before excusing himself from her presence. 

Yamaguchi: ”Uh…sorry for intruding!” He squeaks before running away. 

Sugawara would pause for a second, before blushing slightly and apologising for intruding.

Daichi would be shocked, but he wouldn’t be too fazed by this. 

Asahi would walk in, see the girl, and promptly walk out. 

Nishinoya would not notice anything at first. He’d keep talking to her until: “Wait why are you wearing a bra?”

Tanaka would turn on his charm and attempt to flirt, but would get smacked.


Taylor Swift’s Man Calvin Harris Is Swarmed By Fans At LAX