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MoMA | Tag: Black Lives Matter

Thanks to all of you who read and shared associate curator Thomas Lax’s recent blog post “How Do Black Lives Matter in MoMA’s Collection?” Read two new blog posts from associate director Kathy Halbreich and chief of archives Michelle Elligott in response to Thomas’s post. 

[Faith Ringgold. American People Series #20: Die. 1967. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © 2016 Faith Ringgold/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York]

(via MoMA | Tag: Black Lives Matter)

Let yourself come to a stop.
Bow your head under the stream of broken hymns
pulsing and pulling their ways through
terminals, customs, bagel shops -
you have never seen motion so human.
Not at this hour.

It is 4 AM
and your flight leaves soon.
You wonder if these halls,
catacombs of curvature,
have heard more honest love confessions than chapels.
All the times you wrote sonnets against Metro rails -
does he read them, anymore?

The smell of coffee is strong enough
to keep you from feeling the need
to buy it. You will probably
fall asleep on the plane, cityscape sprawled out
beneath you -

How can you ever expect to hear
when people tell you goodbye
if you don’t look out the window?

—  LAX Lullabye, by Rachel R. Carroll

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