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I consider it a horrible travesty that Jen is not the darling of the Marvel Universe. I would have her picture on all of my walls. Lawyer superheroes who are comfortable with their superpowers and their sexuality, what up. 

“So Money”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Summary: Bucky, an associate at the Law Offices of Fury, Hill, and Stark, must deal with an annoying Rumlow. It certainly doesn’t help that Rumlow thinks he can get any girl in the office, including a certain junior partner Bucky has a crush on.

A/N: "Suits” serves as this piece’s main inspiration, but the reader’s character is slightly based on the character of Sara Ellis from “White Collar.” USA Network did an ace job with both shows.

Much to the chagrin of many associates and interns, the senior partners promoted Brock Rumlow to junior partner. It’s been three days since his promotion, and Brock has been ridiculously insufferable.

“Suit? Armani. Shoes? Prada. Watch me walk, see what they do for my posture.” Rumlow then makes a point of strutting down the hallway in front of one of the secretaries.

“I’m considering submitting the Law Offices of Fury, Hill, and Stark as an eligible runway for next year’s New York Fashion Week,” Bucky sarcastically spits out.

Steve takes off his glasses with a chuckle. “Come on, man, let’s get lunch. I’ll treat,” he offers.

Bucky taps the file on his desk with his pen and shakes his head at the blonde. “Nah, I have a deposition to prep for.”

“Buck, come on, you’re going to smash that deposition,” Steve tosses his glasses onto his desk and spins in his chair. “Besides, if you stay in the office for lunch, you’ll be front row and center for the accessories portion of Rumlow’s fashion show.”

Bucky groans but follows as Steve strolls towards the elevator. Along the way, the blonde invites one of their other friends and an intern who’s taken a shine on him.

The group sits at courtyard, where Steve holds court with a story about his friend Nat from the DA’s office. He’s about to get to the story’s climax when the intern suddenly chokes on his juice. Peter points. “Misurp…Mmfm, Rum.. low… Mr. Rumlow!” he wheezes in between breaths.

Heads all turn to where the intern is pointing, and everyone seems to mumble and groan as the newly promoted junior partner swaggers their way. “Damn it, why?” Bucky mumbles.

“Damn it is right, why is he -” Steve switches his annoyed face into his wonderfully fake smile. “Hey, Brock. What’s up?”

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