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Tokoyami Fumikage, major: heroics, minor: bird law


IT’S FINALLY DONE!! The edit I’ve been working on during the streams!! I tried my best to make it look as authentic as possible and I?? Think I did pretty okay!! Now all that’s left is for hesowars staff to hire me-

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things Matt Murdock is when trying to be what Foggy and Karen (and apparently an audience that doesn’t understand Elektra) want him to be:

  • toxic aka shady as shit - his relationship with these two goes down hill when Foggy learns of his secret identity and with Karen when he continues to lie about said secret identity. neither of these things are from Elektra manipulating him. in fact, when he does tell Karen, she pretty much rejects him and then Foggy and her treat Matt as a recovering addict (which, in all fairness, he is. adrenaline much? he “needs this” (DD S2)). let’s also remember that he didn’t name himself Daredevil. he was running around beating people up as just ol’ Matt Murdock in all black and a scarf long before he donned the suit.

things Matt Murdock is:

  • a lawyer
  • a guy that enjoys beating the shit out of criminals
  • completely 100% not ‘normal’
  • The Man Without Fear - this is a big part of Daredevil’s (the name, ffs) character. he has a side to him that loves the rush, the excitement, the thrill.
  • religious - also a big part of Daredevil’s character. it’s the side to him that keeps him from killing his enemies, that keeps his morals centered.

people like to bring up Elektra as ‘toxic’ because of her trying to push Matt into killing in the past, into embracing his darker side. people also like to conveniently forget she’s genuinely happy that she failed that mission. that she left him alone. and then, when she comes back to NY and enlists his help (and if you want to say she manipulated him and lost the case and his friends for him, no. just no. Matt’s self righteousness cost him his friends and Frank Castle cost him the case) Elektra abides by his no killing rule. she plays by his rules. until, of course, she slits that boy’s throat and Matt understandably tells her they can’t be together.

then, what people also conveniently forget, is that she again leaves Matt alone. she’s getting on a plane to leave but Stick wants to kill her. Stick, the man that helped shape both Matt and Elektra, makes her choose between running forever looking over her shoulder or killing him. she chooses the later because, of course she does. that’s what she’s been trained to do. that’s her nature. a week with Matt Murdock isn’t going to change that. and then, Matt Murdock willingly interjects himself back into two people’s lives he said he wanted no part of.

Matt Murdock recognizes that Elektra lives the life Stick planned out for her, that had planned for him. Matt Murdock realizes Elektra Natchios wants more in life, but life is literally going to make her fight for it. Matt Murdock also realizes he “needs” to fight. Matt Murdock realizes Daredevil is not a part of Matt Murdock.

Matthew Murdock is Daredevil.

Daredevil, the vigilante who beats the shit out of criminals but still believes in the justice system he works for.

Matthew Murdock, the lawyer who has a light inside him but also a darkness that he needs religion to tame.

the Matthew Murdock that Elektra sees. the woman who doesn’t want to corrupt him, that wants to be good but struggles against her nature and training to be, the woman that would leave him alone. the woman who now not only has to fight her training and conditioning, but this thing called The Black Sky. this beautifully complex character who has the ability to love and be ruthless.

but y’all keep calling my girl toxic.

concept art for a one-shot i’m writing, where blue zircon shapeshifts into a sapphire to disguise herself

…aand this is what my art looks like when i’ve actually had a good night’s sleep, lmao


i noticed i have surpassed 50 followerss~  so here’s some pics i took of some sketches i did a little while ago in honor of that or something

(the “lawyer” morty is part of another series that got out of hand, soo idk how long it’ll take me to post the final on that, probably forever – and i just thought rick c132 looked vry handsome in his business outfit…it works cuz they both are wearing ties lol)

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I want to divorce my parents, as they are extremely homophobic and transphobic, amongst other things, but I don’t really know how and I’m scared that my parents will find out I tried and failed and they’ll ship me off to Europe. Can someone give me advice about this? Any legal advice is greatly appreciated, especially about firms that do pro bono cases. I live in Alberta, Canada.

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