lawyer bait

I think the reason why Bee Movie has become such a big internet meme is that it’s a very specific kind of weird where if you explained moments from the movie to someone who hasn’t seen it they’d think you were making it up.

Imagine never having seen Bee Movie and someone telling you that a Dreamworks CG Movie for children would have

  • A joke about death every 10 minutes
  • They make it a point to let you know the bees are Jewish (they call it Beeish)
  • There being a persistent sexual tension between the bee and a human woman.
  • The human woman breaking up with her boyfriend to be with the bee
  • A southern lawyer baiting a bee into stinging his ass by implying that the main bee and the human are sleeping together
  • The lawyer then coming to court in an exersaucer 
  • The bee and the human woman contemplating a suicide pact when they realize that all of the world’s plant life is going to die off and humans will slowly starve to death
  • Winnie the Pooh getting fucking shot
  • A scene that compares how tightly-knit Jewish communities are vs. black communities
  • A drag queen Queen Bee
  • Sting shows up and is arrested for cultural appropriation