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Poe Dameron


So Close

It’s Not Your Fault

You’re Not Bastian…  

BB-8 The Matchmaker

Happy Anniversary! (Baking-ish AU)

He Had It Comin’ (Musical AU)              

It’s Always Been You. (Soulmate Timer AU)

Never Had (Childhood Friends/Coffeeshop AU)                      

My Cat!  (Modern AU)

The Usual (Diner/Modern /Air Force AU)

Jump! (”13 Going On 30″ AU)

Just Like A Fairytale (Musician! Poe x Writer! Reader)  

My Heart Hurts (Poe x Nurse! Reader)

Well, I Guess I’m ‘Mom’ Now… (Poe x Droid Technician! Reader)

I Bet You 100 Credits… (Poe x Comm. Major! Reader)

These Are My Requirements. (Poe x Leia’s Successor! Reader)

Kylo Ren / Ben Solo

Red (Kylo Soulmate AU)

I’m Not A Spy (Another Kylo Soulmate AU)             

The Girl Next Door (Kylo Baking/Neighbors AU)

Just For The Money (Kylo Baking AU)

I Love Your Costume! (Modern! Kylo x Reader)

Clear My Schedule (CEO Kylo x Secretary Reader)

You… Bantha-Fodder! (Smuggler Ben x Reader Part 1)

What Were You Thinking?! (Smuggler Ben x Reader Part 2)

Yes, Doctor. {1} {2} (Ben Solo Doctor AU) 

Not Just The Movie (Adam Driver x Actress! Reader)

Cassian Andor


Remembrance (Pseudo-Soulmate AU Series)

Let’s Make a Deal (Mobster AU Series)

Finn / FN-2187


Obi-Wan Kenobi

On The Contrary, My Dear…

Did You Miss Me?

You Owe Me.

It’s On The House (Coffeeshop AU)

Class Dismissed (College Professor AU)

Taste Test (Baking/Roommate AU)

Rough Draft (”Love Actually” AU)

Luke Skywalker

I Still Love You.

My Hero! (Luke x Princess! Reader)

Think Of What We Could Do… (Dark Side AU)

We’re Going To Get Caught! (Young Mark Hamil x Reader)

General Hux

Open Up To Me

Do You Know Who I Am? (Lawyer Hux x Reader)

Actions Overlap Words (Dance Teacher AU)

Nice To Meet You. (”The Holiday” AU)

Qui-Gon Jinn

It’s Been A While


Jesse Owens and his German rival Luz Long at the Berlin Summer Olympics in 1936.  It was Long who advised Owens to change his technique to qualify for the High Jump which he eventually won, with Long coming second.  The two struck up a friendship that defied the Nazi’s policy of racial superiority.

“It took a lot of courage for him to befriend me in front of Hitler… You can melt down all the medals and cups I have and they wouldn’t be a plating on the twenty-four karat friendship that I felt for Luz Long at that moment” - said Owens.

Long, a lawyer, was killed in action in Italy at the age of 30 in 1943.  I’m posting this because I just found out they are filming Owens’ story in Montreal.  

Being a lawyer is maintaining the illusion of control at all times.

A lawyer can’t control the actions of her clients, she can only advise them, and hope they take her advice.

A lawyer can’t control the decision of a judge or jury, she can only make her best argument, and hope that she was more convincing than her opposing counsel.

A lawyer can’t control her co-workers, she can only hope that they’re making the best, most informed decisions that she can rely on, since she can’t do everything herself.

But some lawyers don’t understand that the control is an illusion. They think they’re actually in control, and when things don’t go their way, they just lose it. Mostly, these are older, white men. 

So, Chuck McGill. Chuck wants to be truly in control at all times. And it’s devastating to him when he figures out that he isn’t.

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That time I got pushed out of a job.

(warning: long story)

A few years ago i got hired at a big company, let’s call it company X. Up until then i had only been a research scientist working in microbiology but i needed more money so i took the job as a technical sales rep. I was hired to do sales and technical support for scientific research reagents. Thing is i was hired to do sales for government and governmental institutions. The job was ok, i interacted with a lot of the country’s leading scientists and built a reasonable network and some cool friendships. The county had been in crisis for a long time and getting worse every year, and my sales were becoming more difficult because the government wasn’t providing public universities for adequate (or any) money allocations to keep science programs and faculties stocked, and as the economy crumbled further, the government’s institutional labs from various sectors also started having serious problems and almost everybody switched to Indian or Chinese chemicals which were a lot cheaper than mine.

As the months passed, i was only able to get a few big contracts and sales (even though i managed to pull a few feats that got me commended as no other sales reps had been able to do what i pulled off). And yet I got yelled at a lot for not meeting my objectives. My manager was a complete tool 100% of the time.

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Meet the lawyers who dropped everything to work for free rescuing airport detainees

  • When word came down that, thanks to President Donald Trump’s Friday executive order, visitors and would-be immigrants to the United States were being detained at airports across the country, an ad hoc contingent of lawyers sprang into action. 
  • While thousands protested outside the nation’s international airports, the lawyers’ mission was simple: show up at airports, talk to families of detained travelers caught up in Trump’s Muslim ban and offer legal services pro bono.

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Studying Professional Responsibility

What the model rules mean: Don’t do this shit–it’s unethical.

What the model rules say: if a lawyer were to consider potentially doing this shit, with actual knowledge as opposed to a reasonable belief of the potential consequence of such an action, said lawyer should avoid doing said shit due to the fact that the aforementioned shit is indeed considered unethical in the modern legal profession

The anarchist collective known as “up against the wall, motherfuckers!” (Aka, the mother fuckers) of new york.
Famous for their direct action, They are said to have influenced the weather underground and the yippie movement.
The Motherfuckers contributed to new York counter culture by setting up crash pads, serving free food, starting a free store, and helping radicals connect with doctors and lawyers.
Direct action included:
Forcing their way into The Pentagon during an anti-war protest, Helped occupy and hold one of the buildings at the Columbia University takeover, cut the fence at woodstock, allowing people to enter for free, Dumped uncollected refuse from the Lower East Side into the fountain at Lincoln Center on the opening night of a gala “bourgeois cultural event” during a NYC garbage strike, organized and produced free concert nights in the Fillmore East after successfully demanding that owner Bill Graham give the community the venue for a series of weekly free concerts(NY City Hall, the police, and Graham came together and put an end to the arrangement)

the phrase “up against the wall, mother fucker!” became popular among several groups that came out of the sixties, from Black Panthers to feminists and even “rednecks.”

Haha it’s okay. I knew what you meant. (He’s my favorite, too). 

It was actually a shoulder massage, not a back rub - Kyoya was really tense and Tamaki, being the amazing and slightly invasive friend that he is, tried to help him relax a bit. I’ll post the mangacap if I can find it. I can’t remember which chapter that’s in.

Kyoya has so many layers. Haruhi said it best herself, that while he tries to put on this cold façade, being a good guy comes so naturally to him. One thing about Kyoya is his loyalty - it takes a lot to earn, but once someone has it, he’ll do anything to help them out.

Here are a few ways the manga elaborates more on his human side:

  • He is a key player in getting Tamaki to admit his feelings for Haruhi.
  • He makes sure Haruhi is always successful and, when something jeopardizes that, he ensures that it’s eliminated.
  • He does everything within his power and then some to make sure Tamaki is reunited with his mother.
  • He does everything within his power and then some to make sure nobody even thinks about bringing harm to his friends.
  • He genuinely respects each and every one of his friends and will help them no matter how much of a toll it may take on himself. 

If you want to know A LOT more detail, continue ahead. CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS.

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anonymous asked:

I'm an elephant, Me and my lawyer are discussing legal action against you if you do not delete your previous slanderous comments

hello mr smooth man, i bet you’re a very smooth boy

Week Five aka Leotards and Love Things

The One-On-One Date with Jack Stone

  • Jack Stone is a nice Dallas lawyer with an American action hero name and approximately eighty-four teeth in his mouth. He truly never blinks.
  • He seems privy to the knowledge that he is a deeply unsettling human being. He tries to make Rachel feel more comfortable by being an incredibly uncomfortable dancer and by asking questions like “have you noticed I’ve been staring at you?” When Jack Stone abruptly kisses Rachel no more than twenty minutes into their date, Rachel pulls a Dead Eric and swerves to the hug instead.
  • Rachel grows increasing concerned that there is no chemistry with Jack Stone. When he unblinkingly confesses that he might love her, Rachel responds with what every woman in America recognizes as the classic “I’m only nodding so you don’t murder me” nod. She picks up the ever-present one-on-one date table rose but instead of giving it to him, she tells him goodbye. Jack Stone stands and undoes the long zipper running down the length of his back, revealing that he was an alien disguised in a human body this whole time. 

Meanwhile, at the house…

  • Will, a veritable Clark Kent in both looks and smarts, explains what every critic and person on Twitter has been saying for a week: that Lee calling Kenny aggressive is a big, racially-charged no-no. Lee, the hapless white man, decides that he is the victim in all of this. Please remember Lee’s camo sweatpant capris, his various racist transgressions, and his aspiring country music career, and join me in involuntarily gagging at his mere existence.
  • Later, at the Rose Ceremony, Rachel grants roses to all the men except for whiny Iggy and Dr. Jonathan the tickle fetishist. Between Jack Stone and the tickle guy, Rachel deftly eliminates all the remaining corny white dudes in one fell swoop.  

Norway, José

  • Rachel takes the men to an exotic country where ninety of the population speaks English. Norway, stunning and cold, provides an excellent opportunity to see the men in a new element: Wisconsin native Peter wears a peacoat and cardigan better than any other human man ever has. Dead Eric wears an Everest-grade 900-fill goose down full-body parka suit, for his frail dead body cannot afford any exposure to the cold.  
  • Bryan accompanies Rachel on the first one-on-one date in Norway. It Gosling and McAdams at the teenage part of The Notebook -level PDA. Rachel and Bryan snuggle on a bus and then they snuggle on a motorcar and then they snuggle at an Olympic training center. It is someone’s idea to make them repel down the Olympic-sized ski jump, because nothing says romance like exercise in crotch harnesses. They have to stop midway through their repelling to make out.
  • At dinner, Rachel admits that she was a late bloomer and thus doesn’t know how to take a compliment or accept romantic interest. Bryan comforts her by saying he was ugly once too but now he is hunky burly man and has love feelings for her. Rachel responds, “okay,” gives him a rose, and kisses him in various locations for the next several hours.

Meanwhile, at the Norwegian house…

  • Dead Eric tells Bald Anthony that he thinks Rachel doesn’t like black men. Bald Anthony doesn’t have the heart to tell him Rachel just doesn’t like one dead black man in particular.  

The Group Date aka Hand Jokes and Ball Jokes

  • The date card comes bearing news of a group date for all but two. Kenny and Lee both prepare for battle, Kenny by seeking advice from Bryan, and Lee by lifting weights in jeans.
  • Meanwhile, the men on the group date are taken to play Handball, which, for those of you who don’t know, is soccer but cheating. Whereas previous dates have been excuses to get the men shirtless, this date is an excuse to get Russian Alex in a leotard. Josiah speaks boldly about his athletic abilities but assumes the position of goalkeeper in the Handball game and performs poorly. Peter spends half the game introducing Rachel to every part of his Nylon outfit, but Will steals Rachel’s admiration by pure Handball prowess – the pinnacle of manliness.  
  • Later, at the Nighttime Booze part of every date, many things happen. Will opens up about his broken heart. Alex reads Rachel a love note he wrote with a crayon he found. Matt gives Rachel a handmade cross-stitch. Dead Eric demands a hug. Josiah, with a disconcertingly straight face and an odd propensity for licking his teeth, tells Rachel she’s the woman of his dreams. She tells Josiah he’s full of shit, and he praises her perceptiveness. Peter and Rachel share some steaminess in the hot tub, but Will wins the group date rose.

The Two-On-One Date aka Snakes and Anticlimax

  • Rachel takes Kenny and Lee for a pleasant helicopter ride to the remote land of Norwegian snakes. This is a place free of distraction, according to Rachel, except of course for the blinding rage, heightened testosterone, and sexual frustration experienced by both men in her company. No one is dressed for the weather.
  • In their alone time, Kenny tells Rachel he is a good and Lee is a bad. Then in their alone time, Lee complains to Rachel about being called a bitch and a snake and some other things that I don’t think are true but honestly his hair is gelled so high I’m having trouble focusing on his words. Then in more alone time, Rachel tells Kenny what Lee said. It’s a stupid game of phone tag and no one is having fun. Best date ever!
  • Kenny knows that even if he tries to defend himself against Lee’s lies, that merely the seed of doubt in Rachel’s mind could be enough to destroy him. He is enraged to a near breaking point when… the episode ends. Yawn.


  • Rachel’s 187 murder comment proves why we like Rachel so much.
  • Picture: someday in the future Rachel and Jack Stone come face-to-face in Dallas court, and after a long and stressful legal tennis match, Madame Forewoman of the jury declares Jack Stone the winner of the case. When he turns and smirks at Rachel, she lets his smugness marinate for a minute before a smile creeps across her own face and – BOOM – she pops open the buttons on her lawyer blazer to reveal an unmistakable Bachelorette baby bump, full-on Beyoncé at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards style, and Jack Stone remembers that he was never man enough for her. Just something to think about.
  • Quote of the night: “I don’t got them Donald Trump hands, I got them real hands.”
  • Adam needs to go so Adam Jr. has to go. Goodnight. 

I have spoken to you of an American hater yesterday, you will find who he is by an extremely violent post (image, posted a few hours ago), with murder representation (head exploding under gun shot), kind of image that he has absolutely never posted, I can tell this, I know his Tumblr well, and he has often been selected in the mag.
Classic, pathetic, banal, boring, but to be noticed and not forgotten. Will give you his name in private. By the way this horrendous loser probably doesn’t understand this post because it’s “not English”.

I already have in mind the possibility of lawyer action. Better stop right now, dudos.

Secret Admirer (Hamilton x reader)

My dearest, Alexander; you’d written.

When I first saw you, the first thing I noticed was your eyes–you were debating passionately, with an unrivaled intelligence, and there was a fierce fire burning there.  I fell in love with you then, and have only fallen further since.

That was the beginning of the first letter you’d anonymously written to Alexander, and you’d written more since.  You had a special green envelope you delivered each new letter in–green made you think of Alexander.  The most recent letter was hidden in your purse as you walked to work.

Alexander was the best lawyer in the office, renowned for his debating skills.  You weren’t known around the office so much–you tended to keep quiet–but your boss, George Washington, knew how good you were and the two of you were on very good terms.  It was through him you first met Alexander–Washington had taken you to see one of the other lawyers in action when you were first hired.  You’d been captivated by the clear, if lengthy, way Alexander spelled out every point and his eyes had haunted both your waking and sleeping moments.

You began to write the letters as an emotional outlet–you’d never expected Alexander to… react.  He’d began asking everyone in the office about the letters, as to whether they knew who the anonymous author was.  There was even a betting pool now–the most money was on Alexander’s close companion John Laurens, but a surprising amount was on the stoic Aaron Burr.  You weren’t even in the betting pool.

When you finally reached the office building, the first sound you were greeted with was Alexander’s voice.

‘Come on, Lafayette!  You can’t leave me hanging like that!  Do you really know the identity of my secret admirer?’

Secret admirer.  The term made you chuckle–it sounded really juvenile, but, you supposed, what wasn’t juvenile about anonymous love letters?  Alexander was distracted, still bickering with Lafayette; you made your way over to his desk, letter in hand, its distinct shade of green.  Unfortunately, you tripped over a power cord on the way there and fell to the ground with a crash–to your horror, the letter slid out of your grip.

You looked up–Alexander had finally been torn away from his ‘friendly chat’ with Lafayette and was holding out a hand to help you up.  Grateful, you accepted.

‘Oh, didn’t you drop something?  It was a bit hard to miss your dramatic fall–’  he stopped talking when he saw the green envelope.  He picked it up–looked at you, back to the letter, and then back at you.  Alexander pocketed the letter.

‘We’ll talk later.  After work.’

Your heart was beating rapidly in your chest and there were butterflies fluttering in your stomach–nervous, you looked around.  No one was looking, presumably no one saw.  You breathed a sigh of relief.  Now how to get through the rest of the day without having a nervous breakdown about your meeting with Alexander?

When you were done with work, Alexander was waiting for you outside next to his car.  As soon as he saw you, he grabbed your hand and pulled you with him into the back seat.

‘Hey,’ he whispered.  You responded: ‘Hey.’

For a while, you sat there and stared at each other–you were practically intoxicated by Alexander’s eyes.

He leaned in to kiss you and your breath caught, but then he pulled back.

‘I just realized I don’t even know your name.’

You smiled lazily, still drunk on Alexander’s presence.  ‘My name is Y/N.’

With that, he closed the gap and kissed you passionately.  You felt like you were soaring as he pulled you closer.  The smell of his shampoo filled your nostrils as he shifted to kiss all the way down your neck hungrily.

He only pulled away when you began to laugh quietly.

‘What is it?’ he asked.

‘It’s just–we’re making out in the back seat of your car,’ you responded.

Alexander leaned closer so his breath tickled your ear when he spoke:

‘Well, I just couldn’t wait.’

You shuddered at the sensation and Alexander continued.  ‘The eloquence of your language–the way you phrased things, the words you used.  I fell in love with you through your letters, Y/N.  I fell in love with you before I even knew your name.’

You gasped as it hit you–this wasn’t a one time thing.  There would be plenty more tender words, plenty more sweet kisses and even more besides.

‘Alexander–’ you began but he shushed you.

‘I already know.  Just relax.’

Relentless, you continued.  ‘Alexander, don’t sell yourself short–it’s always better to hear it and you deserve to hear it.  Alexander, I love you.  Now where are we going, because you definitely didn’t just drag me into your car to make out.’

Alexander looked a little guilty and you laughed.  ‘Seriously, Alexander?’

‘We could go get some dinner?  If that’s okay by you?

You smiled.  ‘I’m down for anything as long as I’m doing it with you.’

briefnightmarefire  asked:

MC is attacked (or murdered , you decide) by an obsessed fan

Thank you for following me. Hope this is okay for you.

Kyohei Rikudoh
Seeing you laying on the hospital with injured head and a broken arm, Kyohei really feel his heart pain. The obsessed Fan has been arrested but he feels bad that you got hurt because of him.

He holds a press conference to announce that he will take a break to take care of you until you fully recover. He also warns his Fans that he does not want to see this again and informs that the attacker will be deal with by law.

“I will not tolerate this type of Fan.” Kyohei said firmly during the press.

Iori Enjo
Iori blames himself again for not able to protect you. He will ensure that you are assign to the best doctor and room for you to recover from your injuries. Given that you can’t move your arm, he will tend to your everyday needs.

The parents of the obsessed Fan would came to the hospital and beg him to drop the charge. However, Iori will insist to press charge.

“She needs to take responsible for her action. My lawyer is handling it. And please don’t bother to come here and disturb us again.” Iori said coldly and show them out of the room.

Kota Igarashi
Kota face turns pale when he heard the new and immediately rushed to the hospital. When he saw your injured head and broken arms, his heart aches a lot. He never expects his Fan to go such extreme. He will postpone all his work and take care of you until you feel better.

A report will appear at the hospital to grab the new and he only comment one time.

“The police is dealing with the attacker and she will get her punishment. I appreciate the love of my Fan but if such thing ever happens again, I will quit the entertainment industry to protect my love.” Kota said firmly before asking the reporter not to show himself here again.

Nagito Aoshima
Nagito was panicked when he heard the news. He immediately rushs to the hospital and tears flow down to his cheeks when he saw you with broken arms. He takes time off to take care of you and even ensure that your day to day need are taken care off.

He hold a small press conference at the hospital to update on the issues since many reporters keep showing up at the hospital.

“The attacker has been deal with by the law. However, please don’t ever hurt my family. If you want to hurt someone, you can come to me. Leave my family alone.” Nagito said firmly and left the room upon saying that.

Takashi Ninagawa
Takashi basically runs off to the hospital in the middle of his work. He heart is so painful when he saw you lying in the hospital bed with injured head and broken arms. He holds your hands gently, so that you won’t feel the pain. He cancels all his works on hand to take care of you.

The family member of the attacker came to visit you and beg Takashi to give her another chance. They claim that she is their own daughter.

“She is my only love too. She is equally important to me. Your daughter needs to learn her lesson by facing the consequences.” Takashi said before asking them to leave.

Seireitei Bulletin ads

As requested by anon. :)

What sort of ads would exist in the Bleachverse, if the Seireitei Bulletin ran ads?



That doesn’t mean you need to lose your head!

Our friendly Squad 4 physicians are standing by to help! 

Squad 4 is there 4 YOU!


Whether your uniform is slightly ripped or totally shredded, the Seireitei Tailors are there for you! Call now and we’ll throw in dry cleaning 50% off! For a uniform as good as new, call today!


Battle is hard. You hair must be harder.

Introducing…Ultra-Hold Warrior-Grade Hair Spray

For perfect hair all day long -no matter who you’re fighting!


Are you or your loved ones the victim of horrible experiments conducted by your boss? Our class action lawyers will get you the compensation you deserve! Call now!






Young punk-rock guitarist looking for people interested in starting a garage band. Needed: drummer, bass-player, vocals, and maybe a second guitarist. If interested, contact Hisagi Shuhei for more information. 


Need money? Become a Squad 12 Research Subject! Limited experiments! Limited pain! Big rewards!! Call today for the special “not much torture” guarantee!






Need something? Urahara’s Shop has it. Guaranteed or your money back!


Victimized by Aizen Sosuke? You are not alone! Support group meetings every Wednesday at 3 in the Squad 5 common area. 





Do you have a secret? Is the burden of keeping it too much for you? Do you wish you could just tell somebody? Now you can! Call 1-800-668-2493 for a chance to air your secrets with complete anonymity. Get rid of your burdens today! That’s 1-800-NOT-AIZEN for the relief you’ve been craving!