until next time LA ✌🏻️🌴 this has hands down been the craziest west coast trip between beautycon LA, vidcon, chills with the #lawyer trio & time with my fav booooty gurus ❤️❤️❤️ ALSOO the new #sunDIY is live!!

“I don’t think having children and a woman’s right to choose what to feed your baby is disgusting at all. He is entitled to his opinion, however. If he finds that disgusting – if he finds babies disgusting – that’s his opinion. But why did he act the way he did?”

-Elizabeth Beck, lawyer who Donald Trump called “disgusting” because she wanted to take a break during a deposition to pump breast milk

i just want you all to pass your bar exams and become lawyers and be successful and happy and rich and for your careers to be everything you want them to be because you all suffered alongside me while i was at law school from half a world away and there’s something lovely about that and now i want your suffering to end too.

good luck, lawblr buddies. as someone wise once said to me, go kick that exam in the dick.


Some pictures of my new desk in my new house. The view from outside my window is of the beautiful city skyline, and on Saturday nights I can see the fireworks from the harbour.

On the agenda today is some Contract Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution, as the move has set me back a few weeks. Also with the commencement of a new degree at my old University (so 3 degrees at the same time) is making me extremely keen to keep on top of things and show the admission board for my doctorate that I can do anything!


Alot of you who follow me know about my sister being screwed over by the legal system and how poor we are.

My sister is facing possibly 5 years in prison, away from her 7 month old little girl, for false violations of probation. Her officer violated her for things such as “refusing a drug test” on a day when she was in the emergency room. She came the very next morning and took the test but was violated for it.

She has a court date on August 13th and we have no money at all for a lawyer. Public defender you say? Her public defender showed up to her last court date (where she was arrested for these violations) with absolutely no paperwork. She was supposed to have transcripts and documents from multiple sources and showed up with none and with no excuse for not having it.

My mom set up this gofundme to try to raise funds for a lawyer for Jennifer. She, as explained in the fund page, has mental illness and is very suicidal. She attempted just last week. This house arrest is killing her. We need a lawyer to help us with this case!

Please donate if you can, any small amount helps, literally anything! Your 1 dollar is v significant. I know you guys love me, so please help my family. If you really can’t, please reblog this, help us get this out there! Thanks

A really important part of communicating, is being able to say “I was wrong”. The lawyers say admit nothing, deny everything, and shift the blame to somebody else. And that is one reason Shakespeare was not always happy with them, I am sure. To avoid taking responsibility for one’s side of something is one of the ultimate killers in any relationship, personal or professional. In fact, it makes real relationships impossible.

When one person refuses to own something, true relatedness ends and managing one another begins. Your relationship has hit a wall. If you are in court and the goal is to have a winner and a loser, then you can understand why “lawyering up” might be some people’s strategy. But it should not be your strategy in life, either professionally or personally.

The degree to which you are not able to admit when you are wrong determines the degree to which you have a crack in the foundation of your whole life. Boundaries and the structure of the personality are based on secure lines of ownership of your own property. To be secure and to get good and strong, you have to own things that are on your property. Look at owning your thoughts, feelings values, desires, and the like. To own your weaknesses and faults, although not as tasty at first, is just as important to becoming strong. Do the math. If you do have a fault or weakness or make a mistake and you do not own it, you still have it. You will repeat it. It will occur again. You have seen this in people who cannot see their issues. They just stay stuck and those things never get better. Admitting quickly when you are wrong is energizing. It gives you a new path to go on and gives you solutions you actually have control of, like yourself.

Not admitting something externalizes the problem. And if it is external to you, you cannot do anything about it. You have just become powerless. You are stuck at that point and become a victim. “It is not me” means also that you cannot do anything about it. You are stuck.

- Dr. Henry Cloud

Image: Gene Tierney & Rex Harrison in “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” (1947)