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Hello can you give me brief explanation on what's going on with Cassie about the lawsuit? I just came on tumblr tonight and see everyone talking about it. I'm a long time fan and I remember there being an incident before but nothing came from it. You can private reply if you want and if you don't want to answer then that's fine.

I’ve got a few questions about this, so I’m just going to answer one. :) 

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Cartoonist Faces Up To 25 Years in Prison For Failed 'Kung Fu Panda' Lawsuit
The FBI alleges that a Massachusetts cartoonist falsely claimed that DreamWorks stole his characters and story for "Kung Fu Panda."

“A federal grand jury indicted amateur cartoonist Jayme Gordon, 51, on December 16, 2015, alleging seven counts of wire fraud and perjury relating to a lawsuit Gordon had filed in 2011 against DreamWorks Animation.

Gordon had claimed that DreamWorks based its 2008 animated feature Kung Fu Panda on his Kung Fu Panda Power pitch, which he claimed to have submitted to DreamWorks previously. He abruptly withdrew his lawsuit in 2013 after DreamWorks attorneys confronted him with evidence he had traced his drawings from a 1996 Disney Lion King coloring book.

According to the indictment, Gordon saw a trailer for Kung Fu Panda in early 2008. Gordon then revised his Panda Power drawings and registered them as Kung Fu Panda Power with the Copyright Office in May 2008, prior to the June 2008 release of DreamWorks’ animated feature.

An expert witness for DreamWorks then pointed out to them that illustrations of Gordon’s pandas that were ostensibly dated 1992 and 1994 were in fact copied from a Disney coloring book that was not released until 1996. DreamWorks concluded that Gordon had backdated the drawings to try to strengthen his copyright claims against DreamWorks.

For the charges of wire fraud and perjury, Gordon faces up to 25 years in prison, six years of supervised release, and fines up to $500,000 plus restitution to DreamWorks. The FBI pointed out in its press release that actual sentences for federal crimes are typically less than the maximum penalties. According to the federal indictment, DreamWorks spent approximately $1 million to defend the lawsuit, and another $2 million was spent by its insurance company.”


NEW VIDEO: “SUED BECAUSE OF MY BOOK - reblog if you want me to check out your blog! i’ll be following a bunch of people who do! :]

Wait I’m seeing a lot of confusion in the Tao tag.

1.)  Tao did NOT lose the entire lawsuit, this was about a single advance payment he got from the company before he left (in April).  It does not include his training fees or anything else, nothing about the contract nullification was mentioned.

2.) “Why didn’t he pay the money back?”  Because SM ent would not give him the bank account number despite many emails from Tao’s staff to get the number

3.) Tao didn’t do anything sketchy, SM did, they basically set him up by not giving him the number when his staff was asking for it, and then suing him for it, which was a method to manipulate the media and netizens.

Please spread around, Exo-l are only reading the headline and not the article or ZTao’s studio’s statement.

I don’t think it was only Simon’s closet at risk. I mean yeah the bastard even limited his own google searches. But…

It was the entire 1D PR and the links between Sun, Daily Mail, Simon Cowell, Simon Jones, Dan Wootton, Pete Samson, Anne Marie Thompson. It was about the boys’ OWN PSYCHICAL wellbeing, their own marketing strategy, the fake stunts. It was literally the breeze that could endanger the house of cards.

And they are scared shitless.

Good. Scared is good. They would not be scared if they didn’t really feel threatened.


by harnessing the power of 6 human lawyers, the fine bros become a wonderful community driven business greedy corporate abomination. In Undertale you get 20 HP, but in Youtube your channel only gets 3 strikes! 
In this Youtube, its copyright or be copyrighted. 
In this legal system, its sue or be sued. 
In this world, its incorporate or be incorporated.

instead of a death screen you get a DMCA takedown notice.
Charter school next to future Planned Parenthood clinic sues antiabortion protesters
Lawsuit claims protesters are telling schoolchildren as young as 3 that “they kill kids next door” and that a “bloodbath” is coming.

“ Lauren Handy, an antiabortion activist from Virginia who is named in the lawsuit, said the protesters are exercising their First Amendment rights, and they hope they can come to an understanding with the school. “It is tragic to see peaceful, prayerful public witness silenced in the nation’s capital,” Handy said. “

Man Claims Disney Stole ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ From Him | Cartoon Brew
Dyke Robinson alleges that Disney infringed his copyright for a project called 'Digiland.'

“In a lawsuit filed last week in a Texas federal court, an artist named Dyke Robinson has alleged that Disney stole his ideas for its 2012 feature Wreck-It Ralph.

Robinson says that he submitted a manuscript called Digiland to Disney in 2012, the same year that the Disney film was released. Disney, he claims, infringed on many his ideas, including the concept for Wreck-It Ralph‘s candy-filled universe Sugar Rush.

Robinson is suing Disney for $10 million in statutory damages.”
Woman miscarries after Georgia cop who didn’t ‘appreciate her tone’ tackles and sits on her: lawsuit

Fucking Reckless, Stupid Law Enforcement Officer!

“Defendant Officer Jenkins stated that he did not appreciate the tone in which she was communicating with him, and further stated that if she continued he would take her head and ‘put it to the floor,‘” the lawsuit stated.

The mother once again insisted that she needed to leave, and that’s when Jenkins decided to use force.

“Defendant Officer Jenkins, without provocation, grabbed plaintiff, who weighs less than one hundred twenty (120) pounds, by her neck and slammed her to the ground,” the lawsuit said. “Plaintiff momentarily blacked out and came to with defendant Officer Jenkins sitting on her back, and with his knee on her arm. Plaintiff was pregnant at the time.”

“Defendant Officer Jenkins put handcuffs on plaintiff and slammed her against the wall. Plaintiff was placed into an interrogation room after she was beaten and handcuffed.


Today 8:11 a.m.
“Mr. Bane, I am authorized to contact you on behalf of my client. It is my opinion, and I consider it will be the opinion of the judge, that your actions vis-à-vis terminating your relationship with one Alexander Gideon Lightwood, Esquire, were unlawful. I have in my office witnesses and documentation to prove that you were in fact common law married, and Mr. Lightwood could claim half of your freehold in Brooklyn.
“All right, fine, it’s Isabelle again.
“All right, my lawyer is Church. But I truly believe that we have a case. And Church has never lost a lawsuit.
“Answer the phone, Magnus!”
—  The Voicemail of Magnus Bane (in the Days Following a Certain Incident in City of Lost Souls)