Lawsuit: Black Employee of Cupcake Shop Fired After Reporting White Colleague's N-Bomb

“Frazier says that a few months after he was hired, a white colleague referred to a black female colleague as "nappy headed and ugly.” Frazier brought it up at a staff meeting and suggested racial sensitivity training, but management declined to arrange for such training.“

This guy used to work at Jilly’s Cupcake Bar (yes the one that won Cupcake Wars!) There’s more in the article but you guys should give it a good read. I’m shocked that this hasn’t spread around here on tumblr yet. Everyone should know.

The owner also had placed a statement on her fb page: "As you may be aware, two of my employees have sued my cupcake shop and me, claiming that I discriminated and retaliated against them. I want you to know that I did neither. I would like to give you more information about what is behind these suits, but I feel that the most appropriate place to have that conversation is in court.

I would like you to know that since I started my cupcake shop eight years ago, I am proud to have hired and developed a diverse team of employees – women and men of different ethnic backgrounds, many of whom have been with me for many years. I want to thank my staff for the great work they do each day and for the pride they take in the cupcakes and ice cream that they make and serve our customers. I also want to extend a special thanks to our loyal community of customers.”

A lot of people had commented that Jill can’t be racist because she hires such a diverse staff. This is wrong! You can still be racist to your staff in the way you treat them.

I’m hoping that these accusations aren’t true, but if they are true then that’s a disgrace. It’s a shame that the staff would be treated this way. Where else does this happen? Probably more than we know.

This needs to spread like wildfire. Just because a place has fantastic food doesn’t mean that we should turn our heads towards racism.

On July 31st of 2013, SM Entertainment publically filed a lawsuit against Wu Yifan (WYF), citing his commercial activities in China as violation of his contract and the reason for this lawsuit. For this, WYF gave this studio the right to release this statement:

On January 15, 2008, WYF traveled to Korea alone and became an SM trainee in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a celebrity. After signing a contract with SM, the company continuously delayed WYF’s debut plans. After finally debuting in 2012, WYF encountered another issue: the company had suddenly canceled his part (after a few weeks of practice). When WYF asked the manager about it, SM forced him to leave EXO (lasted for a few months), purposefully putting his career on hold. After negotiations and returning to the group, WYF continued to experience oppressive treatment and unfair distribution of resources. During the comeback, the manager’s prejudice in combination with a high workload and little rest led to health problems. In July 2013, WYF began relying on IV drips and shots to maintain his energy and work until he returned to China in January 2014 to find that he had myocarditis (T/N: IF THIS IS TRUE THEN OMG SM). However, SM didn’t arrange any treatment or rest. With the unequal treatment, lack of opportunities (as in SM didn’t allow him to develop), and lack of future plans, WYF lost faith completely.

Because the reasons above, WYF filed a lawsuit on May 15, 2014 at the Seoul Central District Court, asking the court to rule his contract with SM as void (T/N: not sure if this is official terminology, but y’all know what I mean). On May 14, 2015, the court gave its decision and confirmed that SM must give all rights of management outside of Korea to a third party determined by WYF. The studio believes that the court’s ruling is fair and just, yet after a year of this, SM continues with another lawsuit, unhappy with the court’s ruling. SM does this to stall the process of canceling the contract, further keeping WYF from living his life and doing his job.

WYF has and will always be grateful to SM and the people who helped him grow as a celebrity. He accepted the court’s decision before and will continue to follow the legal rulings on his contract lawsuit.

At the same time, WYF has hired a professional team of lawyers, Chinese and Korean, to assist in the lawsuit, and he will continue to fulfill his work commitments in China. Until the lawsuit is finished, WYF and the studio will no longer speak about the lawsuit and anything related to the mess between SM and WYF. Everything will be handled by the lawyers.

WYF Studio

*trans by dorkstal on OH

B.A.P: Thoughts

B.A.P either gave up fighting and went back to TS, or TS actually changed the boys contracts and listened to their concerns.

I can never imagine B.A.P giving in though. I just can’t. Not with Yongguk being so visibly angry and expressing this through tweets, art and his music. Not with the members being forced to perform whilst sick and being denied hospital treatment. Not with them being emotionally blackmailed, their hopes and dreams held in the hands of a corrupt company, and definitely not when they went through so much emotional turmoil whilst trying to figure out what would be the best course of action for them, their families and BABYz.

The fact that they decided to leave together showed just how united they are, how determined they were. The fact that they constantly reassured their fans that they were healthy and well even though they didn’t need to shows how much love they have for those who’ve always supported them.

So no, I don’t think they gave up. They’re too strong for that.

But I hope TS learnt their lesson. I really, really do. Why mistreat the people who’ve worked so hard for them? Who’ve essentially sold themselves just so that they could have the chance to do what they love?
I’ll never trust TS after what they’ve done. And here they are, acting as if the lawsuit was nothing big, nothing to be concerned about. But I hope B.A.P are happy with the decision, that they have no doubts about what they’ve decided on.

So good luck Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo. We’ll always be with you every step of the way. Never doubt that.

A.C.L.U., Citing Bias Against Women, Wants Inquiry Into Hollywood’s Hiring Practices

Grumblings that Hollywood is a man’s world have percolated for decades and are borne out in studies that show how few women are hired to direct top-grossing films: only 4 percent over the last dozen years. Now this apparent truism is being challenged as a violation of civil rights.

On Tuesday the American Civil Liberties Union will ask state and federal agencies to investigate the hiring practices of Hollywood’s major studios, networks and talent agencies, and possibly bring charges against them, for what the organization described as rampant and intentional gender discrimination in recruiting and hiring female directors.

  • <p><b><p></b> <b>me on a date:</b> so how do you feel about b.a.p? knowing that you sucked them dry financially, physically and mentally?<p/><b>ts:</b> well actually, they've agreed to stay with us-<p/><b>me, pressing a sharpened breadstick to their throat:</b> don't fucking play games with me<p/></p><p/></p>

USARK - United States Association of Reptile Keepers 
Court Rules in Favor of the Reptile Nation!

Reptile Nation, we have good news! USARK is pleased to announce the Court ruled in our favor, granting our motion for preliminary injunction. This injunction will suspend the ban on interstate transportation of reticulated pythons and green anacondas under the Lacey Act. Given the high bar that must be met for an injunction, this is indeed a tremendous milestone in USARK’s history.

USARK President Phil Goss knew immediately that USARK must fight for this preliminary injunction after hearing the Fish and Wildlife Service announce additional snake species would be unjustly listed as injurious during their March 2015 press conference. It’s been tireless work by those involved, and Goss had this to say today, “Truth is a powerful weapon, but only if it’s heard. The Reptile Nation has been heard! This would not have happened without a united reptile community supporting this pivotal cause. Thank you, Reptile Nation!”

Our case involves much more than snakes, and the reptile community has made it glaringly evident to anti-pet groups that we can and will fight. We fight not only for ourselves, but for all responsible pet owners. We hold the truth and legitimate science. We will prevail over disgraceful sensationalism and nefarious propaganda.

The herp community is comprised of five million households in America. Community members care about their pet snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs and invertebrates just as other pet owners do their dogs, cats and horses. As the public becomes aware of the facts in our case, rather than reacting to an irrational fear of snakes and lies from anti-pet groups, support will grow from the tens of millions of American pet owners.

The Reptile Nation may be misunderstood, but we are responsible pet owners. We will not back down to animal rights groups seeking to remove our freedoms as Americans. We look forward to getting the facts out in public as this case proceeds.

CONTACT: Media and press may contact USARK with inquiries at

View as a Press Release at

Preliminary Injunction: What you need to know now!

The Court has granted USARK’s motion for a preliminary injunction. This will eliminate enforcement of interstate commerce and transportation for reticulated pythons and green anacondas until the Court rules on USARK’s lawsuit. Judge Moss has requested USARK and FWS submit additional briefs by May 15, and has scheduled a hearing for May 18 to discuss this action.

The importation and interstate transportation/commerce bans are still in effect. Enforcement will likely be lifted shortly after the hearing on the 18th, once we have a ruling on the final scope of the injunction.

There are two main questions raised by the Court to be discussed in the briefs and hearing:

1. Should the injunction be tailored to exclude shipment into Florida and Texas?
*This has not yet been decided, so shipping into Texas and Florida may or not continue to be banned. Shipping out of these states should not be an issue. Obviously, USARK will fight to allow shipment into these states as both states already have regulations regarding these species. (These are the only two continental states listed in the USGS model used as having potentially suitable habitat for these species.)

2. Whether it is necessary or appropriate for FWS to seek interim relief from the Court of Appeals.

Also, USARK asks that the herp community present themselves in a civil and professional manner throughout the remainder of this lawsuit. USARK only represents responsible herp owners and businesses. Being irresponsible in any manner is not within USARK’s mission statement. Thank you for maintaining your composure and representing us with dignity, Reptile Nation.

View the Court ruling at

USARK will provide additional information soon.

Photo: purple albino reticulated python (Python reticulatus) © USARK - United States Association of Reptile Keepers

150731 Wu Yi Fan Studio weibo update

On 31 July 2015, Korean entertainment company SM Entertainment Co. Ltd., herein after referred to as SM, publicly released a “statement” which accused Wu Yi Fan of violating his contract by engaging in entertainment activities in China and the companies who worked with him, claiming that Wu Yi Fan had violated their contract by participating in entertainment and business related activities.

As such, Wu Yi Fan studio has released the following statement:

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