Watch an all-male ‘Cell Block Tango’ from Broadway Backwards

But Taylor Swift? She nailed it. She really did. She’s just so good at so many things, isn’t she? She can write the heck out of a pop tune, usually with correct grammar. She tends to handle press attention with a disarming goofiness that belies a calculated aloofness. And, as evidenced here, she engages with her fans, many of them adolescents who flail around her doing mad, hormonal fever dances, with a particular kind of dexterity. She’s connected to them, speaks their language, makes a happy meme of herself without really doing much of the faux self-deprecating, “I’m such a mess!” stuff that, say, the kids at Thought Catalog have done to engage with their similarly aged fans. Good for her. Taylor Swift knows exactly what she’s doing. Or, I dunno, maybe she’s just a weirdo, another lame adult, who likes talking to teens on the Internet. Either way, we’re glad she’s doing it.
—  Vanity Fair (Grammar Queen Taylor Swift Delivers Sick Burn to Princeton Review)