i know it’s not ginny. cause’ even you’re not that crazy.

<< then  w h y  haven’t you told ginny? >>

                                                  << i  d o n ’ t  know >>


Ed & @jamielawsonmusic performed 2 songs last night. A new song that they wrote together called “Can’t see straight” and “Cold in Ohio”




#mike. do an inspirational speech #*gets up immediately* yes, honey


mike was even told, “it would be a lot better if she heard it from you” and instead she hears it from the woman sleeping with him.

because that makes everything okay.

you know why everyone’s scared to tell her?  because they know she has a thing for him. and why is mike so afraid to tell her?  because he knows he has a thing for her too.

Let me get this fucking straight!

Ginny’s had one real friend growing up in baseball. Something tragic happens and she loses her father AND that friend. Flash forward, Ginny finally starts fitting in and actually makes friends. She has a VERY STRONG connection with her captain and catcher, reconnects with a long time friend and his family, finds a friend in Tommy who reminds her of that first real friend ever. In one fucking episode: -She nearly loses the close friend and his family -ACTUALLY loses that new friend who reminds her of her first real friend ever -And then finds out that her captain and catcher, who she has a really close connection with, has been fucking her agent and lying to her about it. AND THEN CAN’T EVEN BE MAN ENOUGH TO TELL HER. Who the hell wrote this episode? Satan!

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