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Drabble: The Gents

For this week’s drabble prompt, Bathroom, a 300 word drabble.  Part of the Malice series of drabbles.  (Hee! Why did it take me this long to figure out a cheesy mashup name for them?) 

“What brings you to the hospital?”

Matthew hunched his shoulders. “Hasn’t anyone told you not to chit-chat at the trough?”

Lucien appeared puzzled.  "No.“ He fell silent but for the sound of urine hitting porcelain.  

"Working with Al–Dr Harvey today?” Matthew asked casually.

“Yes, we’ve got a drowning victim.”  Lucien buttoned up and moved to the sink.

Matthew remained at the urinal, staring down until he realized what he was focused on. “Hope she’s well,” he said as he fastened his trousers.

“It’s hard to tell with Alice,” Lucien admitted.  "But she has seemed preoccupied these days.“

Matthew limped over to wash.

"Do you know anything?”

“Of course not.” Matthew shied like a horse.

“What’s wrong?”

He broke. “I–we…I took advantage!”

Lucien’s brow furrowed.

“Of what?”

“Dr Harvey! Alice!”


Matthew tipped his head significantly.  "Advantage.“

Lucien shoved his hands in his pockets and drew his mouth in a thin line.  "What do you mean, Lawson?” he said roughly.

It all poured out, bouncing off the tile walls.  "I’d planned a nice dinner. To get to know each other better… A glass of sherry… Next thing I know… I’m kissing her… Bed,“ he ended weakly.

"Advantage,” Lucien spit out, grabbed Matthew and pushed him against the wall.  

“I’m a bastard,” Matthew groaned.

Lucien loosened his grip, thinking. “But she’s not upset. She’s been visiting with Jean, and seems cheerful.”

“She should hate me.”

“Perhaps she doesn’t,” Lucien suggested as he smoothed Matthew’s rumpled shirt.

“She should.”

“She doesn’t.” Lucien promised.

This was a revelation for Matthew. He limped through the doorway, deep in thought. Only to run right into Alice. They exchanged uncomfortable pardons.

Alice noticed his damp, wrinkled shirt. “Are you alright?” she asked, uncertain about alot.

“I’m fine,” he said, and smiled brightly.  

Lucien slipped away unnoticed.


HADLEY: Hold on. Zevran? Hey, Zevran!

ZEVRAN: Oh—hey, Hadley. What are you doing here? I didn’t peg you the type to come out to Tangoo’s. Like ever.

HADLEY: Well, I’m not really, but I heard Rogue Suns were playing here tonight, so I definitely had to come check them out! Are you here for them too?

ZEVRAN: Uh…well…me and my two friends here, we are The Rogue Suns.

HADLEY: No. Fricking. Way. Zev, I know we’re roommates but I literally want your autograph after your set.


There’s this new TV show, Jamestown, about women who were shipped to America to marry the new colonists in 1619. Guardian critic Mark Lawson complained it was somehow ~unrealistic to depict 17th century women having “modern” thoughts like… objecting to rape? And making jokes?

This is so stupid, sexist, and shortsighted, FOR A NUMBER OF REASONS: 



This is why Solange be trying to pay her to delete her account 😍😂😭

one of the loveliest feelings in the entire world is when you’re talking to one of your friends and your heart gets a sudden squeeze inside it and you then realise how much that friend means to you and how much you just love them with your WHOLE HEART

I still can’t get my head around how many millions of people will be watching One Love Manchester its so amazing to see the world unite against something that is attempting to mess this beautiful world up !!