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Did James Roday and Maggie Lawson break up?

It appears that way, unfortunately. On Maggie’s bio for her new CBS show Angel from Hell, it states that she’s engaged to someone else.

More information can be seen here.

Bands I Like

5 Seconds Of Summer
Dead Kennedys
The Story So Far
Skyline The City
Sum 41
Blink 182
Arctic Monkeys
All Time Low
Guns ‘n’ Roses
Jimmy Eat World
My Chemical Romance
Bring Me The Horizon
With Confidence
Good Charlotte
The 1975
The Academy Is…
Against The Current
All American Rejects
Asking Alexandra 
Boyz II Men
The Fray
A Day To Remember
Escape The Fate
Fall Out Boy
Panic! At The Disco
Fountains Of Wayne
Green Day
Kings Of Leon
We The Kings
After Our Juliet
Mayday Parade
Marianas Trench
The Neighbourhood
Neon Trees
The Offspring
Secondhand Serenade
Taking Back Sunday
The Used
One Direction
Linkin Park
Parkway Drive
Foo Fighters
Tenacious D
The Clash
Rise Against
Simple Plan
State Champs
Black Sabbath
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Pearl Jam
The Kinks
Led Zeppelin 
Faith No More
Not By A Long Shot
The Killers
The Cab

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Welcome to the Mystery Room
A fanmix for the IOS game- Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. Each song has an accompanying character or moment to go with it, making for 30 songs in total. Some songs are serious, some are not. I'll leave it to you to decide which is which.

Finally finished my MR playlist, and I’m happy with the results!  I managed to get a pretty diverse spread of music in and I think all of my choices are pretty solid.  I hope you listen and enjoy!

(To be fair, the playlist is longer than it usually takes to finish the game, but not much and it’s not like it’s a long game.)

  1. Intro: The Naughty Little Rat Makes New Friends by The World / Inferno Friendship Society
  2. Lucy’s First Day: All Eyes by Imagine Dragons
  3. Placid’s Introduction: Solitude is Bliss by Tame Impala
  4. Zack Carrière: Made of Money by Adam Ant
  5. Florence Sich: Science Genius Girl by Freezepop
  6. Goldie Potsby-Mahn: Maneater by Hall and Oates
  7. Potty’s Introduction: Bad Blood by Creature Feature
  8. Roscoe Strapping: Smooth Operator by Sade
  9. Staged Suicide: Starring Role by Marina and the Diamonds
  10. Justin Lawson: State Trooper by Bruce Springsteen
  11. Dustin Scowers: Chim Chim Cheree by Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews
  12. Chico Carita: Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows
  13. Sniffer Hague: What’s New Scooby-Doo by Simple Plan
  14. Dolly Hollerday: Hollywood by Madonna
  15. De Bonair: I, Me, Mine by The Beatles
  16. Jigsaw Puzzle Killer: Murder, Murder by The Cast of Jekyll and Hyde
  17. Uttar Mistry: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People
  18. Barbarossa Sassina + the Mystery Girl: Only Anarchists are Pretty by The World / Inferno Friendship Society
  19. Hilda Pertanix: Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy
  20. Diane Makepeace: Manipulate by Freezepop
  21. Who Killed Pig?: B.O.E. by Rejected Youth
  22. Diane Makepeace’s Death: Just a Little Girl by The Age of Information (Trading Yesterday)
  23. Potty Takes Control: Not Gonna Die by Skillet
  24. Forbodium Castle: Beautiful Torment by Desperate Measurez
  25. Hilda and Alfendi: True Love by P!nk
  26. After Forbodium: His Work and Nothing More by The Cast of Jekyll and Hyde
  27. Lucy’s Resolve: Fight Song by Rachel Platten
  28. Justin the Criminal: Positively 4th Street by Bob Dylan
  29. The Truth About Alfendi: Hypnotized by Fleetwood Mack
  30. Adventure Awaits: King by Lauren Aquilina
Who's Who on Mass Effect 2
  • Shepard:Glorified galactic babysitter
  • Miranda Lawson:The equivalent of that kid who get's straight A's but never studies seriously Miranda not all of us are genetically engineered
  • Jacob Taylor:Kanye West in space
  • Mordin Solus:geneticist who somehow knows the dirt on everyone. How do you know who I'm dating Mordin? it happened five minutes ago
  • Garrus:literally your best friend in the whole fucking galaxy
  • Jack:The most Tsundere person to ever come from something other than an anime
  • Tali:A huge fucking nerd, but YOUR huge fucking nerd
  • Grunt:your actual murderous child
  • Samara:THE CODE
  • Thane:Cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure
  • Legion:the cutest robot sniper pet in the galaxy

I’m doing Miranda’s personal quest atm. 

And I can’t get out of my head the idea of an au where Miranda does the emotional thing rather than the rational thing.

Where she looks at her little baby sister she’s holding in her arms and decides she can’t let this little girl be raised by someone else. 

She poses as a teen mom, moves from place to place. To colonies that aren’t human but that have a sizable human minority because they’ll take pity. They’ll know it must be /so hard/ to be a single mother so far away from her family on earth, especially one so young. She knows how to charm. How to manipulate.

For awhile she works as a miner on some planet outside council space. 

For awhile as a cook on some private vessel. 

Taking low paying, or ‘shameful’ jobs because her father would expect her to be the head of a fortune 500 one of these days. Because he’d hear about Miranda Lawson, the best employee on Noveria, but he wouldn’t hear about Star, the best dancer in The Tar Pits.

They move a lot, but as long as Oriana is safe, and in school, and doing well, Miranda doesn’t care.

When Ori is twelve, they move to Omega. Miri gets a job as a dancer. 

But when a bunch of mercs who think they’re tough enough to fuck with Aria attack the bar one night, she shows she’s got other skills. Kills them with her biotics without even batting an eyelash. 

And Aria takes an interest. In Miri, in Oriana. Takes a liking even. And she makes sure Miri knows how /rarely/ that happens. 

They stay on Omega probably longer than they should. A year at first. Then two. If Aria knows who Miri is, she doesn’t say. But she does /show./ 

Letters about mercs flying near Omega, who’s messages she’s intercepted, transcribed on a data pad and slid under Miri’s door. 

Lets Miri and Ori borrow her quarters for the night, the one place on Omega where no one can go, when mercs come in looking for the two of them. She even handles them nicely, lying to them and saying Miranda left months ago, and there was no little girl traveling with her. 

And that’s when Miri takes a shine to Aria. Thinks of her as a friend. Something more than just another alien to put up with.

And Aria thinks of Miranda and Oriana as something more than just an employee, a confident.

They protect Oriana together. 

And Miranda becomes the first person Aria lets break the one rule on Omega.

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