Another Psych rewatch! - Episode 1x02 (Spellingg Bee).
“Kids - high school kids especially, they’re just ruthless, judgmental, horrible little bastards.”

                         ATTENTION ALL KAGEPRO RPERS

                 This is Daniel, the mun of harukaiism. Yes you’ve read that correctly, I am
           officially trying to make a singing chorus out of Kagepro RPers. The idea behind
              this group, is that we are RPers. Kagerou Project is known for their characters,
                  personalities, songs and mystery. Many of these songs, reflect on specific
                  characters, giving them depth, along with they unique personalities. I came
             up with the idea that we, as RPers, feel what their muse feels. If our emotions and
                                   actions can be reflected in text, then why not in song?

                    I am inviting every Kagepro RPer out here, to join Kagerou Utau, where
                      we’ll be covering the numerous Kagerou Project songs in Japanese.
                     Good or bad, it doesn’t matter! As long as we, and you, are having fun.


                     You have to be a Kagepro RP blog. OC, multimuse (even though they’re
                       all from KagePro) and crossover blogs, are not allowed to participate.

                   You need to have Skype. Skype will be the main tool for us to communicate.

                      You need to have a somewhat clear microphone for this. It doesn’t have
                                to be super duper new and deluxe, but at least a bit decent.

                      When joining, you’ll be doing audition. This audition form must include a
                              sample of you singing any song in Japanese, what your URL is,
                                       what muse you have and your name/nickname.

                                                                   Tumblr Youtube

                                      WE ARE KAGEROU UTAU


When you pack loads of delicious tropical fruit aromas and flavors into an IPA, you get Lawson’s Sip Of Sunshine. But don’t get it confused with the hoards of hop-centric beers crowding store shelves, because this is quite simply one of the best IPAs on the planet. Often overshadowed by its Vermont neighbor Heady Topper, Sip of Sunshine stands just as tall, especially when served cold and enjoyed fresh. It’s good enough to make you plan a spontaneous trip to Vermont, just to buy beer.

I need this

My general observance of Eurovision

1. That Russian girl cried when she was winning, then looked genuinely happy when she lost.

2. Sweden kicked ass.

3. Still no one knows why Australia were even there.

4. Belgium actually had a really good song.

5. Voting seemed a tiny bit less predictable. Only a tiny bit though.

6. Still no one knows why Nigella Lawson was even there.

7. There is no way in hell that guy was 16.