rise up! & flashback…

Ginny x Mike 1x02: And the Ship Keeps on Sailing

Those looks Mike kept giving Ginny were pretty hard to miss (for anyone who wasn’t Ginny). Not only were they in Every. Damn. Scene they had together—he glanced at her Every. Chance. He. Got. He couldn’t even help it: she captivates him.

  • In the bar, Mike hangs on each word as Ginny teases them about what turns her on.
    • Not to mention, he then shows his sensitive side when he turns off the TV after they both had enough.
  • He pulls up in front of the team and their fans, kissin’ some blonde..
    • And Ginny totally notices.
  • On the bus, Mike points to the seat next to him, insisting she sit next him.
    • And then he watches her while she’s not looking.
  • He shares about his ex-wife, totally unprompted, telling Ginny it’s his ex-wife who wants him back…
    • While really (he wants to deny that) it’s the other way around..
  • How hilarious/cute is their workout scene? He gives it everything he’s got to keep up with her…
    • Trying to hide the fact he barely is.
  • When Ginny assumes Mike would rolls his eyes at the Gin-sanity, he’s the one (once again–Pilot flashbacks, anyone?) to hone her in and reassure her.
    • Bonus: He eats her bacon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Let’s then talk about the parallels here of Mike getting reassured his marriage is indeed over, and he’s reminded that he wants someone to come home to, to talk to at the end of the night…
    • He realizes these things the same week Ginny Baker comes into his life.
  • Mike’s ass slap is back!
    • And Ginny has fun with it.
  • The final bar scene? Don’t get me started:
    • She asks him to dance–not once, but twice.
    • She starts dancing, and he cannot stop starring.
    • Seriously, he can’t stop starring at her. He has to leave to stop staring at her, and even then–he. cannot. stop. starring at her.

Seriously, Pitch has no chill when it comes to the Ginny x Mike ship.

I keep seeing a lot of hate for Mike Lawson, so I’m going to speak my two cents and (hopefully) be done with it.

I don’t want flawless lead characters, I want the real human emotions. Mike is an older guy that is struggling with his body giving up on him. The only thing he knows is baseball, it’s in his blood, his body is falling apart and there is nothing he can do to fix it. His wife cheated on him for making the mistake of loving his job too much. He’s a lonely man that is starting to realize he wants more out of his life than just baseball. You have a beautiful woman that is in her prime taking over the team and it throws him off balance, he doesn’t know how to handle it so he acts like an asshole. But guess what? Even after all the things going wrong in his life, he STILL steps up and does what is best for his team. I love Mike even more because of it all! I want to see him grow as a team-mate and a person. I want to see him realize that even at his age, you can still make mistakes and learn from him. I want to watch Mike Lawson become the best damn catcher and man that he can be..