it’s not at all surprising that ginny is the one who wants to talk about what happened, while mike attempts to avoid her.

that night, that almost kiss was the first time that ginny really allowed herself to admit that she has feelings for mike that go beyond just a working or friendly relationship.

however, mike has known, and factored in those feelings to his almost move.

he is literally avoiding her to respect her.

he doesn’t want her breaking her rules.  he doesn’t want to hurt her or her career in any way.

he is willing to put his own feelings aside for her, which is sweet, but also, in doing this, he’s taking away one of her choices, forcing her to suppress her feelings and trying an option (noah) that is clearly not her first choice.

so even if she ends up with noah for a little bit, it’s settling, it’s not what she wants, it’s what she was left with.

Well here it is...a SNEAK PEAK of the first DUARTE & BAKER Shenanigans...

I went back and forth whether or not to give you a long sneak peek (this one below) or a shorter one, so I hope you enjoy: 

“She’s going home with him. She’s going to sleep with him.”

“She’s is not going to sleep with him.”

“For months she’s been calling that fucker her catcher, and going to that fucker for questions concerning ball. Been practicing with that fucker, and going over hitters with that fucker! Fuck, she even lets that fucker tag along to her doctor appointments, physical therapy for her shoulder, and their doing hot fucking yoga together and come in to PETCO together practically naked! She let’s that fucker be there!”

“Mike, man–”

“Blip, the fucker had a condom,” Mike hissed, drowning his scotch, “you and I both saw it fall out of his pocket as they were walking by, and the looks on their faces! She was fucking embarrassed like she was caught red handed and he was fucking smirking, like he didn’t care who knew that he was going home with her!”

“Mike, have you ever–”

“The fucker has been making moves on her for months!” Mike hissed, drowning his refill of scotch, “First he comes for my job and I almost pack up my bags and head to Chicago because of it, and thereby almost disappointing the most important person in my life by abandoning like everyone else in her life has. And now he’s trying to steal my woman!”

“Now wait! Back up! Your woman…” 

"Well, he’s got another fucking thing coming,” Mike hissed before dropping the glass on the bar, and storming out of the charity event, leaving not only a stunned Blip and Evelyn behind but also a select few others, some of them even thinking it was about damn time Mike Lawson got his head out of his damn ass and went after the best damn thing that’s come into his life, the one person that’s not only made him a better man but a better ball player, solidifying his road the Hall of Fame.

The Meaning of a Lily, part 4, a Bawson AU

Chapter Four: Of Bearded Irises

a/n: i apologize for any errors, my brain and eyes are very tired and i copy edit for a living guys, i’m tired

The fury emanating from Ginny as she walks through the clubhouse gets the team to give her wide berth, and concerns Mike. 

Blip leans over and asks if Mike knows what’s up, and the fact that Blip is in the dark too amps up Mike’s concern. 

He takes a few moments and lets her settle in her space before going back to her room and knocking on the door. 

He gets no response at first, so he knocks a little louder the second time and calls out her name. 

“Baker, open up,” Mike says as braces his hands along the doorway. 

Her door swings open and she’s got the phone pressed to her ear. Mike frowns and points over his shoulder, but she waves him into her room before shutting the door. 

“I’ve got to go, doc. My captain just walked into the room. Thanks for taking my call,” Ginny says into the phone. 

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'Pitch' Star Kylie Bunbury on Ginny's Next Move
After weathering the trials and tribulations of being the first female player in Major League Baseball, Ginny Baker is poised to hit a big...

With Mike (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) on the precipice of being traded to the Chicago Cubs, Ginny (Kylie Bunbury) and Mike were about to act on their feelings, but were interrupted when the catcher got news that he was not going to be traded. So what does this mean for them? EW turned to Bunbury to get the scoop: **possible spoilers**

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