laws of condoning

gay people/lesbians: *get murdered because of their sexual attraction, get put in concentration camps for being gay and get tortured, get sent to conversion therapy and receive electro shocks and torture methods that leaves them traumatized, get kicked out of their homes for being gay, get rejected of jobs because of their orientation, can’t marry their partner in most parts of the world, can’t adopt kids in most parts of the world, can’t show affection with their partner in public because someone might hurt them, were part of the biggest mass shooting of the world beacuse of an homophobic man, did i mention it’s ilegal to be gay in some countries?*

ace people: *had to explain their sexuality a few times, someone made memes about them in tumblr, got told jughead jones isn’t ace*

tumblr: “you know what? fuck gays and lesbians, they’re already privileged, they are the straights of the lgbtqia+ community, we must protect aces know! they are smol pure beans who dont get recognition!”

gay people/lesbians: uhhh, maybe we need to fight homophobia first, you know… we actually get killed because of our desire to have sex, there are laws that condone our existence…

tumblr: at least they recognized your sexuality to make those laws! we need visibility! 

gay people/lesbians: oh my g-

tumblr: linda! put those ace sherlock desings on the printer! take those canon gay characters and give them some aro/ace headcanons, jane! we’re going full progressive tonight.

Anti-Myth Pt. 2

So apparently I forgot a few arguments that are actually even stupider than the ones in the first post. These are all really dumb, and I know antis never listen to reason ever, but once again I’m bored so here we go again. This will be a shorter post and will be the last one I’ll do.

1. Waiting for Yurio to age up so he can legally consent is child grooming: This is honestly the stupidest thing anyone could actually say. I don’t know where you heard your definition of ‘child grooming’, but it is defined as an adult physically and emotionally conditioning a small child (under the age of 13) to have sex or perform sexual acts. It’s horrible, disgusting, and totally not what’s happening in the Otayuri ship. And I’m pretty sure waiting for Yurio to grow up is the respectful and fully non-pedophilic thing to do. We don’t want to imagine him sexually active until he can consent. This actually shows a complete lack of perversion on the shippers part, at least for most of us. Can’t control what some shippers present to the fandom, but once again, it’s just fiction so it’s not a huge deal. 

2. Tumblr is an adult only website and everyone involved in sexual acts must be over 18: Yes, this is true for actually real life human beings, such as nude selfies or sex. No teen under the age of 18 can be naked. However, this does not apply to fictional artwork. I’ve seen people post way worse stuff on this website and it doesn’t get removed because it is simply that: fiction. No actual human is physically present. Also, Tumblr may have been created in America, but it is an international website used by many cultures and countries, so we all have different views on artwork.

3. Americans are right and everyone else is wrong about the aoc: Hey there, I hope you realize in more states in the US, 16 and 17 are more common ages of consent. 18 is actually less common, even in America. Now if you live in a state where the aoc is 18, respect that law. I’m not condoning changing it all to 16, I’m just saying, being an American does not mean 18 is the norm. And if Yurio and Otabek were living in America, they’d just be a junior and senior in highschool.

4. Shippers are forcing Yurio into sex the second he turns 16: Well I don’t know about all the shippers, but I don’t. I don’t imagine Yurio becoming sexually active until he’s around 17 or so, after he matures a little more. He needs to develop his friendship with Otabek until it turns romantic on its own. At least that’s the way I would like to see it happen (if it actually does).

5. Yurio hasn’t gone through puberty yet, so it is still pedophilia: This is even dumber than the child grooming concept. First of all, Yurio has obviously gone through puberty. All people go through puberty at 13 or younger. However, if you research basic development you’d know that in males, bones do not completely develop until they are between 16-18. Females develop faster. So although Yurio is still growing, he’s not a child. That’s all it means is his bones haven’t fully grown yet.

I will say one last thing. I don’t mean to be mean, but I really doubt Kubo or Yamamoto care what Americans think about their show. It was made in Japan for Japanese audiences (and to another small degree, Russian audiences). I’m sure they enjoy having international fans, but would she care if we started flaming her about how she needs to adopt our culture? I’m gonna say no, she wont, and we’d just end up embarrassing ourselves. Just imagine if you were writing an American show for Americans about American culture and some German fans were mad about something in the show. I don’t imagine you’d care. Neither does Kubo or Yamamoto. So if Otayuri becomes the focus of season 2, either accept it and get on with your life, or leave the fandom. Because it’s literally just a cartoon and you’re humiliating yourselves.

anonymous asked:

So you're black or whatever, and work with cops and fire? Shouldn't you be protesting and standing with the rest of your BLM family lol

I will always support law enforcement. I do not condone the actions of individuals that have tainted the view of an organization dedicated to it’s community, this meaning the few law enforcement officers who were dumb and used power wrongly. That being said, if you put no thought into what those men and women go through, you’re one too many shades of sick for my liking. As someone has a gun out and is shooting at a cop, race, ethnicity, your mother FUCKING social justice bs is out window- it’s a matter of protecting civilians, the cop themselves and taking the criminal down so they can’t hurt others. If you’re so disconnected and can’t appreciate how these people help the community, visit your local sheriff’s office or police station and say hi. Get a taste of who they are as people, and maybe you can appreciate the work they do.

The color of my damn beautiful skin doesn’t matter to me or the sheriffs department, nor the fire department- but it does to you, and that’s the exact problem.

If Otayuri isn’t a problem in real life? How is it one in Fiction?

Yurio would be a sophomore (maybe even junior) and Otabek would be a senior at the same high school. I actually CANNOT comprehend how something that isn’t a problem in real life is somehow one in fiction? I’ve been around otayuri pairings MY ENTIRE LIFE and its never been a problem…ever!

Ok, look I got the issue in the Voltron fandom (didn’t necessarily agree but got it). A late teen year old pairing with a 25 year old. Got it. A 14 and 25 year old, OF COURSE THAT WOULD MAKE PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE. So yuuri x yuri, yurio x victor? Yeah I got it.

But Otayuri - WHAT. A mid teen and a late teen? Paedophilia? Ok what….

Talk of “difference in maturity” feels completely disingenuous and borderline stripped from reality because when talking about maturity, people seem to aging the two up and down on a whim, judging on scales that quite fit when looked at in detail. Lets also do this by american standards because its A-OK where I live and ive seen this idea that we need to observe this as not american which i dispute.

A 15 - 16 year old is nothing like years before. Maturity spikes:

-Yurio would be getting driving lessons for his sweet sixteen.

- people begin to have full on romantic relationships that are not school yard crushes but long term.

-He would have tried alcohol round this time, maybe even full blown drinking it occasionally but perish the thought because we all know teenagers are innocent and law abiding /s. Not condoning it but not pretending it doesn’t or pretending not to know the reason either.

-The adults in his life would change how they interact to accommodate his “growth in maturity”. Don’t act like hes 12 or 13.

BUT I FEEL WE NEED TO ADDRESS TALK OF OTABEK FAR MORE. He is 18. Legally an adult. BUT LETS UNDERLINE LEGALLY. But in an actual perspective of it means for someone who turned 18 five weeks ago:

- He is most likely a high school senior still living with his parents or beginning  his freshman year in college/university. He would be passing Yurio in the halls at school going to class or spending time with him between term dates.

-He’s been eligible to drive for at least two years

- He can drink in certain states but not in others  

- He couldn’t get into a club - not 21

- He cant gamble - not 21

- He can get married without parental consent. Time to tie the knot! Because 18 year olds are adults and can totally deal with all that entails because he is a mature adult /s.

-He can get a credit card! He can make big financial decisions on his own and like any 18 year old he should absolutely do this!  because he is a mature adult /s.

Do see where I’m going with this? When you place your understanding of maturity on 18 year old on what the law says, you cant just limit it to one thing. You HAVE to acknowledge how immature the law classes him as well. It is dishonest reasoning to act like Otabek is somehow too adult for Yurio when they both would be kicked out of places and prevented from doing certain things because the law says they are both too young. Their ability to do things legally are roughly the same when you actually consider what people their ages actually do.

I mean would even be a problem if Otabeks birthday was after Yurios? Like If he had turned 18 next October instead of this one or even in March like Yurios? Would this shit still happen if Otabek was 17 while Yurio was 15 - both minors in the law?

And all of this in general, we haven’t even factored in their individual personalities and circumstances and level of experience in romantic affairs. Because, you know, dating Otabek is seriously going to putting Yurio in a position of danger and sexual abuse /s.

Can we tear away this image of this a somehow far older, far more mature and sexually experienced Otabek taking advantage of pure, innocent, hasnt-even thought-about-romance-before Yurio?

You don’t have to like ship or even acknowledge it at all. Heck, if you wouldn’t ship it with two of them under 18 either, that makes sense. BUT you have to stop using the word paedophile to describe an fictional 18 year old. And you have stop acting the people who like the idea of two fictional teenagers going on romantic dates looking for animal print clothing and want to draw it is somehow akin to child pornography. You should also realise to how common this age dynamic is in real life and how AUTOMATICALLY relating it to a real life condition that often results child abuse is inherently insulting to ACTUAL PEOPLE and loaded with false equivalency.

I mean, c’mon. CANONICALLY in the show, he was in the position to be doing  a sexual eros routine for his short program while thousands of actual adults watched him; as well as being present for a full on strip down and pole dancing show at a banquet that is most certainly inappropriate for his age. You’re telling me fans cant draw him in a romantic ship with 2 ½ years older? Seriously?

Im not kidding when I say Voltron fandom nonsense has more legs to stand on.


Daenerys: Shiiiiit, the dragons scare me.

Daenerys: I will answer injustice with justice.

Daenerys: No no no, YOU don’t get to decide what is justice, I do.

Daenerys: The law?  Tch, the law condones slavery, fuck the law.

Daenerys: Whoops, the law is the law, there’s nothing I can do, you gotta die because the law is the law.