laws against the romani people

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May i ask why gypsy is a racial slur? my grandmother and her sisters are Hungarian gypsy and they are not offended by it. She explained that back then, there were two forms of gypsy: the classic 'fortune telling traveling "no-good" gypsy" and the type she was from was considered "herbalist gypsies" she explained they used natural remedies to help with sickness such as "put an onion in your suck to draw out a fever" that she has used on my mother and aunts when they were little.

“Gypsy” is a term used to describe Romani people - it’s offensive because it was used to describe the Romani people as thieves and was used in a derogatory sense. Ever heard people say “I just got ‘gypped’”, well that’s directly referring to “gypsy.”

It’s possible your grandmother doesn’t even know that she’s wrong, but she is. Unless she’s also Romani and chooses to reclaim the word for herself, then she has no leg to stand on in calling her people “gypsies.”

Not only is it a slur, it’s also kind of appropriation because these days, people think “gypsy” is just a fun word used to describe somebody with a free spirit but. Like. No. Romani people didn’t travel and drift for fun, they did so because they had no choice - there were literally laws against serving and harboring Romani people back in the day.