a real danish law

“if the sea between denmark and sweden freezes over, and a swede crosses that sea to denmark by foot, it is required by law, or at the very least legal, to grab a stick and use it to hit the swede. - any other weapon is not legal”

Oregon man commits no crime, but held in jail for 900 days

Benito Vasquez-Hernandez has orange canvas slip-ons, a single spoon, a wristband he wears at all times. He has little else.

He lives in a small cell with a single window high above his head and sleeps on a skinny mattress resting on a cinderblock frame.

Vasquez-Hernandez is treated like any other inmate in the Washington County Jail. But he’s unlike every other inmate there.

At 897 days and counting, the 59-year-old may be the longest-held material witness in Oregon and perhaps the nation. He’s waiting to testify in a murder case.

Legal experts are aware of no other witness jailed for so long. While no one appears to systematically track such cases, a law professor recalls only one similar instance - more than a century ago, in California.

In Oregon, a judge can keep material witnesses in custody until they testify, or release them pending trial. Under state law, material witness holds have no expiration, but detention typically lasts less than a week.

Civil rights advocates say a witness should never be locked up for long - certainly not more than two years. But it’s not only the extraordinary length of Vasquez-Hernandez’s imprisonment that disturbs them.

It’s also his staggering disadvantages. He’s poor. He’s had no formal education and can’t read or write. He’s an immigrant who doesn’t understand the American justice system. He’s had no contact with his family.

As his days in custody have turned into months and then years, prosecutors have successfully argued that Vasquez-Hernandez’s testimony is essential to their case and that he probably wouldn’t show up to court if released.

His defense attorney has tried to get Vasquez-Hernandez out, devising a plan to take his sworn statement in a deposition so a judge could free him.

The law

Material witness detention laws exist in nearly every state. Oregon’s statute is used most often when witnesses don’t want to testify for fear of retaliation. Gang cases are a common example.

The laws allow attorneys to seek a warrant and court order to hold an important witness who presents a flight risk.

“We only ask for it in extraordinary situations,” said Washington County prosecutor Jeff Lesowski, who’s handling Eloy Vasquez-Santiago’s case.

The legal practice stretches back to the mid-1500s in England. In the U.S., it became law in the First Judiciary Act of 1789.

But with its longevity has come controversy.

Scholars have long criticized material witness laws, questioning whether they’re constitutional. Courts identified problems with the laws as early as the late 1800s, researchers say. Their concerns included holding witnesses in jail alongside criminals, holding them for too long or holding them because they couldn’t make bail.

Public outcry led New York to briefly repeal the practice in 1883. New Jersey legislators in the 1990s amended the law to say detained witnesses can’t be held in jail. Some states restrict the length of the holds. In Arizona, for instance, seven days is the limit.

Historically, few witnesses have challenged their detainment. Many have lacked money and social standing, says University of Colorado law professor Carolyn B. Ramsey. And that has meant, “For the most part, the wrongs against them remained unredressed,” she wrote in a law journal.

I think that women carry guns. I also think that women should encourage their daughters to carry guns. I think that people, in general, should be encouraged to carry guns.

I am a woman. I am currently searching for a gun to carry openly until I turn 21, and concealed after that. I’ve been to the shooting range a few times and I’m very eager and willing to get a gun of my own.

Here’s why.

Guns level the playing field. The fact is, a gun doesn’t need physical strength. You need to have the power to drive a knife into someone while they may also have a knife and/or are attempting to restrain you. You have to get close to defend yourself at all in most cases, so martial arts puts you at a greater risk.

Also, in regards to the police, it’s important to realize that they’re not all-encompassing. They might know a situation is going on, but they often won’t be able to reach you in time. Their ultimate job is to clean up after the crime has occurred– they find the man who raped you and put him in jail, or they find the group of people who mugged you in a street corner.

(And a hearty middle finger to those who say ‘but why would you want to kill them?’ — no one wants to kill anyone, but if someone is attacking you and putting you at risk then you have every right to put a bullet in them without worrying about where it’s going. If someone threatens my life and safety, I’m going to shoot them. It’s that simple. If you don’t stop advancing at my warning, I will not hold back.)

Here’s the thing– guns, in the hands of both women and men, give you the power to defend yourself instead of waiting around with a tiny weapon or martial arts skills that might help you out if it’s a one-on-one situation. If you have a gun, even if the criminal has one, you can defend yourself regardless of your height, sex, weight, disabilities, etc.

Never let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t have a gun. Never let anyone tell you that others will take care of bad situations when they happen. Because when it comes down to it, and you’re backed against a wall with nothing but maybe a pocketknife if you’re lucky and the police on the phone, you’re going to wish that you had the capacity to fight back. Because you’re valuable, and you deserve to defend yourself, not wait for the sirens to arrive. Never rely solely on the police, or anyone else, to save you. 

Keep and bear arms if at all possible, and put a bullet into anyone who tries to rape, murder, or harm you or your family, because you are a human being and you have the right to defend yourself by yourself. Have the bastard against the wall with his hands on his head or on the floor with a hole in his leg instead of hoping and praying that he doesn’t get to you before the police arrive.

Pro-marijuana lawmakers in Vermont are threatening to reinstate alcohol prohibition.

Reps. Jean O'Sullivan, a Democrat, and Christopher Pearson, from the Progressive party, are using a piece of legislation written earlier this month to threaten to reinstate alcohol prohibition if senior state house members don’t revive the languishing weed proposal. If it works, Vermont would make legal marijuana history.

For the people telling hetalia fans to kill themselves

If you tell someone to kill themselves
it’s considered encouraging suicide
and you can get a fine of $25,000 and 10+ years in prison.
if they actually commit you can be charged with manslaughter.

So chill the frick out unless you want to get fined/sent to jail