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((I don't know if you're still doing this but)) Why don't you date Robin?

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     "With Nico-ya?“

     The thought had crossed his mind on a few occasions from the number of times he spent with her, however little that was, within the past few days. Nico Robin was probably the most mature member of the Straw Hat Pirates and one he had the easiest time talking to, sharing similar interests and other such topics. Her morbid sense of humor matched his dark personality that he could almost say she complements his character.

     "The thought crossed my mind, but we have more pressing matters to attend to than thinking about relationships.”

     For one, Trafalgar Law needed to settle matters with his past on Dressrosa, and two they both had their own goals they needed to fulfill first.

     "Perhaps when we’ve accomplished what we set out to do. I won’t discount the possibility.“

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(5. Lips)

╠❀~ It wasn’t often she could surprise the surgeon, so Robin settled for small victories. Stealing his hat was one, because that meant he’d stand up straight in front of her. Much like today, she’d stolen his hat (which she is always gentle with) and placed it onto her head with a smirk. Sure enough he’s standing in front of her with a grumpy face, she moved said hat to hide their faces as she leaned closer and kissed him on the lips tenderly.