So babe and I went to Vegas for about 5 days. It was the most incredible trip I have ever been on. From having drinks with 7 Australian men that tried taking Callie and I to get married not even 4 hours of us being in Vegas, to getting matching tattoos, standing side stage in a VIP booth watching Dillon Francis, taking party buses, seeing two Cirque Du Soleil shows, taking the most amazing baths together in a huge bath tub, and so much more. We were constantly complimented on how good we look with each other. That to me is such a huge compliment.

It was such an amazing trip and just spend so much time together was just a blessing because we don’t get that very often. So it was so amazing. And I feel even more in love with her. It was so amazing and I am so ready for the next trip. ✈️👌🏼🎉