no-appy-polly-loggies  asked:

Hey girl! I've been following bash back and i'm really v. much in love! I've been playing around with some different writing styles and I was wondering how you got hooked up with your collaborators? Is there any advice you can give a fellow writer and comic lover? If you have time to shoot me an email or something, I'd love to chat more! <3 Thanks!!

Yay! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Bash Back! I am having a wonderful time helping to write it, and I’m so excited for everyone to see what we have in store for them.

I came on to the project in a really strange way, so I don’t think I’m necessarily qualified to give advice on how to find collaborators, but maybe there is no “usual way,” so I’ll tell you the story.

I met @lawrencegullo and @fyodorpavlov almost entirely by chance. That is, I met Lawrence on the train (October I think? of 2013) and recognized him from tumblr. Our paths probably would have crossed eventually, but not as early as that chance encounter made possible.

The three of us became friends, then Very Close Friends, then I eventually felt comfortable enough to share with them a one-act play I had written about Mary Bennet (the middle sister in Pride and Prejudice) being a lesbian. I guess they liked it? So that combined with our similar tastes and philosophies in storytelling led them to think of me as a writer they could trust.

(L&F, I’m making assumptions here so please tell me if I’m getting any of this wrong)

They had this pet project they’d been daydreaming about for - I presume - years. When they first described it to me, it seemed like a series of vignettes, catharsis through comedic violence rather than the brutal shit we have going (and planned). I could tell it was a really personal project to them so I was deeply flattered when they asked me to help.

Let’s see. Advice? Talk to people on the train?  Haha no. I guess have a strong idea of the stories you want to tell, and try your absolute hardest to meet and befriend artists who share your tastes and philosophies. It’s difficult to give that advice though, because I didn’t pursue a friendship with F&L thinking that we’d be collaborators one day. A lot of artists have no time to work on anything other than their own projects, so it might be kind of obnoxious to bring up collaboration. I guess also be prepared to work on projects that are not your idea. Don’t worry, it will become as much your story as the artists’ if your philosophies match.

I’m sorry this isn’t more helpful but it’s all I got.