I tend to forget that his motivation is never really stated

Jirarudan wants Lugia because of its beauty. He considers it the highest priority among legendaries because of that, and though he wouldn’t really decline the chance to capture any of them, Lugia is one of the only ones he’d keep (we see a bit of that in his attitude towards the other birds–though they’re legendaries themselves, he clearly values them as just a means to an end).

Ok who all do you ship our dear clueless collector with?

I used to ship him with Giovanni but it just doesn’t click to me any more. Lately I’ve had the thought that he and Oichi from Conquest would be cute, especially with the hints that the game takes place, despite its feudal influence, in modern times, which would indicate closed borders, which means that she’d be wanting to see the world, and he’d be wanting the treasures Ransei has to offer, and they basically use each other to get what they want while all the while genuinely enjoying being around the other. It seems like their personalities mesh (and we all know she’s forgiving of people who fuck around with legendaries).

Danny slightly redeeming herself then leaving

Laura making a deal with the queen of the dead

Hollstein dancing

Laura hugging the hatred and evil out of the dean

Carmilla crying over Lauras body

Lafontaine potentially losing their eye

Laferry being reunited

Carmilla risking her life to bring Laura back

Hollstein running off, holding hands


Carmilla season 3

blackjackgabbiani  asked:

So, Lugia, I get that you needed to get away from Lawrence III's capture devices, but did you really have to blow up the guy's home? Especially considering the priceless works of art you destroyed. That's a loss for everyone. (btw, I named my parakeet after you)

Would you rather I had let him destroy the world? To let everything fall to ash as the prophecy foretold?! Yes–Let the creations of man outweigh the worth of their species as a whole. Pokemon are creatures just as they are, and yet he decided it was his mission in life to upset the balance to add to his precious collection to hang upon a shelf?!

…. Forgive me. There are few times when I let my anger control me, but when my life was threatened, something else took over me. I had no intention of destroying his airship; I merely wanted the pain to stop and that was where it had originated. I had little control at that point and, ultimately, it succeeded in the goal to cease this foolishness.

Needless to say, there is a reason I choose to dwell beneath the waves to contain it.

Pokeani 25 Day Challenge, day 8: favorite movie

The Power of One

The reason why I picked this movie is, I’m gonna have to admit, probably because I grew up with it (it is without a doubt the Pokemon movie I’ve seen the most often). As a child I didn’t like it that much, but now at an older age I appreciate the funny moments, the exciting moments and - wait for it - the Pokeshipping in this movie much more, not to mention some visually stimulating scenes and the hauntingly beautiful music. (One thing that still bugs me though, is that the only consequence of trying to capture the legendary Pokemon and nearly destroying the world for the Pokemon collector Lawrence III was losing his aircraft.)


Update: New X-men: Apocalypse “Cage Fight” Movie Clip Now Slightly Longer Version