I finished the gallery! If my outfit seems familiar, I’m Jirarudan from Pokémon 2000! You know, the weird collector guy.

Such rare treasures…and of course, the king. Of course, I refer to the king of the ocean. I’m nobody’s king, I’m nobody’s soldier…

Of course, if you want to see the original, there’s a dissection of it and its treasures

And if you want the QR for my outfit, it’s


Fake trailer for The Power of One, done (if I’m not mistaken) in the style of one of the Inception trailers. Good ol’ Lawrence is only in one scene but it was too goddamn awesome not to post.

blackjackgabbiani  asked:

Here's a tough one--Jirarudan from Pokemon 2000.

Your favorite character, Jirarudan/Lawrence III from Pokemon 2000, is a dweeb for the following reasons:

  • He built a floating sky fortress to capture some birds
  • He has a holographic chess board which has these birds as virtual chess pieces, along with his sky fortress
  • Stands atop his destroyed sky fortress trying to be ominous while talking to a trading card in the sunset