I tend to forget that his motivation is never really stated

Jirarudan wants Lugia because of its beauty. He considers it the highest priority among legendaries because of that, and though he wouldn’t really decline the chance to capture any of them, Lugia is one of the only ones he’d keep (we see a bit of that in his attitude towards the other birds–though they’re legendaries themselves, he clearly values them as just a means to an end).


I finished the gallery! If my outfit seems familiar, I’m Jirarudan from Pokémon 2000! You know, the weird collector guy.

Such rare treasures…and of course, the king. Of course, I refer to the king of the ocean. I’m nobody’s king, I’m nobody’s soldier…

Of course, if you want to see the original, there’s a dissection of it and its treasures

And if you want the QR for my outfit, it’s

Ok who all do you ship our dear clueless collector with?

I used to ship him with Giovanni but it just doesn’t click to me any more. Lately I’ve had the thought that he and Oichi from Conquest would be cute, especially with the hints that the game takes place, despite its feudal influence, in modern times, which would indicate closed borders, which means that she’d be wanting to see the world, and he’d be wanting the treasures Ransei has to offer, and they basically use each other to get what they want while all the while genuinely enjoying being around the other. It seems like their personalities mesh (and we all know she’s forgiving of people who fuck around with legendaries).