Denver artist Lawrence Argent, known for creating a  40-foot-tall big blue bear that stands outside the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, recently turned his attention to the Sacramento International Airport’s new terminal where he has installed a 56-foot-long, 10,000-pound aluminum rabbit that appears to have lept into the terminal space. The piece is entitled Leap and we think it’s pretty awesome.

[via My Modern Metropolis]

what i get from tumblr:

  1. oitnb is important
  2. tatiana maslany is a fucking genius
  3. nash grier should just disappear
  4. harry potter is forever
  5. we will never get over allison argent’s death
  6. johnlock should happen now
  7. benedict cumberbatch is life
  8. feminism 
  9. yes to sebastian stan
  10. we all want to live in the marvel universe
  11. ellen degeneres is an actual angel
  12. think like jaden smith’s tweets
  13. jennifer lawrence is the biggest most talented derp ever
  14. we all want to date kristen stewart, dont fight me on this
  15. disney movies
  16. everybody wants to be in comic con
  17. tom hiddleston tom hiddleston tom hiddleston
  18. dylan o’brien should be illegal he’s too beautiful and talented
  19. avatar the last airbender movie should never be talked about

It took me nearly 5 hours but I finally finished the 2014 unfollowing spree. It was certainly time to clear up my dash but honestly it just makes me eager to find new blogs to follow. So if you want me to check out your blog, reblog or like this post!