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Girls from book series + Song

The New Guard by Steven Meisel

for Vogue, 2000

Véronique Branquinho, Hedi Slimane, Hussein Chalayan, Filip Arickx, Nicolas Ghesquière, An Vandevorst, Lawrence Steele, Miguel Adrover, Viktor Horsting, Roberto Menichetti, Rolf Snoeren, Olivier Theyskens, Josephus Thimister and Junya Watanabe


Justice League of American Hustle AKA American Hustle: Superhero Edition!

Q&A: Ryan Steele

You’ve been waiting for him…and here he is! Ryan will discuss his dance captain work on Newsies in our upcoming episode! 

Name: Ryan Steele

Where are you from? Walled Lake, MI

Broadway credits: West Side Story, Billy Elliot, Newsies, Matilda

How did you hear you’d booked your first Broadway show? At the final callback for West Side Story, casting brought a group of us in the room to be looked at one last time. Arthur Laurents stood up and thanked us for coming in. At the end of his speech he said “and Welcome.” The casting director freaked. So I sort of had a feeling the group of us would be getting the job. I OFFICIALLY got word when I had arrived at the airport in Michigan. I was by myself and had no one to celebrate with. So I chose the stranger next to me to share my excitement with. She wasn’t as enthusiastic as I’d hoped.

What is your favorite event in the Broadway community? I love Gypsy of the Year. Getting to spend time with friends from different shows and watch them perform is a blast.

What’s something about Broadway that fascinates you? The amount of time, work, and people it takes to put up a show.

What, other than theatre, has inspired you recently? I took a trip home over the holidays. Getting to spend time with my family and friends outside the Broadway Bubble was great. It inspired my life outside of work. 

If I could have coffee with any living person, it would be… Either Carey Mulligan or Jennifer Lawrence. 

If I could trade places with anybody for a day, I would choose… Either Carey Mulligan’s best friend or Jennifer Lawrence’s best friend. Teehee. 

To be successful in this business, it takes… Hard work and a good attitude. 

Tell us a secret. I haven’t taken a ballet class in 6 weeks. I am so ashamed. 

RT Extra Life 2015 Poster Pokémon Names!!

From what I’ve been trying to figure out and read, I think I know all the RT Employees and their Pokemon Counterparts!! (Names & types included!)

(Some employee names are too hard to read so not all of them are here, but if you do know them, feel free to message me and I will edit & add them!!)

ROW 1 - Rooster Teeth

  • BUBURNSEY - Burnie Burns (Legendary - Fire)
  • HULLARGE - Matt Hullum (Legendary - Rock)
  • RAMSINK - Geoff Ramsey (Legendary - Dragon)
  • SOROLYTE - Gus Sorola (Legendary - Psychic)
  • HEYGOELED - Joel Heyman (Legendary - Electric)
  • FARMINGWEENIE - Brandon Farmahini (Grass)
  • SHAWKEIN - Kerry Shawcross (Dragon - Grass)

ROW 2 - Rooster Teeth

  • DEMARANGE - Chris Demarais (Ghost)
  • LUNACHAT - Miles Luna (Dark)
  • PUNADIAN - Barbara Dunkelman (Ice)
  • BLUEWIERZ - Jordan Cwierz (Water)
  • SPOTMONGER - Jon Risinger (Dark - Psychic)
  • GRAYLOW - Gray Haddock (Ghost)
  • DOODLEPAT - Patrick Rodriguez (Normal)

ROW 3 - Rooster Teeth

  • GILBYFUZZ - Adam Ellis (Rock)
  • BUFFMARQUE - Aaron Marquis (Fighting)
  • GIBBLEFLEX - Blaine Gibson (Fighting)
  • YETIGAN - Josh Flanagan (Ice - Ground)
  • BROADJOCK - Tyler Coe (Ground - Grass)
  • DATAJENK - Ashley Jenkins (Fairy - Psychic)
  • PIXELTURN - Meg Turney (Fairy - Psychic)

ROW 4 - Achievement Hunter

  • BEARDILLO - Jack Pattillo (Rock)
  • MADWOOD - Ryan Haywood (Grass)
  • URSAQUIT- Michael Jones (Fire)
  • FREEBRIT - Gavin Free (Ice)
  • FELINSDAY - Lindsay Jones (Normal)
  • NANODOODLE- Jeremy Dooley (Ground)
  • GARBRAGG - Matt Bragg (Poison)

ROW 5 - Funhaus

  • SPOOLEE - Sean Poole (Normal)
  • KNIGHTHAUS - Adam Kovic (Dark)
  • GREENEHAUS - Bruce Greene (Poison - Grass)
  • PECSHAUS - James Willems (Fighting)
  • DROIDHAUS - Lawrence Sonntag (Steel - Electric)
  • JEWHAUS - Joel Rubin (Fairy)
  • MUTEHAUS - Matt Peake (Ground)

ROW 6 - ScrewAttack/LT (I don’t know any of their names & I can’t read them, sorry!)

  • SCREWCAPOGAN - ???? (Dragon - Water)
  • JAMBATTLE - ???? (Normal)
  • BATTLESONG - ???? (Normal)
  • DECANERY - ???? (Bug)
  • YANDOLEN - ???? (Fighting - Fire)
  • SWAGHITCH - ???? (Ghost)
  • BOOTDUNN - Colton Dunn (Electric - Dark)


  • RITCHTEIN - Alan Ritchson (Water - Fighting)
  • The map is Roosto Teethen Region
  • There is Six Gym Badges, all representing/named Rooster Teeth, Funhaus. Achievement Hunter, Let’s Play, The Know, ScrewAttack

I have nothing but respect for Bioware voice actors. I mean, they have to record soooo many lines for every quest (each of which also has several different endings depending on what you’ve done so far),  not to mention different dialogue options for every single part of every single conversation in the goddam game