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Let’s Play Live

Holy shit guys, I went to Let’s Play Live last night, and oh my god it was the best thing ever. Despite all the screaming of the other fans, it was a great show. Jack is a great host, and I loved the whole experience of watching these people who I have admired from a screen be there, up on stage, doing things that I love to see them do. In addition, I never thought I would be able to say this, but I got bench-pressed by none other than Bruce Greene of Funhaus. That is certainly something I didn’t think I would cross off my bucket list, but there you go. And in true New Jersey style, the show ended with everyone jamming out to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” on Rock Band, with our favorite Jersey boy, Michael Jones, on the vocals.

I got to meet Funhaus and Achievement Hunter after the show as well, and they are the sweetest people ever. In talking to everyone, it’s apparent that they care about their fans. No matter what you wanted, whether it be a hug or a picture or an autograph, they were willing to talk to you and accommodate you. My favorite thing was that while I was in line for Geoff Ramsey to sign my stuff, security was telling everyone that time was up, and I let out a disappointed “oh no”. But Geoff walked over to me and asked what I wanted (a picture and an autograph), and gave me it, despite the fact that time was up. My interactions with these people has increased my respect for them more, and I can’t wait to see where their channels will take them.

Summary: the show was great, I had fun, was bench-pressed by Bruce Greene, met the sweetest people ever, feel free to ask any questions about what happened, I’ll do my best to answer.


The boys messing around with Jeremy in their bubble suits


I can’t believe James Angel just got annihilated @james.willems @funhausteam (at New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC))

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We acknowledge our sharing not only in Jesus’ life, but also in Jesus’ death and resurrection. We share this from the inside out. That is, the crucified Jesus has become alive within you through your baptism. Where is Jesus to be found now? In you.

-Br. Curtis Almquist

Larry Young - Hello Your Quietness (islands)

This mediation brought me to an expression I always heard in catholic school. “Take up your cross”. This was understood to mean accept your miserable fate. Suffer, struggle, and wish it could be even worse. That expression now says to me to live. Live for something. Make it a meaningful life. Expect there will be days and periods of struggle and doubt. But recognize them for what they are in the big picture and recognize the opportunities inherent in them. Grow deeper with life and the joy to be felt will be deeper. As a musical seam to this idea, Larry Young is a well known jazz organist, having recorded many great Blue Note albums in a sort of soul funk jazz groove. Many hip hop artists have sampled his work. The delights of those records are clear. And then what comes next in his work is stunning. As that Blue Note-era sound dimmed in popularity, Young was exploring and searching as an artist, and clearly, as a person as well, as this massive, magnificent song testifies. He is deep into something he lives. He is where he should be in his life, it would seem. And the deep roots of this epic rarity give deep nourishment. I take up the cross to live!