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Request:  Hello , I found a wip fic awhile back that I was waiting to be finished before I read it. I must have accidentally closed the tab or something and lost it. It was about Cas and his kid running away from his abusive wife, Meg. It’s destiel obviously . If you could help me find it, that would be amazing ! Thank you


Daddy Needs a Date by caswinchesterbaby

rating: explicit

word count:  79,178

warnings: past abuse, family drama

summary:  Castiel Novak loves his daughter, Grace, with all his heart. When their dark past threatens to catch up with them, the pair is forced to make an escape from Boston and move to rural Lawrence, Kansas. Grace is enrolled in Mr. Dean Winchester’s second grade class, and things go smoothly. But are there surprises ahead of them? Can Cas keep his small family together? He sure hopes so.

- Lily


This Wednesday in Lawrence: Watson Library! The temps climbed up into the 40s yesterday morning so I was actually able to do some outdoor sketching! Full disclosure, this is not my first time sketching in the stacks. It’s fur real one of my favorite places to draw. Check out these sketches of Watson Library from last year.