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jk this blog runs in real time and they don’t get married for another two years, and GOOD LORD IF I’M STILL HERE IN TWO YEARS I WILL…. I dunno what I’d do but jesus that feels unlikely. I should have a life by then right? so I will say they do get married in 1939. they dunno that yet tho. kids? maybe. I dunno, still throwing the idea around. all I know is if they did have kids it would be on complete accident, and they’d be cursed blessed with twin boys.))

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I’ve been meaning to write something for the Hell’s Studio AU because I love it a lot, and these posts finally inspired me. Anyway I wrote this really fast so it’s not great but here we go. AU belongs to @doodledrawsthings

Bendy uses invisible ink for practical jokes. Sammy’s revenge is a dish served sticky.

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I cannot stop of do Ink humans! send help!

But talking serious, after the chapter 2 of Batim, I’m falling in a little love for the Otaku Sammy, I like how all his humanity get lose forever…and I begin do it moar of the Sillyvision team like he

(of course this is NOT canon with BATSM (for now)

BATSM AU Updates:

Wally change role with Sammy: and he becomes in us first Boss in the Chapter 2 and the first on die.

Headcanon: Wally is the Mechanic of the ink machine (maybe?)

Headcanon: Members who were in the satanic ritual did not age over the years, however, their skins became rotten until they became pure ink

Headcanon: PPFFF Sammy is furry, JA

((PD: I’m working in a new Ask Blog: (still empty but I’m working in the story))