lawrence cox

Recently Buzzfeed did an article on an Avengers genderswap.

It was terrible. They used Hollywood’s younest, prettiest actresses which are in the now. They didn’t think about the actresses talents, personalities, or the way they would fit into the roll. So here’s my take. (These pictures are not mine. Google is my friend.)

Jennifer Lawrence as Captain America

Sandra Bullock as Iron Man

Gwendoline Christie as Thor

Sigourney Weaver as The Hulk

Scott Eastwood as Black Widow

Kate Beckensale as Hawkeye

Laverne Cox as Nick Fury

Boom. There’s my dream team.

THE FLASH SPINOFF FANCAST: requested by irresistible-revolution and anonymous

“Isn’t it funny how some men are up-to-the-minute in practically everything except their notion of the dramatic role girls and women play in the modern world—and especially our present perilous world at war?”

laverne cox as elizabeth "libby" lawrence/liberty belle 

Note: I realize that this might be seen as a controversial casting choice, but for once I wanted a trans woman to have her own storyline and complex backstory: things like how she was both a former Olympic athlete and MMA fighter, she’s divorced but still gets along with her ex-husband, and is opening her own costume shop while raising her teenage daughter. I mean, is it so bad that I want to see a trans woman play a superhero?


THE FLASH SPINOFF FANCAST The Lady Speedsters of The Flash: requested by wwests and anonymous

Laverne Cox as Elizabeth "Libby" Lawrence/Liberty Belle
Amandla Stenberg as Jesse Chambers/Jesse Quick/Liberty Belle II
Sara Arjun as Irey Allen-West/Impulse*
Yara Shahidi as Jenni Ognats/XS

Note: This is an appreciation post for the amazing lady speedsters of The Flash. WOC superhero ladies are becoming a thing in the Flash spinoff and I regret nothing!

* Normally I don't racebend characters who are already POC since Irey
is half Korean in the comics. But I made a few changes in this continuity,
including making Wally West South Asian so I needed to cast accordingly.