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Guess who stayed up way too late to draw a bunch of characters :D dug up my original designs for some of the BATIM characters and decided to redraw them. I only did the main six originally but then I decided to get creative with the rest and I’m pretty proud of the result! :D 

Since the scanner cut out some of the names from left to right there’s: Henry, Joey, Norman, Sammy, Shawn, Grant, Susie, Wally, Linda, Alison and Thomas :D

Gonna line these some time soon but you guys’ll probably be seeing more of these in the future.



It’s finally done, thank god!!! I’m actually very proud of all of these! My only complaint is that Wally looks too young (also that giving Grant glasses and his VA’s hair was a big mistake because now he looks like Maxie from Pokemon).

Masterpost of Musicals by Category/Style

You requested it, here it is! Some shows fall into multiple categories based on their style, and many things in the contemporary and pop/rock sections could easily be moved around between sections.  In addition, many modern musicals have aspects of both legit singing and belting, in which case I’ve tried to categorize them based on their overall feel. If you see that I’ve missed a show and want it included, shoot me a message and I’ll get it added!

Note: If you think something is miscategorized, just send me a message!  No big deal!  I certainly haven’t seen all of these shows, so I had to make assumptions based off of what I knew.  I don’t mind corrections at all, and will thank you for respectfully pointing out my mistake!  That being said, I kindly ask that you don’t passive aggressively tag this complaining about how a show is is in the wrong section.  I am so happy to change any mistakes, but being rude about it really serves no purpose.  :)

* indicates the Tony Award winner of Best Musical


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Y, de repente, es como si no existiera nadie más en el mundo que estas dos personas que atraviesan el espacio para encontrarse. Chocan, se abrazan, pierden el equilibrio, se dan contra una pared y allí se quedan, convertidos en un solo ser indivisible.

Noto una punzada de celos, no por Finnick ni por Annie, sino por su certeza. Viéndolos, nadie dudaría de su amor.”

— Katniss hablando del reencuentro de Finnick y Annie, Sinsajo.